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<zdykstra> The storm that was supposed to be huge was a bit of a dud
<zdykstra> Can't say that I'm sad to be missed by golf ball sized hail, heh
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<AlienSoldier> spring storm get smaller each year here
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 2 commits to master [hrev56887] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 1110e6fc658b - freebsd_network: Migrate callout invocation to another function.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] f863f473b5f5 - freebsd_network: Check for c_due > 0 in the callout invocation.
* zdykstra cheers
<waddlesplash> :)
<waddlesplash> that was a ridiculous two-day adventure
<waddlesplash> but at least, I get the satisfaction of having 3 components to refactor and inject more assertions into over the next few days
<zdykstra> the writeup is eye-opening
<waddlesplash> to make the next time this has to be debugged a much less arduous problem
<waddlesplash> zdykstra: heh, if you ever want a fun time, go read the comments on the ConditionVariables implementation that I wrote last year :)
<waddlesplash> that was actually the second time I refactored that code, the first time a few years earlier, I wasn't really ready for and the logic got the better of me, and wasn't quite right
<waddlesplash> the rewrite last year seems to have gone over much better, resolved some issues the earlier rewrite had created
<waddlesplash> and, I haven't gone digging especially far, but it's possible that "algorithm" is actually quite novel
<zdykstra> what is ConditionVariables? That's not something I've come across before
<waddlesplash> a synchronization primitive, like semaphores and mutexes, but with different semantics
<waddlesplash> a cvar basically has an "object", which you "wait" on, and then when an event occurs, the object "wakes up" one, more, all waiters
<waddlesplash> on most other systems they're basically countless semaphores
<waddlesplash> but on Haiku, we have this odd (and maybe crazy) feature: you don't just call into a condition variable (e.g. "condvar_wait(...)") you can actually create a "Wait Entry" object, which you "add" to the variable; and then go off and do other work, and then later come around and check "was this signalled yet"?
<waddlesplash> there are some critical kernel sections where that feature is VERY valuable
<waddlesplash> but it means that, on the implementation side, you have a ton more edge-cases to handle because it is possible that condition-variables or wait-entries can each survive the death of the other and you have no control over that fact
<waddlesplash> it is also possible, due to timeouts, that the condvar and the wait-entry wake up simultaneously or near enough to it to race
<waddlesplash> so, having this all work properly, without triggering use-after-frees, dangling references, or (most likely of all) races into deadlocks, is quite the dance
<zdykstra> that sounds intensely frustrating to debug
<waddlesplash> you basically cannot debug it
<waddlesplash> adding printfs changes timing sufficiently so as to make testing useless
<waddlesplash> a printf takes a few dozen microseconds at most (well, maybe hundreds), that's enough to throw off data races
<waddlesplash> your only option is adding very careful assertions in corner cases to catch when things have gone off the rails so far as to invalidate your assumptions
<waddlesplash> otherwise, you have to just be clever enough to figure out what went wrong; and also to be detail-oriented enough when writing the code to be reasonably sure you handled every possible case of the interlocking stage
<x512[m]> Context menus in Netbeans IDE are not displayed if goes outside of parent window bounds.
<x512[m]> It attempts to create semi-transparent window to display shadow, get exception so it is not supported and as result do not show window at all.
<waddlesplash> zdykstra: the original code used a spinlock on each end to synchronize; one for the cvar and one for the entry. the new code I wrote last year has only one spinlock, on the cvar, and then has 3 different atomically-updated variables for all the other points
<waddlesplash> it's more complicated in the design and implementation but I am pretty sure much less in terms of execution
<zdykstra> it's nice to be able to use the fruits of that labor, that's for sure :)
<zdykstra> I need to resume work on mail_daemon and try to find the condition(s) that cause it to stop downloading messages.
<zdykstra> I'm pretty hesitant to try adding new features to things, as I don't really have a feel yet for what will be accepted or not. But bug fixing little stuff tends to be well received.
<waddlesplash> one of these days I should really try to figure out if this is "novel" and worth publishing as a paper of some kind
<waddlesplash> it was a few days' work for me, but sometimes I've gone looking for this kind of thing before and found not much prior art...
<zdykstra> that'd be nice to get your name out there if it is novel
<waddlesplash> yeah, well, I'm not formally educated in CS, so I don't even know where to start looking tbh
<waddlesplash> I should probably go ask some of the FreeBSD people I know...
<waddlesplash> zdykstra: it's great to see mail_daemon getting some work done, it's needed it for sure :)
<x512[m]> I am a bit skeptical about non-standard condition variable implementation.
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<x512[m]> Such things need formal math proof of correctness.
