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<akawolf[m]> hi, guys. which kernel branch is actual? and which kernel config?
<akawolf[m]> (for x13s)
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<steev> building mongodb package.... i really wish i'd gotten the 32gb edition
<akaWolf0> thanks
<akaWolf0> yeah, that's why I've ordered 32gb
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<steev> bamse: i see the slpi stuff made it into next... the c630 has an slpi firmware, and it does seem to load but... how the hell do i test whatever it is
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<agl7> steev: The second Mouse (Logitech MX Master 2S) works now. It was neccessary to compile the "uhid" Kernel module. The old "Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M555b" needs the kernel modul "hidp" which was compiled in the old configuration of johan_defconfig.
<agl7> steev: So both runs now. :-)
<agl7> 👍
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<bamse> steev: it's a cpu and some peripherals that performs sensor stuff, but there's no open implementation of the protocols, so i don't think there's a use to enable it on c630
<ajhalaney[m]> HdkR your description of GPU analysis with Nvidia is making me feel like generally kernel work is far simpler than that. Maybe I'm biased by what I know but DRM world is like looking into Mariana trench or something :)
<HdkR> ajhalaney[m]: Maybe! But I definitely prefer userspace work like this instead of kernel work :)
<ajhalaney[m]> its cool stuff one day I hope it doesn't seem like magic to me lol
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<HdkR> Probably one of those features that it is hard to see the impact of, but for analysis it's another great tool to have available.
<HdkR> Casual analysis which can inform deeper work
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<steev> bamse: i... figured as much :(
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