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<schaeffer> hello - i was poking in #dri-devel asking about mesa support for the a690 and got directed here. i see from that it looks like support for this is actively underway - what should i expect if i try building and running latest for this branch? is that repo where i should be tracking the latest community work on x13s
<schaeffer> support?
<robclark> steev: ^^
<schaeffer> i'm up to try building it if it works, more just curious about the bits i need to wire up to make computer happy
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<steev> yeah 6.2 should work
<steev> what distro are you using?
<steev> actually, jhovold's wip/sc8280xp-v6.3-rc2 i think it is, is likely the best at the moment
<schaeffer> steev: using the linaro linux build atm
<steev> then yeah, either of those should work and you should have the stuff minus mesa and audio ucm files
<schaeffer> hm, noted - seems like when i try to run glxinfo it tries and fails to load the swrast driver instead of loading freedreno
<schaeffer> but the 6.2 branch from your repo did build
<HdkR> check dmesg to see if you're missing firmware files for msm?
<schaeffer> HdkR: i think that's the issue right now, which is that i don't have the a690 firmware
<schaeffer> which i may not be able to do much about, presumably, but this is all new territory for me
<schaeffer> thinking i'll revisit this tomorrow with fresher eyes though
<steev> oh right
<steev> that's in iirc
<steev> surface-linux*
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<clover[m]> these are PERFECT for x13s right now:
<clover[m]> running two of these two drive two 2K screens. make sure you get the black 2.0 ones, not the silver 3.0 ones because 3.0 will hurt your wifi
<steev> that is one of them that i use
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<jhovold> steev and anyone else using my wip branches, I've just posted an updated branch based on 6.3-rc2 here:
<jhovold> Changes since previous rc2 branch include:
<jhovold> - add support for loading the correct wifi board file (calibration data)
<jhovold> Note that you need to install the new x13s board file which has just been pushed to ath11k-firmware:
<jhovold> finally :)
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<clover[m]> Big if true
<danielt> clover: Worked for me (even when docked)
<clover[m]> So dual band wireless works now?
<steev> ayy, i figured that was coming
<danielt> I didn't check range (the laptop spends most of its life less than 6ft from the router) but it is fast (5GHz is way faster than USB ethernet)
<clover[m]> Wen steev update
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<steev> i just rolled outta bed and need to do some work, but soon (tm)
<bamse> danielt: boot your system with iommu.strict=0
<bamse> danielt: that will make usb suck less
<steev> it's still usb so....
<danielt> bamse: Thanks... I'll get that added.
<steev> oh this wifi stuff is good stuff
<steev> 74.6 MiB / 74.6 MiB (100 %) 10.1 MiB/s in 7s ETA: 0s
<bamse> only 10mb/s?!
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<bamse> steev: so...1) do you still have the usb connector funkiness? 2) does bt work better now?
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<schaeffer> steev: where'd that firmware even come from?
<steev> 1)haven't tested yet. this is nothing plugged in
<steev> schaeffer: from the windows driver
<schaeffer> serious question, i'm stupid new to all this
<schaeffer> shweet
<steev> it's a blob inside the .sys file
<steev> 2) also haven't tested fully... i'm trying to use the firmware just outta linux-firmware
<steev> but i'm also on v7 (ish) of my driver, waiting on your input and paul's (haven't checked if there were responses yet though, as i said i just woke up a bit ago)
<schaeffer> i actually poked in the lenovo forums and one of the employees there said he's trying to get permission from qualcomm to commit the firmware
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<steev> was it mark?
<schaeffer> i would also like to not destroy this new machine so i'm trying not to get too adventurous
<schaeffer> yep
<steev> :)
<steev> he's been most helpful
<schaeffer> so if you think it'd be safer to wait until it gets upstreamed...maybe i'll do that
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<steev> not sure what you mean by safer
<steev> it would be the same file, or newer, not safer or unsafer
<schaeffer> right, that's all i was really getting at
<steev> if you wanna use the gpu and not llvmpipe, you'll use that firmware and you will like it :P
<schaeffer> like i said, i'm new enough to this that i'm trying to poke at what's possible without risking damaging the machine, so i don't really have a good sense for what's a bad idea lol
<steev> the only bad idea i can think of is throwing it on the ground
<schaeffer> lmao
<steev> bamse: i could be limited by my router... it's admittedly, not top of the line
<steev> at least, the one it is connecting to
<schaeffer> oh yeah, what's the story around 5ghz wiffy?
