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<akaWolf0> but to be honest that time they did pretty worthy integration IRC and Matrix
<akaWolf0> steev: why aplay doesn't work for you and works for me?
<steev> i do not know, or care
<steev> i *never* use aplay
<steev> it's 2023, not 1998
<akaWolf0> steev: we have to figure it out since as you can see there is some unstability with the sound
<akaWolf0> you got me wrong: aplay is for checking, not for every day use
<steev> you can dig into it, i do not have the time
<akaWolf0> yeah and when it not worked with default device it also didn't work with aplay -D.
<akaWolf0> I guess it's related
<HdkR> aplay usually fails when something else already has access on the hardware
<akaWolf0> HdkR: yeah, but it wasn't a case
<HdkR> does pipewire not open the device?
<HdkR> Because I had to kill pulse for aplay to work
<akaWolf0> HdkR: it doesn't keep it open while not playing
<akaWolf0> or open another device
<akaWolf0> ah, no, it opens hw:0,5 and close when there is no sound
<HdkR> Interesting
<akaWolf0> there is pipewire for v4l2 also :)
<HdkR> One day I'll switch over to pipewire :P
<HdkR> Pulse's support for zero auth network audio streaming is something I would miss a lot
<HdkR> (Plus a few other things)
<akaWolf0> HdkR: but bluetooth support in pipewire much better
<HdkR> I used to use the aptx pulse plugins so I didn't notice that problem :D
<HdkR> pipewire doesn't pipe bluetooth latency numbers through still I think?
<HdkR> So you can't determine what audio profile has the lowest latency and quality ratio
<HdkR> My current headphones have lowest latency with AAC where aptx is something like double the latency for example. But I could only determine that through pulse rather than pipewire
<akaWolf0> HdkR: I don't know, I don't use bluetooth stack et all, but I encourage you to try and to share your impression
<akaWolf0> does pulse can auto switch bluetooth profiles?
<HdkR> pulse lets you select the profile
<akaWolf0> but it's handy to autoswitch them when you started a call and ended it
<HdkR> some pactl command for getting latency and choosing profiles, and also pavucontrol lets you do it
<HdkR> oh yea, I don't use my headphones for calling at all
<akaWolf0> HdkR: I guess it's something missing in pulse AFAIK
<HdkR> SBC/HFP can go die in a fire for all I care :P
<HdkR> The audio quality destroys me on that
<akaWolf0> yeah, definitely
<HdkR> Which is why I take calls with my AKG K712 headphones and Blue Yeti mic. So the limiting factor is the call service
<HdkR> Google Meet still not supporting full-duplex audio!
<akaWolf0> what about ? :)
<HdkR> Dunno what that is
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<konradybcio> Probably Google meet except yandex
<jhovold> steev and anyone using my wip branches for the X13s: here's an updated branch based on v6.4-rc3:
<jhovold> Changes since the previous 6.3.3 branch include:
<jhovold> - audio speaker-playback regression fix
<jhovold> - disable DP PSR support which breaks virtual terminals
<jhovold> - suppress bogus usb-phy warnings
<jhovold> steev: srinik fixed the speaker playback regression, even if the best way to fix it is still being hashed out
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<agl7-x13s> clover[m]: Hello Clover! Thank you for the .config! It was successfull now to generate the initrd-6.3.3-ironrobin. At this moment I'am in the Clubhouse. I will go home later and then I will try your kernel!
<agl7-x13s> Then I will see if the sound works and if I can record with the microphones.
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<srinik> jhovold, steev: fixes are available in
<jhovold> srinik: perfect, equivalent to what you have me yesterday (and that's in my 6.4-rc3 branch)
<jhovold> gave*
<srinik> jhovold: exactly same patches, with fix tags
<jhovold> srinik: except for the wcd938x_sdw one I guess, headphone playback still works without it though
<srinik> jhovold: i have added some checks in regmap-sdw so did not want to drop this out this invalid setup.
<jhovold> ok, got it
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<agl7-x13s> clover[m]: Your kernel 6.3.3-15-x13s+ starts, but when it tries to mount the root partition the screen is cleared and nothing happens, as if it could not find the partition. BUT the kernel is NOT crashed! If I give Ctrl-ALT-DEL the x13s reboots and I can start another kernel in the grub that works. Can you explain this? Could it be that some kernel parameters are missing or have to be left out? I have the following kernel
<agl7-x13s> parameters set: ro pd_ignore_unused clk_ignore_unused
<agl7-x13s> And for the root I have root=UUID=.... specified.
<agl7-x13s> Everything is also specified at the kernel from steev and there the kernel starts normally.
<agl7-x13s> The root partition is on a USB-C-SSD that is connected to a USB-C-HUB and the USB-C-HUB itself is connected to the ThinkPad X13s at the USB-C port where the power supply is connected. The power supply is plugged into the USB hub and thus charges the ThinkPad X13s and provides power for the USB-C SSD. When I connect the USB-C SSD directly to the second USB-C port on the ThinkPad X13s, the SSD obviously does not get enough
<agl7-x13s> power and errors occur. When the USB-C SSD is connected to the USB-C hub, steev's kernel starts normally without errors.
<clover[m]> im not supporting non arch people sorry. told ya you were on your own
<agl7-x13s> ok
<agl7-x13s> I will also install ARCH arm64 on a USB-Stick. That wil be my next project.
<agl7-x13s> will
<clover[m]> cool, and if you have any issues there i CAN help you. i made an archiso and put instructions in the README:
<agl7-x13s> clover[m]: Thank You!
<agl7-x13s> <clover[m]> I had already downloaded the ISO yesterday and loaded it on a USB stick and then I started the x13s with the USB stick. The way I see it, I guess I have to pull up everything from scratch from the text console, right?
<agl7-x13s> Or gives there a install programm?
<clover[m]> right, fully console based. arch doesnt do installers really unless you are talking about endeavouros or some other custom spin
<clover[m]> its all on the arch wiki just follow Installation_guide
<agl7-x13s> ok
<agl7-x13s> Is there a special Wiki for ARCH arm? When yes have you the URL?
<clover[m]> i put all of the special instructions in the readme
<clover[m]> the rest is just like a regular arch install
<clover[m]> * special instructions/information in
<agl7-x13s> ok
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<steev> srinik: jhovold: okay, so i do get audio with the johan defconfig, but enabling lpasscc isn't enough with the defconfig, so i'll go through the diffs of the config and try to figure out what we're missing with defconfig
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<clover[m]> godspeed
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