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<agl7_> WLAN 5 GHz should be possible with the new board-2.bin. Question: How do I turn this on in NetWork Manager of Debian Linux?
<agl7_> I have a ThinkPad X13s Gen1
<agl7_> Only 2.4 GHz networks are displayed.
<agl7_> steev, are you here?
<steev> sometimes, but that doesn't mean i have all the answers
<agl7_> ok, you do not know this with the WLAN 5 GHz?
<steev> i do not, i'd check nm settings
<agl7_> Then I wait until anybody answers ...
<steev> i'm showing link speed 1200 Mb/s (5.5GHz) here on my network
<steev> what does nmcli radio show
<steev> nmcli -f GENERAL,WIFI-PROPERTIES dev show <devicename> and look under WIFI-PROPERTIES
<steev> there should be one that says WIFI-PROPERTIES.5GHZ: yes
<steev> if it says no, pastebin your dmesg output please
<agl7_> "ja" means "yes"!
<steev> then it should see them
<steev> show me your dmesg output anyway (and please pastebin it!)
<agl7_> The whole dmesg text?
<steev> yes
<agl7_> ok
<agl7_> How ist the name of the pastebin program?
<steev> pastebinit is the one i use, but you can `apt search paste` to see if any others might appeal to you
<steev> [ 37.834257] ath11k_pci 0006:01:00.0: WARNING: overriding board_id (8c) -- only intended for basic internal testing
<steev> your kernel is still using the hack, it doesn't matter that board-2.bin has the info
<agl7_> steev: what are you looking for?
<agl7_> stev: I run the 6.2.1 kernel from you.
<steev> yes, and that one doesn't have the patch - you want the latest 6.2 stuff in lenovo-x13s-linux-6.2.y which should have that patch reverted, and everything else correct
<agl7_> steev: Shall I get the kernel once more and compile it?
<steev> if you want properly working wifi, yes, otherwise, up to you
<agl7_> ok ... I will compile it ... Thank you!!!
<steev> it should also bump you up to 6.2.10
<agl7_> steev: Oh, 2 hours ago
<steev> 6.2.9 should have been up there prior
<steev> key word is *should*
<steev> but yours says 6.2.1
<agl7_> ok i get it .....
<steev> it may not have been :) i don't know
<agl7_> I will see ...
<agl7_> steev: How can I save my old configuration? Can I copy .config and then copy it back in the new kerne tree?
<steev> you could be able to grab it from /boot/config-whatever and cp it into your kernel tree as .config yeah
<steev> or if you still have the 6.2.1 .config lying around, that should work too
<agl7_> ok
<agl7_> steev: I'am compiling ...
<agl7_> steev: What is the time on your end?
<steev> it's about 10pm almost
<agl7_> ok
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<shawnguo> Has anyone had any luck with the keyboard on Galaxy Book series devices? -
<agl7> shawnguo: The keyboard of my Galaxy Book S (Snapdragon 8cx Gen1) works very well!
<shawnguo> agl7: oh, it's working from acpi or dt? mind to share your source?
<shawnguo> agl7: hmm, is it a i2c-hid device at all on Book S?
<agl7> i mainly run it on windows 11 pro. As a Linux system I got Armbian to work. But not really either, there are always kernel panic errors.
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<shawnguo> I do not see a keyboard i2c-hid device in book-s acpi dsdt, probably the keyboard on book-s is an usb one?
<agl7> I don't know
<shawnguo> Ok, my question should be galaxy-book-go specific then, sorry
<agl7> shawnguo: Sorry, I have no problems with the keyboard and so I had never look for interface of the keyboard.
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<agl7_> steev: WLAN 5 GHz works!!! Bluetooth: Older Logitech M555b works! But the Logitech MX MASTER 2S not yet doesn't work!
<steev> dmesg output again please
<agl7_> ok
<steev> ah, move the hpnv21.8c file to hpnv21.b8c
<steev> i don't think it'll help but you should do so because the 6.2 branch uses the b8c file, not 8c
<agl7_> ok
<steev> and you'll wanna build for the audio
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<hexdump0815> shawnguo: i responded in the gh issue mentioned by you above regarding the galaxy book go - just fyi here in case somebody else is interested too
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<agl7_> steev: Audio works but is very quiet.
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<shawnguo> hexdump0815: oh, thanks for the early key pressing trick! that worked around my galaxy-go-5g keyboard issue. I will investigate what happened there and hopefully find a fix for it.
<steev> agl7: yeah, unfortunately, that is once again, something i don't know how to fix. or rather, i'd rather not go in and try to fiddle the things since it's possible to do bad things to the speakers
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<lun[m]> is really bad bluetooth range on the x13s normal for linux?
<steev> sort of?
<steev> it was super super bad with the wifi hack, but a bit better with the proper wifi
<lun[m]> steev: on your lenovo-x13s-v6.3-rc4 branch and using firmware from kvalo/ath11k-firmware, does that count as "proper"?
<steev> lun[m]: does dmesg |grep 8c bring up anything that isn't bluetooth related?
<steev> off the top of my head, it should have proper wifi
<lun[m]> ath11k_pci board_id 0x8c, hid-over-i2c with devices/platform/soc@0/
<steev> yeah, that should be