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<steev> oh, yeah, that's more so for ubuntu's support than debian's
<clover[m]> Why do some x13s have this sticker? Mine doesn't
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<HdkR> None of the ones I got had that eco sticker
<HdkR> Some of them had an "eyesafe certified" sticker though
<clover[m]> Meaning?
<HdkR> No idea what the sticker means
<HdkR> Maybe Lenovo felt lonely since they don't stick the AMD/Intel/Radeon/NVIDIA stickers on it
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<steev> maybe the newer ones are certified and ours aren't
<steev> qzed: let me grab the patches you posted before you dig in to that email, i grabbed the ones from your repo, not from the ML
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<qzed> steev: right, that should already be fixed in the ones I sent in
<qzed> oh, but not the second one...
<jhovold> qzed: is that a mail that was sent to the lists somewhere? I was about to update to the latest revision.
<jhovold> latest revision of the efivars series, that is
<qzed> The warning? Was sent via steev's fork, so only to steev, me, oe-kbuild-all and lkp@intel
<jhovold> ah, ok. nothing scary then it sounds like :)
<qzed> [steev:lenovo-x13s-v6.4.0-rc4 117/119] drivers/firmware/qcom_qseecom_uefisecapp.c:251:16: warning: no previous prototype for 'qcuefi_dev'
<qzed> I forgot a static
<jhovold> ok, thanks
<selmer443[m]> did you ever have any luck with nixos on the x13s?
<qzed> otherwise identical to the ones I sent in
<jhovold> perfect, thanks
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<quinine> Can we access x13s NPU on linux? 🤔
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<jhovold> Here's an updated branch for the X13s based on rc4:
<jhovold> Changes since the previous branch include:
<jhovold> - fix module loading regression in -rc4 that broke display
<jhovold> - camera pmic support
<jhovold> - efivars support (update to v4)
<jhovold> - soundwire reset support (update to v2)
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<jhovold> - drop unused (?) edp panel entry
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<clover[m]> Wow, does this mean the webcam working?
<konradybcio> no
<steev> quinine: not yet, afaik
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<danielt> jhovold: Pretty much trivial in the grand scheme of things but whilst making sure I am up to date with config changes I spotted that johan_defconfig sets CONFIG_QCOM_QSEECOM=y and I don't think this exist the kernel anymore...
<steev> correct, the new option is QCOM_SCM_QSEECOM
<quinine> Qualcomm says the x13s' NPU performance is 5x that of Intel's 12t i5, so maybe it can be used to do something interesting.
<clover[m]> In windows I think its just used for Webcam stuff like auto eye contact
<exeat> Not even remotely an expert in "cloud-class" "generative AI experiences" -- but wouldn't opencl work to accelerate that stuff?
<quinine> opencl doesn't seem to have enough ecology, not sure if that's because API limits performance. I know most people are using cuda.
<qzed> mostly ecosystem reasons afaik: opencl should (at least in its latest versions) be performance-wise as "unlimited" as cuda
<qzed> nvidia doesn't (? didn't at least last I got down to that abstraction-level, might have changed a bit) really care about opencl (so not sure if there's a remotely as well optimized compiler as there is for cuda)
<qzed> and AMD really needs to play catch-up on the software-side...
<qzed> so all the software developed around cuda because nvidia pushed that hard
<qzed> but nowadays for deploymend you have onnx, which should be mostly backend agnostic and also work on accelerators like NPU
<jhovold> danielt: thanks, i verified that the new symbol is selected by Kconfig, but forgot to remove the old one from the defconfig
<jhovold> clover[m]: not yet, but the pmic is needed to power the camera sensors
<HdkR> (Also every driver vendor stopped working on OpenCL since 2.0 was a nightmare. 3.0 changed that)
<steev> jhovold: oh nice, i'd seen the initial push a while back, and looked through it
<steev> i figured you didn't announce it, for reasons
<jhovold> yeah, that was an even more preliminary version, the pmic driver is still going to need to be reworked
<steev> i read through the email thread and saw that :(
<jhovold> i plan on helping out with that, as soon i can find some time...
<jhovold> as*
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<clover[m]> HdkR: tried any more wwan slot hacks lately or is that totally futile?
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<HdkR> clover[m]: Doesn't matter when it's vendor locked.
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<clover[m]> would a WWAN enabled model be needed to do something like put an SSD in there?
<clover[m]> or is it even more locked than that
<HdkR> It's a PCIe vendor id lock, the port is still there regardless
<emily[m]> I think someone successfully reflashed an ssd to report a whitelisted id
<HdkR> oof
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<steev> ayy, v3 of sc8180x stuff :D
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<qzed> nice
<agl7> Good evening! :-)
<agl7> (here in Europe/Germany is ist 6:56 pm)
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<clover[m]> vivaldi web panels working great for element and slack. don't need the desktop clients after all :D
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<clover[m]> steev: unsure if you are aware of this but rc4 failing to build:... (full message at <>)
<agl7> steev: Linux kernel 6.3.5 is out!
<steev> i'm aware
<steev> clover[m]: didn't you have that issue before?
<steev> it does not fail to build here with the laptop defconfig
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<clover[m]> yep same exact issue
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<clover[m]> ok, i will try the laptop config
<steev> could definitely be something not hidden behind a config flag that should be though
<robclark> bamse: so I don't suppose you have any hints on what triggers that sway assert?
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<clover[m]> steev: hmm i tried making with laptop defconfig but it runs "Restart config..." so it doesnt seem to work
<bamse> robclark: no, nothing...
<robclark> hmm :-(
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<clover[m]> nvm think i figured it out
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<steev> clover[m]: do you not have DRM_MSM_DP ?
<steev> actually, let me just clean my build directory in case
<clover[m]> i do!
<clover[m]> i had to do
<clover[m]> make ARCH=arm64 laptop_defconfig
<clover[m]> and then copy .config to my pkgbuild directory
<clover[m]> building now, hopefully it doesnt error
<clover[m]> oh but i am getting the issue another person had where no sound comes through headphones on the non-rc kernel
<clover[m]> just fyi
<steev> it will error
<steev> what is the non-rc kernel?
<steev> i just ran into it too
<clover[m]> 6.3.y branch
<clover[m]> dang yep
<steev> i'll need to poke at the patches and see what happened
<steev> but our release was today so busy
<clover[m]> gratz on the release
<clover[m]> btw the 2023.2 link is broken on Kali website, goes to 2022.2:
<clover[m]> ok i "fixed" the headphone issue: go to alsamixer and unmute EAR_RDAC setting
<clover[m]> dont know why its muted by default
<steev> clover[m]: oh, i see, yeah, dmitry was right, bjorn's patchset doesn't remove that from the makefile
<steev> i'll poke the team about that, most of them are in bed
<steev> clover[m]: pushed out fixt 6.4-rc4
<clover[m]> cool
<steev> and pushed out 6.3.5 as well
<steev> nothing new on our side