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<Guest8282> I need help
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<steev> guess they didn't need it that much
<Lun> Trying to boot NixOS on an x13s, EFI stub hangs at Exiting boot services... forever. How do I debug that? I used dumpstack's config ( which supposedly works.
<steev> are you passing it the dtb in the kernel command line?
<Lun> Yeah, and the stub shows "EFI stub: Using DTB from command line".
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<Mr0btain> It seems the modem issues are FCC lock related still. I thought id try the latest modemmanager an such again, but no avail
<Mr0btain> Modem manager seems to confirm, at least it looks like FCC to me: [modem0] OperationNotAllowed [modem0] couldn't enable interface: 'Invalid transition'
<Mr0btain> yeup: error: couldn't set FCC authentication: QMI protocol error (17): 'MissingArgument'
<steev> not sure what argument it would be expecting, but i also don't have the wwan option
<bamse> Mr0btain: the unlock mechanism is disabled by default, so you need to manually enable it
<bamse> lun: there are two issues that you might be running into in that timeframe; some uefi runtime services does not work and the cpu announces pointer authentication, but it doesn't work
<bamse> lun: if you have DtbLoader i think you get around most/all of the first set of issues, but othersise, passing efi=noruntime efi=novamap on the command line works around the issue
<bamse> lun: and for the pointer autentication, pass arm64.nopauth on the command line
<Mr0btain> bamse: yes the two different methods they have at the moment dont seem to be working
<bamse> Mr0btain: you need a very recent version of libqmi and modemmanager
<Mr0btain> mmcli 1.21.4 and qmicli 1.33.4 is what im using. i think they were the most recent i could find
<bamse> that's newer than what i have at least
<bamse> so that's not the problem then
<Mr0btain> you have the wwan model as well and it works for you fine?
<bamse> and you have /etc/ModemManager/fcc-unlock.d/105b:e0c3 ?
<bamse> yeah
<Mr0btain> yes sir, that and 105b
<bamse> hmm :(
<HdkR> I was wondering about that, does the PAC support add overhead to syscalls?
<Mr0btain> this is the firmware mines running, maybe its the culprit: T99W175.F0.
<Mr0btain> also wouldnt be surprised if verizon made it intentionally harder, theyre kind like that lol
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<Mr0btain> seems like progress: [/dev/wwan0mbim0] Successfully run Foxconn FCC authentication v2
<Mr0btain> after that, gui settings it pops up and disappears. and modemmanager cant find it: mmcli -L says: No modems were found
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<Mr0btain> took a look at the mm service, looks like its failing when attempting to connect and then restarting itself
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<Mr0btain> gotta do some more digging tomorrow/today but this is what modemmanager spits out
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<Lun> bamse: thanks for the advice. efi=novamap efi=noruntime didn't change anything. Booting with DtbLoader gets one line further, hanging on "Checking DT CRC...". after Exiting boot services.
<Lun> Looks like that log's in DtbLoader.c in ExitBootServicesHook so I'm not sure if this is actually progress, just added a new thing that's logging when that happens? :(
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<jhovold> bamse, lun: since 6.2 there no need to set efi=novamap
<jhovold> clover[m]: you may want to update your wiki as well ^
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<steev> lun: did you disable secureboot?
<steev> mr0btain: sig11 is invalid memory access
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<martiert> Got arch running on my x13s with jhovold 6.3 kernel now. It is running pretty well, and now running Arch as my only OS on this device. I am wondering if I need to do anything to get external screens working, or if that is not fixed yet?
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<jhovold> martiert: should work, but you may need to reconnect the cable after boot and possibly also flip it as orientation detection is not yet implemented
<jhovold> some limitation with large screens too iirc
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<steev> can only do 4k@30 iirc
<martiert> hmmm... can't get it to work. dmesg shows that it finds the device (it's a USB-C display + webcam + microphone + speaker) at least the non-display things. And xrandr doesn't show it. Any ideas on how I can find out what I'm missing?
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<jhovold> martiert: and you tried flipping the cable?
<jhovold> and the adapter supports DisplayPort?
<martiert> I tried flipping the cable. It's a USB-C <-> USB-C setup. No adapter
<HdkR> I've had the problem that I need to unplug and plug back in the display devices a couple of times
<HdkR> Might be related
<martiert> I have tried that as well. About 5 times
<martiert> I do have a USB-C to HDMI adapter, which gives me the same issue. I'll get a USB-C -> displayPort adapter and see if that helps
<bamse> jhovold: ahh nice, i had missed that! (novamap)
<bamse> martiert: you need the userspace tool pd-mapper running
<martiert> aaaah. Yeah, I saw the repo mentioned pd-mapper and qmic, but didn't have any of those in the x13s repo. I'll see if I can fix that
<martiert> fix that as in manually install it :)
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<steev> :)
<steev> that should get you going, i just assume people have them :(
<steev> man, it's amazing how nice it is to have normal wifi
<ajhalaney[m]> i finally did the stuff to get gpu/sound/bluetooth on friday and now there's wifi I just can't catch up :P
* steev adds ajhalaney is a slacker to his notes
<ajhalaney[m]> please keep that your dirty little secret steev
<steev> for posterity... but also, lol at almost 6 hours left with 20% (it won't last 6 hours :( )
<rfs613> steev: probably get a few more hours if you used a non-web-based IRC client ;-)
<init> jhovold's vs steev's 6.3?
<steev> then i'd have to run my ownznc
<init> are we there now?
<steev> i just layer on more.... testing/inflight stuff
<rfs613> steev: yeah... or get your employuer to run one for you ;-)
<steev> doing my first meeting on the thinkpad using my airpods
<clover[m]> <martiert> "I do have a USB-C to HDMI..." <- i had better luck with HDMI than DisplayPort
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<Lun> steev: yeah, secureboot is off. I made some more progress by swapping to dtbloader + grub, still don't know why systemd-boot doesn't work for me.
<steev> you might wannaa poke clover[m] ? i think he does systemd-boot
<clover[m]> indeed
<clover[m]> what error messages are you getting?
<Lun> clover[m]: I wish I was getting an error message, that might be easier to diagnose. Hanging after EFI stub: Exiting boot services... Using DtbLoader adds DtbLoader's message about checking DT CRCs there but still hangs.
<clover[m]> what does your entry conf file look like?
<leezu> robclark: Re the AR30 patch. Seems the DPU does not support AR30 with QCOM_COMPRESSED modifier. dmesg logs "[drm:dpu_get_dpu_format_ext:1044] [dpu error]unsupported fmt: AR30 modifier 0x500000000000001" "msm_dpu ae01000.display-controller: [drm:msm_framebuffer_init] *ERROR* unsupported pixel format: AR30". KWin then falls back (?) to use AR30 with DRM_FORMAT_MOD_LINEAR
<leezu> instead of DRM_FORMAT_MOD_QCOM_COMPRESSED and there are no issues visible besides above log in dmesg.
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<steev> jhovold: i had hoped paul would reply with what he wanted in the commit message, i'm just gonna go with best guess and shove out v7 tonight
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<robclark> leezu: have a look at dpu_format_map_ubwc[] .. looks like one of the possible AR30 swizzles is missing, which might be related? (Only a single swizzle / component-order is supported for UBWC but since it is an opaque format we lie about that (see comment about ARGB8888)
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<clover[m]> HdkR: Asahi Lina says they are going to put FEX, Steam and Proton on an M1 mac
<steev> woo
<clover[m]> thats the kinda energy i like to see
<HdkR> clover[m]: Indeed