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<steev> you mean you guys don't do all your kernel hacking while paddleboarding?
<HdkR> Hacking on the kernel is what I call complaining on IRC :P
<Xyaon> Could there be any USB related modules that are not enabled by default in the 6.3 distro_defconfig asides from the EC driver, that are enabled in the aarch64-laptops config?
<Xyaon> Even with the 6.3's devicetree my 5.x builds recognize usb devices while 6.2 ones don't
<steev> maybe?
<steev> check what modules are loaded
<Xyaon> I can't see anything usb related with lsmod
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<jhovold> bamse, robclark: I use the same exports as rob, so including LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH
<jhovold> I get "DRI driver not from this Mesa build ('23.1.1 (git-...' vs '23.1.1')" when I run startx
<jhovold> due to the commit I mentioned above that added the versioning check
<jhovold> or rather, after that commit, the real problem seems to be that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is ignored
<jhovold> when running X as I do
<jhovold> ftr, enabling glvnd made no difference
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<jhovold> robclark, bamse: it's the Xorg setuid wrapper that causes LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be ignored, removing it is enough to allow the mesa-run script to work as expected
<quinine> I noticed that after upgrade my x13s kernel to latest steev lenovo-x13s-linux-6.3.y branch, the headset jack is not work properly. but strange thing is that even if I downgrade to an older kernel, it still doesn't work properly.
<bamse> jhovold: time to move to wayland ;)
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<jhovold> bamse: yeah, perhaps it's time soon
<jhovold> robclark: found a good reproducer now, firefox crashes every time I open
<jhovold> trying to register on gitlab to open an issue, but not receiving any confirmation mail...
<robclark> ok.. cool.. check spam folder maybe?
<jhovold> nope, nothing in there either
<robclark> hmm, you can ask in #freedesktop which is kinda the admin channel for fd.o
<jhovold> ok, i'll try that
<bamse> jhovold: i switched to wayland because robclark said that he had switched and didn't test x a lot (at the time at least) it's probably a good idea that you and others are using x, so we get the test coverage...
<jhovold> robclark: i've created in an issue here:
<robclark> thx
<jhovold> bamse: yeah, i have not really seen any issues besides the firefox video playback one
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<bamse> jhovold: and that's without any v4l interaction?
<bamse> jhovold: looked at your report, that's what i hit immediatly if i point firefox at any webgl app...and at random times when not trying webgl
<jhovold> bamse: yeah, i'm pretty sure v4l is not involved here, but I can double check tomorrow
<bamse> jhovold: no need, i should have read your report first
<jhovold> ah, good. sounds like robclark knows how to fix it
<bamse> jhovold: are you running your desktop environment under the LD_PRELOAD etc? or just the apps where you want acceleration?
<robclark> bamse: hmm, could be some ads using webgl?
<bamse> jhovold: can you open ?
<bamse> robclark: webgl ads sounds like the future :)
<bamse> robclark: but i fear that it's common practice to use my gpu cycles without me knowing it?
<robclark> well, even non webgl ads tend to (indirectly, ie. via animations, etc) use your gpu cycles
<robclark> hopefully not too many of them are bitcoin mining
<robclark> (but since it is your cpu/gpu cycles they could probably just do that with javascript)
<bamse> robclark: that's why i run the ad-aware devfreq governor...
<bamse> robclark: speaking of crashes though, where you able to look at the fd6_texture_state() assert we spoke about a while ago?
<bamse> or, has there been any progress on that front?
<robclark> heh, ad-aware devfreq governor
<robclark> hmm, remind me what assert that was? And maybe file gitlab issue if you are still seeing it
<bamse> assert(state->view_rsc_seqno[i] == seqno);
<bamse> yeah, it kills sway for me with 23.1 once every 2-3 days
<robclark> hmm, right.. also don't build mesa with asserts enabled
<bamse> hmm, thought i did remove that
<bamse> -Db_ndebug=true ?
<robclark> right
<robclark> bamse: ok.. I think I fixed it..
<bamse> 87978c393340 ("freedreno/a6xx: Allow z24s8 format casts") is included in mesa-23.1.0, which is what i'm running...
<robclark> hmm, then build mesa with debug syms and get a backtrace? I guess it is a similar sort of issue where we end recursing into setting sampler view via blit we can't do on 2d
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<agl7> Good Evening! :-)
<jhovold> bamse: that webgl sample crashes the same way as the video player here, same suballocation issue it seems
<jhovold> I can load the page with my patched mesa without it crashing, but I don't see any fish
<jhovold> so likely the same issue
<jhovold> bamse: and yes, I run everything under LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc
<steev> quinine: i have to admit, i don't check the headphone jack often, i'll try to find my headphones again and see
<steev> quinine: headphones work here, using what i just pushed; the headphones i have are the old apple ones though (no idea if the mic on them work but i'm able to play a youtube video and hear the music, as well as play an oga file with canberra-gtk-play (at the same time even)
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