<waddlesplash> x512[m]: you have to admit the ConditionVariableEntry scheme is a very neat thing to have
<waddlesplash> well, I probably could, given time, actually understand all the "formal proofs" stuff
<waddlesplash> my undergrad is in mathematics, I'm familiar enough with that domain of proofs, and I've scanned some papers before
<x512[m]> Implementation may still have some bugs with low practical probability to occur.
<waddlesplash> maybe, but I kind of doubt it
<waddlesplash> the old implementation did, some took months to manifest
<waddlesplash> but the new one is much less likely to deadlock or have stale variables
<waddlesplash> the implementation is basically designed to have all possible states explicitly handled and noted as handled
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56888] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 70b4d59f18d1 - freebsd_network: Refactor callout_stop and functions which invoke it.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56889] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 6ec600d29b5c - kernel/util: Add self-link assertions to list_add_link_to_{head|tail}.
<waddlesplash> well, that's the regressions sorted
<waddlesplash> the rest are some other day's problem :)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus b0ba519 - colm, fix recipe, disable static library (that doesn't conflict when --disable-static isn't used? (#8207)
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<Begasus> Aloha OscarL
<OscarL> Hi there Begasus :-)
<OscarL> just waking up here... 03:0... and no coffee on the house... :-(
<Begasus> lol
<Begasus> same here ;) (just had one package to make one cup)
<Begasus> no nightshop around to get some?
<OscarL> Noup, and coffee got crazy expensive (well everything did) so... I'm hoping to catch some sale on the super-markets next time I go there to buy food :-)
<OscarL> For now... good old Argentine's "mate" it is.
<Begasus> Don't know 'bout you, but I get nervous if I don't have my morning coffee ;)
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<OscarL> Well.... I drank 1 liter of coffee a day since I was 12 so...
<Begasus> heh
<zdykstra> You're caffeinated for the next 9 years
<OscarL> But at some point I had to cut it out... was getting ticks on my eyes, and cutting back the coffee made them go away :-). Now, I only drink it more ocassionally.
<OscarL> zdykstra: heh, more or less, yeah :-)
<Begasus> Think I'm still at about 1 liter ;)
<Begasus> Specificly told our boss to have a coffee machine around when we moved to a new building at work some years ago :P
<OscarL> Same when I worked at EPSON... "Ok guys... no window in the office I can handle, albeit I would prefer one. But... no coffee, no code. Period."
<Begas_VM> I'm seeing things like this failing builds recently (or I never checked those): multiple definition of ...
<Begas_VM> menu_cache builds fine with gcc2 but fails with gcc11 (no error, just the mention)?
<jessicah> something linked in twice
<jessicah> got a log?
<Begas_VM> can grab one
<jessicah> heh, I can't stand coffee, but I probably drink like 10 cups of tea a day
<OscarL> A box of 50 tea bags last me around 5 years :-)
<Begas_VM> No tea for me, tried several, never gotten into it
<Begas_VM> jessicah ^
<jessicah> Begas_VM: that looks like maybe broken header guards
<jessicah> can you paste menu-cache-gen/menu-tags.h?
<Begas_VM> If you say so jessicah ;) no idea (just need to disable the static library there) :)
<jessicah> a file is getting included into what's possibly multiple source files, creating multiple definitions at link
<OscarL> Damn header guards.... the one in pycryptodome clashing with one from Haiku was a pain to find.
<jessicah> OscarL: that's a bizarre one, do you remember what it was?
<OscarL> I reported it upstream... let me find the link.
<jessicah> Begas_VM: ah yep, no header guards, multiple object files
<Begas_VM> err ... ;)
<jessicah> Begas_VM: do you have the log files for gcc2?
<Begas_VM> build?
<jessicah> yeah
<Begas_VM> sec, rebuilding
<jessicah> OscarL: oh, what, an underscore prefix? lol, that's bad
<OscarL> yeah.... it was giving this error:
<jessicah> OscarL: haha
<jessicah> Begas_VM: can you paste the same file as well?
<jessicah> hmm, weird
<jessicah> I dunno, need to try building myself
<jessicah> but it's supercars racing, then probably sleep straight after
<jessicah> super tired
<Begasus> np jessicah , I'll add it to the file with problem recipes for now :)
<Begasus> it's small, so fast to build (but maybe not to figure out the problem) :)
<jessicah> just need to see the sources and link command
<Begasus> runConfigure ./configure --disable-static
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<jessicah> looks like it's just broken
<OscarL> BTW, Begasus... that issue can be closed: (I just added a comment mentioned the relevant merged PRs).
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<Begasus> I think you could have closed it too OscarL ?
