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<steev> that will revert it to the upstream default of 55c
<steev> but i specify -j8 because i don't mind it being hot
<agl7> steev: So it gets so hot on my end that I burn my fingers.
<steev> okay? so revert the commit
<agl7> ok
<steev> i'll probably drop it with 6.4 release anyway
<steev> i just hate how quickly it gets to 55 and throttles when i'm building stuff
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<agl7_> steev: Only Bluetooth doesn't work. Network, WLAN and Sound works. I will see tomorrow for the Bluetooth. I go now to bed because here is ist 3 o'clock in the night ... good night!
<steev> you have to set an address, this is mentioned in the commit messages somewhere
<agl7_> steev: Ok, I will see tomorrow ...
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<agl7> steev: Are you still there? Can you tell me the commit that has the address for bluetooth? I searched with "gitk" in the commits, but I didn't find anything concerning this address you mean! Maybe I read over it because my English is not so good.
<agl7> Do you have a keyword I can search for?
<steev> btmgmt
<steev> you have to set one
<steev> it doesn't give you an address to use
<steev> it's in johan's bluetooth commits
<agl7> ok, I search for "btmgmt" ...
<agl7> Thank you!
<steev> i grabbed the address windows was giving it (in device manager), and just use that with `btmgmt public-addr <address here>`
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<agl7> steev: Where have I set this "btmgmt"? It is a Kernel parameter?
<steev> it's a command
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<agl7> Ah so ... I'am in this Moment in the Clubhaus and I will go home in some minutes there I will look for my ThinkPad X13s because it is not reachable over the LAN. See you later.
<agl7> steev: Does the public address under Windows look like this: "Address: (f4:a8:0d:61:71:99)"?
<agl7> steev: I have used this address it works! Under bluetoothctl I can display the controler!
<steev> yes
<harvestz[m]> any tips on how I get the latest and greatest kernel if I install via the linaro guide?
<harvestz[m]> for the x13s
<agl7> Under X11 in the tray is now the Bluetooth icon and I can connect both mices.
<agl7> All works
<harvestz[m]> that
<harvestz[m]> that's awesome to hear!
<harvestz[m]> here's a comment I got from lenovo in case anyone is interested (though it's probably old news for most here)
<agl7> steev: Only the sound is still very quiet. However, under Windows it is a little louder but also not as loud!
<steev> that has nothing to do with the kernel and everything to do with the alsa configs, which again, i do not know. i just collect a bunch of patches and apply them to a kernel, i do not know everything
<steev> harvestz[m]: si, the ubuntu concept stuff is xnox's work (amongst others)
<steev> 6.4 is looking like it won't have gpu or the audio stuff, but it's almost there
<agl7> steev: OK
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<agl7> steev: Here from the house just rang someone --> Am just the one who is always asked about IT problems. This time a problem with an Apple phone ;-) .
<agl7> harvestz[m]: I know the page that is given in the link from the forum post. There is another link (of https://.../~xnox/...) where you can get an iso image. I have downloaded this to a USB stick and booted the ThinkPad X13s with it. You can either install it right away (but you have to 1. deactivate Bitlocker under Windows and 2. shrink the Windows partition) or choose the live mode (live-cd). Under live mode there is the "gparted" with which you can
<agl7> move the partitions from the end to the beginning on the SSD. This is how I did it. The ISO image is from 7. March 2023 but it works!
<leezu> 6.3 breaks external display support (USB-C DP) on lazor / sc7180 for me. Maybe I missed a new kernel config or there's a regression. If you have any related information, please share
<harvestz[m]> <steev> "6.4 is looking like it won't..." <- good to know, can't wait :D
<agl7> leezu: I have only a Lenovo ThinkPad X13s Gen1 with the sc8280xp SoC and I have not yet tried USB-C <--> DP .
<agl7> I need an USB-C <--> DP adapter!
<travmurav[m]> leezu: 7c1, 6.3.0, external display works on aspire1 WoA
<leezu> agl7: I was referring to USB-C DP Alt Mode, ie. both monitor and laptop use a USB-C port. So you won't need any adapters
<leezu> travmurav[m]: Great! 7c1 == sc7180, so this should also work on lazor.. Can you share your kernel config? I probably messed something up when updating my 6.2 config to 6.3
<travmurav[m]> leezu: this should be /some/ cros defconfig + few changes for my laptop
<travmurav[m]> leezu: one thing to note is that on aspire1 the HPD detection for type-c is done by the EC event and special driver
<travmurav[m]> so this might be a difference
<leezu> Interesting. Do you know how HPD is done on lazor?
<travmurav[m]> seems like it has proper dp_hot_plug_det line
<travmurav[m]> so the mdss itself does the hpd afaict from a quick look
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<agl7> steev: How can I get the address of the bluetooth hci0 device out on Linux without Windows. Surely that should be possible?
<steev> it's not currently possible, that's why we set it with btmgmt
<agl7> steev: Will it be possible in the future?
<steev> maybe