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<clover[m]> now to download vivaldi 6.0 :)
<steev> oh nice
<steev> so, was at my sis's earlier and... their wifi was NOT liking me
<clover[m]> uh oh my bluetooth is broken now
<clover[m]> steev do you know the fix?
<steev> you have to set an address with btmgmt
<clover[m]> [ 7.137608] Bluetooth: hci0: qca_generate_nvm_name: nvm name is qca/hpnv21.b8c... (full message at <>)
<clover[m]> this look sbad
<steev> -2 is... file not found?
<steev> oh right - i changed it
<steev> you had renamed the windows file to 8c
<steev> sorry
<clover[m]> ok so just rename?
<steev> yeah
<steev> the windows file is b8c, so i made it b8c
<clover[m]> ok renamed. any clue what this stuff is about?
<clover[m]> BT still borked. gnome settings showing bluetooth turned off
<clover[m]> ok i did this command and it seems to have fixed things: sudo btmgmt public-addr F4:A8:0D:30:A3:47
<clover[m]> is this something i should add to the wiki?
<steev> you need to flip that though
<clover[m]> wha
<steev> look at the address you told it to set
<steev> look at what it set
<steev> and yeah, that should go in the wiki
<steev> hm, look like bnep isn't turned on?
<steev> in mine, it's set to M
<clover[m]> in mine, it's set to Y
<steev> also, fwiw... you should probably set a random address, not just use the one i got from windows :P
<travmurav[m]> Actally, I wonder, I guess lenovo didn't implement mac address provisioning via dt in their "Linux mode"?
<steev> it sets a completely random one if you throw local-bd-address in
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<travmurav[m]> Oh so it knows how to write the mac but it's not writing the board assigned one? Fun
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<jhovold> travmurav[m]: we just don't know how to access the mac and bd_addr yet, it's being worked on
<jhovold> HdkR: guess that hung task could be a secondary thing if you run nfs over usb
<jhovold> steev: regarding modular pcie: i just lost motivation, plan to make another push for it shortly
<HdkR> jhovold: Yea, USB -> 5gbit -> NFS
<jhovold> steev: setting local-bd-address should work, pretty sure I verified that
<quinine> <clover[m]> "steev: pushed the firmware..." <- ❤️
<quinine> I've started writing libva-v4l2-driver, it doesn't look that complicated, but I don't think I can finish it before totk ships.
<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> <clover[m]> "now to download vivaldi 6.0 :)" <- Didn't work before that?
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<quinine> I don't know about vivaldi, but chromium only uses v4l2 for chromeos by default, and alarm's build doesn't actively enable v4l2.
<HdkR> Still hoping for vaapi support at some point :)
<quinine> it will depend on how much totk will take up my time. :D
<steev> jhovold: it doesn't not work... i just don't fully understand it - if you just put "local-bd-address;" in there, it chooses one completely at random i think? - i might be misremembering and all i had done was local-bd-addres = "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"; you're supposed to do "local-bd-address = [ XX XX XX XX XX XX ];" which seems odd since it's like the only thing that uses that way
<travmurav[m]> steev: the property is a byte array and not a string so bytes notation would be correct, not the string with 3x amount of bytes
<steev> yeah, i just wasn't expecting it :)
<steev> i also don't wanna push it out to just use my bdaddr, otherwise we're pretty much at the same point as the 00:5A:AD one
<travmurav[m]> Yeah, but if jhovold says the "linux mode" patches it, I expected it to at least set a stable address from local pool (02:00:xx...)
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<steev> i don't believe it does?
<travmurav[m]> ah, maybe I misunderstood the thread
<steev> you can set one via local-bd-address, and it'll generate a random one if you do something like i did (local-bd-address = "bl:ah...";) i can rebuild with just 'local-bd-address;' in there and see what we get, my bios is set to linux mode
<travmurav[m]> Nah, I was just wondering how far does Lenovo firmware (that are actually cooperative) go in terms of handling Linux things and mac addresses just came to my mind since we provision them in the bootloader on old platforms and I was thinking of doing something similar on my 7c laptop too
<steev> putting just local-bd-address does not set a random one, you end up with the 5a:ad
<steev> i just do the btmgmt public-addr in my rc.local
<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> Can you please tell me what depends on the battery consumption in sleep mode? And is there any way to fix it?
<jhovold> steevm, travmurav[m]: local-bd-address should only be used if we had a boot firmware which could fill in the right address, which we do not
<jhovold> we'll try to add driver support to retrieve the correct address at some point, but until then it needs to be set by user space
<jhovold> either manually using btmgmt, or by some home brewed udev/systemd script until bluetootd leans how to handle this properly
<jhovold> as a local hack, you could set local-bd-address for your own kernel builds, but providing a default one for everyone to use is indeed not better than sticking with the fw default one
<jhovold> steev: ^
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<exeat> BTW, yet another method of setting the public-addr is with a service drop-in (e.g. /etc/systemd/system/bluetooth.service.d/public-addr.conf):
<exeat> [Service]
<exeat> ExecStartPre=-/sbin/rfkill block bluetooth
<exeat> ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/btmgmt public-addr ...
<exeat> ExecStartPre=-/sbin/rfkill unblock bluetooth
<exeat> (The rfkill commands should allow changing that address at any time by restarting the service)
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<init_x13s> the set public address fix worked to restore BT. I find the execstartpre method to be easier to remember than the udev/systemd service combo. both works.
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<exeat> A possible instance of the "laggy mouse cursor and display glitch" issue:
<exeat> This was with steev's lenovo-x13s-linux-6.3.y as of a couple of days ago ( plus a local revert for the "make it hotter" commit :), and mesa 23.2.0-devel (
<exeat> It occurred while scrolling a page in firefox; page went blank, mouse became slow/laggy, suspend+resume "fixed" it.
<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> I compiled mesa from the repository that steev gave me and installed it on the system, the bug went away.
<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> Does anyone use open-lens?
<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> * use open-lens?
<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> * use open-lens? не запускается на x13s
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<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> * use open-lens? does not run on x13s, is there a bug in the underutilized Linux or a bug in the program?
<steev> is there any kind of output?
<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> open-lens... (full message at <>)
<Bioxvirizm-x13s[m]> If i fix this. there is no reaction at startup. journalctl -f gives no reaction.
<clover[m]> how are yall automatically setting your bt address? it loses it every reboot. im thinking a systemd service
<steev> exeat posted up a service drop-in that would work
<clover[m]> systemd service works
<clover[m]> my browser is complaining that hardware acceleration is unavailable again :(
<clover[m]> vivaldi logs:
<clover[m]> looks like a driver issue?
<clover[m]> seeing gpu process in the chromium task manager so i think we are good nvm
<clover[m]> i think i understand. setting ozone platform to wayland i think breaks gpu acceleration in some way
<quinine> I think chromium hwaccel only supports x11, but I'm not sure if vivaldi has any modification for that.
<clover[m]> doesn't seem to
<clover[m]> interesting
<clover[m]> probably wont build chromium myself but good to know
<konradybcio> if you start building now, you may finish before linux 6.4 releases!
<steev> chromium shouldn't take more than 6 hours
<clover[m]> i think i am happy with vivaldi. x11 is fine until they fix it upstream
<clover[m]> just submitted a patch to the vivaldi AUR maintainer to add aarch64 support
<bamse> anyone knows why the core/linux-aarch64-rc package is stuck at v6.0-rc5 ?
<steev> probably last time leming had free time
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<clover[m]> i should probably set up deja dup
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