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<akaWolf0> steev: so any guesses?
<steev> do you have anything in /sys/kernel/debug/devices_deferred
<steev> also, re the original sqe not loading, that's because it attempts to load it while in the initramfs, and it's not in there (this is fine); once the filesystem is mounted and pivoted to, it opens it from /lib/firmware/
<akaWolf0> there is nothing in /sys/kernel/debug/devices_deferred
<akaWolf0> okay, thanks for explanation about sqe
<steev> afaik, the only one that doesn't attempt to load the firmware a second time, is the ipa driver
<steev> and we don't use that on the thinkpad
<akaWolf0> steev: I see
<akaWolf0> but what about alsa? :)
<steev> i'm not seeing the "rest" of the audio stuff loading, if that makes sense
<steev> do you have pd-mapper installed and running?
<akaWolf0> steev: yes
<akaWolf0> not sure about version
<akaWolf0> r18.107104b-1
<steev> can you show me your /lib/firmware/qcom/sc8280xp/LENOVO/21BX contents
<steev> that's correct too
<akaWolf0> what's the rest of the audio stuff should load?
<steev> you should hav esome remoteproc messages, something akin to [ 11.891850] qcom,apr 3000000.remoteproc:glink-edge.adsp_apps.-1.-1: GPR: Port(10000005) is not registered
<HdkR> ['
<akaWolf0> steev: so it's a kernel problem looks like
<HdkR> Oops, was cleaning keyboard
<steev> it would be a kernel config problem since i'm running it here without issue
<steev> maybe ask clover[m] for his kernel config, because he also runs arch?
<steev> is your card really a 21BZXT01WW?
<steev> or was the Z in there a typo?
<clover[m]> Its all in my repo
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<akaWolf0> steev: 21BX-CT01WW
<akaWolf0> it's serial, Z is a typo
<clover[m]> Yes
<akaWolf0> I use another branch
<clover[m]> Let me push up the latest rc
<akaWolf0> lenovo-x13s-linux-6.2.y vs lenovo-x13s-v6.2 for your's
<clover[m]> ok pushed
<clover[m]> just pushed lenovo-x13s-linux-v6.3-rc5
<clover[m]> it works its what im currently running
<akaWolf0> let me try this one..
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<akaWolf0> does backlight regulation implemented?
<HdkR> Backlight brightness adjust definitely works on x13s
<akaWolf0> xbacklight doesn't work
<akaWolf0> «No outputs have backlight property»
<akaWolf0> HdkR: how do you change brightness?
<HdkR> I think the tool is called light?
<HdkR> Yea, `light -A 5` and `light -U 5`
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<akaWolf0> HdkR: indeed, light is working, thanks
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<akaWolf0> ah, xbacklight only works with Intel
<steev> the config for his 6.2 should be the same, the difference is in the patches (and that's against a different (stupid of me) 6.2
<steev> of mine
<akaWolf0> steev: so?...
<steev> you said you use another branch, i'm saying his 6.2 config would work with either of my branches
<akaWolf0> steev: well, anyway I'll try just to build clover's pkgbuild
<steev> :)
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<akaWolf0> steev: the same result with clover's pkgbuild
<steev> with the rc5 of 6.3?
<steev> how did you install the alsa-ucm-conf stuff?
<steev> i have to admit, i use pipewire and pipewire-pulse, but a quick check and i see in my aplay -L
<akaWolf0> steev:
<steev> sure, i assume clover likes his audio, though it's a bit quiet, he'd probably say something if audio wasn't working for him
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<akaWolf0> and yeah, there is no output like yours in aplay -L for me
<akaWolf0> just null and pipewire
<jhovold> akaWolf0: try removing pipewire, i believe i heard something about compatibility issues with that
<jhovold> ok, perhaps it works if steev also uses that, using pulse here
<akaWolf0> jhovold: just tried -- nothing happened besides aplay -L shows just null only
<jhovold> akaWolf0: sounds like an issue with the ucm files to me
<akaWolf0> probably nope, since «alsaucm dump text» shows valid output
<jhovold> which kernel and config was this?
<jhovold> ok, i have no idea what in that package, but if it works for clover[m] then i guess the difference should be in user space
<akaWolf0> or maybe in hw
<akaWolf0> well, I can try test known to work rootfs
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<srinik> akaWolf0: is this the latest console output ? if so looks like you are missing qcom/sc8280xp/SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S-tplg.bin
<jhovold> srinik: i think he got that fixed:
<jhovold> looks like evrything has probed just fine in that log, marybe some stale alsa state somewhere?
<clover[m]> I use pipewire just fine
<akaWolf0> does someone has a test image known to work?
<akaWolf0> I don't think the reason is staled state
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<jhovold> akaWolf0: have you tried actually playing something and not just "aplay -L"? aplay -L just shows NULL here too...
<jhovold> akaWolf0: what does 'aplay -l' say?
<steev> you could definitely try punting the current asound.state file
<akaWolf0> jhovold: aplay wav shows error: «audio open error: No such file or directory»
<akaWolf0> steev: done
<akaWolf0> but aplay doesn't use states, it going directly by ioctl to Control0
<akaWolf0> can you send me output of «alsaucm dump text»?
<akaWolf0> clover[m]: I guess you should have it the same in arch
<akaWolf0> yeah, exactly the same.
<akaWolf0> what can I pass as an argument for «-D» for aplay tool?
