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<leezu> To enable the fastrpc driver for sc7180, the missing information is the cdsp base address, the number of compute-cb nodes and their correct iommu and reg values
<clover[m]> It still works in California
<HdkR> Terrifying
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<steev> but it probably causes cancer
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<clover[m]> Lol
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<steev> i haven't been to LA in years, but it always made me laugh seeing it everywhere when i was out and about
<steev> in a few years*
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<clover[m]> I never said I was in LA
<steev> didn't say you were, but that's the only place i've been.. for extended periods of time, when i've been in cali
<steev> used to contract for a company out of hermosa beach, and every time i'd go out "for a week" it would be a month or two
<steev> they're SUPER into fitness in the hermosa beach area too, so if you're smoking, you have to be active, you can't just stand around or they'll ticket you
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<kitsune-tsuki> Hi! New TCL Book 14 Go (Snapdragon 7c, 4/128G) user here! And, obviously, I need help with bringing linux up on this machine. Throught, for now my first priority would be backing up internal storage completely. Is there any kind of EFI payloads which could do backups?
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: o/ not sure about the efi but my approach was to boot linux from the usb stick far enough to have usb and emmc, then just dd it out
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: another funny option would be to kick the board into edl and dump it that way, but that would only works if it's easy to get to the SoC usb port (not behind any hub but directly) and not sure if there is any edl programmer payload available for 7c, I think there is something
<danielt> kitsune-tsuki: It would also be a great idea to see if the unit can boot from the microSD in the SIM tray (a modern A2 SD card is pretty quick so you can do non-destructive hacking by booting from that until you get enough of the kernel running to make it the main OS)
<travmurav[m]> actually speaking of that
<travmurav[m]> I think 7c doesn't even have ufs defined
<travmurav[m]> so using mmc2 might be the primary option for early bringup indeed
<travmurav[m]> but I think there are some downstream patches for snap 720g on ufs too
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<kitsune-tsuki> travmurav[m]: EDL works. Kinda. At least device is recognised under linux as qserial. Heck if I know where to get correct loader...
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: I suppose doesn't autodetect anything from their loader database?
<kitsune-tsuki> I'll finish burning image onto uSD and get back to it
<kitsune-tsuki> UEFI isn't recognising uSD (
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: maybe it can read usb sticks tho?
<kitsune-tsuki> Well, yes, that *is* working, I've told that your aspire1 kernel actually tries to boot until it touches bridge/display
<travmurav[m]> ah, yeah right
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: maybe you could try booting into uefi-shell and check if the fs is there, just efi file doesn't get detected
<kitsune-tsuki> Despite installing archlinuxarm in chroot on my workstation and setting up qemu-user i'm not looking forward to rebuilding kernel
<kitsune-tsuki> Is it okay to (re)compile dts without building kernel?
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: should be fine to do so, yeah
<travmurav[m]> dtb is just data
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<srinik> steev: let me try your branch and will get back..
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<Leandro[m]> <kitsune-tsuki> "UEFI isn't recognising uSD (" <- not surprised
<kitsune-tsuki> Leandro[m]: I *am* surprized - all my x86 UEFI devices are capable of booting from SD
<Leandro[m]> what-
<Leandro[m]> i guess their card readers go over usb?
<Leandro[m]> or they took the time and actually added an sd card driver
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: well the funny thing is that the firmware might just not even init the second mmc controller at all
<travmurav[m]> since it's part of the SoC and not some usb device
<travmurav[m]> so I'd say it's the bad UEFI firmware in this case
<travmurav[m]> on the other hand it for sure can boot from mmc1 which is more or less the same
<travmurav[m]> which would mean that it's either a dumb mistake or there is some quirk in making it work
<travmurav[m]> sadly my laptop doesn't have a sd slot so I lack this luxury completely :<
<robclark> travmurav[m]: not sure _which_ 7c that laptop is, sc7180 (7c gen1) and sc7180p (gen2) do not have ufs.. only emmc. (I don't think sc7280 has ufs either but it can do nmve)
<Leandro[m]> <travmurav[m]> "so I'd say it's the bad UEFI..." <- laziness of ODM
<Leandro[m]> /the guys that ordered/compiled the firmware
<Leandro[m]> so far i dont have seen a single (arm) uefi device that can boot from sd card, only emmc(if applicable)
<travmurav[m]> robclark: well this seems to be very much an UFS board, I believe the ufs was never enabled in mainline because the cros boards don't make use of it tho
<travmurav[m]> I mean, sc7180 board
<travmurav[m]> with ufs
<robclark> oh, hmm, maybe it does.. not sure why we didn't use that, would have been an improvement over emmc
<travmurav[m]> tbh I still can't understand why that tcl laptop has everything right: modem, ufs, sb-off BUT a 768p TN display :/
<steev> 768p sad:(
<robclark> modem + everything-else-cheap could mean it was targeting EDU.. but that wouldn't explain ufs over emmc
<kitsune-tsuki> travmurav[m]: tcl book 14 go 4/128 with TN is something like 25kR right now
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: I know, I saw it for 15 second hand but don't want to get /another/ laptop with "labor included" xD
<robclark> heh, "Built-in 4G LTE Broader Band"
<travmurav[m]> robclark: do you know if firmware is same-ish as on the phones btw? (that is, if it can make calls)
<travmurav[m]> or I suppose it would not work on cros due to it using lpass without the modem adsp
<robclark> I'm probably not the one to ask about modem ;-)
<kitsune-tsuki> travmurav[m]: I mean, cheapest intel laptop is around 16kR, and they usually have emmc
<travmurav[m]> Right I see
<kitsune-tsuki> this thing costs like 75% more so why not ufs?
