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<clover[m]> Is it a noticeable difference opening apps
<HdkR> I mean, snap is still slow no matter what you do
<HdkR> and I didn't bench any game load times or anything
<HdkR> and since I load my Steam library off the network anyway, I'm bottlenecked by the slow USB 2.0 network speeds
<HdkR> Half-Life 2 might have loaded a bit faster? I don't really have the same laptop side-by-side for comparison
<steev> using snap smh
<steev> i keep trying to tell you to use a real distro like debian, i dunno why you insist on being a masochist and using ubuntu
<steev> hmmm
<steev> i'm tempted to get one if those speeds really are that much higher
<HdkR> Well, I actually just do a `sudo apt-get remove snapd` :P
<HdkR> Since I don't use firefox or chromium on the device
<steev> links should be good enough for anyone
<HdkR> If I was going to daily drive it I would definitely need chromium. So would slap Debian on it
<steev> if you daily drove it, you could probably report problems better than the rest of us
<steev> i've never noticed the usb issue
<steev> aside from the whole, some usb devices block the wifis
<HdkR> haha. That one I notice just because my weirdo Steam library setup :P
<steev> which... a) wtf and b) i have no idea where to even look to figure out why that is happening
<steev> but, i do believe someone much smarter than me came across it somewhat recently, and has the skills and knowhow so maybe something will come from it
<HdkR> Someone smarter than me can solve the USB issue :P
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<juergh> srinik: Are you planing on upstreaming your audioreach topology files to debian? If not I could give it a whirl.
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<_`[m]1> what does upstream mean here? kernel (so wait for 6.3) or packages (so wait for ??)
<juergh> SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S-tplg.bin (and potentially others from srini's repo) to be provided by Debian package alsa-topology-conf
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<srinik> juergh: yes, Ideally these need to go in linux-firmware, planning to send PR soon, working out some details on what to go into the Licence wordings.
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<juergh> srinik: Hmm. linux-firmware? There's /lib/firmware/skl_hda_dsp_generic-tplg.bin but its provided by alsa-topology-conf.
<juergh> actually the debian source is here:
<juergh> oh. what a mess.
<srinik> juergh: am really not sure if is maintained, it see last update to it was sometime 2-3 years back
<juergh> are the conf files used for anything other than compiling the bins?
<srinik> juergh: no,
<juergh> ok. then maybe best to submit to linux-firmware. they'll bark if they don't want it :-)
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<steev> does anyone happen to know why grub's GRUB_GFXMODE being set to auto, breaks video output when msm probes (c630 and x13s) - i'd love to track down what the heck does it
<steev> no, i lied; it's not being set to auto, it's forcing it to 16x9 that does it (aka GRUB_GFXMODE="1280x720,1280x800,auto") causes the display to go... a bit off
<bamse> steev: never seen that stacktrace before...
<steev> which?
<steev> oh, c630
<steev> yeah me either :D
<init_x13s> x13s is becoming very liveable on a day to day basis. Still a bit disapointed by the various third party software availability for ARM (slack, spotify), and I might give a chance to FEX-EMU for that, but regarding the work done on the kernel and driver side, it's pretty neat.
<init_x13s> Anything big coming on 6.4?
<HdkR> I don't think Spotify app works under FEX because of chromium seccomp crap. Slack might be the same
<HdkR> Which luckily both offer their interface through a regular browser
<init_x13s> yeah, spotify is tolerable, and there's "spot" client that somewhat works. Slack however is absolutely horrible to use if you have multiple workspaces.
<bamse> HdkR: you can use spotify? mine says that i should enable drm support...
<init_x13s> bamse: on which distro are you on? For Arch we have widevine-aarch64 that solves it.
<bamse> i'm on arch, but this is news to me...need to check that out
<init_x13s> I had some weird behaviour the first time I installed it and if I remember I had to install one of the dependency separatly but it overall went all good. Then firefox drm plugin just activated itself and it worked like a charm after that.
<bamse> init_x13s: i was expecting that you needed some actual support for tz or the likes to do widevine...
<bamse> init_x13s: interesting, i couldn't get firefox to render properly when i tried last time...but that's quite a while ago
<init_x13s> X or Wayland?
<bamse> wayland
<init_x13s> I reverted to X, wayland was way too slughish for my taste.
<HdkR> bamse: I guess I never tried actually playing anything but the UI came up when I was poking around. I don't use it personally
<init_x13s> only on this laptop however, my ryzen one is on wayland and the intel one at work also is.
<bamse> i had rendering artifacts in x and robclark was running wayland...perhaps also something that has improved
<init_x13s> havent tested wayland back in a while tho.
<init_x13s> yeah. might re-give it a try . I also had a very annoying focus problem with guake under wayland
<bamse> so, on this gtk applications are flickering black whenever they are rendering...any suggestions?
<bamse> i think those are xwindows applications...
<bamse> it's just as if every window update first gives me one frame of black, and then it renders the content
<bamse> resizing windows are epilepsy inducing...
<HdkR> I don't get that under i3wm
<bamse> no problems with e.g. alacritty...but i tried playing kicad the other day, and it was not fun
<init_x13s> like I said, I had a lot of random issues with Wayland+Gnome. But my last test dates from februry, when the state of mesa/gpu acceleration was experimental at best.
<bamse> init_x13s: i haven't tried gnome...would be interesting as a comparison to see if it something caused by my "non-standard" setup (sway + xwindows/gtk apps)
<init_x13s> on 43.4, with X, the current state would be : seamless operation.
<init_x13s> and a good battery life.
<init_x13s> also a very good overall responsivity.
<bamse> but it does a good job rendering alacritty and chromium...which are the only two apps i use on a regular basis
<bamse> was a little bit sluggish before we got gpu...
<krzk> init_x13s: slack app is proprietary and there is non-intrusive alternative via Web so why would anyone need it on your Linux system?
<krzk> It's like encouraging weird, spyware apps to your PC when you have real alternative - sandboxed in browser...
<init_x13s> krzk: I cannot care less about the proprietary state of that software. I run a business that requires sync between 3 slack organization. The web app is really bad for that. I'm not complaining here, but this is something I hate.
<init_x13s> thanks for techsplaining me how I should use my computer.
<HdkR> ooo, that's a good term, I'll borrow that
<steev> X still has some minor issues here and there
<steev> sometimes my terminal sits there like it's frozen, but it just hasn't refreshed
<init_x13s> I'm trying to find a time slot to invest in debugging the resume functions from suspend-then-hibernate -> shutdown.
<init_x13s> from my readins, there shouldn't be any firmware related issued with that, as it's not really hardware bound.
<init_x13s> my initial tests shows issues with the gpu having a problem resuming, but that might not be a big problem.
<jhovold> init_x13s: heh, that's the first time I've heard that term too ('techsplaining')
<jhovold> init_x13s: regarding hibernate, a lot of driver are likely going to have to be amended as they all currently assume that a lot of state is retained. So getting hibernation to work may be easier said than done...
<init_x13s> jhovold: very good point, I'll try to stay as naive as possible until I sink a lot of time before realizing the difficulty of it. Otherwise I won't give it a look.
<jhovold> but as bamse alluded to the other day, we should be able to get pretty low suspend consumtion also using s2idle (as windows also uses). But that too is going to take a bit of work.
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<_`[m]1> how do you get bt and audio drivers working?
<steev> audio requires the firmware, and alsa-ucm-conf configs, and bluetooth just requires the bluetooth firmware which should be in linux-firmware; that is, assuming you have the audio config options on
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