<OscarL> Noup. I didn't open that one, and I'm just a lowly collaborator :-D
<Begasus> Ah, then not ;)
<OscarL> Regarding that menu thing Begasus .... you could just add a header guard with Pe's HeaderGuard extension, and give it another go?
<jessicah> yeah, that's all the tags file needs
<OscarL> no idea why it doesn't already. And it gets included on all three .c files, LOL.
<Begasus> eh, and how should I do that OscarL ?
<OscarL> open the "menu-cache/menu-cache-gen/menu-tags.h" inside the "work-*/sources/*" tree...
<OscarL> or whatever it is.... you need to open "menu-tags.h", and use the HeaderGuard extension from Pe's Extension menu.
<Begasus> and then just click on HeaderGuard in the menu?
<OscarL> yup
<Begasus> k, checking ...
<OscarL> and then the usual git add/commit in the git work repo, and hp -e on the hp repo.
<Begasus> same thing
<Begasus_32> #ifndef _MENU_TAGS_H_
<Begasus_32> #define _MENU_TAGS_H_
<Begasus> those were added by Pe
<OscarL> mmm, will check locally later then.
<Begasus> thanks
<OscarL> np. Need to organize a bit the group of recipes I was working on last night... lost track of which have PRs open already, and some I don't even have local branches, heh.
<Begasus> heh
<Begasus> Trying to write up a first draft for a haikuporter/haikuports report for the forum, still get sidetracked ;)
<Begasus_32> waiting for build package menu_cache_x86-1.1.0-3 to be deactivated
<OscarL> (re: sidetracks) Seems we share that problem, yeah... :-D
<Begasus> yeah ;)
<Begasus> stackoverflow to the resque? ;)
<Begasus_32> export CFLAGS="-fcommon"
<Begasus> seems to do the trick for gcc11
<OscarL> seems "-fno-common" is the default for gcc >= 10?
<Begasus> no clue ;)
<Begasus> gcc2 is fine with it also
<OscarL> (otherwise maybe the .h is missing some "extern"s)
<OscarL> yeah... missing externs too.
<OscarL> anyway... from elsewhere: "Relying on -fcommon to merge these duplicate definitions is invalid in C99 as well as C89."
<Begasus> might as well grab the PR and patch to see if it is ok :)
<Begasus> yeah, saw some like that too, so maybe better to use the PR
<OscarL> +1
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<Begasus> k, first run with gcc2
<Begasus> both OK :) time for a PR ;)
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<OscarL> nice :-)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 60bac63 - menu_cache, disable static library, fix build for gcc > 10 (#8212)
<AlienSoldier> ?? how can there me more than 1 haiku inc? (look at the full botom of the page)
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<Begasus> weird indeed AlienSoldier
<AlienSoldier> found the company main site
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<AlienSoldier> and it is a US one
<AlienSoldier> "Haiku Cyber Range, 1452 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, #226, Henderson, NV, 89012, US"
<Begasus> would be something for nielx I guess
<AlienSoldier> anyway, i did my batman detective work for tonight :)
<Begasus> ;)
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<Begasus> entering media-gfx, this could pop up some static ones I guess :)
<andreasdr[m]> Good morning.
<Begasus> Moin andreasdr[m]
<andreasdr[m]> Moin Gegasus
<andreasdr[m]> Begasus
<Begasus> heh, getting infected by OscarL's typing skills? ;)
<OscarL> :-D
<andreasdr[m]> Yes. Hi OscarL
<andreasdr[m]> :)
<OscarL> hi andreasdr[m] !
<andreasdr[m]> <3
<andreasdr[m]> I need a coffee now too.
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<Begasus> hmm ... fresh coffee now here :D
<Begasus> hi jmairboeck !
<jmairboeck> hi Begasus
<Begasus> saw your comments, will address them later, or you could fix those if you have the time too
<jmairboeck> I just noticed some missed cleanup opportunities, nothing big
<Begasus> right, just as you said, quick cleanups (should've looked closer though) :)
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] autocommitter pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56890] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 9560eadfb457 - Update translations from Pootle
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 1cd0dae - autotrace, disable static library (#8214)
<Begasus> OscarL, good to merge?
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 1c59629 - jsonrpcclient: drop Python 3.7 support, add it for 3.9/3.10. (#8209)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 096933a - pyopengl: update to version 3.1.6 (#8211)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 1b57e7b - chafa, disable static library (#8215)
<OscarL> Sorry Begasus, was away. Yes. Those are good to merge. Same with the pylzma one.
<OscarL> mmm I guess I could try updating that last one.
<Begasus> pylzma?
