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<steev> i love you
<steev> i mean, i owe you some beers
<steev> confirmed it works
<steev> tested the 05ac:1460 Apple, Inc. Digital AV Multiport Adapter and 0639:7210 Chrontel, Inc. Billboard
<_`[m]1> what's the cheapest kind of equivalent to x13s to test shit on?
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<jhovold> steev: we'll try to find out how to retreive the bluetooth device address and set it from the driver directly, but until you need to provide one using btmgmt or similar
<jhovold> you can set it in the devicetree for your local builds temporarily too if you prefer, but dt would otherwise only be used if the boot fw knew how to retrieve the address and update the dt, which it does not
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<steev> jhovold: ah, that doesn't seem correct - i grabbed the mac from windows that mine uses and local-bd-address = [ .. .. .. .. .. .. ]; does seem to set it to that; however, doing something like local-bd-address = "..:..:..:..:..:.."; caused it to just generate a random mac address for the bluetooth
<steev> oh, i see what you're saying now, that's expected (the former to work... not sure about the latter)
<steev> _`[m]1: uhhh, there isn't? it would be apple silicon, then thinkpad then... maybe a 7280 chromebook?
<steev> if you just mean arm stuff in general, and don't want a laptop, while it's not near as performant, it's definitely much cheaper.... the radxa rock-5b has 8 cores, and can have up to 16gb of ram, and boot from nvme
<steev> but for the moment, you're stuck with the vendor 5.10 kernel
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<_`[m]1> steevdave: but that's not qualcomm
<_`[m]1> I have p64 hardware for testing
<_`[m]1> I had a pinebookpro but dumped it in the hackerspace
<HdkR> The Windows Dev Kit would be a pretty good not-laptop choice once someone makes a DT for it :)
<HdkR> Or Mac Mini if you just want maximum CPU perf. The two in my CI crush all of my ARM CI devices in perf out of all seven I have
<HdkR> Seven ARM devices in CI*
<HdkR> NVIDIA Orin might be a choice if you want something with similar-ish CPU perf
<HdkR> _`[m]1: What's the use case that you want it to be similar to X13s?
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<_`[m]1> to test other OS and kernels, not on my main
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<HdkR> eh. Then I guess only X13s since if you're testing kernel specific things that would be highly device specific
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<_`[m]1> that was my fear, and it's not a cheapo device
<HdkR> If you just wanted distro testing then basically any device works.
<bamse> steev: thanks for testing!
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<robclark> _`[m]1: there are sc7180 chromebooks which are reasonably inexpensive.. depends on how "kind of equivalent" you want
<robclark> HdkR: there aren't any other 8cxg3 laptops? I was kinda hoping for one with the Fn and ctrl keys in the right place :-P
<HdkR> robclark: Nop, only those two products
<robclark> :-(
<HdkR> At least the Lenovo has a bios setting to flip those two keys
<robclark> oh.. nice.. I should check if my work thinkpad has a setting like that... I don't use it very often but when I do that key placement is pretty annoying
<HdkR> Thinking about it, maybe if the Microsoft Dev Kit ever gets a DT, it would be good for my CI
<HdkR> That way I can at least have reasonable perf for ARM+GPU testing
<clover[m]> i think steev pushed an update recently but i've been distracted by PBP. any new goodness?
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<_`[m]1> <robclark> "(⊙_◎): there are sc7180 chromebo..." <- it's previous cpu gen I guess?
<HdkR> sc7180: 2xA76 + 6xA55. SC8280XP: 4xX1C + 4xA78C
<HdkR> sc8280xp is quite a bit beefier
<_`[m]1> Samsung Galaxy Book Go 7c has similar seems
<HdkR> Same SoC yea
<HdkR> sc8280xp is the first soc to go all in on big cores from QCom
<robclark> yeah, previous gen and smaller version.. so depends on how "kind of equivalent" you need.. lots of the IP blocks on the SoC are similar so it is a lot more "kind of equivalent" than say some rockchip thing in a lot of ways..
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<_`[m]1> the samsung has a nicer formfactor though seemingly
<steev> clover[m]: just a lil thing called orientation switching
<steev> also, in order to use the bluetooth, one needs to set it either in the dts, or using btmgmt
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<steev> basically, it's the rc stuff, but on top of johan's latest... and with orientation switching
<steev> bamse: i'm not sure how to word this but patch 3... that first paragraph of your commit message doesn't quite make sense to me
<steev> is there a "pause" after the word driver?
<bamse> steev: certainly looks like there's a comma missing there
<steev> okay, i wasn't sure if it was a word or just a comma, not a huge deal i just didn't wanna send a mail to the mailing list just to get that ;)
<bamse> i will try to remember adding one in v2
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<steev> welp, looks like i'll be reinstalling soon
<steev> someone fat fingered a sudo rm -rf /var/lib/bluetooth to only be /var/lib
<clover[m]> come to the arch side
<steev> i would but i like having free time
<clover[m]> -__-
<steev> actually.. alarm could use help
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<steev> actually, i really need to look into getting a kali iso