ChanServ changed the topic of #aarch64-laptops to: Linux support for AArch64 Laptops (Asus NovaGo TP370QL - HP Envy x2 - Lenovo Mixx 630 - Lenovo Yoga C630)
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<bamse> shawnguo: linux option installs RT_PROP and dtb in the configurationtable, alongside acpi it will work just fine to boot both
<shawnguo> ah, nice! so the option can hopefully go away and just always be on in the future. thanks bamse, mani_s!
<shawnguo> hmm, then it means we will need to remove dtb from esp in order to boot Linux from acpi. that's should be fine though.
<bamse> we're not booting linux from acpi
<bamse> but for your experimentation...sure
<bamse> or you can disable the linux option in bios and boot with efi=noruntime and you should be good
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<shawnguo> yeah, acpi can be enforced by setting `acpi=on` or `acpi=force` anyway
<bamse> ahh cool, didn't know
<steev> we still can't access that though right? not without qzed's driver?
<bamse> steev: efi variables?
<steev> yeah, i'm assuming we will want to install new dtbs into that?
<bamse> steev: that's unrelated, but there's no change on that front it's still required
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<kettenis> so what path does it load the dtb from? and does it distinguish between the different models (display panels, touchscreen i2c address, etc.)?
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<robclark> kettenis: in theory if the edid isn't busted the different panels should work with a single dtb.. you basically just need the dtb to have the worst-case delays configured for panel-edp, ie. hpd-reliable-delay-ms .. not sure about the other deltas, presumably the dtb can just have the superset (ie. include touchscreen even if device doesn't have it)??