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<clover[m]> selmer443: if you want the new 5ghz wifi goodness just pushed changes to a few packages
<clover[m]> cc Leo Shen
<clover[m]> we should be seeing better suspend times as well with this kernel right?
<steev> not just yet
<steev> i haven't re-incorporated those back in, unless you pushed that patch on top of what is in alarm
<steev> still waiting on paul to reply with some clarification so i can push out v7 of the bluetooth driver
<steev> but i think i screwed something up because i've been seeing
<steev> [ 7.864597] Bluetooth: hci0: ignoring invalid connection parameters
<steev> it *seems* related to the macaddr
<steev> i need to do the bluetooth debug stuff, but just about everything out there is about debugging userland
<clover[m]> patch / commit link pls? :)
<steev> which?
<clover[m]> the one that polishes suspend a bit
<steev> oh, i need to recommit the patches and grab the latest versions
<clover[m]> chromium behaving for me again. just had to reinstall
<clover[m]> bye vivaldi!
<steev> but vivaldi is superior :(
<steev> glad it's working though!
<clover[m]> is there a wine for aarch64 linux that will run 64 bit windows on arm apps?
<clover[m]> Why does Ubuntu arm have multi lib but arch doesn't
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<amstan> clover: arch doesn't because arch linux arm is maintained by one person and it's a lot of work
<steev> 1000%
<steev> and he does an amazing job at it tbh
<amstan> yes, but it's understandable why these niche things aren't implemented
<steev> and ubuntu multilib is because debian is multilib
<steev> oh, i see what it is
<steev> for some reason the fd6_*.c files became fd6_*.cc
<steev> blergh, that doesn't fix it either though, still errors
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<robclark> steev: .c -> .cc is part of the groundwork for a7xx, fwiw.. I didn't quite catch what the problem was but meson should make that transition "just work".. but if you are applying patches outside of some git-rebase scenario I've pushed an updated fd/a690 branch that is rebased across that transition
<steev> hm
<steev> weird, i refreshed a bunch, but now i see it
<steev> i end up with the same error though -
<robclark> hmm, ok.. I'll look at that but will take a few since switching branches atm == rebuild the world
<steev> no rush
<steev> it's just against tot
<robclark> c++ is annoyingly strict about dumb things.. and the reg pack macro stuff annoyingly generates pages of errors for a simple thing (but fixing that would mean compiler couldn't optimize things as well)
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<robclark> oh, I guess clang vs gcc issue.. I normally build with clang because gcc doesn't support lock annotation thing
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<robclark> steev: ok, updated fd/a690 branch
<steev> oh, interesting
<steev> looks like good now
<steev> robclark: fwiw, i also just pulled in the deadline support, and maybe i haven't let it run long enough but so far, i haven't had alacritty do its disappearing act
<steev> ah, it just did :(
<steev> i'd love to get a recording of it, but it's not exactly easy to get it to do, it just sorta happens
<steev> robclark: this is what I see occasionally pop up
<robclark> I think that should be unrelated to deadline series but would be worth trying them separately
<steev> oh sorry - i meant i thought deadline might help - it definitely happens without deadline too
<steev> it seems to happen far less with deadline stuff though
<robclark> hmm, ok
<steev> only seems to happen with alacritty though, gnome-terminal runs just fine
<steev> i haven't tested if it's some weird Xorg thing, let me see about running alacritty as wayland winit
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<steev> robclark: seems like *maybe* it's an Xwayland thing
<HdkR> I'm surprised Alacritty doesn't support Wayland
<steev> it does
<steev> i just force it to Xwayland because otherwise it uses its own CSD? or something? i don't fully understand that shit
<HdkR> huh
<steev> it's some... thing? about wayland and winit using the csd instead of... whatever
<steev> so if you want alacritty to have the desktop titlebars... you have to tell it to launch with WINIT_UNIX_BACKEND=x11
<steev> i really need to go back to my old font... that one was done as a joke
<travmurav[m]> wasn't it gnome just nacking implementing server side decorations on wayland "because no one uses it anyway, apps always change it and add widgets there"
<steev> no idea tbh, but that wouldn't surprise me at all
<steev> but, alacritty is the only app that seems to do that
<steev> pushed
<steev> - base on torvalds tot rc2
<steev> - layer johan's wifi branch (minus the empty linux-next patch that makes git am unhappy)
<steev> - include battery present property (i should really submit this i guess)
<steev> - hack from travmurav to make msm act more like other graphcis cards so mutter doesn't crash
<steev> - hack to allow the machine to heat up to 65 (originally 55) before throttling
<steev> - a few minor ath11k fixes from wireless patchwork
<steev> - rfc patchset from abelvesa (allows to remove pd_ignore_unused from kernel command line)
<steev> - v8 of mani's fix llcc base address
<steev> - v10 of rob's deadline awareness (mesa side of things: )
<steev> - v5 of mani's pcie cleanups and improvements
<steev> - v7 of lumag's wide planes
<steev> (and what will, hopefully be, v7 of my bluetooth patches)
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<steev> kinda surprised it didn't kick me for that paste honestly
<steev> reading more... i think i might have jumped the gun on the wide planes
<HdkR> Does the llcc base addresses change do anything that matters to me?
<HdkR> Not sure what it does beyond correctness
<steev> nope
<steev> i'm gonna drop the wine planes and re-push
<steev> well, i dropped earlier but forgot to push
<steev> the second part (still under rfc) is the stuff we probably want, but it requires some next stuff that i'm (currently) too lazy to pull in, plus it's 3:30am
<steev> and i'm still trying to figure out what the heck is going on in this qcard dts for the bluetooth stuff
<HdkR> hah
<steev> they have the bias(es?) in their own & { } for some reason?
