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<steev> oh nice that will make HdkR happy
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<HdkR> steev: What? Who? When?
<steev> xnox is working on ubuntu support to make it installer install
<HdkR> Oh cool, that's a lot easier than building off the cloud image
<clover[m]> displayport not working:... (full message at <>)
<steev> flip it?
<clover[m]> [ 264.204330] usb 3-1: new high-speed USB device number 5 using xhci-hcd... (full message at <>)
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<clover[m]> Looks like that if I try to mirror it. Completely blank if I try to Join.
<clover[m]> Its weird cause my other monitor works with HDMI
<clover[m]> e
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<steev> not my fault!
<steev> i blame bamse
<HdkR> But what if you try flipping it again?
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<HdkR> "1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the network card"
<steev> oh no :(
<bamse> steev: what kernel is that blame on?
<steev> clover[m]: what kernel is it?
<steev> holy
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<HdkR> I guess with the WWAN connector being a wash, the only hope I have is that the USB ports become fast
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<steev> mani_s: entirely unscientific, because i don't have any sort of power measurement
<steev> but, with patchset applied, and power_supersave=y (can't recall exact option), at least suspended over night (charged to 100), up time of 7 hours 49 minutes, battery at 55%
<arnd> HdkR: The old Yoga 3 11 (Intel Core M) did the same thing on the WLAN slot even with a non-Lenovo branded card but using the right chip, though IIRC I was eventually able to get it to boot without WLAN and then managed to bring it up by poking some chipset registers.
<arnd> HdkR: are you able to enter the BIOS setup and disable the WWAN slot?
<mani_s> steev, wow
<mani_s> I'm hoping to do some real power measurements on the CRD device in the coming days
<mani_s> that should reveal how much power that is being saved
<HdkR> arnd: It can be disabled in the uefi. don't know if it can then be reenabled at some point
<HdkR> robclark: Portal on Chromebook/ChromeOS? :P
<arnd> HdkR: if you can boot into a running kernel with WWAN disabled, there is a fairly good chance you can get it up again by reprobing the PCIe port, the trick is finding the right registers. E.g. if the root port is held in reset state, you'd have to know the right reset line.
<arnd> HdkR: do you see the PCIe root port that the card is normally connected to if you boot with WWAN disabled?
<HdkR> moment, let me go flail a bit
<robclark> HdkR: nice
<clover[m]> <steev> "clover: what kernel is it?" <- 6.2.1 based on your 6.2.y branch
<bamse> clover[m]: thanks, then i will ignore steev's passing of the blame :)
<clover[m]> steevs fault! :P
<clover[m]> jk
<bamse> steev: what's the plans for moving to v6.3?
<HdkR> Hm, went to check my PCIe roots and the laptop was flat
<HdkR> Seems like it has an issue maintaining charging
<danielt> HdkR: I had that problem from time to time when I as using an unpowered dock (e.g. a dock powered by X13s own power supply). Arguably is shouldn't happen: there should have been >45 watts "spare" to power the laptop but I suspect it failed to draw power in some cases.
<danielt> HdkR: I'm afraid I fixed it the dumb way (either by powering the laptop directly rather than through the dock... and later by switching to a Lenovo dock with a stronger power supply).
<danielt> HdkR: I always meant to do some testing in Windows to see if it was a generic problem or not... but that would involved running Windows on it for a week and I'm not super enthusiastic about that.
<HdkR> Shamefully I'm using both USB plugs to try and spread the USB load between the two ports. So I need to use a powered dock on one
<bamse> have any of you ran into the problem where the LED by the power button just blinks continuously?
<bamse> danielt, HdkR ^^
<HdkR> I haven't noticed that one
<bamse> i get that occasionally when leaving my x13s connected to one of my monitors...
<danielt> bamse: Maybe... I found closing the lid whilst docked was a "high risk" activity... so I stopped doing it.
