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<jhovold> steev, juergh and anyone else using my wip branches for the x13s: here's an updated branch based on 6.3.1:
<jhovold> Changes since the previous 6.3 branch include:
<jhovold> - usb-c orientation switching
<jhovold> - video acceleration support (venus)
<steev> oohhhh
<jhovold> for venus you'll need qcvss8280.mbn that came with windows
<quinine> <jhovold> " - video acceleration support (..." <- wow
<jhovold> konrad's been busy :)
<jhovold> we just brought it up on the x13s so it may be a little rough, but since it doesn't affect anyone not trying to use it, we should be fine
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<steev> yeah, i copied that in a while ago :)
<steev> and you have the usb-c orentation switching on top of yours, so even better :)
<steev> kinda wanna do this stuff instead of work... maybe i will
<jbowen> How usable is the x13s for day-to-day computing with your wip branch, jhovold?
<steev> it's my daily driver
<jbowen> I've been waiting to pull the trigger on getting one for a while
<jbowen> Feeling super tempted right now
<jhovold> jbowen: very usable, camera is missing and suspend power consumption is too high, but we'll get there too eventually
<jbowen> I don't care about the camera and I don't use suspend even on x86
<jbowen> So, sounds like all my cases would be covered :)
<jhovold> :)
<jbowen> Awesome! Thanks to you and everyone else who's been working on it!
<jhovold> steev, and anyone else considering to try out the branch I just posted: bamse just pointed out that you need to make sure that you have the firmware in place, or else it hurts the power-consumption as we won't reach the sync state
<jhovold> I'll probably disable it by default again until we can get the fw into linux-firmware
<jhovold> i loose about 2h of idle time on battery if i remove the fw (9 vs 7 h).
<jbowen> Apologies, but where's the x13s firmware repo>
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<jbowen> s/>/?/
<steev> jbowen: the mbn file will come from windows itself for the venus firmware
<jbowen> Ah, so if I get one I shouldn't immediately dd if=/dev/zero over the Windows partition?
<steev> that's just for the venus firmware, everything else (bar 2 files?) are in upstream linux-firmware, the only hold outs are the bluetooth nvram patch and the topology firmware for audio, but the latter can just be built, and the former isn't strictly required
<steev> jhovold: ah good to know, and thats's fine
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<steev> seems to be working here, playing totem vidya and cpu usage is only at 3%
<steev> but admittedly, i forgot to play the video before rebooting to see what its like
<agl7-x13s> steev: What do you test?
<steev> video acceleration
<agl7-x13s> steev: On a ThinkPad X13s?
<steev> yes
<agl7-x13s> steev: Are the patches for that in the version of lenovo-x13s-linux-6.3.y which you create yesterday?
<steev> no
<agl7-x13s> ok, I will download it an compile it an see if it works on my x13s ...
<steev> i... just said they aren't?
<agl7-x13s> steev: Yes I understand, I want to install the version of yesterday and I wait if you have a version with the patches for the video acceleration!
<agl7-x13s> Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.
<clover[m]> RIP steev's day job. good news for us though
<HdkR> video acceleration is still stuck to v4l2 right?
<ajhalaney[m]> thought steev got laid off or something with that comment and was going to be sad. jhovold do you think we'll eventually actually get camera going on x13s? I was under the impression that was a real long shot, but anything DRM or media is a bit foreign to me so I don't trust my intuition. Didn't think anything CAMSS was close to being very usable but could be totally misunderstanding
<steev> lol
<steev> no, not laid off :P
<steev> hm
<steev> mpv is fine jumping around videos but totem is not happy with it
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