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<bamse> steev: now with more betterness!
<steev> Oh spiffy, i'm walking to the store, but
<steev> bamse: it would be better better if you could get qualcomm to give us a blob with strictLines=false ;)
<bamse> steev: saw the discussion, was that for a6xx?
<steev> i *think* it's anything?
<steev> but in my "needs" yes, a6xx
<steev> ah, yeah looks like it's a6xx
<steev> "AFAIK a6xx wide lines would pass VK CTS for strictLines=false, but qcom blob has strictLines=true"
<steev> it would be funny to see the thinkpad playing totk, but i don't actually expect it
<bamse> steev: unfortunately i don't know what that means, so not sure what to ask...
<steev> i don't either, honestly
<steev> because the only files i know of are the a660_sqe, a690_gmu and qcdxkmsuc and none of those have strict in them
<steev> maybe robclark knows?
<steev> walking and don't have my kali email on my phone - +A6XX_PROTECT_NORDWR(0x11c00, 0x00000), /*note: infiite range */
<steev> minor typo
<bamse> damn it, i thought i fixed that
<bamse> i think robclark told me on irc...but i missed that as i went through the old mail thread
<steev> overriding the opengl version?
<clover[m]> yeah but its been launching for a bit. maybe 15-20 minutes
<steev> lol
<clover[m]> might be stuck idk
<steev> pretty sure it's stuck
<clover[m]> yea
<robclark> steev: wideLines and strictLines would be in userspace (mesa).. seems like hw support for wideLines isn't quite good enough for wideLines+strictLines (although even if that isn't good enough for CTS it might be good enough for game so driconf override might be an option)
<robclark> I'm not sure offhand what we'd loose if we stopped advertising strictLines
<steev> Right but what blob is being talked about re: strictlines
<robclark> we know how to do wideLines, getting a different blob wouldn't help
<steev> Just for knowledge sake?
<robclark> it's just that if we advertise both we wouldn't pass all of the CTS tests
<steev> Ah
<robclark> for just wideLines, a driconf override could make sense, so we advertise it only for the specific game but not in general
<robclark> the other 8b extensions, idk.. we could emulate them but it would be better from perf standpoint if game did something different
<bamse> robclark: what does wide/strict lines mean?
<robclark> wideLine means you can set a width when drawing lines
<robclark> strict imposes constraints on how that is implemented
<bamse> robclark: ohh, i thought it was something magical :)
<bamse> robclark: so "qcom blob" here means proprietary userspace? or some firmware blob?
<robclark> I guess in this case it refers to qcom vk blob.. but I don't think that really helps us.. we know how the hw works here, it is just that it doesn't work exactly like the vk spec wants if you advertise both features.. hence blob does not advertise wideLines on a6xx (and neither does turnip)
<robclark> (also, it is kind of an obscure feature.. I guess it only matters here because some sort of emulator?)
<robclark> anyways, kinda amusing that some ancient gl desktop hw feature bleeds in to vk
<bamse> right, didn't think we drew lines anymore ;)
<robclark> I mean, if you are a CAD program, drawing lines is all you do :-P
<bamse> i have a memory of there being a lot of quirks with GL_LINES...perhaps that was an issue with the developer though...
<bamse> e.g. sharp corners with line width would look crap
<robclark> it is a thing that desktop GPU vendors customers that use $important_bespoke_expensive_legacy_gl_apps devote the extra transistors to the rasteriser and mobile GPU vendors save on their transistor budget
<robclark> *with customers
<bamse> and if you put the transistors in there, you better include it in the new spec
<robclark> right
<clover[m]> does driconf work on a wayland session?
<robclark> yes
<robclark> we use it even on android (but with the mode that builds the driconf tables into driver rather than parsing xml at runtime)
<steev> You’ll be caught by the other missing features trying to use vk though clover[m]
<robclark> I pretty much hope clover[m] isn't part of the driver stack... that would seem like a high latency (relative to frame time) bottleneck for all users :-P
<clover[m]> why are we missing features anyway? is its specifically a turnip issue?
