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<erysdren> how long is a reasonable wait time from all the icons lighting up to the screen changing, on my very first boot?
<bbjimmy> what on haiku can convert a man page to something useful?
<bbjimmy> erysdren give it five minutes or so depending on your system.
<augiedoggie> man pages are already useful :P
<augiedoggie> bbjimmy: you can use the `groff` command to convert the files to postscript(or PDF with the right tools)
<augiedoggie> or text, html, etc...
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
<zdykstra> Morning
<Begasus> hi there zdykstra
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 5b04fe0 - openvdb, disable static library, cleanup (#8245)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 8f3f831 - tuxpaint, bump to official release (#8246)
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<Begasus> k, tuxpaint on par again with official release :)
<Begasus> hi OscarL :)
<OscarL> Good morning Begasus :-)
* OscarL is still half-asleep.
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 715da01 - pngquant, don't build/install static library, cleanup (#8248)
<Begasus> you probably should still be sleeping :)
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<OscarL> Yea, probably. Neighbour's dogs started barking like crazy (small sized dogs can be annoying), and I'm not sleeping much lately so... here I am :-)
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<Begasus> little bugger ;)
<OscarL> buggerS :-(
<OscarL> Ok... time to do some work, or pretend to, at least...
<Begasus> heh
<OscarL> let's see if this pyAES still works on 3.9 (last update in 2017)
<OscarL> I'm really tempted to rename it from "pyaes_python39" to "pyaes_python3.9". Could simplify the recipe a bit if that was the case. (no more "pythonVersion vs pythonPackage")
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<OscarL> Guess this is a good candidate for trying that? (package not used by anything in-tree)
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<Begasus> if it's only for python3.9, go for it and see what korli thinks of it :)
<OscarL> it was 2.7 / 3.7... trying right now with only 3.9 to make build/test shorter.
<Begasus> that's cheating :P
<OscarL> Guess I can do the "normal update/clean-up" in a first commit, and the proposed renaming/simplifying in a second one... so it can be easily reverted if not desired.
<OscarL> I'm learning about the state and history of Python packages FAR beyond of everything I've ever needed while using it for work :-D
<Begasus> lol, now you know what a pain it is to keep it uptodate for those providing the packages ;)
<OscarL> oh.. I feel it yeah. I had an idea of what it involved, and thus my admiration for the work you do, Begasus.
<OscarL> this only exacerbates that respect :-D
<Begasus> ;)
<Begasus> and how thankfull we are you chipping in!
<OscarL> :-)
<OscarL> gah... tests require a _x86 package but the recipe is "any" :-/
<Begasus> oops :)
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<OscarL> Let's see if I can cheat my way out of this with an "if [ $targetArchitecture = x86_gcc2 ]"
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<OscarL> Cool. All tests passed.
<OscarL> All in all this is a pretty inconsequential package (a pure-Python implementation of AES, and we have PyCryptodome now that's faster and maintained).
<OscarL> I'm betting korli will suggest to just drop it after I finish pimping the recipe up :-P
<Begas_VM> rofl
<Begas_VM> k, so far for tuxpaint-config :P
<Begas_VM> crash on launch ...
<Begas_VM> that or fltk could use an update ;)
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<OscarL> FLTK, I haven't heard of that in ages!
<Begasus> strugling with: if [ -z "$secondaryArchSuffix" ]; then
<OscarL> oh, wow... still a thing it seems. last weekly snapshot just last week :-)
<Begasus> it's being used to build tuxpaint-config (but disabled in haikuports)
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<OscarL> One question, master Begasus (or any other that knows the answer)... do you have any idea why the Python recipes use:
<OscarL> "${PYTHON_PACKAGES[i]}" and "${PYTHON_VERSIONS[$i]}" inside the for loops? (notice the difference in the subscripts, one uses "i", the other uses "$i".
<Begasus> I'm guessing one results in 3.9 other one in 39?
<OscarL> yeah, but I'm not worried about what those return...
<Begasus> or it strippes, python3.9 to 3.9?
<OscarL> but how they use the *i* variable.
