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<leezu> robclark: So the question is, is it intended that ARGB2101010 is listed in drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_formats.c but not in drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_hw_catalog.c drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_plane.c
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<robclark> leezu: probably not intended
<leezu> Ok. So there should be no hardware limitation for handling alpha blending with 10 bit format? Then I'll try modify the 2 files to include ARGB2101010 and see if this avoids the issue
<robclark> leezu: I'm not the one w/ hw docs.. but I wouldn't expect there to be any limit about AR30 vs XR30 ;-)
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<steev> jhovold: hm, i'm not sure if this is on me, or on the serial driver but, if i connect my airpods, and start playing music or anything over them and then modprobe -r hci_uart; and if i try to modprobe hci_uart, itjust times out from then on and have to reboot
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<leezu> robclark: Adding ARGB2101010 works. I'll submit a patch tomorrow
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<jhovold> steev: the qualcomm serial driver is still broken, but fixing that is going to take some more work
<jhovold> but generally you should not be suprised if things break after reloading a module as it exercises paths that are rarely tested
<jhovold> so it may not (just) be the serial driver that is to blame here
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<shawnguo> ardb: earlycon=efifb is broken since v6.2-rc1. I spent time today to run git bisect which points to 732ea9db9d8a ("efi: libstub: Move screen_info handling to common code")
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<ardb> shawnguo: the loongarch folks reported something similar - can you check if it works if you pass nokaslr?
<shawnguo> arnd: "nokaslr" as kernel parameter?
<shawnguo> sorry, meant to be ardb :)
<ardb> yes
<ardb> ehm never mind, that shouldn't make a difference
<shawnguo> right, no differences
<shawnguo> ardb: doesn't make a difference either
<ardb> shawnguo: ok i'll take a look
<ardb> thanks for the head's up
<shawnguo> sure, thanks for looking!
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<jannau> Hej, has anyone tried kwin's night color mode via ctm? merged this week, not yet released:
<jannau> I'm trying to hook that up for the apple silicon display driver and it looks to me as if kwin never sets the CTM property
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<clover[m]> steev: is this a known bug on 6.3.0-rc1-x13s
<clover[m]> [drm:dp_display_process_hpd_high [msm]] *ERROR* failed to complete DP link training
<jhovold> clover[m]: try flipping the cable
<clover[m]> [ 739.046337] [drm:programmable_fetch_get_num_lines:167] low vbp+vfp may lead to perf issues in some cases... (full message at <>)
<jhovold> try flipping the cable
<pzc> Hi, are there any good guides to getting Linux running on a C630? I have Ubuntu 18.04 running the aarch64-laptops/build github page, but I'd like to get something with Wifi and more up to date running.
<jhovold> orientation detection is not implemented yet
<clover[m]> i can only flip the cable so much its getting twisted :P
<clover[m]> k it works now
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<HdkR> Just flip it 27 times and hope for the best. Kind of like when external display stops working for some reason
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<jannau> leezu: if you have time check the kwin night light change before 5.27.3 is released (on tuesday). I'm currently trying to debug why it's not working on apple silicon and it currently sets an all zero ctm (I don't think it's my fault)
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<steev> jhovold: probably right
<clover[m]> driving two displays docked!
<clover[m]> still getting used to this thinkpad keyboard
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<steev> nice!
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<jannau> leezu: kwin was buggy, fixes in
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