<robclark> no, just some game asking for combination of features that hw doesn't support and that it probably doesn't even need
<HdkR> It's an emulator that just asks for all the features it will need up front. Since it is emulating a superior GPU :P
<clover[m]> bad experience emulating on arm so far lol
<robclark> "superior"
<HdkR> Yea, heavily sarcasm on that since that thing is like a decade old now
<steev> TIL it's 2027
<HdkR> Tegra X1 SoC was in sampling late 2014, about the same age as the uarch :)
<robclark> and gpu I suspect inherited some even older features
<HdkR> Oh yea, NVIDIA never deletes anything out of their hardware
<robclark> given that nv has a large market of people how care about $important_bespoke_expensive_legacy_gl_apps
<HdkR> The last feature that I'm aware they removed was shadow filtering. Which only a couple of D3D8 games used. Surprised they didn't just emulate it for their newer hardware that could brute force it
<robclark> vk is supposed to be getting _away_ from emulating-all-the-legacy-things
<HdkR> That's what the VK compatibility layer is for. It just emulates the feature
<robclark> so in this case, I'd say to send your bug report to the emulator devs, tbh (sorry to all the emu dev's out there)
<robclark> hmm, if there is such a layer than maybe it is the way to solve this
<HdkR> Oh, I totally agree in this case, if the hardware doesn't support the feature then emulating it in the VK driver is a bit of a mess
<robclark> yeah
<HdkR> Like emulating 8-bit SSBO stores sucks if you need to do a 32-bit load, bitfield insert, store
<HdkR> Emulating that experience with unaligned atomics with aligned larger atomics suuuuucks
<robclark> yeah, with vk you should try to not need the extension/feature if it is not advertised by driver.. if it is not advertised it means app couldn't do a worse job at it than trying to emulate in driver
<steev> clover[m]: yeah, it's yuzu side
<steev> what that *means*, no idea, but it's definitely not gonna progress
<bamse> steev: nice, thanks
<steev> robclark: speaking of mesa things... something i've noticed with c630 and the thinkpad... when loading into xorg... there's a... pattern(??) display before Xorg actually seems to load?
<bamse> almost forgot, vkoul merged the phy changes for orientation let's pick up the dts changes as well
<steev> si, i saw that
<steev> hm, actually, now bamse is making a liar out of me
<bamse> steev: i do?
<steev> yeah, with the new driver i don't get that pattern screen when using Xorg
<bamse> i'm happy to hear that
<steev> i'm pretty sure that's a good thing
<bamse> and it fixed a crash i had in chromium...
<steev> speaking of chromium things
<steev> it would be nice if they'd get around to fixing
<steev> from 97->113 it's still broken :(
<steev> 98*
<bamse> they implemented the firefox bug?!
<steev> dunno, firefox is the only one where wayland works properly here
<bamse> last time i tried to move to firefox, it refused to play gpu, because i didn't have a gpu on my pci bus
<steev> if i set the platform to ozone with chromium, the window just... never bothers showing up
<steev> zmo has never replied to the bug at all, i don't even know if they exist
<bamse> hmm, fredreno_bo_heap.c:86: sa_idle: Assertion 'state != FD_BO_STATE_UNKNOWN" failed.
<bamse> and then there's no more firefox
<bamse> as soon as i try to do webgl
<steev> weird
<steev> i'm getting 30fps on webgl aquariam with 1000 fish
<bamse> ahh, no the actual error is probably "MESA: error: fd_bo_dmabuf:498: failed to get dmabuf fd: -1"
<steev> that's with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1
<bamse> just open the aquarium and click 1000 fish?
<steev> clover[m]: oka i pushed linux-6.3.y branch, it has the v2 of the gpu, drops the crtc hack; pretty much what was 6.3.3 but with the testing
<steev> si
<bamse> that gives me a solid 60fps in chromium
<steev> i go anywhere from 28-40
<steev> i wouldn't know how it works in chromium since chromium doesn't run in wayland
<bamse> on the crd it dances between 119 and 120 fps
<steev> oh wait what
<bamse> that's 3 zeros right?
<steev> okay, it's actually working
<bamse> i can do 10k fish at 60fps...
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<steev> yeah, 1k is 60 on chromium, 10k is 47-50
<bamse> well, now it's at i guess thermal kicked in :)
<steev> 30k is 17fps :)
<steev> sometimes it jumps up to 18
<steev> am jealous, i want a crd
<robclark> webgl aquarium should be entirely CP limited fwiw.. it is basically a uniform upload benchmark
<steev> what is cp there?
<robclark> basically the front end of the gpu
<steev> ah
<steev> is there a "better" webgl to use to test?
<steev> aside from telling it to go through the whole suite
<robclark> yeah, really anythign else
<bamse> steev: but firefox just works for you? in wayland? no configuration changes?
<steev> i mean, yeah? both with and without setting moz_enable_wayland=1; it's the default browser in kali - oh, i should mention, it's esr;
<steev> we do esr because kali needs things not hitting the network when powered on
<steev> it doesnt' change settings whenever you update
<quinine> I also use firefox + wayland + steev kernel.