<kitsune-tsuki> steev: I'm actually happy with screen resolution
* travmurav[m] paid 25kR for a "new" aspire1 with 64GiB emmc and no modem
<kitsune-tsuki> My main system font on my 15" dell with the same 1366x768 is Terminus
<travmurav[m]> well I guess my primary issue is that not only it's 768 but it's also TN, as if they have built a really good spec and then put a sort-lowest-price display in it :/
<travmurav[m]> YOOOOO
<kitsune-tsuki> travmurav[m]: there is ADSP partition in image dump
<travmurav[m]> oops wrong room
<travmurav[m]> sorry
<travmurav[m]> kitsune-tsuki: and it's all 0x0s? :)
<kitsune-tsuki> hmmm...
<travmurav[m]> they have a bunch of firmware related parititons in the default partition table and they are empty
<kitsune-tsuki> travmurav[m]: non-zero data
<kitsune-tsuki> First bytes: 457f 464c 0101 0001 0000 0000 0000 0000
<travmurav[m]> ah interesting
<travmurav[m]> if it's an elf then probably efi preloads some remoteprocs
<kitsune-tsuki> lolwut
<kitsune-tsuki> total of all partitions in lun4 is 262MB
<kitsune-tsuki> meanwhile lun4 is freaking 4GB in size
<travmurav[m]> well as I said, someone has scammed you out of 3.7GiB just for fun
<kitsune-tsuki> like what, why???
<kitsune-tsuki> is it possible to repartition UFS?
<travmurav[m]> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I'd recommend to not mess with the boot chain partitions
<travmurav[m]> who knows what the bootrom assumes of them
<konradybcio> kitsune-tsuki: I wouldn't even try
<konradybcio> It's provisioned this way and things may go veeery south if you change it manually
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<steev> kitsune-tsuki: to be clear, you mean 1024x768?
<kitsune-tsuki> steev: 16:9, 1366x768
<srinik> steev: it works for me with the same branch.. can you share you config I can take a look at what could be missing
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<steev> srinik: is the 6.4 kernel config i'm using
<steev> is the 6.4 kernel config i'm using
<bamse> steev: how does that differ from upstream? are we missing any features there?
<steev> bamse: my config is what is considered a "distro" config, not just hardware
<steev> so all the things like, iptables, and various external devices and so on and so forth
<steev> things for running docker and such
<bamse> steev: okay cool, just want to make sue that upstream defconfig is that the hardware support can trickle into the distros
<steev> i need to learn how to meld configs properly
<konradybcio> there's a gui diff tool called.. meld just for that :P
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<steev> bamse: fwiw, i tend to do my config, then defconfig, but i hadn't done 6.4's defconfig yet in my testing since the backlight wasn't working
<steev> er, backlight was, but vidya wasn't
<bamse> steev: i just run upstream defconfig + tracing on my laptop, works fine so far :)
<steev> i can't do that because i have to use docker containers since SOME COMPANY won't give us el2
<bamse> i use docker on my upstream defconfig...but perhaps i'm suffering from some issue without realizing it?
<ajhalaney[m]> everyone chant el2 together, maybe it will help :P
<steev> certain networking configurations won't iirc
<bamse> steev: ahh, yeah i haven't had any need for funky network configurations yet
<steev> it's not the end of the world... but some of our tests fail without it so...
<steev> bamse: are you sure you're using defconfig and haven't enable anything?
<steev> is me with *just* defconfig
<steev> for me, defconfig gives
<steev> steev@wintermute:~$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/devices_deferred
<steev> 3210000.soundwire-controller
<steev> 3330000.soundwire-controller
<steev> but also... display seems like i'm missing that patch which is weird
<steev> oh, you probably don't have srini's audio stuff
<konradybcio> do you have blobs + pd-mapper?
<steev> yes? this is specifically when using the defconfig instead of "my" config
<steev> I’m assuming maybe it needs the lpasscc to be module or enabled to stop the rest of it from not probing, but kinda weird that not having it enabled would break everything
<steev> And since the driver isn’t in yet, there’s no defconfig option for it
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<bamse> steev: right, no audio...
<steev> :)
<steev> can't send my t-b if i don't test :P
<steev> i mean, i tested it on 6.3 and it works great, but i wanna make sure it works on torvalds/next
<bamse> steev: i appreciate that, one day i will have audio without testing it ;)
<steev> okay so, module on the lpasscc, gives us no deferred devices, which is good
<steev> but there's still funkiness
<steev> oh, gpucc isn't enabled
<steev> okay that was it, gpucc
<steev> so, defconfig with CONFIG_SC_GPUCC_8280XP=m, CONFIG_SC_LPASSCC_8280XP=m, and CONFIG_SND_SOC_SC8280XP=m - i get display, but alsaucm listcards says its empty
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<steev> switching gpucc and lpascc =y, same, list is empty
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<clover[m]> You figured it out steev?
<steev> no
<steev> i'm trying to do the defconfig to see what might be missing, but as far as i can tell... it's all there; SC_LPASSCC_8280XP is the clock controller, SND_SOC_SC8280XP is the sound driver, and it shows its loaded, no deferred devices
<konradybcio> got all the rx/txmacro, q6afe, q6prm etc drivers?