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<qzed> would be nice if you could give them a spin on the x13s
<qzed> and maybe other devices like the c630
<qzed> the device-tree stuff is gone, so it works directly with the scm compatible now
<qzed> but I've added a white-list for devices because I'm not sure about the whole re-entrant SCM call thing
<qzed> so you may need to add some stuff similar to the last commit in the list above
<qzed> and you need CONFIG_QCOM_SCM_QSEECOM=y and QCOM_QSEECOM_UEFISECAPP=y (or m)
<qzed> (the patches should be mostly ready, but I'll still need to check that I haven't missed any comments, so maybe a couple of smaller clean-ups before I submit)
<qzed> oh and here's the work-in-progress branch:
<clover[m]> Interesting. What does it do / give us qzed?
<qzed> clover: it's going to be v4 of the patches adding support for uefi variables on those qcom platforms
<qzed> so enables stuff like efibootmgr
<qzed> so you don't have to do annoying things like go into the efi shell to add another boot entry
<qzed> i.e. grub can do that automatically for you just like with any other "normal" platform
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<agl7-x13s> steev: Which defconfig file do you use for 6.3.y?
<agl7-x13s> steev: defconfig, johan_defconfig or laptop_defconfig?
<steev> laptop, like every other branch
<agl7-x13s> ok, thx
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<steev> qzed: will try it tomorrow, trying to watch The Takeover currently :D
<qzed> take your time, and have fun!
<clover[m]> hdkr: when i open glxgears in fex-emu i get
<clover[m]> libGL error: MESA-LOADER: failed to open msm: /usr/lib/dri/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory (search paths /usr/lib/dri, suffix _dri)
<clover[m]> do you know what im missing?
<clover[m]> looks like its just part of mesa
<clover[m]> it does seem to work. idk if its using gpu tho
<HdkR> clover[m]: Looks like this might be an issue with mixing a multiarch rootfs with non-multiarch host
<HdkR> Looks like I really do need to spin an Arch rootfs image
<Leandro[m]> <agl7-x13s> "steev: defconfig, johan_defconfi..." <- who's johan
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<clover[m]> He is a kernel dev who is adding x13s support. IIRC his defconfig provides baseline stuff for x13s
<clover[m]> <HdkR> "Looks like I really do need to..." <- HdkR: do you want me to open a guthub issue about it?
<HdkR> Sure
<agl7> Leandro[m]: I'am the same person like agl7-x13s --> I have a ThinkPad X13s and I use johan's defconfig with kernel modules for bluetooth and other devices.
<Leandro[m]> ah
<agl7> Leandro[m]: I also try laptop_defconfig this works also on a ThinkPad X13s. laptop_defconfig is more general and includes more kernel modules. The kernel itself is also much bigger.
<clover[m]> HdkR: is it find to add a directory symlink inside of ~/.fex-emu/RootFS
<clover[m]> fine*
<clover[m]> was thinking maybe that could cause an issue
<HdkR> Should be fine
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<clover[m]> the issue might be that vanilla mesa packaged for x86_64 is not built with gallium freedreno drivers
<HdkR> This is why I build an everything mesa build for my Ubuntu images
<HdkR> The Ubuntu 23.04 image even includes rusticl now
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<clover[m]> ok no longer getting that issue with glxgears after using the mesa i packaged for x13s
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<steev> Leandro[m]: when he is connected to irc, his nickname is jhovold
<Leandro[m]> ah thats him?
<clover[m]> Steev does the rc branch have better suspend?
<steev> ?
<clover[m]> I thought I saw someone mention it has better suspend in terms of conserving battery
<steev> I think Bamse was working on something but it’s not fully there yet because of other changes needed
<steev> But I don’t know what
<steev> And I would rather have working audio than working suspend
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<clover[m]> Ok
<clover[m]> For sho
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