<OscarL> as in... array[i] vs array[$i]
<OscarL> I've tried variations of that on a "nullrecipe-1.2.3.recipe" I keep for testing things... and both array[i] and array[$i] match in my tests.
<OscarL> but as I'm not well versed in bash... I'm wondering where's the catch.
<Begasus> maybe search some history for that at haikuports? ;)
<OscarL> heh
<OscarL> For anyone reading along... here's what I'm talking about: (and line 28)
<OscarL> Meh... we can't really simplify this recipe (using only PYTHON_VERSIONS, dropping PYTHON_PACKAGES), unless we rename ALL the python packages at once.
<Begasus> whoops :P
<OscarL> The cost of bad decisions :-(
<OscarL> or, more likely.... of things growing organically.
<Begasus> OK, so this doesn't work if you use $commandSuffix for the binaries ;) "if [ -n "$secondaryArchSuffix" ]; then"
* Begasus bumps head
<OscarL> renaming things now, will require adding REPLACES to all the renamed packages, while keeping both PYTHON_PACKAGES and PYTHON_VERSIONS until everything is renamed... and no one else has installed packaged with the old names :-(
<OscarL> (only then we could simplify recipes... yikes)
<Begasus> so for now, leave it as is? ;)
<OscarL> yup :-(
<OscarL> with the "Fetching package for..." placed the .hpkg in haikuports/packages instead of installing them system-wide.
<OscarL> s/with/wish/
<OscarL> makes keeping my install clean quite a chore.
<Begasus> move them there?
<OscarL> I shouldn't have to :-)
<Begasus> well, having them there is conviniet for building things, not for using them system wide :)
<Begasus> only got 1301 packages installed in system/packages atm ;)
<OscarL> ouch!
<OscarL> my "complain" is... I have no use for 90% of the things I have installed now, outside of builds and "hp --test" :)
<OscarL> k... time to face pygame, I guess.
<Begasus> same thing here OscarL (and that's not counting the administrative directories) :)
<OscarL> I'll add a note about this to the "maybe" section of my ToDo list :-D
<Begasus> k, think potrace is fine now
<Begasus> pyaes ok OscarL ?
<Begasus> or should we wait for korli? ;)
<OscarL> looks good to me.
<OscarL> I guess he's taking a break from me now :-P
<Begasus> I'll give him a short brake ;)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus be38292 - potrace, disable static library, cleanup (#8250)
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<OscarL> Woot. Web+ wen't crazy on me. I've just had one page open on a PyPi package page. Left it idling in th background... it eat a lot of RAM, and died :-D
<OscarL> Will do now Begasus :-)
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<OscarL> heh, I was having the same thought as Pulkomandy's there, regarding the Gentoo ebuild files :-)
<Begas_VM> still have a bit of a raugh time reading those :)
<OscarL> it's hard to strike the right balance between "do not repeat yourlself" and "this crap is all black magic".
<Begas_VM> that's Belgian (black magic)! :P
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<Begasus> bugger, 32bit buildmaster lost (again)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 68f9db6 - pyaes: drop support for Python 2.7/3.7, add it for 3.9/3.10. (#8249)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus b2bbdf5 - zbar, disable static (#8251)
<OscarL> "all builders lost"
<OscarL> 64 bits one seems fine thou.
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<Begas_VM> yep
<OscarL> k. food time.... at 7:30 LMAO
<Begas_VM> heh
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus f0a3b65 - coin, cleanup (#8252)
<Begasus> eeps ICE ... :/
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<NaGERST> Is there a android emulator for haikku?
<OscarL> not that I know of... and scrcpy isn't available either (better than using an emulator, at least for my use cases)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus fc3cdbd - cubeb, cleanup (#8253)
* OscarL links to scrcpy... trying to trick Begasus into falling on a side-track :-P
<Begasus> nah! :P
<Begasus> and not writing it down :P
<OscarL> deps: ffmpeg, sdl, libusb... piece of cake! C'mon Begasus! :-D :-P
<Habbie> we don't have sdl?
<OscarL> adb dep might be a blocker, thou.
