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<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> If I understand correctly, mouse twitch is somehow related to] Failed to export buffer to dma_buf: No such file or directory (2). This error is present in chronium logs and I found in the Internet that it is somehow connected with gfx::BufferFormats supported for allocation and texturing
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<HdkR> Coolio, plugged in a 5gbit adapter to the Lenovo and was able to get 3.47gbit/s with iperf3
<HdkR> Just have to build in the aqc111 driver since it was disabled by default
<jhovold> HdkR: good to hear!
<HdkR> oop, but it is crash happy now
<jhovold> not so good, any hints about why/where?
<HdkR> Had a log but I need to restart it so I can copy it off
<HdkR> [ 240.620101] arm-smmu 15000000.iommu: Unhandled context fault: fsr=0x402, iova=0xfc7ff000, fsynr=0x200001, cbfrsynra=0x820, cb=3
<HdkR> [ 240.620126] xhci-hcd WARNING: Host System Error
<HdkR> That's all it had
<HdkR> and then stuff was locking up
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<HdkR> Back to gigabit until that gets solved I guess
<jhovold> HdkR: ok, thanks for the log
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<exeat> Here's a keyboard oddity on the x13s: Win+LeftShift+{Left,Up,Down} all work as expected but Win+LeftShift+Right does nothing (tested with xev, showkey, hid-recorder). Win+RightShift+Right does work.
<HdkR> n-key rollover strikes again
<HdkR> jhovold: I guess another piece of information is that it is an Aquantia AQtion agc111 device. Which might be handy.
<jhovold> HdkR: indeed, and are you seeing this with my 6.3.1 wip branch or steev's?
<steev> i don't think i have anything that would affect usb here that you don't
<jhovold> I'm running iperf3 here with a Lenovo gigabit adapater (realtek) at 940 Mbits/s without any such hickups
<jhovold> steev: me neither, but you had quite a few patches on top last time I looked
<HdkR> This is with steev's 6.3.y branch
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<jhovold> more likely related to different device and driver
<jhovold> HdkR: how reproducable is it? Do you hit it every time you run iperf? both directions?
<steev> i suppose the llcc or pcie stuff on top might
<HdkR> Good question, I haven't tried to reproduce
<HdkR> Hm, only reproduces when running Steam? wtf
<HdkR> Wonder if I need to fully load the CPU or something
<HdkR> `aqc111 1-1:1.0 enx002427884751: Link Speed 1000, USB 2` That's also interesting. Looks like the USB ports don't always come back at full speed?
<HdkR> Unplug and replug `aqc111 2-1:1.0 enx002427884751: Link Speed 5000, USB 3`
<HdkR> Might explain the abysmal performance of devices if that happens
<HdkR> hah, consistently reproduces by running Steam. That's a sucky repro
<HdkR> Oh!
<HdkR> There's a hung task!
<HdkR> Maybe need to throw some fio tests at it or something
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<steev> jhovold: what is the holdup on letting qcom pci/e be modular?
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<steev> and linus has tagged 6.4 rc1 :)
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