<steev> but then it's also further down?
<steev> oh i think i get it
<steev> the non-sleep ones are for when it's active, and the sleep are for when not? maybe?
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<robclark> HdkR: hmm, well if llcc wasn't working before and is working now that would make things more faster
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<Mr0btain> Is there a secret to getting audio working that I'm missing? I can't seem to get it to see anything other than dummy devices. got ucm, topology, alsa-base, alsa-utils, alsamixer. And alsa mixer shows no devices. hmm. I feel like I'm missing something
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<amstan> Mr0btain: aplay -L showing your sound card?
<amstan> if it isn't ucm or other userspace packages won't help
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<Mr0btain> amstan: I will check whenever I get back home, so if aplay isn't showing then it's something kernel side?
<amstan> yep
<Mr0btain> alrighty thanks, I might have missed something in config if that's the case
<Mr0btain> Finally got time to get gpu up and going, and the new board file with the 6.3.0-rc2-wifi made a huge difference in speed. although, Firefox is all black, and with lunar popup dialogs flicker black on their outline but they work. using Wayland
<martiert> I need some help with getting my lenovo x13s to boot. I'm using the jhovold sc8280xp-v6.3-rc2 branch, and the johan_defconfig config. I have also tried with the steev 6.2 and 6.1 kernels. All of them seem to boot the kernel, and potentially the initrd. But the output seems to only be dots:
<martiert> any idea on what I'm messing up?
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<martiert> I am loading the dtb in grub before starting the kernel. and add efi=novamap,noruntime pd_ignore_unused clk_ignore_unused to to the kernel params, and I have added the modules Johan mentions to the initrd
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<steev> alsaucm listcards
<steev> for mr0btain... who never seems to be able to stay connected :(
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<steev> but i know he checks the logs at least :D
<steev> there are updates that aren't yet in the pull request for the ucm configs as well
<steev> i need to update my alsa package
<robclark> HdkR, steev: fd/a690 is merged
<steev> \o/
<clover[m]> great news :)
<steev> heck yes
<steev> that gets it into running the tests and stuff now?
<steev> or do we still need some actual hardware to get the ci doing tests
<robclark> we don't have any a690 hw in the CI farm
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<robclark> currently just a618 and a630.. but some work underway to add a660 so we at least have something that is same sub-generation as a690
<Mr0btain> steev: I'm using Android irc and it disconnects a ton haha. but I always go through the logs =). both aplay -l and aslaucm listcards list no cards :'( I'll double check I have everything in the right spot, then if they are I'll rebuild with laptop_defconfig and see
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<steev> i'm gonna guess it's the alsa-ucm-conf not being correct
<steev> johan's defconfig should also have audio though
<leezu> robclark: FYI, I've resent the drm/msm/dpu: Add support for AR30 format patch to you and linux-arm-msm@ (it seems the mail got lost in my earlier attempt)
<robclark> leezu: hmm, did you cc I don't see it on patchwork..
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<robclark> oh, I guess not
<steev> (sorry unrelated to you and leezu)
<steev> is that the phy stuff we need for orientation switching?
<robclark> probably? But I guess bamse or lumag could confirm
<steev> or... i could just suck it up and give it a try :D
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<leezu> robclark: Thank you. I didn't include freedreno@. Resent now to include
<robclark> thx
<leezu> robclark: the mail to freedreno@ is held for moderator approval
<robclark> I already approved it and allow-listed you
<robclark> (an annoying necessary step because spam :-/)
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<guyn> bonsoir
<guyn> micros non détectés sur X260 et linux-Debian
<steev> not sure what that means, but perhaps a debian based channel is better, this channel is about linux on arm64 laptops
<steev> i wish i knew how they were testing this qcard power usage wrt bluetooth
<clover[m]> Steev your Kern works
<steev> of course it does :P
<steev> i actually run it here for a bit before i push :P
<bamse> steev: that's pretty much what you need
<bamse> steev: and some dt
<steev> bamse: okay so just take a look at what bryan threw into the dts and do that for ours
<steev> sounds good
<bamse> steev: but, when i ported my quite similar patch a month or so didn't work
<steev> ah
<steev> well... it has been a month... so maybe things have changed for the better
<guyn> merci ; byue bye
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<steev> +def_bool PHY_QCOM_QMP=y && TYPEC=y || PHY_QCOM_QMP=m && TYPEC
<steev> i think that's wrong?
<steev> shouldn't that second one be TYPEC=m ?
<steev> hm, no that isn't either
<steev> we have, with sc8280xp, PHY_QCOM_QMP=y and TYPEC=m
<steev> ah
<steev> if the phy is built in, typec has to be as well
<steev> phy-qcom-qmp-combo.c:(.text+0x14dc): undefined reference to `typec_switch_register' and phy-qcom-qmp-combo.c:(.text+0x2658): undefined reference to `typec_switch_get_drvdata'
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<Mr0btain> I was missing a couple things in config, working now =). not very loud but works!
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<steev> you can try playing with the numbers in
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<Mr0btain> Oh neat I'll give it a go, thanks =)
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<Mr0btain> Wow thats def the way to go
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<steev> there is a lot more to it, i'm sure, but i really don't know my way around ucm2 files, or the rest of the audio stack stuff
<schaeffer> ooh, the a690 MR got merged?
<steev> yep
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