<bamse> danielt: maybe that's what i'm doing to trigger this
<danielt> bamse: I don't remember exactly how it broke though (it wasn't every time but I remember having to long press the power-button to get the system back)
<bamse> but i think it's something on the display-side that we trigger...because it keeps doing that in uefi as well...haven't tried booting windows
<HdkR> arnd: Looks like it goes away when disabled
<bamse> mani_s: on the subject of power...we have a pm_runtime_forbid() in both dwc3-qcom and xhci-plft...holding the interconnects and power-domains higher than they need to be when nothing is connected...
<arnd> HdkR: ok, so the entire pcie@1c10000 bridge device is not there. sc8280xp-lenovo-thinkpad-x13s.dts sets it to status="okay", so it's probably a probe failure. Anything in the boot log about it?
<bamse> so presumably we're relying on some clock initialization by the bootloader for whatever feeds aux_clk...
<arnd> Right. I got very confused for a bit by the naming pcie4 pcie3 pcie2 etc that does not match the domain 6/4/2 numbers, but I see now that gcc_pcie_3a_aux_clk is indeed the clock used by pcie3a with domain 4.
<arnd> If it's indeed one of the clocks that is missing, a possible approach may be to just dump the status of all clocks at boot and see what changes with WWAN enabled
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<bamse> arnd: not unlikely there's an issue with the current definition of "all clocks"...
<bamse> arnd: will have to dig into the documentation
<HdkR> Ideally the 10gbe USB-C ports will just be fast so I don't need to fuss with WWAN though :P
<steev> bamse: afaik, the only real hold out for 6.3 is the pmic_glink device links not being correct/working correctly
<bamse> steev: worried about your statement i booted linux-next (+ iommu-fix, battery defconfig and the gpu patches) on the crd and i have external display
<bamse> steev: so what's there in the future is what we want
<steev> bamse: i'm not sure what you mean exactly; i have external display here too?
<bamse> steev: i am trying to say that i don't have any issues with what landed in v6.3-rc1...
<bamse> steev: i.e. i don't see the issue you're referring to wrt device links
<bamse> steev: ahh, but i do see "Failed to create device link..." in the log
<steev> bamse: this - i had previously said i see those messages, but don't actually have any issues and jhovold said that they are correct messages and something isn't correct
<Caterpillar> any progress on x13s power usage optimization?
<steev> scroll back a bit
<steev> i figured since things were working, they were just a modern probe defer :P
<bamse> well, the "Failed" part could quite likely hide some future i'm with jhovold on this one...but i haven't looked at it...and i have pixels on my screen :)
<steev> bamse: sure :) i have working things too
<steev> that's the only thing i've really noticed in 6.3
<steev> 12 hours 32 minutes and 22% battery left
<bamse> steev: only difference being mani_s' aspm patch(es)?
<steev> and setting pcie_powersupersaver or something
<steev> steev@wintermute:~/kernels$ grep SUPERSAVE /boot/config-6.3.0-rc1
<bamse> sounds like a big hammer :)
<steev> sure, but i'm okay with hammers
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<xnox> i managed to install Ubuntu on x13s using installer image, side by side with windows, without destroying bitlocker (had to recover it twice) but otherwise can use Enter+F12 to boot into either bitlocked Windows 11 or Ubuntu 23.04
<xnox> it would be shame if anyone would discover by accident and tried to use ubuntu desktop installer linked from there
<xnox> on X13s
<steev> hope no one like HdkR finds it
<HdkR> Oh no, I might try and recover my drive
<steev> 15 hours 49 minutes, 5% battery
<clover[m]> during suspend or is that regular use
<steev> suspend, mostly but there was some usage
<steev> i did say it's entirely unscientific, i actually expected it to be dead battery when i got back from my place, but no, it still had the 5% battery left
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<steev> bamse: the real question... has kalle had any more time to look at our board file ? :D
<bamse> steev: yes
<steev> in a way that will make 5.4 very happy?
<bamse> that would be nice
<steev> indeed
<xnox> about x13s => somehow i only have 2.4ghz networks on the wifi, and no 5ghz ones..... am i missing something?
<HdkR> Known issue