<steev> the story is, that until this morning, we haven't had a good board file for it
<schaeffer> breaking news
<steev> so we were forcing it to use a different ID
<steev> and by we, i mean it's a random kernel patch that someone hacked up and it wasn't (i don't think) meant to be used this long
<schaeffer> right, i think i saw that in dmesg maybe
<steev> yeah, that will be going away :)
<schaeffer> what else...i know suspend was/is another topic
<schaeffer> also since i have this machine, i'm happy to test things out for fun
<steev> power usage is still higher than it should be
<steev> bamse: i can (dunno why i'd want to but...) use the mouse from over by my stove which is much further than 2 feet away
<schaeffer> alright, a690 firmware is loaded, now to figure out what i need to do for mesa to cooperate
<steev> normally i'd say grab the 3 patches from robclark's git and apply on mesa head, but some changes came in, so maybe best to just use his branch
<schaeffer> yeah, i think the issue here might honestly just be that i'm building using the wrong options or something similar
<schaeffer> i have -Dgallium-drivers=freedreno -Dvulkan-drivers=freedreno but that's it
<steev> i've been using this bash script that i'm pretty sure he gave me back in the c630 days - - and then i just drop `/opt/freedreno/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu` into a conf file in /etc/ and go about my day
<schaeffer> lookin
<schaeffer> alright, looks roughly like what i was angling at
<schaeffer> i'll give that a shot, at first i thought i toasted my machine somehow because i set up a broken mesa build and then had it in /etc/ and forgot i had updated that
<steev> oh wow
<schaeffer> ?
<steev> we're also getting the c630's board file
<schaeffer> oh, i thought there was something wow-worthy about me using that script
<schaeffer> i was like's just build options
<steev> nope, i already said i use that :)
<steev> i'm just trying to see if i had any more replies to my bluetooth patch and any time i see the c630 mentioned, i check
<steev> so the c630's board file will be in linux-firmware at some point as well
<clover[m]> will this fix WWAN connectivity on these machines?
<steev> hm, browsing my email is actually fast now
<steev> this isn't good, i can't waste as much time waiting anymore... maybe we should stop fixing things
<steev> dunno, i still havent' pulled the trigger on the wwan device so i can't say what is, or isn't the issue there clover[m] :(
<clover[m]> i dont have 5G so i can't test
<clover[m]> i dont really get the point of 5G when you can do a hotspot with your cell phone
<steev> not everyone has that option
<steev> funny enough, i don't... because i have unlimited data
<schaeffer> hm, looks like mesa is still trying to use swrast when building, which is weird because the release notes even say there's no more swrast driver
<clover[m]> i guess its lower latency than a cell phone hot spot
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<Caterpillar2> any updates on X13s ? I haven't tried recently if it still needs all the old tweaks to boot into Linux
<schaeffer> Caterpillar2: i'm running off the linaro debian build with steev's latest 6.2.2 with patches
<steev> no updates
<schaeffer> currently struggling with getting GPU acceleration, but that's a PEBKAC issue as far as i can tell
<Caterpillar2> schaeffer: ok, so I assume that I still cannot boot a Fedora ARM image
<steev> i thought you were gonna sell that thing because linux support wasn't fully fleshed out the moment it was released
<Caterpillar2> steev: not because Linux was not working when X13s released, but because of the missing virtualization acceleration. I haven't yet sold it because I live amonig two countries and the X13s was in the other house during past months. Now I will try selling it, despite I don't think I will manage to sell it since it has an Italian keyboard layout.
<steev> the virtualization will be a long time away :(
<steev> i want that too, believe me
<steev> but i have my rock-5b for that
<Caterpillar2> steev: it's nothing personal, instead I thank you for your work, it's just I need the virtualization for various reasons and the fact that there is not an estimated date it's a problem for me
<steev> oh i don't take it personal, i'm not associated with the project at all, aside from trying to cobble everything together and attempting to get bluetooth working
<Caterpillar2> got it
<steev> and looking, it looks like i didn't push my mesa stuff
<schaeffer> oh?
<schaeffer> i appreciate the help, though if there's anything i can read or look at that means i don't have to use your time figuring out how to get this working i'm happy to do that
<schaeffer> dmesg is showing that the a690 FW is getting loaded, and mesa is compiling - i just don't know things like what the logic is for mesa loading a driver or similar
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<steev> at some point i grabbed the sid mesa sources and threw rob's patches on top, but looks like wherever i did it either isn't plugged in, or i deleted it when cleaning stuff up
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<schaeffer> got it, so rob's a690 branch might not just work against the latest 6.2.2 build?
<schaeffer> not sure if there's anything i can enable/patch into mesa to tell me what driver it's selecting or why but i guess i can look
<bamse> steev: :)
<bamse> steev: how about the temperature of you x13s btw? did it drop?
<steev> oh yes, massively
<steev> phy0 is chilling at 29
<bamse> nice!
