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<steev> calebccff: please do :) the things i've noticed so far is that the battery life is not where it used to be, but that could just be age at this point
<steev> i could just go with a vanilla 6.3 and the defconfig
<calebccff> that way you don't have a battery percentage to worry about right? XD
<calebccff> steev: btw have you noticed issues with the keyboard missing inputs? I'm running sway and some specific apps (mostly xwayland or electron) tend to have weird graphical glitches which look like characters i type not rendering. But at the same time im almost certain there are times when i press a key and it just gets ignored
<steev> i havent' seen that here, but i don't run many electron/xwayland apps; i force chromium and firefox to use wayland
<steev> the only electron app i think i used was armcord
<steev> oh, right, i forgot there's no battery with vanilla still :(
<steev> well, i can always throw dmitry's patchset at it
<steev> oh, and the venus fix format enumeration patch
<steev> and the qseecom stuff
<calebccff> oh how is the qseecom stuff? useful?
<steev> not really? but at least it adds an entry to enter bios?
<calebccff> i tried messing with venus once but didn't have much luck, does it work for browser?
<calebccff> oh that's neat heh
<steev> oh, the EC stuff has changes requested, that is why it hasn't been applied yet
<steev> iirc, some i2c stuff changed and it doesn't build anymore anyway
<steev> calebccff: do you have external display with yours or nah?
<calebccff> yeah just need to remove the second parameter from the `probe()` function
<calebccff> no, i haven't touched it since i heard from you it was busted
<steev> ah
<calebccff> although, im bringing up type-c on the SHIFT6mq which also has DP alt mode, and I think when it works there it should work on c630 as well
<steev> cool
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<steev> i wish i knew why locking the screen with wayland/mutter causes a seg
<steev> gwolf: fwiw... - the audio is still quite poppy, and i have no idea where to trace that down
<steev> calebccff: does yours wake from suspend? because mine doesn't
<steev> oh, it does, it just doesn't bring up the display
<steev> oh, i think i need johan's runtime pm fixes
<steev> hm, no still missing more
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<ardb> steev: i've found that suspend/resume issues on the c630 can sometimes be resolved by draining the battery entirely
<ardb> i.e., the EC gets in a funny state and needs to have power removed
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<_`[m]1> failing to install new kernel from.deb packages
<_`[m]1> have to build them?
<juergh> What deb and from where?
<jhovold> steve, juergh, and anyone else using my wip branches for the X13s, here's an updated branch based on 6.3:
<jhovold> Changes since the previous 6.3-rc4 branch include some usb and bluetooth fixes. Specifically, the bluetooth controller now starts as unconfigured until a valid device address has been provided (e.g. using btmgmt).
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<_`[m]1> <jhovold> "steve, juergh, and anyone else..." <- ubuntu aarch64
<jhovold> _`[m]1: yeah, ubuntu (juergh) at least used my branches as the basis for their previous releases
<_`[m]1> it's installed in /boot but it gives an error and won't boot
<_`[m]1> generic and 64k pages
<gwolf> steev: Great! I'll try to find time soon to check it out.
<steev> maybe not, i'm having issues with an unbalanced enable irq on display coming back from suspend
<gwolf> ardb: Suspend/resume issues? I haven't had any in the C630. Many kernels ago, the display would often not come back up (so it was a matter of closing the lid for some more seconds and opening it again), but I haven't seen that in a very long time.
<ardb> gwolf: the last time i had issues, it was probably because i used it in tablet mode in windows to watch something on netflix while travelling
<ardb> after that, 1x suspend/resume would cause me to lose the trackpad
<ardb> second suspend would never resume
<ardb> then i drained the battery entirely and things worked fine again
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<init_x13s> hey, what's the state of linux-firmware ? do we still need the x13s-alarm firmware?
<steev> ardb: unfortunately, i don't think will be fixt by letting the battery run out :( (but also... that happens far more often to me than i should let it because i often let it just sit there in this state :D )
<steev> init_x13s: yes
<init_x13s> steev: thanks
<gwolf> OK, might be. I never use either tablet mode or Windows :-)
<steev> while the wifi firmware is in linux-firmware now, there are still others that aren't, or it isn't clear where they should be (like the topology firmware)
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<juergh> (⊙_◎): You need linux-laptop (and other packages) from
<juergh> Can't use kernels from the archive
<bamse> steev, ardb, danielt: would be really nice if someone could figure out the hid sensor hub thing on c630 (and presumably allow/block-list the EC) we'd get working keyboard with the distro kernels...and a slight push on getting the EC driver those two items are the only thing preventing me from just running the distro-kernel
<steev> iirc, changes were requested to the EC driver... lumag said he's still running 6.1 on his c630 (because of the wip patches), but he will be updating to 6.3 in the next few days and when he does he'll see what is what
<steev> though, that was more in relation to the fact that i get an unbalanced enable irq on the mdss
<bamse> steev: okay, sounds then it's just the hid issue left (and the display-part that he dropped from the ec patches)
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<init_x13s> anything kown with current setup on x13s that could make wifi quite slow under certain circumstances (just checking if there's a quick fix, if this problem does exists)
<steev> depends on the circumstances
<steev> some usb devices seem to do something... very weird
<steev> have not tested johan's usb fixes yet
<init_x13s> using the on-board adapter
<bamse> init_x13s: in the default configuration usb operation will consume considerable amount of cycles from CPU0...which affects the performance of everything
<init_x13s> interesting, is johan usb patch somewhere in recent steev's patch ? im on steev's rc5
<bamse> init_x13s: try adding "iommu.strict=0" to your kernel command line
<init_x13s> thx
<bamse> init_x13s: or build wth CONFIG_IOMMU_DEFAULT_DMA_LAZY
<bamse> init_x13s: there's still circumstances where it's not what it should be, but it's at least much better
<steev> well johan just pushed his stuff today, so no... not incorporated yet, i'm working on it, but also need to do work things
<init_x13s> just asking, it's not a big issue.
<HdkR> Oh, there's some USB changes?
<steev> just answering, don't take it as me being upset or feeling rushed
<steev> it's actually incorporated, i just haven't finished the compile yet :)
<init_x13s> hehe
<init_x13s> when it's incorporated, will we still need iommu.strict=0? or this depends on it.
<steev> i cannot answer that question at all
<steev> all i've done is looked over his patches
<init_x13s> thx
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<jhovold> steev: the usb fixes in my latest branch are related to runtime pm, which is disabled by default
<HdkR> Oh. Womp womp
<jhovold> and not related to the iommu issue
<steev> there we have it :)
<_`[m]1> oh new feodra is out too
<_`[m]1> not sure if I want to experiment though 😧
<steev> it would be nice if the release notes.... were actually noted?
<steev> also, woo, azeria's book showed up, and it was 13 dollars cheaper
<steev> jhovold: so, looking at your bluetooth changes; are we going to need to set an address in the dts file now?
<steev> i'm lost because... everything out there to set an address... requires the device to be up... and you can't do that when it's unconfigured?
<steev> actually, i'm even more lost because throwing an address in to the dts... gives me a completely random other address?
<steev> oh, it helps to put it in correctly i suppose