<steev> i'm sorry :)
<robclark> which ofc just crashed my browser on intel laptop
<bamse> steev: mesa 23.1?
<steev> yessir
<steev> debian 23.1.0
<bamse> still got my home-baked mesa-version on this laptop
<steev> aside from the weird... hit esc to exit full screen, and not being in full screen, it's working in ultra here
<robclark> anyways, has interesting things
<bamse> robclark: quite sluggish in 4k resolution...but shrinking the window made it reasonable
<robclark> yeah, it isn't lite..
<robclark> I think there are multiple versions of "after the flood" floating around... one of them seems to insta-crash everything, that might have been the version I pasted :-P
<steev> it's not crashing the thinkpad :)
<steev> not even on ultra
* bamse not so lucky...
<bamse> tried a few different i need to restart chromium to get webgl back
<steev> the "game" rob linked is gorgeous
<steev> but it won't let me jump in the water and drown like zelda will
<bamse> better than webgl aquarium...were you can never get out of the water
<steev> lol
<bamse> and yes, it's looking pretty
<steev> 11fps on firefox :(
<steev> but that's with... everything
<steev> high, high, high, high, on, high, 4x, on, on
<steev> and, 16 on chromium
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<clover[m]> steev: cool, building
<steev> did not include the config changes
<clover[m]> ok
<clover[m]> yeah i've got my own config
<clover[m]> so np
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<jhovold> steev and anyone using my wip branches: here's an updated branch based on v6.3.3:
<steev> oh spiffy
<jhovold> Changes since the previous 6.3.1 branch include:
<jhovold> - audio resource leak fix
<jhovold> - audio lpasscc reset driver v1 (CONFIG_SC_LPASSCC_8280XP rename)
<jhovold> - gpu support v2
<jhovold> - sd-card reader support for the CRD (v2)
<jhovold> Figured I'd push out one more branch before moving to 6.4-rc3.
<steev> ah, good deal, i was just about to ask if you'd had a chance to poke at 6.4 and if it's just me and clover[m] that seem to have no audio with 6.4
<jhovold> I gave it a spin yesterday and ran into a couple of regressions before even trying audio. Didn't srinik say it worked for him (tm)?
<konradybcio> I misread "figured" as "fingerprint", meh :P
<konradybcio> though.. now that we have qseecom, it shouldn't be terribly hard to power up a few regulators, load a tzapp and give it some buffers
<konradybcio> there's an open-source implementation for android
<jhovold> hmmm. ath11k just failed to resume with 6.3.3, never seen anything like that with <=6.3.1
<jhovold> at least not something that is easily reproduced...
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<jhovold> steev: i can confirm that something is broken with audio in 6.4-rc3; headphone playback works, but no sound from the speakers
<jhovold> srinik: ^
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<clover[m]> nice, we getting fingerprint reader soon?
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<kitsune-tsuki> can GCC_UFS_* constants be wrong?
<kitsune-tsuki> If no one ever tested SC7180 UFS on mainline kernels before
<kitsune-tsuki> Or can clock controller be misconfigured somehow?
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<Xyaon> is there any way of getting vulkan or opengl >4.6 to work on the c630?
<HdkR> Luckily there isn't a GL version >4.6
<HdkR> c630 = Snapdagon 850 = Adreno 630, so Turnip and Freedreno should just give you those right?
<HdkR> Well, GL 4.5 anyway, since 4.6 isn't supported but most of the extensions are there
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<HdkR> I'd totally point to mesamatrix for the list of missing extensions but someone on mesa managed to break the GL 4.6 listing two hours ago
<HdkR> Missing pipeline_statistics_query and transform_feedback_overflow_query
<Xyaon> i'm more concerned about vulkan. I have mesa 23.0.3 installed and I cannot find any adreno specific package
<HdkR> You'd expect to have /usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/freedreno_icd.aarch64.json and /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/
<HdkR> Or equivalent with non-multiarch paths
<Xyaon> I don't seem to have either of those
<HdkR> Package manager problems? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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<Xyaon> maybe
<Xyaon> I have vulkan related ones, but not vulkan freedreno
<HdkR> What packages used? Might be interesting to inspect their configuration
<clover[m]> Xyaon what distribution do you use
<Xyaon> arch arm
<HdkR> yep
<HdkR> They don't enable turnip
<HdkR> their config is `amd,swrast,broadcom,panfrost,virtio-experimental`
<HdkR> Should find where Kevin Mihelich is for ALARM and ask them to enable freedreno for vulkan
<clover[m]> xyaon in the meantime you can use my repo
<Xyaon> oh, thanks
<clover[m]> just set it up in front of the other repos in pacman.conf and `pacman -S mesa vulkan-freedreno vulkan-mesa-layers`
<clover[m]> yeah idk how to get ahold of kevni
<HdkR> Sending them an email would probably be the most straightforward way
<clover[m]> ?