<OscarL> (marked as draft for now, sorry for the noise)
<Begasus> np, hence me asking ;)
<OscarL> +1
<OscarL> welp... I can't update it because it is already on the latest release :-P
<OscarL> 0.5.0 is as far as we'll get (tested with 3.10, seems to work on 32 bits).
<OscarL> It was actually pycurl the one that I can try to update (after I finish with it).
<OscarL> So... good to merge after all Begasus :-D
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<Begasus> ;)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 72e4cb7 - pylzma: switch to x86 on 32 bits, drop Python 3.7, add 3.9/3.10. (#8213)
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<Begasus> so far all good at buildmasters :)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus a43fbbf - exiv2, cleanup (#8216)
<OscarL> indeed, I've checked there too, just in case :-D
<Begasus> always got a tab reserved for that one :)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus e27857f - flam3, disable static library (#8217)
<Begasus> hmm ... next in line is fontforge
<Begasus> this is gonna hurt ;)
<Begasus_32> splinefont.h:2627:15: error: conflicting types for 'locale_t'; have 'char *'
<Begasus> seen this before ...
<jessicah> probably need to include the system header :)
<Begasus> lol, I upstreamed the patch that probably isn't needed anymore, I think locale_t was fixed in the meantime (since 2019)
<jessicah> yeah it has
<jessicah> we got new posix locale support, uh, last year?
<jessicah> trungnt2910[m] contributed it
<jessicah> yeah, that needs reverting
<Begasus> did already localy, will see on upstreaming later
<Begasus> but need to clone etc first for that
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-2/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] sikmir 0e0e5ac - GPXSee: bump to 12.3 (#8218)
<Begasus_32> python.c:1975:5: error: initialization of 'long int' from 'void *' makes integer from pointer without a cast [-Werror=int-conversion]
<Begasus> maybe time to update this one?
<Begasus> bugger, still uses python3.7 :/
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<Begasus> new run ...
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] diversys pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] sikmir dfc9fa5 - lagrange: bump to 1.15.7 (#8219)
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<OscarL> mmm lagrange requiring SSE4.1 seems a bit overkill in a brower for a lightweight protocol as gemini.
<OscarL> s/brower/browser
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<Begasus> hmm ... OscarL ? ;)
<Begasus> on 32bit?
<OscarL> (x86_64)
<Begasus> k, can't check a build for glib2 on gcc2 then ;)
<OscarL> haven't tested on 32 bits, would that make a difference?
<Begasus> still uses python2.7!
<OscarL> I mean... I've just tested the package from the repo.
<Begasus> for gcc11 it's OK I guess
<OscarL> I've just was curious about seeing Haiku's gemini site in action. Didn't worked on my PC, filed issue, and tried to avoig getting side-tracked :-D
<Begasus> heh
<OscarL> btw... speaking of things using still python 2.7....
<OscarL> do you know why we keep 37 recipe versions for rust?
<Begasus> ask nielx when he's around ;)
<OscarL> k
<Begasus> had some talks about it some time ago
<Begasus> even removing the recipes from the repo won't remove the build packages (to free space on the server)
<OscarL> AFAI Understand... rust ain't too compatible between versions. Maybe some old recipes are needed for bootstrap reasons, but 37 of them... seems weird.
<Begasus> heh
<OscarL> (re: rust comp... or at least it wasn't on older versions, I think?)
<Begasus> ps, removed python2.7 and python3.7 from the system atm
<Begasus> no major breakage so far
<OscarL> nice.
<OscarL> when you have some free time... I could use your expertize in deciphering something on the pycurl recipe.
<Begasus> and can live without glib2_devel for gcc2 atm
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<Begasus> there, removed python3.8 too
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-0/±0]
<OscarL> from fontforge, right?
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes 012d5e9 - OpenJDK17: add recipe for 17.0.7+3 version
<Begasus> no the python packages
<OscarL> ah.
<Begasus> move to python3.9 for fontforge
<OscarL> +1
<OscarL> (tried lagrange_x86 from the repos... same crash... Invalid opcode exception)
<Begasus> still got python3.9 and python39 installed, both the same size :/
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<OscarL> 8-/
<OscarL> that's why korli wants the REPLACES_* when renaming packages :-D
<Begasus> only 1 for python3.10, so I guess python3.9 should stay (newer also then python39)
<Begasus> but it uninstalls quite some things (both if I try)
<OscarL> ouch
<Begasus> older one doesn't provide "cmd:python3" should remove it (but will wait untill fontforge is done (or errors out))
<PulkoMandy> hello from the Haiku stall at :D
<Begasus> looks like it wasn't replaced on an update
<Begasus> Greetings there in Lyon PulkoMandy !
