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<anarchron> so this might be of a random q but where would one go to hire a arm kernel space developer?
<amstan> anarchron: linked in or probably the various companies that specialize in such things
<amstan> collabora and baylibre come to mind, i'm sure i missed a couple more
<anarchron> cheers
<anarchron> i would trawl through the mailing lists but it doesn't show where people are located
<amstan> anarchron: this chatroom is probably not a bad idea either, heh
<anarchron> well, if you
<anarchron> you're in Melb, AU I'm hiring a kernel space developer :)
<amstan> i already have a job unfortunatelly and quite far from Melb
<anarchron> haha fair enough
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<steev> relocate me :D
<amstan> steev is a pretty cool guy, he does kernel and doesn't afraid of anything
<anarchron> AU is a long way from Texas though :P
<steev> i travel light
<amstan> anarchron: i tried to DM you
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<anarchron> Got it!
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<anarchron> So I was planning on rolling out x13s as potential standard issue but no camera is a deal breaker
<martiert> is steev in texas? He just doesn't sleep? Answering me during the day means middle of night for him.
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<rfs613> steev is omnipresent in all locations and all timezones ;P
<HdkR> Sounds a bit like my insomnia
<martiert> I'm suspecting steev to be four kobolds in a trenchcoat, all taking turns answering here, working, sleeping, and eating
<martiert> I have made progress on getting nixos to boot the x13s, but need some help with grub. I tried using the kernel, initrd and dtb from my nixos build, to boot using the setup I have for archlinux. And that works well. Which I think would mean that grub is the reason I can't boot it. Does grub need to be built in a particular way?
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<steev> with efi support is all i would know/guess
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<steev> HdkR: close, i've got DSPD. not quite the same, but similar
<HdkR> Ah, very interesting
<travmurav[m]> hexdump0815: Any chance you have a booting windows install on the book go still?
<travmurav[m]> If yes, could you check the right click on start -> event viewer -> windows logs -> system and check if there is a big nice "Failed to launch hypervisor" error?
<travmurav[m]> I spent a day trying to find an el2 takeover just to realize even windows doesn't reach el2 on my thing...
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<steev> and... when i do sleep, i wake up a number of times, so if i see a notification, i answer it :)
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<clover[m]> Wtf. New x13s bios update
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<clover[m]> Bios supports Linux now? Does this mean acpi?
<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: of course i still have this wonderful os still around on my galaxy book go :) ... will check what you asked for during the next days and will report back here
<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: there was a time when wsl2 did not even work in win11 but after some updates it is now working - maybe that is related?
<travmurav[m]> Oh wsl2 works?
<travmurav[m]> hexdump0815: if wsl2 works on book go that would answer my question too I think
<travmurav[m]> (I have never connected windows to the internet on my laptop, apart from maybe a minute today to try getting the wsl/hyperv components, so if it was broken and fixed by an update, I suppose mine would be very broken)
<hexdump0815> it was broken when i tried it about a year ago or so (system hang on boot when trying to enable vm support), but with 22h2 it is working now - lets see for how long ... :)
<travmurav[m]> hexdump0815: thanks, so I suppose the bsp is working and takeover exists on 7c, just my thing is sad...
<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: in case you ever think about updating your win on that thing, its always a good idea to set a restorepoint beforehand as arm64 might end up in a non booting state even more than x86 :)
<travmurav[m]> I have a full disk backup, what I care about is if this thing decides to update the bootchain
<travmurav[m]> I guess I could break the efi update capsule partition
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<clover[m]> steev: any idea what the new Linux switch in the BIOS means for x13s?
<steev> the what
<travmurav[m]> one way to check is to switch it and see if it boots :D
<steev> man, if that gave us el2
<steev> el0?
<steev> idk, whatever one we don't have now
<travmurav[m]> el2
<clover[m]> i switched it on, nothing feels different
<steev> lol
<travmurav[m]> clover: dmesg | grep "all cpus booted in"? :D
<steev> lol
<steev> "Turn this switch on to boot Linux. Turn this switch off to boot Windows"
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<steev> clover[m]: yeah, i'd do a dmesg between the two switches and see what, if anything, changes
<steev> could be something for fedora though, who knows
<kettenis> maybe compare the acpi tables?
<clover[m]> It doesn't seem to fix Secure Boot
<steev> is secure boot broken?