<clover[m]> :D
<HdkR> Their email is in the PKGCONFIG file for the package
<clover[m]> i will send over a patch soon
<HdkR> Sadly since it isn't AUR you can't just scream in the comments, and if you can't find them on IRC you must scream in to the void
<clover[m]> sadly it doesnt look like it got the same gitlab treatement. so you cant just open a MR
<HdkR> Sadly
<clover[m]> my email guess wasn't terribly far off lol
<clover[m]> should i put the patch directly inline or attach a file? i feel like file attachments from randoms are kinda shady
<HdkR> Dunno, I don't know that ecosystem. Why not both? :P
<clover[m]> the last time i emailed someone a patch it got totally ignored
<clover[m]> then i complained in the comments :P
<Xyaon> It's working :D Thank you!
<clover[m]> np
<akaWolf0> what is wrong with those sound.. it just stopped working after reboot.
<akaWolf0> clover[m]: do you have ~/.asoundrc ?
<akaWolf0> clover[m]: does «aplay -D hw:0,5 sample.wav» works for you?
<clover[m]> my sound is working here on 6.3.3-15-x13s+
<clover[m]> if you are on the RC kernel sound is borked right now
<clover[m]> i.e. make sure you have linux-x13s and not linux-x13s-rc installed from my repo if you want sound right now
<akaWolf0> it worked and I didn't change the kernel
<akaWolf0> 6.3.2-10-x13s+
<clover[m]> so your issue is resolved?
<akaWolf0> nop, it worked and after reboot stopped working
<clover[m]> oh, just update your kernel then
<agl7-x13s> clover[m]: Where can I get the kernel 6.3.3-15-x13+ ?
<agl7-x13s> clover[m]: Oh OK, Thank You :-)
<clover[m]> np
<agl7-x13s> clover[m]: Aeh ... Which file must I get?
<agl7-x13s> I see there nothing with *linux*
<clover[m]> add my pacman repo (i provided the steps in the description) and then start adding stuff `pacman -Sy && pacman -S linux-x13s` etc
<clover[m]> (This is all assuming you are using arch linux)
<agl7-x13s> Oh, I have not a ARCH system on my x13s, I have Debian on it!
<clover[m]> oh yeah sorr
<clover[m]> won't work
<agl7-x13s> ok
<clover[m]> idk how debian peeps keep their stuff updated
<clover[m]> maybe someone can chime in
<agl7-x13s> A tar.gz file have you not from the kernel?
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<clover[m]> but you are on your own here, good luck
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<agl7-x13s> clover[m]: Thank you I will get it ...
<clover[m]> maybe there is some kind of reverse debtap
<gwolf> clover[m]: Well, there are repositories of all kinds in Debian ;-) Although we "purist" Debian peeps prefer having only the main repo installed
<clover[m]> pactap or something lol
<HdkR> Only have repo and `sudo make install` the rest ;)
<gwolf> I mean, for kernel building, I use the kernel-package package, which contains among other things make-kpkg
<gwolf> ...I have set up local repositories for Debian packages for my work stuff, but not for the only C630 I have ;-)
<steev> HdkR: if you really need, you can always ping him on irc, assuming you're over on - he's leming in #archlinuxarm
<steev> re: packages... i build my own kernel debs, but i don't host any sort of deb repo
<clover[m]> does that hook into Matrix?
<steev> no idea
<HdkR> steev: I figured they were on IRC somewhere, was just easier to see the email in the PKGBUILD :P
<clover[m]> hmm
<clover[m]> i tried joining from matrix but got err_needreggednick
<clover[m]> idk what that means
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<steev> no idea either, i know that if you link the names, you don't need the [m]
<agl7-x13s> YourNick[m]: can you give me the .config of the kernel build of the kernel "x13s-6.3-15-aarch64" because under Debian the utility "update-initramfs" needs it.