<OscarL> Oh la la!
<Begasus_32> python.c:1975:5: error: initialization of 'long int' from 'void *' makes integer from pointer without a cast [-Werror=int-conversion]
<Begasus> probably need to remove -Werror for 32bit ...
<Begasus_32> cc1: some warnings being treated as errors
<OscarL> personally, if I see any error due to the usage of gcc2.... I rather switch to x86, posibly even gaining some performance in the process :-)
<Begasus> this is not with gcc2 :P
<OscarL> oh. misread :(
<Begasus_32> my_cflags="${my_cflags} -Werror=implicit-function-declaration -Werror=int-conversion"
<Begasus> k, run number *
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<OscarL> mmm, my fake_hp needs improvements regarding secondaryArch.
<Begasus_32> python.c:1975:5: warning: initialization of 'long int' from 'void *' makes integer from pointer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]
<Begasus> better :)
<Begasus_32> /packages/python3.9_x86-3.9.16-1/.self/develop/headers/python3.9/object.h:408: undefined reference to `_Py_NoneStruct'
<Begasus> :/ (and tons of lines after that)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes 74821e4 - OpenJDK17: try to build with gcc
<trungnt2910[m]> What's the role of the "registrar" (`/boot/system/servers/registrar`) in Haiku?
<OscarL> Begasus: do we need fontforge with python support? :-D
<Begasus> Don't think I added it OscarL ;)
<Begasus> (but was thinking about the same)
<OscarL> Begasus: I was just reading, where it seems to imply that it is optional.
<Begasus> right, you can disable it
<Begasus> used for scripting I guess
<OscarL> trungnt2910[m]: I'm not good at explaining things... maybe this can help?
<OscarL> Seems to handle the application roaster and mime db?
<OscarL> (and things like the Shutdown window, if I'm not mistaken)
<OscarL> "Use the source, Luke!" :-D (seems to manage Clipboard too)
<Begasus> jmairboeck, any thoughts on why python should be used in fontforge?
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<OscarL> Users of "cmd:fontforge"... libreoffice and lilypond. I guess the question would be... do any of those uses any python stuff from fontforge?
<OscarL> (all this to avoid just fixing the compile error :-P)
<Begasus> compile error should be fixed, now it's a linking error ;)
<OscarL> Begasus: do you have any letter "m" near the "liibpython" ?
<OscarL> if so.. just remove it.
<Begasus> heh
<Begasus> already did ;)
<OscarL> ok :-D
<Begasus> checking with "--disable-python-scripting"
<OscarL> what's the actual linking error?
<Begasus> undefined reference to `_Py_NoneStruct'
<Begasus> and more like that
<Begasus> OscarL, not sure if it matters but this is still fontforge 20190501
<Begasus> but build went ok now
<Begasus> commenting python out in the recipe (and the patch)
<Begasus> run number ...
<Begasus> err ... need the patch still :)
<OscarL> All I can find online points to a missing -lpython3.9 somewere.
<Begasus> maybe?
<trungnt2910[m]> <OscarL> "Seems to handle the application..." <- Hmmm I'm trying to find out how many syscalls this thing will need and how hard it is to emulate all of them.
<OscarL> trungnt2910[m]: I'm affraid that link to registrar sources is the best I can do :-). You'll probably want to ask one of the actual devs (if they don't chime in soon enough).
<trungnt2910[m]> OscarL: I think the newsletter you linked to is good enough. Thanks!
<OscarL> cool! :-)
<trungnt2910[m]> Currently stuck on _kern_start_watching_system. The blog post explains what the registrar is and why that syscall is needed.
<OscarL> Begasus: do you have any full log of for when it fails to link? Maybe there's a clue about where it is looking for libpython3.9, and failing to find it?
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<Begasus> not at this time OscarL (guess Terminal is filled to the top with the other rebuilds) :)
<OscarL> understood.
<OscarL> mmm I always have a hard time finding the implementation of those syscalls... I get lost on the _kern_start_watching_system -> _user_start_watching_system step :-)
<x512[m]> trungnt2910: registrar store list of running BApplication's, manage users, update file MIME types, send timer messages for BMessageRunner.
<trungnt2910[m]> x512[m]: What does the last one mean?
<trungnt2910[m]> _kern_start_watching_system probably means the first functionality...
<x512[m]> There are BMessageRunner class that allow to send BMessage's at specified time intervals.
<x512[m]> BMessageRunner service is implemented in registrar.
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<trungnt2910[m]> > manage users
<trungnt2910[m]> So when the `id` tool tries to get the username for an ID it calls the registrar?
