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<steev> no, it's to add the "present" property, i don't know, clover[m] says something doesn't work properly without it
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<akaWolf0> I've checked with the latest kernel, hw encoding is working indeed
<akaWolf0> decoding*, sorry
<akaWolf0> chromium didn't pick up hw dec for some reason (not sure why)
<clover[m]> How do you check
<akaWolf0> in the «media» tab it shows «Hardware decoder: false»
<clover[m]> yeah seem same thing. hardware decoder: false
<clover[m]> chromium shows VpxVideoDecoder and vivaldi shows Dav1dVideoDecoder however. not sure why
<akaWolf0> looks like someone needs to dig into chromium sources... :)
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<steev> there was, somewhere, a patchset floating around (in gerrit iirc, or whatever they use for code review these days), for it, but i don't have it in my bookmarks anymore
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<clover[m]> alarm just got 44.1
<clover[m]> dark theme works now i dont think it always has
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<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> our monitor screen has a reflective backing and the white theme in the light is seen almost as on the elink screenг
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<clover[m]> HdkR: someone did get the GPU running on the volterra
<clover[m]> looks like someone forked steevs kernel work to make things work on volterra
<steev> would be nice if they could submit things upstream
<steev> looks like they might benefit from bryanodonoghue's usb patchset
<Guest336> there's if you want to suggest that
<clover[m]> akaWolf0: Looks like youtube video decoding is true on Edge in Windows. (VDAVideoDecoder) but hardware decoder = false on ungoogled chromium on Windows (Dav1dVideoDecoder)
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<clover[m]> results:... (full message at <>)
<clover[m]> poor firefox
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