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<steev> jhovold: also, based on a test just now, the timeout only seems to happen if bluetooth is in use when the modprobe hci_uart -r happens, if e.g. nothing is connected, it restarts just fine
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<jhovold> steev: right, and that's the most important bit (that module unload works for development). The hang when it's in use may indeed point to the buggy serial driver implementation
<jhovold> the patchwork link above does not seem to work
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<steev> weird, i can see it in my patchwork list, but if i attempt to follow the mailing list link, it says no
<init_x13s> fun fact, my laptop does not suffer from the key rollout issue.
<init_x13s> I still miss keystrokes.
<init_x13s> I think my hands might need a firwmware update.
<steev> have you tried being better at typing? :P
<init_x13s> that's my point :P
<steev> just need to visit mavis beacon :P
<steev> and yeah it is unrelated jhovold, but i've seen those timeouts here as well
<init_x13s> oh nice, rc2 is out, and it's not big.
<steev> yep
<init_x13s> still havent' tried the new patches for pcie suspend, the shutdown strategy is not bad considering the speed this laptop boots
<steev> i have a tendency to just close my laptops and throw them in a bag, so it' nice to have
<init_x13s> I also usually do that, but I'm patient with this oneé
<init_x13s> so glad it's now useable
<init_x13s> Firefox is incredibly sluggish, can't use Wayland, but still, it runs :P
<steev> ?
<steev> well, i haven't tested firefox, only firefox esr, definitely not sluggish here
<init_x13s> firefox esr ?
<steev> yeah, it's the one that allows you to change settings and they won't get changed out from under you on upgrades
<steev> main one being, no internet access as it starts
<init_x13s> Any suggestions on things I should check?
<init_x13s> I mean, sluggish but not exceptionally slow. just not windows fast.
<steev> do you have patched mesa installed?
<init_x13s> X runs accelerated on msm
<init_x13s> and i did build a custom mesa for a60
<init_x13s> a690
<steev> if you're using external monitor, the hacky hack patch to the kernel?
<init_x13s> Im 100% on the laptop. nothing external, except a BT mouse
<init_x13s> which in turn could be the source of the sluggish feeling.
<steev> weird
<steev> definitely should be able to wayland
<steev> also, woo, happy 10 years of kali
<init_x13s> Wayland works, but I have focus issues with guake
<init_x13s> it steals the focus other apps.
<steev> i've never used guake, but that makes sense
<init_x13s> i saw some fix that seems related to that in the new gnome release notes
<init_x13s> oh well, just fixed the mouse lag issue
<steev> interesting
<init_x13s> It's a precise use case: BT mouse without usb dongle.
<steev> i have plenty of those
<init_x13s> the max poll delay is a bit too high.
<steev> i use a razer something
<init_x13s> I have a small MX2
<steev> but in black, not white
<init_x13s> looks nice. I jave a razer gaming mouse on my gaming desktop, i like it a lot
<init_x13s> the new signal desktop client for arm64 works like a charm.
<init_x13s> signal-desktop-beta 6.9.0beta1-1
<steev> 6.9.0 should be released
<init_x13s> 2 aur/signal-desktop-beta 6.9.0beta1-1 -> 6.10.0beta1-1
<init_x13s> still on beta on AUR
<init_x13s> altough, my package my be condemned to be always beta
<init_x13s> haha
<init_x13s> yay, no one hs built a package for the stable one. ill live with beta for now
<steev> that sounds about right
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<init_x13s> firefox is definitely faster on Wayland
<init_x13s> but for now i still have the focus issue with the console
* rfs613 waves hello
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<rfs613> there's an update on the keyboard-drops-input issue
<rfs613> so Lenovo replaced the guys's hardware, and that was all good, until he started installing updates
<rfs613> then the problem came back
<rfs613> so I tried mine again, under windows using notepad. I can't notice any dropped characters in normal typing, but when i mash the keys, it does fell slow, like it might be dropping characters.
<rfs613> doing the same on x1 carbon, mashing keys, feels much "faster" and the number of characters appearing onscreen seems to match my typing/mashing.
<rfs613> so I guess, you have to be a very fast typist to notice this issue.
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<clover[m]> init_x13s: thanks for posting that tweak for BT mouse. working nicely now.
<init> np, i wish i knew about it for a long time.
<clover[m]> it's not perfect but much better
<init> I didn't do any research on the param we changed, just trusted the website. I might take a closer look to it to understand why it's 9 and not 6 to begin with.
<clover[m]> still gets sluggish actually. it usually happens when im on the right hand side of my right screen only for some reason
<steev> a part of it is gonna be wifi interference, i hope
<steev> and i should be able to post v6 tonight, now that is out the door
<steev> of the bluetooth stuff
<steev> there will be a slight change from what is in 6.2's release; i'm not comfortable enough with making the changes they requested to tim's code, so it won't be part of it, but once his gets merged, i'll likely modify the 6855 to use it
<steev> the basic gist becomes, the .8c file now needs to be the .bin fine, with the new stuff
<init> let us know, ill try it as soon as you push
<steev> i just need to make sure i addressed all the comments and then prep it and send
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<steev> ajhalaney[m]: do you know what kernel brian is using? at a guess he's missing the sound patches that are in jhovold's tree
<ajhalaney[m]> I unfortunately am not positive. He was struggling with some env setup earlier steev and i gave him a pretty old kernel i know works well (its on my recovery USB). He's comfortable building from you and jhovold's tree, so if you have something you know works git wise shoot it his way just to make sure he's on the same page there. I haven't gotten sound going myself, I use a little USB adapter for bluetooth when I do need sound so
<ajhalaney[m]> far :P (I'm definitely missing the UCM profile thing you sent on my system)
<steev> ah, okay, i'll mention that then :)
<clover[m]> gratz on the kali release
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