<akaWolf0> -D hw:0:4 & -D hw:0:5 doesn't work
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<akaWolf0> does «aplay -D hw:0:4 wav» works for you?
<jhovold> akaWolf0: no, but aplay -D hw:0,5 does (that's comma, not colon)
<jhovold> and pulseaudio just works
<akaWolf0> jhovold: yeah, it's working, for some reason I had to create config with default card and device (wrong by default)
<akaWolf0> strange that you didn't needed that
<akaWolf0> what's the difference between device 4 and 5?
<steev> 4 is the headphones, 5 is speakers
<akaWolf0> perfect. how can I test GPU is working?
<clover[m]> i do the confetti emoji in element and if the confetti falls smooth then i know :)
<clover[m]> 🎊
<akaWolf0> well, I guess there should be better test for each part of the stack xD
<steev> woo, productive week. got our CI failures down from 370 to 80
<akaWolf0> steev: at the work? not related to aarch64?
<steev> correct, although some of it is related to aarch64 because a lot of the failures are arm related
<akaWolf0> steev: can you remind where do you work?
<steev> kali
<akaWolf0> cool :)
<steev> the thinkpad is where i do.... 90% of my work
<akaWolf0> and the other?
<akaWolf0> part
<steev> x86
<steev> so it's some dell m4600 back breaking 7lb laptop sitting in the living room
<steev> and i just ssh into it
<akaWolf0> I've had a lot of gens of Carbon X1, now ideapad 5i pro as a main work station and x13s with which I would like to replace ideapad
<akaWolf0> which API provides GPU driver? eGL? Vulkan?
<steev> We should have up to OpenGL 4.5? I don’t recall. robclark and HdkR are the smart ones I know when it comes to gpu things
<HdkR> yea, 4.5
<HdkR> and ES 3.2
<HdkR> and Vulkan 1.3
<akaWolf0> HdkR: how can I test it?
<HdkR> es2_info, glxinfo, vulkaninfo. es2gears, glxgears, vkcube
<akaWolf0> HdkR: great, looks like something working :)
<akaWolf0> so from major things non implemented et all does left only video accel?
<gwolf> steev: I long for the days where your work focus was on the C630 😉
<steev> :D
<steev> the c630 works! mostly... just audio is broken again :(
<steev> and don't think i don't use it just because the thinkpad works, it goes where i go too
<HdkR> Nothing better than dogfooding your own work right? :)
<steev> they do both run kali
<steev> i should build an installer iso for it though.... just keep hoping beyond hope someone at qualcomm will be like "we'll send you a crd if you get kali running on qualcomm platforms"
<steev> i just really want a red shell :(
<HdkR> Spray paint is significantly cheaper :P
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<steev> well, you can't actually purchase a crd unless you're gonna be making a laptop so.... yeah it is
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<gwolf> steev: It works beautifully! I just miss when I was one of the cool guys in the channel having the most current piece of gear 😉
<steev> you're still one of the cool guys ;)
<gwolf> FWIW I haven't yet tried to use it with 6.x kernels -- but as you know, having video output is my main use case...
<steev> ah yes, that...
<steev> we still don't have that yet
<gwolf> (and yes, I'd love to have audio, but can live without)
<steev> you should have audio?
<gwolf> not with the kernel I have... Only ocassional cracks
<gwolf> But bluetooth audio works
<steev> i think we just need to update the ucm configs again, but i'm not sure
<steev> which kernel are you on in 5.x? i uh... stupidly wiped out my usb drive that had all my kernels and branches on it, so i lost my good c630 tree
<steev> akaWolf0: oh, i also do some of the work on a radxa rock-5b, because it's decently performant, and more importantly, has ethernet
<gwolf> it's 5.19
<gwolf> with the patchset by... Anderson was it?
<steev> oh, i have that one on my x86 box still \o/
<steev> let me update it to the latest 5.19 and see what is what
* gwolf 🤞
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<steev> bamse: so with bryan's patchset (and a few minor changes to the yoga's dts) we could conceivably have orientation switching there?
<steev> i think i might try that
<bamse> steev: need to look at it, but i believe you will have either orientation switch or hotplug detection
<bamse> steev: per the discussion we had a couple of weeks ago
<bamse> steev: so i think you should get superspeed usb in both directions...but display in neither (because the controller doesn't know that you connected the cable)
<steev> well we get display in neither currently so... that's fine ;)
<bamse> trying to figure out what's up with the gpu first...
<steev> no rush or worries
<steev> i'm gonna actually NOT do any work work this weekend, and figured i'd focus on the c630 and thinkpad stuff that i can
<steev> oh, actually i just saw him say caleb is working on sdm845, so can wait for that to poke at the c630 :)
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<bamse> steev: did the c630 ec driver land?
<steev> i'm still showing it as a patch in my c630 -next
<steev> oh
<steev> the driver, yes, i think it did
<steev> just not the dts portion
<steev> er, no
<steev> man, i can't read this crap. i think the ec part did, but not the power supply portion of it? i don't fully understand the ec driver
<steev> there's a fixup needed because i think i2c devices don't have a device id anymore
<HdkR> :17
<HdkR> ...this isn't vim
<steev> no 17 for you
<HdkR> Oh no, my line 17
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<steev> yeah i know, i use vim :)
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<clover[m]> i use neovim
<bamse> it's the future
<clover[m]> B-)
<akaWolf0> bamse: what is Emacs then? :)