<Begasus> we do
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 5005229 - mac, cleanup (#8254)
<NaGERST> i did not mean to be insulting
<NaGERST> qemu even has a gui nowadays in haiku, so android x86 kinda works.
<NaGERST> it crashes on bank apps though
<NaGERST> do not know the reason
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<OscarL> NaGERST: No idea there, sorry. Maybe something worth of opening a bug report on ?
<OscarL> (so the people that did the port/update of qemu becomes aware of the issue)
* Begasus slaps OscarL
* OscarL thinks the trap worked.
<OscarL> So.... only "monsterz" (marked ?all x86_gcc2) is using pygame in-tree... and we have two active pygame recipes: version 1.9.4 for x86_gcc2, and 2.0.0 for the "all !x86_gcc2" + x86.
<OscarL> Begasus: I guess we're keeping the old recipe only for monsterz in x86_gcc2? Should I check if it runs on x86 with the newer pygame, so we can drop the old one?
<OscarL> (older version of pygame is using python2)
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<OscarL> monsterz last release on 2007... mmm. I'll give it a try... but if it doesn't works with the 2.x version... I'll suggest dropping it.
<Begasus> shouldn't be a big deal :)
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<OscarL> I'm liking -G so much that I might actually attempt to patch hp at one point to make that an option from the .conf file (and add a "+G" option for when you need it after the fact).
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<OscarL> Oh... /me discovers CMD+SHIFT+click on Terminal... ultra nice!
<OscarL> just when I was wishing for that feature :-D
<Begasus> back to static libs ...
<OscarL> I see flowering cactuses... rain must be comming.
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<Begasus> had enough rain here :P
<OscarL> Flowering cactus / Rain they usually announce / back to porting apps
<OscarL> how about that Haiku, eh? :-P
<Begasus> ;)
<OscarL> heh, pygame_x86 doesn't installs, because nothing provides cython3_x86 :-/
<Begas_VM> fix it ;)
<OscarL> but it was korli's fault!!! :-D
<Begas_VM> heh
<OscarL> that's the problem with buck updates, I guess :-)
<OscarL> *bulk
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<OscarL> k. starting yet another branch then.
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<OscarL> "cmd:freetype_config_x86" mmm
<OscarL> mupdf also requires that :-/
<OscarL> That face when you find an answer on an issue yourself opened months ago, and basically you don't even recall doing so.
<OscarL> past-me to the rescue!, I guess :-D
<Begas_VM> nuke that :)
<OscarL> yup. build went fine, finally.
<Begas_VM> there is no more freetype-config anymore
<OscarL> welp. monsterz IS broken on newer pythons :-(
<OscarL> "invalid syntax"
<Begasus> back to square one ;)
<Begasus> meanwhile learning some stuff with cmake ;)
<OscarL> much like Van Helsing... I'm all for killing monsters.
<Begasus> should be better then manualy installing that library ;)
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<OscarL> k. #8255, #8256, #8257 open.
<OscarL> ah... need to update the last one.
<OscarL> forgot to rm the patchset :-D
<OscarL> uf, same with monsterz on 8256, heh
<OscarL> clear
<Begasus_32> Warning: POLICY ERROR: no matching provides "lib:libmpcenc" for "lib/"
<Begasus> maybe overkill (but good excersize) ;)
<Begasus> atm there is only libmpcdec library ;)
* OscarL alias ir=inrecipe
<OscarL> I'm using *that* much
<OscarL> * I'm using inrecipe *that* much.
<OscarL> mmm, why fonttools is marked as done, when I still see "fonttools_python3" in there?
<OscarL> ah... a "REPLACES" :-D
<OscarL> all good.
<OscarL> mupdf has 4 recipes... PDFTranslator only need the newer one.... same with pymupdf...
<OscarL> that leaves only DocumentViewer to test (no version requirement mentioned on its recipe)
<Begasus> glad I don't have to look at mupdf then ;)
<OscarL> heh, last commit on its repo: "update for mupdf 1.20
<OscarL> and the recipe already points to that last commit, so... we're good to go.
<OscarL> Can we just drop the old recipes then?
