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<clover[m]> have yall noticed that wifi will drop if you plug in a usb-c hub with an ethernet adapter?
<gwolf> clover[m]: On which kind of machine?
<gwolf> Not on the C630
<clover[m]> x13s
<gwolf> (I know because I used that set up for quite some time -- )
<gwolf> OK. Take my experience as an extra data point if it works ;-)
<clover[m]> ok when i blacklist the adapter module (r8152) and blacklisted ethernet type devices in NetworkManager wifi sorta works. drops packets frequently
<clover[m]> might be missing firmware
<clover[m]> firmware loading now but still causing chaos to my wifi
<clover[m]> [ 91.372250] wlan0: deauthenticated from f0:2f:74:5d:73:00 (Reason: 4=DISASSOC_DUE_TO_INACTIVITY)... (full message at <>)
<steev> clover[m]: i find that... flipping the usb then works
<clover[m]> lol
<clover[m]> oh you are serious. yeah that seems to work
<steev> :D
<steev> yes, i have a few devices that do that too
<init> flipping usb cable really sounds like blowing in the cartridge, Ahh the good ol' days of USB-C...
<steev> if you plug this one in with the logo facing the ground, it'll block the wifi, up, it works fine
<steev> which means, it needs to be plugged in to the usb port closest to the screen otherwise something being in that one blocks the sdcard slots
<clover[m]> im now scoring my it on the side with a screwdriver so i can just do it by feel from now on
<clover[m]> s/my//
<steev> oh, that's for reminding me
<steev> thanks*
<clover[m]> ah and as fate would have it. DP link training fails on the side where it doesn't bully wifi
<steev> lol
<steev> that just means you need to bully bamse into fixing the phy stuff (or look through his sm8150 (????) stuff in his git repo and find the phy stuff that fixes it there and apply it to the 8280)
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<travmurav[m]> I wonder if usb interferance disappears because the hub falls back to usb2 speed when you plug it "wrong"? So fixing the phy would make wifi reliably bad then... (afaik usb3 likes to interfere with 2.4GHz)
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<clover[m]> Do I need to wrap the dock in Tin foil or something
<steev> do it
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<steev> robclark: does TOT mesa have a690 support now or does fd/a690 need to be reworked?
<HdkR> Branch still not merged
<steev> that doesn't mean a lot
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<martiert> I want to get Linux (NixOS) running on my x13s. Problem is I don't get the kernel to boot. When grub tries to start the kernel, it tries to load the dtb from the configuration table, and then there is no more output. And if I try to load the dtb from disk using the kernel commandline `dtb=` it just sais it ignores the commandline. Any ideas on how to get past this?
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<danielt> martiert: Are you using the devicetree command (in grub) to install the DT into the configuration tables?
<martiert> no, I tried that, but then grub seems to struggle. Is there anything I need to insmod to get that working? Or do I have to set root first? Would assume adding `devicetree /dtbs/qcom/sc8280xp-lenovo-x13s.dtb` before the menuentries should "just work"?
<martiert> and the grub devicetree command should install the given device tree into the configuration table loaded by the kernel?
<qzed> pretty sure you need to set root first, or at least specify the drive it's on somehow
<martiert> ok, thanks. I'll try to do that and see what happens. Is there any way in grub to inspect the data loaded into he configuration table?
<qzed> I don't think so. But I have a working grub config with the devicetree right before the linux command
<qzed> in short, it should be something like 1) set root, 2) devicetree <path-from-root> 3) linux <path-from-root> <options>
<martiert> aaah, so I can add it inside of the menuentry? that's nice
<qzed> yeah
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<init_x13s> Just so you know, I opened a ticket at lenovo concerning the fact that I was missing a truck load of keys while typing, and they instantanely sent me a box to replace the laptop.
<init_x13s> I don't have any special support level, just the default one.
<init_x13s> I guess they reconized the problem.
<init_x13s> internally
<init_x13s> Also, fun fact, even if I miss that many keys. my laptop does not suffer from the rolling issue. it rolls properly.
<HdkR> huuuh
<init_x13s> that literally never happened to me before on any desktop keyboard, or other lenovo laptops I owned over time.
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<bamse> init: do you have anything connected to the laptop? or are you doing anything in particluar when you see this problem?
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<init> nop, standalone, just typing
<init> and i miss a lot of keys, not just one once in a while
<init> more like, 2-3 keys per sentences
<rfs613> init: happened to another fellow I know... he had a heck of a time getting the laptop replaced... eventually they did, problem was okay, until he applied updates.
<steev> for me, it's mostly just me fat handing the touchpad at the same time. i need to look into setting up that thing where it disables the touchpad while typing
<clover[m]> <travmurav[m]> "I wonder if usb interferance..." <- I had no idea USB 3 gave so much 2.4 GHz interference. Just purchased a hub that only uses USB 2.0
<travmurav[m]> I have an usb3 card reader and it kills my logi mouse if I plug it into a second front panel port on my pc, so I guess I kinda know how bad it is sometimes...
<travmurav[m]> I recently got a (cheap) 3.0 hub with hdmi but it seems like I was scammed as it only gets recognized as 2.0, except I'm not sure I'm even sad about it lol
<steev> yeah, 3 can be annoying
<steev> martiert: do you have secureboot disabled?
<steev> gwolf: i'll try and poke at the c630 again sometime "soon" but iirc, some of the new msm stuff is what breaks the external display on the c630
<gwolf> steev: Thanks!
<gwolf> FWIW, I can live with ≈5.19 perfectly well
<gwolf> of course, I'd love for more people to be able to use this machine... And I'd love to use mainlined functionality!
<steev> same :)
<steev> i love the thinkpad, but the c630's battery life is just too damn good to never use it
<gwolf> ( /whatis msm ?)
<steev> Methylsulfonylmethane
<gwolf> Also, I don't want to spend >US$1K for a laptop!
<steev> nah, it's just the name of the display driver
<steev> freedreno = gpu, msm = display (among other things)
<gwolf> right, that's what I expected -- although it's also the "MegaRAID Storage Manager", which I didn't expect to be anywhere near this problem space
<gwolf> OK
<steev> drm driver? maybe better
<gwolf> OK, makes more sense that way
<gwolf> (not that it has support for DRM-codified media like ... Widevine?
<steev> it's also the more mainline-ish way to refer to qualcomm, Mobile Station Modem is the actual... un-acronym
<gwolf> People are soooo bad at naming stuff in our field...
<steev> i mean... yeah... look at my nickname :P
<gwolf> It could be worse, much worse :-)
<gwolf> (not that I'd call you "stuff in our field"!)
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<HdkR> pfft, I named my project FEX purely because it's easy to type C++ namespaces with those letters :P
<HdkR> Then I back-ronymed it to mean something
<ajhalaney[m]> back-ronymed lmao
<steev> heck yeah
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<clover[m]> oh nice
<steev> it would be nicer if we could do it with fwupd
<steev> i dunno if we can or not though
<steev> maybe i'll try next time there's a bios update
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