<x512[m]> registrar stores a list of timers and send timer messages to sybscribed applications.
<x512[m]> > <> > manage users... (full message at <>)
<trungnt2910[m]> Nice. I really want to fix this bug:... (full message at <>)
<trungnt2910[m]> (On HyClone where registrar is not working yet)
<x512[m]> You can see my Services utility that manage user database by using regisrar protocol:
<Begasus> ok, fine without python (or the -Werror patch)
<x512[m]> s/regisrar/registrar/
* OscarL can't read a thing on those "(full message at <[...]>)". Getting: "Not found [b'', b'mfKLHNHeDCfhBtluKtSLIyrX>']"
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<Begasus> that's output from configure OscarL (will be lost once I hit the errors)
<OscarL> thanks!
<PulkoMandy> OscarL: you have to remove the >) from the URL, IRC clients don't agree on where an URL should stop
<PulkoMandy> or convince people to stop using Matrix to join here :p
<OscarL> PulkoMandy: thanks! was wondering why those links didn't worked now, when they used to.
<dqk> are you sure it's not your term?
<OscarL> me? I'm using the same IRC web client since the last few months.
<OscarL> <<< doesn't seems to have suffered changes, that I know of. Perhaps on the matrix <-> IRC bridge?
<dqk> oh, it's a client problem then
<PulkoMandy> well Matrix could put a space after the URL and there would be less problems. Or make their server accept extra >) at the end of URLs. Or maybe IRC people should agree on how to extract an URL from plaintext and tell Matrix people what characters they should use
<PulkoMandy> it's a "everyone" problem that no one will fix
* OscarL considers going back to smoke signals.
<OscarL> wee! :-D Thanks to your mentoring, and korli's, and PulkoMandy's, and augiedoggie's, and.... :-D
<Begasus> ;)
<OscarL> Begasus: heads up... broken link on the "leptonica_x86" package. "" points to "" that doesn't exists.
<Begasus> not the full log, but from where it started to where it failed (lots of those undefined follow)
<Begasus> arggg! (not now) ;)
<Begasus> make an issue or fix it! :P
<Begasus> have to step out, time for the grandchildren ;)
<Begasus> cu later!
<OscarL> :-P later!
<jmairboeck> Begasus, OscarL: the Lilypond build uses python scripts that use fontforge. See;a=blob;f=mf/;h=bbee8e117de4fb793daf4891fdf6c1558423b93f;hb=HEAD#l226
<OscarL> jmairboeck: was afraid of that, thus me asking for the logs to see where the problem was with the linking.
<OscarL> but not much info on that console output. Might need "make VERBOSE=1" to see how it is calling gcc/ld ?
<jmairboeck> using make VERBOSE=1 was helpful for lilypond as well :)
<jmairboeck> especially for the tex invocations when building the docs ...
<jmairboeck> OscarL: to be precise, fontforge is called like this in Lilypond makefiles:;a=blob;f=mf/GNUmakefile;hb=HEAD#l125
<OscarL> jmairboeck: understood. So it *is* expecting fontforge to have python scripting support, and not merely using Python to script fontforge calls, right?
<jmairboeck> yes, that is how I understand it toi
<jmairboeck> yes, that is how I understand it too
<jmairboeck> the script uses "import fontforge":;a=blob;f=mf/;hb=HEAD
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<OscarL> Welp... we'll have to help Begasus debug the linking issue then, instead of just disabling its Python support :-D
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] kallisti5 pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] kallisti5 c7cbf14 - libglvnd: Fixes and refinements to 1.6.0 based on upstream
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<Begasus> re
<nosycat> o/
<Begasus> ;)
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 2 commits to master [hrev56891] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] ce08f03c61c1 - kernel & add-ons: Adjustments to use DoublyLinkedList::InsertBefore.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 3d3b89c8cc9d - kernel/util: Privatize the deprecated DoublyLinkedList::Insert() variant.
<Begasus> OscarL, jmairboeck or try to update fontforge, but need to watch it as it probably changes libversion
<jmairboeck> I saw that there is a "January 2023" release, maybe we should really update it
<jmairboeck> there is also still open, can that be finished?
<Begasus> I guess no one is working on that one atm, and extrowerk_ doesn't really have time for it for while I think
<Begasus> so my guess would be to use the 2019 for a base and leave the gui of for a while, untill further investigations
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<Begasus> k, let's see how this goes ...
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<Begasus_32> PYHOOK_INSTALL_DIR:STRING=non-packaged/lib/python3.9/site-packages
<Begasus> that at least needs a change
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<Begasus> build is faster with cmake :)
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56892] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] d0b67fcc809c - kernel/util: Clean-ups to DoublyLinkedList insertion routines.
