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<steev> is updated to have the fix that is in flight/in mr i think still, as well as set default volumes (still a little bit low imo)
<steev> arnd: have you seen efi: memattr: Unexpected EFI Memory Attributes table version 6293261 before? i see that on the c630 with 6.3.0-rc4-next-20230331
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<javierm> leezu: yeah, now the patch appears twice in linux-next... I guess the media folks should drop it, I've pinged them about it
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<ndec> juergh: xnox : about x13s packages in the ppa, qrtr and pd-mapper should be removed and replaced by their 'upstream' counterparts from debian, e.g. and
<juergh> ndec oh. these are already in the archive. didn't know we already have them.
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<juergh> and they work \o/ :-)
<ndec> juergh: right.. we've been using them for quite some time (on debian).
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<xnox> juergh: we are painting ourselves into a corner.... because the version numbers you uploaded are higher than will ever be ever available in the ubuntu or debian archive.
<xnox> i can add automatic recipes to rebuild the archive versions into the ubuntu-concept ppa
<xnox> or like remove them from the archive, and upgrade ubuntu-concept meta to try to conflict with that higher than ever old version number to try to pull in an old one.
<xnox> but it will like a complete mess for people trying to upgrade their installs.
<xnox> will be ugly.....
<xnox> pd-mapper might be fine, due to different name. so will do that one now.
<xnox> juergh: this is why i normally use recipes such that they autoincrement / rebuild things based of lunar with only slightly higher version number i.e.
<xnox> things like casper/livecd-rootfs are rebuilt in x13s ppa automatically whenever lunar-proposed moves.
<xnox> oooh, i think maybe the PPA should be pinned high, such that everything downgrades to versions from there
<javierm> xnox: in RPM land we have the concept of Epoc ( for these cases, it seems there's also the same for deb packages?
<xnox> javierm: that doesn't solve the issue per-se. because i shouldn't be requesting for a different operating system, to bump epoch, just because a random person, randomly on their homepage packaged something with a higher version number =)
<xnox> (i.e. asking Debian to bump epoch, when a launchpad ppa randomly has higher version number)
<xnox> anyway will sort things out, one way or another.
<javierm> xnox: hmm, right. Missed that was a random PPA
<javierm> then you can't really do much and people that installed random PPA would need to remove and reinstall :)
<xnox> will test hacks, to unbork this, and downgrade.
<javierm> xnox: why you should do anything in your official packages then?
<xnox> we don't have official packages =) the ubuntu-concept ISO / installer, is the one that has a random PPA added =)
<javierm> ah, Ok
<xnox> and thus all installs currently have that random PPA on
* xnox is the random
<xnox> hopefully apt preferences file will work
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<xnox> ok will do that after lunch
<ndec> xnox: i do think we should not mess up with users willing to upgrade.. i am seeing growing number of users who are happily installing linux with the concept image, we should not disappoint them during an upgrade :)
<ndec> we had similar problems when we transitioned these 2 packages from our linaro archive to the main packages from debian earlier this year..
<juergh> xnox only mesa is problematic, no?
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<xnox> but fixable, i will add preference file for old version to become -1 and pin up archive versions, such that apt will do "downgrade" for us.
<xnox> juergh: i think qrtr is also too high in the ppa, no?
<juergh> ah yes
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<xnox> ndec: if you do apt update; apt full-upgrade => there should be one off migration done, and any future updates in archive will just follow what arrives there
<ndec> let me try..
<xnox> pd-mapper artr will be removed, and protection-domain-mapper qrtr-tools will be installed, which are rebuilds from debian, with extra breaks/replaces, but of a version that is lower than any future debian or ubuntu revision.
<xnox> if you had any -dev packages installed, things will bark loudly
<xnox> maybe things are not quite nice
<xnox> because libqrtr1 didn't get downloagrded
<xnox> because libqrtr1 didn't get downgraded
<ndec> looks good to me.
<xnox> yeap
<xnox> but libqrtr1 one doesn't get downgraded, so there is missmatch of versions after the end of that.
<xnox> let me try to fix that
<ndec> and after the full-upgrade:
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<clover[m]> steev: to make speakers louder you can go to alsamixer and play with SpkrRight PA and SpkrLeft PA values
<amstan> that sounds super scary
<steev> i thought i had previously and while it made them louder it made them.... fuzzier?
<amstan> (last time i played with alsamixer i burned my speakers)
<steev> kinda staticy
<steev> amstan: qualcomm can't let samsung have all the fun stuff
<clover[m]> sounds fine for me. put them both at 50 and its loud enough for me now
<amstan> some of the knobs in there do things like: send DC to speakers, route microphone (which might also have DC) to speakers, send white noise at full power to speakers, etc
<clover[m]> wow
<steev> yeah, it would be nice if there was a way to not expose users to knobs they really shouldn't be turning
<steev> new "other" drivers, bluetooth, and integrated camera drivers
<steev> i'll have to check if the bluetooth firmware was updated
<clover[m]> oh we are getting camera support soon?
<steev> no, this is windows
<steev> my understanding is is a very long way off... if ever
<steev> lol
<steev> and now boot critical updates... fix slow system charging issue when connected to HP monitors... and fix pc isn't charging error message although it is actual charging
<steev> ah, windows just gets the version of the firmware that is in linux-next