<HdkR> Maybe it actually supports +M with libera correctly
<HdkR> So it needs a nickserv registered alias
<agl7-x13s> Hmmm ... it seems clover is away :-(
<HdkR> Those times when you change your alias on IRC and vanish from the world
<YourNick[m]> finally figured it out
<agl7-x13s> YourNick[m]: can you give me the .config of the kernel build of the kernel "x13s-6.3-15-aarch64" because under Debian the utility "update-initramfs" needs it.
<YourNick[m]> weird that you are calling me YourNick[m]
<YourNick[m]> i wonder if i need to leave and come back
<HdkR> That's because your nick is now YourNick[m]
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<agl7-x13s> Hmmm ...
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<akaWolf0> YourNick[m]: what do you want to know from arch linux arm?
<YourNick[m]> is it better now?
<akaWolf0> the same nick
<HdkR> Looks like you're forever named YourNick[m]
<akaWolf0> forgot, you will be now YourNick[m]
<YourNick[m]> looks good on my side again. lol
<HdkR> Really just showing the quality of Matrix as usual
<akaWolf0> I've opened PR, but they closed it
<akaWolf0> if you want to ask about mesa 23.1 we can discuss it here
<HdkR> Opening a PR that only adds freedreno to the vulkan files would be a lot better
<HdkR> Since you don't need 23.1 for that
<HdkR> Adding asahi is currently worthless since the uapi isn't in mesa yet
<akaWolf0> HdkR: yeah I suppose, if you want I can prepare PR
<YourNick[m]> im just going to stop talking. too shameful
<HdkR> Would be cool for all those Arch users
<akaWolf0> meanwhile I would like if someone to check aplay
<akaWolf0> aplay -D hw:0,5 sample.wav
<akaWolf0> does it work?
<HdkR> On what device and kernel?
<YourNick[m]> sample.wav: No such file or directory
<akaWolf0> YourNick[m]: place some test wav, haha
<akaWolf0> HdkR: x13s
<akaWolf0> I guess any latest kernel with sound
<YourNick[m]> my sound works
<akaWolf0> YourNick[m]: I want to clearify which hw device it using
<akaWolf0> so that's why I ask to check
<HdkR> Device or resource busy
<akaWolf0> HdkR: stop any audio
<YourNick[m]> aplay -D hw:0,5 /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/gallery/sounds/beam2.wav
<YourNick[m]> Playing WAVE '/usr/lib/libreoffice/share/gallery/sounds/beam2.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 11025 Hz, Mono
<YourNick[m]> aplay: set_params:1377: Channels count non available
<HdkR> No audio is playing otherwise
<akaWolf0> YourNick[m]: does it works?
<YourNick[m]> no
<HdkR> Oh, Steam had the audio device open for some reason
<eric_engestrom> akaWolf0: please don't enable asahi on upstream mesa, it's not usable yet :)
<HdkR> akaWolf0: Yep, works here
<akaWolf0> eric_engestrom: yeah, it was WIP
<akaWolf0> HdkR: hm, I see, so the right device is 0,5
<HdkR> Don't know if the quality problem is fixed because it's like a few meters away from me
<akaWolf0> YourNick[m]: strange. what is the output of aplay -l?
<YourNick[m]> **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****... (full message at <>)
<akaWolf0> eric_engestrom: by upstream version they mean arch linux packages I guess
<akaWolf0> not the site of mesa itself
<eric_engestrom> ah, you're probably right
<eric_engestrom> which a very valid policy actually ^^
<akaWolf0> eric_engestrom: yeah, I just didn't know that
<eric_engestrom> :)
<YourNick[m]> and don't call me YourNick[m]
<eric_engestrom> but yeah, if you drop everything execpt the freedreno changes it should be accepted
<eric_engestrom> (as HdkR said, who also said the same thing as me about asahi, which I saw after making my own comment 🙃)
* eric_engestrom logs off for the day
<HdkR> :P
<akaWolf0> eric_engestrom: okay! thanks for the tip!
<akaWolf0> YourNick[m]: but it's your nick here indeed..
<HdkR> Can't tab complete an alias if it doesn't exist
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<akaWolf0> HdkR: can you give me sample which is working for you with aplay?
<HdkR> A sample?
<akaWolf0> wav
<HdkR> Of just the audio coming from the speakers or something?
<akaWolf0> HdkR: yeah, I want to check 100% working wav
<akaWolf0> since my audio just doesn't work.
<HdkR> let's see
<akaWolf0> HdkR: what is your kernel?
<HdkR> 6.3.0 from steev
<steev> which kernel are you on
<akaWolf0> output of «aplay -L» and «aplay -l»?