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<OscarL> Nice work Begasus :-)
<Begasus> wasn't that hard (but not tested yet), so added wip label for now ;)
<Begasus> now checking out with GUI ;)
<Begasus> no errors on python :D
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<nephele> Begasus: I see you are removing static libs?
<Begasus> only now nephele ? ;)
<nephele> Well, I am wondering if that was done to libsdl2 aswell?
<Begasus> they don't carry the same name for static vs shared library
<nephele> I'm trying to build something that needs sdl2 and it sais the sdl2 cmake file is broken because it sais there is a static library, but none is shipped
<nephele> yes, /boot/system/develop/lib/libSDL2main.a is the library
<nephele> it's not there on my system
<Begasus> still have it here on my system
<Begasus> hmm updated 3 days ago
<nephele> Hmm, the cmake file links to /boot/system/lib/libSDL2main.a
<nephele> but it's actually /boot/system/*develop*/lib/libSDL2main.a
<Begasus> should be fixed I guess
<nephele> I'm not sure how :)
<jmairboeck> probably "fixCmake" does the trick
<jmairboeck> in the sdl2 recipe
<nephele> That certainly looks right?
<Begasus> it does, but it didn't seem to change the path in the file?
<nephele> it complains about SDL2mainTargets.cmake not SDL2mainTargets-release.cmake
<nephele> maybe the file is renamed?
<nephele> hmm, both files are available
<nephele> 16:list(APPEND _cmake_import_check_files_for_SDL2::SDL2main "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}/lib/libSDL2main.a" )
<nephele> Begasus: I'll try doing the sed for this file too
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<Begasus> grabbing a bite
<nephele> Begasus: probably the problem is the ".self"
<nephele> it has ""${_IMPORT_PREFIX}/lib/libSDL2main.a"" in the file
<nephele> no .self there
<nephele> :)
<Begasus> This is quite a major one, you should poke korli here ;)
<nephele> major?
<nephele> you mean the package?
<Begasus> yeah, pretty common library (maybe not the static one, but still) :)
<nephele> yes indeed
<nephele> I would make a PR and assign korli, but apparently github thinks that assiging someone requires higher permissions.
<Begasus> not sure there, but I could assign it to him
<Begasus> or request review from?
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<nephele> Assinging requesting review seems to be the same
<nephele> anyhow, the change doesn't work
<nephele> somehow i'm ending up with a .self now in the path again?
<Begasus> I'm not too familiar with relitiveLibDir etc, so would have to do a check myself or you could open an issue for it at haikuports?
<jmairboeck> $relativeLibDir is just $libDir without $prefix, i.e. "lib" on primaryArch and "lib/x86" on secondaryArch
<Begasus> ah, thanks for explaining jmairboeck (had some thoughts it would end up in $prefix/lib either way) :)
<nephele> Okay, now i'm *really* confused. I can't reproduce the cmake file locally, with the standard recipe it produces exactly what is expected
<Begasus> 0_°
<nephele> but: the build still complains about the faulty path now, with the locally build correct package
<nephele> I did a textsearch on /boot/system and there is only 2 occurences and they are correct .-.
<nephele> I
<nephele> 'm gonna reboot
<Begasus> ;)
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<Begasus> jmairboeck, the fontfore PR doesn't provide the pkgconfig file nor headers in the latest version?
<nephele> Okay, I have no ideas anymore. The cmake file definetely does *not* include the wrong path, yet it still claims that it does, even after deleting all cmake cache files
<Begasus> maybe best to create an issue explaining the problems you encounter?
<Begasus> haven't dealt with SDL(2) in a long while here
<Begasus> you've got the most recent one too nephele ?
<nephele> I've build the most recent one, yes
<Begasus> k, no idea then without looking into it (won't be for today) ;)
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<nephele> OH
<Begasus> building fontforge with GUI is ok, install paths look right (also looking into the CMakeList.txt files), but it still searches for the wrong path when launched from Terminal
<nephele> now it complains about "/packages/libsdl2-2.26.4-1/.self/lib/libSDL2_test.a" missing
<Begasus_32> Failed to open hotkey definition file: /boot/system/share/fontforge/hotkeys/default
<Begasus> ah, that one is removed from the package I saw
<nephele> so the error changed
<nephele> but this definition from cmake is where, hmm..
<Begasus> heh
<nephele> sdl2testtargets-release.cmake
<nephele> So, just remove that file?
<Begasus> no idea, only one way to find out I guess? ;)
<nephele> For the empire!