<steev> yeah, that's exciting
<steev> no more 70C wifi
<bamse> i'm very glad to see that..been worried about that temperature
<steev> agreed
<steev> definitely takes longer to warm up now as well; compiling a kernel from scratch on it, and the skin temp is only at 46C currently
<clover[m]> amazing
<steev> robclark: one thing i notice and have no idea... running alacritty (but forcing it to use x11) on wayland, sometimes the titlebar disappears, sometimes the entire window contents disappear?
<steev> only briefly though
<steev> easily noticed when doing something like running bottom in it full screened
<steev> and back down once the compile is done :D
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<juergh> schaeffer: not sure if this helps but robs fd/a690 branch with Ubuntu packaging bits:
<hexdump0815> macc24: i did not look at anothing > 6.1 yet on kukui - thanks for letting me know, will put this onto my list of things to check
<hexdump0815> macc24: which exact kernel version did you get this error with?
<schaeffer> juergh: i *think* the issue i'm seeing is that dri2/dri3 extensions aren't being loaded with X, which means mesa itself is just defaulting to SW rendering
<schaeffer> so it might not be a mesa issue, at least not directly
<schaeffer> my vague understanding here at least is that i should see DRI2/DRI3 extensions in xdpyinfo and i do not
<macc24> hexdump0815: 6.2-rc3 + cadmium patches from latest master
<clover[m]> I think I'll get a banh mi sandwich today
<macc24> s/6.2-rc3/6.3-rc2/
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<schaeffer> well...turns out the issue was i forgot to run ldconfig after updating /etc/ld/so.conf.d/
<schaeffer> steev: we're live
<steev> ayy
<schaeffer> always love when i'm the problem
<schaeffer> so now that i've got the machine more working than can i start testing things to help see what's broken?
<schaeffer> i think the next thing on my list of wants is 5ghz wifi support which it sounds like may have happened while i was too busy not knowing how works
<steev> luckily that's just a revert/drop and add a patch (and the proper board file)
<schaeffer> if you pushed changes to your branch i can just scoop that up, less sure of where to get the board file
<steev> haven't pushed them, for where to find it... scroll up to johan's messages this morning where he mentions it
<steev> i'm currently in the middle of checking out 604 repos, so it'll be a bit
<schaeffer> yeah, not begging for patches by any means
<steev> well johan posted the patches too :D i do wanna push out my stuff though. i still feel like the stock .bin file isn't good enough for my needs
<steev> that's bluetooth
<schaeffer> this is where i get to figure out if znc is actually logging messages
<schaeffer> oh, or that
<steev> sorry no, that's just the wiki that clover[m] works on
<schaeffer> got it - i'll figure it out
<steev> i believe this channel is logged on... whatever that irc logging site is... i can't remmeber, think it has white in its name
<schaeffer> bingo
<steev> whitequark? maybe
<clover[m]> You using arch Schaeffer?
<steev> think they're using debian
<steev> bamse: the card reader at least, doesn't seem to be blocking the wifi
<schaeffer> clover[m]: can confirm, using the linaro debian build
<schaeffer> i actually usually run arch, but there were pretty simple instructions for the debian stuff
<hexdump0815> macc24: thanks for the version info ... btw. i noticed this one for v6.1 (not sure if it is fixed in newer versions already):
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<clover[m]> i had to test it myself. getting ~35C temps and 10mb/s close to my router. also my router sees it as a 5ghz device now. cool!
<steev> we're winning again!
<bamse> steev: progress!
<steev> indeed!
<steev> and my first kernel robot mail where it's my driver it's complaining about!
<steev> bamse: so, testing... with the bin file in linux-firmware... bluetooth speaker (h2go) is still rather garbage, the audio gets queued up and is spotchy still, and i can't get to the stove with it, however, if i make it use the b8c file from the windows partition, the audio playback is better, and i can take the speaker all the way to my bathroom before it starts breaking up (~40 feet?)
<steev> haven't tested airpods
<steev> the h2go annoys me though, it's the only bluetooth audio device i have that mutes when it connects for some reason
<steev> bamse: also... some guidance... i chose HPM for the regulator mode, as i figured, start up as fast as possible... but auto seems to work fine... should i just switch to auto?
<steev> and we do still not get a valid bluetooth mac address
<schaeffer> steev: any word on your branch + external display support? the laptop recognized the monitor connected to my anker usb-c dock but then i just got garbage on the display
<bamse> steev: sounds like we'd like to have that firmware file landed as well then
<bamse> steev: no, make it HPM only
<schaeffer> i rescind my above statement: gnome-shell just guessed the wrong refresh rate. we're live
<steev> okay will do