<HdkR> `commit f7f64ae26ad715df31dd465fed68008da61ca602 (HEAD, origin/lenovo-x13s-linux-6.3.y)`
<akaWolf0> steev: I'm at 6.3.3-15-x13s+ (which is ironrobin's)
<steev> afaik, he's got working audio... but if you're trying ot use the arch kernel with debian... that's a bit odd
<akaWolf0> steev: yeah, he said it's working. and I had 6.3.2 with working audio and then it just stopped working.
<akaWolf0> then I decide to update the kernel
<steev> what do you mean "it just stopped working"
<akaWolf0> steev: no sound
<steev> i mean what did you change
<steev> did you run updates and then it stopped working?
<akaWolf0> steev: nothing I guess
<akaWolf0> I don't remember but probably I don't even update something
<akaWolf0> especially kernel and so on
<steev> something had to happen for it to go from working to not working
<akaWolf0> and I have no such many devices in aplay -L as HdkR: I have only null, pipewire and default
<akaWolf0> steev: what's in your aplay -L?
<steev> the same thing as hdkr's
<steev> it sounds like you lost your alsa-ucm-conf, if i had to guess
<steev> pastebin "dpkg -L alsa-ucm-conf"
<akaWolf0> steev: I'm at arch
<steev> why not just use ironrobin's packages?
<akaWolf0> yeah, I'm using it: alsa-ucm-conf-git-x13s
<akaWolf0> with version
<steev> and his kernel package? i saw you asking for his config file and such
<steev> what does alsaucm listcards show
<akaWolf0> steev: yeah, it's his kernel
<akaWolf0> 0: hw:0 LENOVO-21BXCTO1WW-ThinkPadX13sGen1
<akaWolf0> steev: aplay -D hw:0,5 file_example_WAV_1MG.wav <-- does it work for you?
<steev> no, but paplay does
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<steev> i would definitely notice if audio wasn't working for me though because i have gnome play a sound when i log in
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<alex_test> test
<clover[m]> test
<clover[m]> finally
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<clover[m]> HdkR: i learned a lot about IRC today
<HdkR> I bet
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<clover[m]> test
<clover[m]> ok cool. apparently matrix does not like you being on multiple IRC networks at once. but we got it sorted. jesus
<steev> so no more yourname[m]? :(
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<clover[m]> kept trying to register with freenode which was not happening. then found out this room isn't even freenode, its oftc. made this PR:
<amstan> freenode? lol
<amstan> clover: i was wondering when you would come back
<amstan> <clover[m]> "ok cool. apparently matrix..." <- works fine for me
<clover[m]> are you registered? i never bothered doing it. and once i tried in libera it messed stuff up for me here at oftc
<clover[m]> this room doesn't require registration and its the only IRC room im in (i think)
<clover[m]> registered on oftc anyway because now im paranoid
<amstan> they shouldn't affect eachother at all
<amstan> just make sure you're speaking to the right nickserv and not the other one
<amstan> i am registered on libera, but the oftc registering keeps failing, so we un +r'd this room
<amstan> s/registering/autologin
<clover[m]> It shouldn't but it did. The second I registered it changed my nick across all rooms to YourNick. Including matrix rooms. Then changed it back to clover everywhere except this room
<akaWolf0> [ +0.000420] wcd938x_codec audio-codec: ASoC: error at soc_component_read_no_lock on audio-codec for register: [0x000034b0] -16
<akaWolf0> is it okay?
<akaWolf0> steev: paplay is pulse play, which is on top of alsa. so if you have working pulse you should have also working alsa.
<akaWolf0> why you can't play with aplay?
<steev> akaWolf0: well i get the same alsa message about lack of count or whatever, but paplay... plays just fine
<steev> i do not know, or care
<akaWolf0> steev: what's aplay writing?
<steev> aplay: set_params:1358: Channels count non available
<akaWolf0> yeah, the same for me
<steev> which is what i said
<akaWolf0> steev: now I have both sound over default and «aplay -D hw:0,5» working. I don't know what's going on.
<steev> and you've done nothing at all but just sit there
<akaWolf0> I didn't change anything. just power off, go to take a nap for an how and turn on and it works.
<akaWolf0> hour*
<akaWolf0> clover[m]: there is magic «/me ...» command in IRC, btw.
<clover[m]> I never want to think about irc again :P
<akaWolf0> clover[m]: oh, those young boys.. :P
<amstan> clover: you're literally on irc, lol
<amstan> clover: irc nick that the bridge makes for your != your matrix nick