<nephele> oh, you ment trying it
<Begasus> yep :)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-2/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 5f34ce7 - futures: retire recipe (was for exclusive use on Python 2.x). (#8224)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] kallisti5 pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] kallisti5 347f162 - libsolv: Bump to 0.7.23. Do not activate
<Begasus> Hope I got the most and didn't forget some major parts. (first report, so go easy on me) :)
<zdykstra> Nice! That's great to see the work being done there!
<nephele> Begasus: yes, deleting that file worked
<Begasus> the *_test.a file or the cmake config file searching for it nephele ?
<nephele> I added rm $libDir/cmake/SDL2/SDL2testTargets-release.cmake to the libsdl2 recipe
<Begasus> ah, the cmake config file then, +1 (probably makes sense since the .a file is removed also)
<Begasus> time for a fix ;)
<Begasus> thanks zdykstra , been going through my mind for some time, now I had the time ;)
<nephele> Begasus: could you add korli as reviewer?
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<Begasus> reviewer or assing it to him?
<Begasus> well, guess either should do
<nephele> no idea what the difference is, shrug
<Begasus> done
<nephele> Begasus: you missed a t, quarerly report :D
<Begasus> mind the typos :D
<Begasus> fixed that one
<nephele> huh, you put down my name as nephele-gh too xD
<OscarL> Somehow I have doubts this one is still useful (or even functional): (Google Notebook API, LMAO!)
<nephele> well, i only have that because apparently there is already a nephele on github
<Begasus> as it is used on github haikuports nephele
<nephele> pretty sure all my contributions are attributed to my email adress and not my github account :)
<nephele> i guess it was easier to extract this way for you, nice report so far
<Begasus> no extraction, went through all commits starting from January ;)
* OscarL closes the VM for today. Off he goes to read Begasus's report.
<Begasus> closed one already too OscarL , happy reading
<OscarL> :-)
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<nephele> Begasus: see? that misses the haikuwebkit commit, because i did that properly and not through github web interface :)
<nephele> I suppose it alters some commits and not others
<Begasus> yeah, still caught it though ;)
<nephele> bah, dislike github
<Begasus> not sure if I missed other commits?
<Begasus> I know ;)
<nephele> I don't think so, no
<Begasus> k, thanks :)
<nephele> anyway i managed to build irrlichtMT
<nephele> now to try a recent version of minetest
<Begasus> name rings a bell, but mind is filled with static libraries atm ^^
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<Begasus> was something I wanted to check earlier, slips my mind now :)
<nephele> well, i'm on it, kinda :P
<Begasus> latest minecraft works fine according to 3dEyes
<nephele> Cannot generate a safe runtime search path for target minetest because files in some directories may conflict with libraries in implicit directories:
<nephele> minetest, not minecraft
<nephele> what does that cmake error mean? .-.
<Begasus> yeah got that ;)
<Begasus> and no idea
<Begasus> ;)
<Begasus> maybe it's trying to build some library that is already installed in the system?
<Begasus> quite some list on google
<Begasus> not to big, so maybe something is useful there
<Begasus> s/to/too/
<Begasus> does it error out on it?
<Begasus> think I've seen it around too (without erroring out)
<nephele> well, it seems it was erroing out because of something else
<Begasus> hence they called it "mine"test? ;)
<nephele> heh
<nephele> it was erroring out because of some X11 related var
<nephele> but, im building with sdl2 so...
<Begasus> nephele, you probably want to revbump SDL2 to get a rebuild
<nephele> ah. would make sense yes
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<Begasus> k, heading down, g'night peeps!
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 6919a69 - funcsigs: retire recipe. (#8225)
<nephele> hmm, forum doesn't want to accept my upload currently, it's picky :D
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 9f6e934 - pycurl: update to version 7.45.2 (#8220)
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<Skipp_OSX> how do I include haiku extras package in my build?
<waddlesplash> you need a add package to image rule for it somewhere
<waddlesplash> I think these can be put in UserBuildConfig
<zdykstra> Hey Skipp
<BlueSky71> What? No focus shifts announced today? :-)
<BlueSky71> Or did I miss it? ;-)
<BlueSky71> And why am I BlueSky71 suddenly? Weechat does weird things to my nickname ....
<zdykstra> Where are the 00 through 70 versions of you?
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<BlueSky71> Hahaa good question, I guess they'll appear over time
<BlueSky71> Also, since my original nickname, has 76 at the end, since it's my year of birth. Does this suddenly make me 5 years older now?
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<Skipp_OSX> seriously tho how do I include haiku extras what do I put in UserBuildConfig ?
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<waddlesplash> Skipp_OSX: away from main machine so I can't go find an example, but I know there's a rule for this
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