<Begasus> if they are superseded by the newer ones yes, if not you'd need to see if anything is still using the old ones ;)
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<OscarL> the only mentions of "mupdf" in-tree, are those DocumentViewer, PDFTranslator, and pyMuPDF.
<OscarL> 1.10 is already marked as !all / !x86, so I guess that's good to go.
<Begasus> yep
<OscarL> 1.6 and 1.8 are both marked as "compat >= 1.1", so I guess we only need one of those?
<OscarL> I'll take a look at the commit history, so see if there's some info there.
<Begasus> what's the compat with yours?
<OscarL> 1.2
<OscarL> guess we need only 1.8 and 1.20
<OscarL> 1.10 has been broken since it was first uploaded in 2017
<OscarL> (sorry, newers mupad, 1.20, indicates compat >= 1.20)
<OscarL> via: ${portVersion%%.**}
<Begasus> 1.8 and 1.20 should do it then, see if there isn't a conflict in the devel package
<Begasus> nice, setting SHARED=No works to build the static ones ;) (we don't want that, but heck, it works) :)
<OscarL> they don't indicate a CONFLICT_devel, at least. should I try to install both and see what happens?
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<Begasus> no .so conflict?
<Begasus> or headers with the same name/path ...
<OscarL> seems like they should clash, reading the recipes at least.
<OscarL> either missing a CONFLICT, or really nothing is using 1.8, I guess?
<Begasus> hard to tell without looking into it :)
<OscarL> 1.8 uses "fonttyope_config" :-D
<OscarL> err, "freetype_config"
<Begasus> well, if it isn't used by anything, nuke it?
<OscarL> YAY!
<Begasus> if it is, revbump the depending ones :P
<OscarL> open a PR for the mupdf clean up, with separate commits, in case someone wants to cherry-pick.
<OscarL> *opened
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 479c6ed - pygame: switch to Python 3.9. (#8255)
<OscarL> I think we have taken over the channel Begasus. Only the bots dare to say something, besides us two :-D
<Habbie> beep boop
<OscarL> hehe
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-3/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL bf7c389 - monsterz: retire recipe. (#8256)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-2/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL eda4bbc - pygame: retire old 1.9.4 version recipe. (#8257)
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<OscarL> bbjimmy: (after seeing you asking about man in the logs): you can use "most" as a pager ("pkgman install most"), and test it with "PAGER=most man most". That gives some nice coloring to man pages on Terminal.
<OscarL> other than that... there's a myriad of man2html projects (one in perl from one in C here
<Begasus> biab
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<OscarL> and the hxtools (alredy on the repos) also contains a man2tool (haven't tested that one yet)
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<zard> Interesting... never heard of "most" before
printedz has left #haiku [Error from remote client]
<OscarL> it's nice as: " alias man='PAGER=most man' " at least :-)
<zard> Nice. Now my man will always be colorful :D
<OscarL> :-)
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<HaikuUser> Hi everyone. Its me HaikuUser again
<HaikuUser> So Im really intrigued by this packageset versioning system youve got going on. Reminds me a bit of what like Ive used BTRFS or Guix for in the past
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<HaikuUser> But I was curious: how do make a rolledback package state permanent once ive booted into it? The guide online seems to say how for different repositories, but not for different local states (as far as I can google)
<OscarL> welcome back HaikuUser! (you might want to change your nick to something more unique at some point :-P)
<HaikuUser> Hi OscarL. Actually I dont know how. This is the most Ive ever used IRC before haha
<OscarL> HaikuUser: regarding "rolling back" states.... this will explain it better than I can: (contains a section in "downgrading")
<OscarL> HaikuUser: regarding the "nick"... for this session, you can just type "/nick YourSuperCoolNewName"
<OscarL> to make that more permannent, you need to follow the instructions specifig to your IRC, client. I assume it is Vision right now, so... let me find its docs :-D
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<OscarL> (docs don't say much... eh...) Just use the "Server" menu item in the Vision window... then "Setup..." ... then "Network Setup..."
<FelicityU> Yup Im using vision. And as for that page, thats the one I found. What do I do in the case that I have a local version and not one from a different repo?
<OscarL> I'm not following, sorry. