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<_`[m]1> btw do you guys keep windows installed for firmware upgrades or not? like for bios
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<Guest10262> hello
<Guest10262> any one online?
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<Kelsar> lol
<krzk> uf, that was close.
<krzk> good job hiding folks!
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<steev> _`[m]1: some of us do, some don't; lenovo does seem to be posting at least some of them to the website, and they can be extracted with innoxtract
<steev> used... i haven't tried at all
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<agl7_> Good evening! :-) I'am in the Clubhouse.
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<steev> board-2.bin in upstream linux-firmware now has the x13s in it
<steev> agl7_: re: the newer logitech still not working, you might need to play with more bt options in your kernel config, but i don't know :(
<agl7_> ok steev ... at this time I'am configure the new Debian-x13s installation
<steev> 👍
<steev> i've noticed my 6.3 config seems to have gone astray a bit as well here... i can't do docker things... again
<steev> i really need to add the thing back to my checks of things
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<_`[m]1> steev no fwupd possibility yet? or you can use the extracts?
<_`[m]1> what bootloader do you use btw? refind?
<steev> in theory... fwupd should work with the xtracts, i don't think anyone has tested, or if they have, they haven't put out any kind of results; afaik, none of it is in the fupwd repos
<_`[m]1> early days
<steev> nope, just the uefi implementation it came with
<_`[m]1> any news from fedora latest? I've tried to install the beta but to no avail
<steev> ajhalaney[m]: javierm: ^^ (i think javier is fedora-ish?)
<_`[m]1> so how do you add the pointer to the Linux bootloader
<steev> way back when i did it, was running a command in efi shell
<_`[m]1> I failed to boot the ubuntu too lol and now I'm getting lost in crypysetup with arch lol
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<_`[m]1> OK I'll look into that but you use grub on /boot right
<steev> yes, grub
<ajhalaney[m]> javierm is a far better fedora member than I
<_`[m]1> I'm waiting for the sweet spot moment when a distro wins in stability and seems ubuntu is winning if I read here
<_`[m]1> I made the mistake of trying to reuse the efi partition for putting my bootloader and then it was full
<steev> i believe xnox has the ubuntu installer working now? not sure why it failed for you
<_`[m]1> ze pain
<ajhalaney[m]> But I wouldn't expect stock fedora installer to work just because the number of things in the kernel needed still, etc. Afaik my copr of pd-mapper etc is all that there is on that front too (need to look into how to package that proper)
<_`[m]1> ah yeah followed that one too but it didn't boot
<_`[m]1> there's a wiki stating that in next fedora x13s would be supported
<ajhalaney[m]> So while I love fedora most of all I wouldn't recommend it for x13s hardware right now if ease of setup is a large factor :)
<init> anyone tried FEX-Emu on the x13s to run some appls like spotify?
<ajhalaney[m]> Oh maybe I'm out of the loop then on fedora x13s official status
<_`[m]1> haha ease of setup can vary greatly in what level
<init> I might put on my pilgrim hat and build a RootFS for Arch
<steev> hmm
<steev> what step did you get to when following the debian doc and it failed?
<steev> agl just went through it, afaik, and has debian on his nvme
<_`[m]1> at least ease of setup is not trying to resize efi partition
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