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<steev> clover[m]: hm, it *should* be fixed; maybe the website is still being cached
<clover[m]> 6.4.0-rc4 working well so far, including speaker sound!
<steev> headphones?
<clover[m]> no those don't work
<clover[m]> dang, dummy output aka no audio on 6.3.5 (6.3.y branch)
<clover[m]> with laptop defconfig
<clover[m]> steev fyi.
<clover[m]> peeps using my repo can use linux-x13s-rc for now if they want spkr audio since that is working
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<steev> reboot a few times?
<steev> clover[m]: ah right
<steev> clover[m]: pushed, forgot about the LPASSCSR->LPASSCC change
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<jhovold> robclark: thanks for the quick fix of the firefox video/webgl crashes. I just verified that those four commits fix the crashes I was seeing here.
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<Xyaon> I'm still struggling with getting usb to work on the c630 with kernel 6.3.2. I think I have all the relevant modules including usbc dwc3-qcom etc.., but none of them are used. I built it with distro_defconfig + EC. Are there any other modules that should be enabled to get it working?
<Xyaon> What are the general steps of debugging an issue like this?
<robclark> jhovold: thx
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<clover[m]> steev: ok that last change fixed 6.3.5 kernel. speakers / headphones working
<steev> sorry, forgot about the config change
<clover[m]> rob's mesa patch does seem to fix the FF crashing, but now my vivaldi session has a bunch of artifacts
<clover[m]> chromium / FF works fine
<clover[m]> seeing lots of this: [9130:9130:0531/] Skia shader compilation error
<clover[m]> actually seeing that in chromium too, just no artifacting weirdness there
<robclark> try to get apitrace of vivaldi that repro's issue? Doesn't look like fedora packages vivaldi and I don't feel like trying to build it myself
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<clover[m]> i can look later but i don't have much time rn
<ajhalaney[m]> robclark you get your x13s going with fedora? Curious if you used grub or not if so, still can't get that to work (and was tinkering at trying a rawhide kernel but boots hanging unfortunately... need to figure that out). Your comment the other day inspired me to try and be a bit better of a fedora citizen and try and clean some stuff up further for the laptop lol
<robclark> ajhalaney[m]: it is supposed to arrive sometime today
<robclark> so I guess we'll see in the next day or two ;-)
<ajhalaney[m]> cool, jumped the gun with the assumption about vivaldi and fedora above :)
<robclark> naw, fedora issue I could reproduce on 7c chromebook running fedora ;-)
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<clover[m]> so you can repro vivaldi issue?
<clover[m]> also that's exciting about your new X13s. i have a snapdragon sticker coming in soon that i am looking forward to putting on it lol
<Leandro[m]> I kinda want one too now
<clover[m]> protip: they are way cheaper on ebay
<Leandro[m]> I realised one sticker will not be enough
<Leandro[m]> Potato English
<clover[m]> and select 27A
<clover[m]> idk why they made 8cx Gen 2 stickers but not Gen 3 ;_;
<Leandro[m]> I can’t believe there’s no Nvidia stickers
<quinine> <clover[m]> "steev: ok that last change fixed..." <- 6.3.5 did not fix headphones for me. and if I try to unmute EAR_RDAC then it works at first, but if I try to play video with firefox then it does not work right away.
<quinine> Some kernel log
<steev> srinik: ^^
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<robclark> for future reference (because I guess I'll be having this question in a few hours).. I guess fw updates I still need to install via windows? Is there a way to do that without a microsoft login? And is there a list of firmware files I should grab before overwriting windows? (And in general, anything else I should know before nuking windows partition?)
<konradybcio> fw is in GENRALLY C:\Windows\system32 and GENERALLY begins with qc*
<konradybcio> though most is already in linux-firmware
<ajhalaney[m]> regarding uefi update stuff, this works I think according to others:
<qzed> I think C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\ should about cover it
<clover[m]> i dual boot, and use windows for firmware updates and webcam stuff.
<robclark> oh, nice about fw updates from linux
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<qzed> For windows without account: Shift + F10 for console, then enter OOBE\BYPASSNRO and disconnect internet, IIRC
<qzed> If that still works
<robclark> ok, thx
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<exeat> I created a USB recovery drive before wiping windows and found that (a) it works; (b) I can extract firmware blobs from it easily enough with 7z (though of course they may be out of date)
<robclark> ok, yeah, I suppose creating a recovery drive img isn't a bad idea
<exeat> Speaking of UEFI updates, just noticed that the new version 1.54 lists "Fixed an issue where sometimes system cannot detect key input" in the changelog
<clover[m]> Nice. HdkR ^
<steev> the lenovo website also hosts the updates, and they can be extracted with inno-xtract or whatever it is
<steev> i have no idea if they can be applied with fwupd though
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<clover[m]> robclark: here is my full vivaldi gpu report with your latest patch applied to Mesa 23.1.1
<qzed> steev: probably need some repacking / metadata stuff, but if it's the standard uefi capsules fwupd should be able to handle it
<qzed> assuming there are no qualcomm efi shenanigans blocking this...
<qzed> here's what we do for x86 surface devices:
<steev> if someone wanted to sponsor me an additional x13s... i'd be more than willing to do the testing :D
<qzed> I guess I should test that on the SPX as well...
<qzed> best case I have a reason to buy an ARM SP9 after that xD
<konradybcio> ms makes rather noticeable changes to the uefi so it may not imply it's gonna work on all WoA devices
<steev> if the change was MS though, wouldn't it come through windows update and not from lenovo like it does?
<qzed> oh hmm
<steev> one thing to note about the bios update, and i haven't at all looked at the related changes yet; they mention to be sure to be on the latest hardware drivers as well, which come in via wu; i'm assuming maybe there's a firmware change there too for adsp?
<exeat> I grabbed the version of those drivers mentioned in the 1.54 uefi changelog, and it contains qc?dsp8280.mbn blobs different to the ones I currently have in /lib/firmware, FWIW
<robclark> hmm, perhaps a bit sad that I have to ask this.. but how do you reboot windows?
<robclark> ok, hold down pwr button.. and then slid down to shutdown
<clover[m]> right click windows button on the task bar, should be able to shut down/reboot from there
<konradybcio> Alt+f4 also brings up the menu
<robclark> ahh
<robclark> was kinda hoping that I'd get lucky and be able to acpi boot fedora installer, but seems like no such luck
<javierm> robclark: I believe ajhalaney[m] has a X13s too and is using Fedora on it?
<ajhalaney[m]> Many moons ago I dd'ed the raw image to a USB stick, slid a kernel in there from steev s tree and got it up with systemd-boot. Since then I just update the kernel so to be honest my setup guide isn't too hot
<robclark> ok.. so "manual install".. I guess that is how I did it w/ chromebooks
<cenunix[m]> Random, does anyone know if dumpstack is in here? They have a page that shows a basic nixos configuration on for the x13s, was wondering if they’re in here as well
<steev> not that i can tell
<clover[m]> filtering for user dumpstack shows no results
<cenunix[m]> will have to send them an email