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<HdkR> Does the X13s wifi calibration patch make wifi more stable on that? And is there an external file that lives somewhere for this?
<HdkR> Had a dev get their laptop and immediately have issues with wifi :D
<steev> it needs the wifi board file from kvalo's github
<HdkR> Coolio, I'll hand them off and see if anything comes out of it
<quinine> The new firmware works great and I can fill up my 5G wifi!
<HdkR> Oh, it fixes 5Ghz as well?
<quinine> Yes
<HdkR> Good to know, that'll make it higher priority to look at
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<shawnguo> bamse: With the linux bios option switched on, I guess windows can still boot if there is no dtb on esp, but if there is a dtb, windows will not boot?
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<mani_s> shawnguo, I don't think windows will look for dtb during boot, so it shouldn't affect it
<selmer443[m]> Anyone have the x13s running NixOS?
<steev> i think... martiert was working on that?
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<lun[m]> selmer443: I have it working ish with this
<lun[m]> currently needs manually setting up dtbloader -> nixos grub and copying the dtb. I tried to get systemd-boot working and automate putting the dtb in the right place but the EFI stub always hangs on exiting boot services and idk why