<clover[m]> Secure boot doesn't let you boot Linux. Whether or not the new Linux switch is enabled
<steev> it should... just shouldn't be able to load your own dtb
<steev> and your kernel should be signed? i think?
<clover[m]> Linux enabled: [ 0.000000] efi: RTPROP=0x9e373398 ACPI 2.0=0x9e4e7000 MEMATTR=0x99d63018 ESRT=0x9b6cec18 SMBIOS=0x9e3bb000 TPMEventLog=0x8e557018 INITRD=0x8e55f218 RNG=0x9e4e5f18 MEMRESERVE=0x8e55ff98
<clover[m]> Linux disabled: [ 0.000000] efi: ACPI 2.0=0x9e4e7000 MEMATTR=0x99d64118 ESRT=0x9b6cfc18 SMBIOS=0x9e3bb000 TPMEventLog=0x8e557018 INITRD=0x8e55f218 RNG=0x9e4e5f18 MEMRESERVE=0x8e55ff98
<clover[m]> does this mean something?
<steev> bamse: jhovold: shawnguo: ^^
<steev> maybe arnd ?
<steev> The UEFI spec version 2.8 errata A defines a configuration table called
<steev> EFI_RT_PROPERTIES_TABLE that carries a mask describing which EFI runtime
<steev> services are still functional at OS runtime.
<steev> oh i guess it would be ardb, since he wrote the patch with that message in it
<steev> maybe we just finally have access to efi runtime properties?
<kettenis> no good reason why that needs to be behind a linux "switch"
<qzed> might be to indicate that there is no support for the get/set variable functions and that a special driver is required
<clover[m]> steev: what is going on between fedora and lenovo?
<steev> no idea, but fedora has a tendency to throw their weight around (yay) to get manufs to follow standards
<Kelsar> steev: did you call Fedora fat?!
<steev> :D
<steev> let's be real here, it ain't lean :P
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<travmurav[m]> hexdump0815: Thanks for suggestion, apparently I did have to update the bootchain and now hyper-v loads at least
<travmurav[m]> (funnily it was failing to update it because I had two esp partitions)
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<ardb> steev: the RT properties table should have SetVirtualAddressMap marked as unsupported
<ardb> so that we don't need efi=novamap to prevent it from crashing
<ardb> of course, qcom fixing their dodgy stuff would have been better but not even lenovo can get them to do that
<ardb> SetVirtualAddressMap() has become the same trainwreck for arm64 Linux as it already was on x86
<HdkR> Luckily my patches for making it a mess was rejected
<steev> they're able to do that on their own, they don't need your help :P
<steev> srinik: if i have headphones audio set any higher than this it gets extremely distorted (some kinda sony headphones)
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<bamse> clover[m], steev: the support means that by appropriate placement of a dtb in the esp partition, you no longer need dtbloader
<clover[m]> Oh so I can remove kernel parameter 'dtb'
<bamse> you need to feed bios a dtb, but then the answer is yes
<clover[m]> Interesting
<bamse> and that also means that you're one step closer to being able to boot a generic unmodified linux distro from e.g. a usb stick
<clover[m]> How do you have this information?
<bamse> magic
<clover[m]> Have to be on the council of the Istari
<bamse> coudl be
<clover[m]> nice, i am able to boot with this sd-boot config:... (full message at <>)
<clover[m]> no dtb parameter!
<dgilmore> clover[m]: what kernel version?
<clover[m]> 6.3.0-rc2-3-x13s+
<dgilmore> okay
<clover[m]> thats with the linux switched on
<clover[m]> in the BIOS
<dgilmore> I believe that the linux switch in the x13s tells it to provide a dtb, and the windows switch ACPI
<dgilmore> so it should be using dtb provided by the system firmware
<clover[m]> it doesn't really speed up boots that much
<dgilmore> should just mean no need for hacks
<clover[m]> i think like bamse said its a step in the direction to booting more generically built distros
<dgilmore> it is
<clover[m]> pretty soon everything will just work and we wont need this channel anymore ;_;
<dgilmore> I have been playing on and off with my lenovo yoga c630, using ACPI is goes to sleep at the end of boot, and and dtb the screen turns off
<dgilmore> that would be lovely
<dgilmore> I like steev and all, but would rather just chat to him
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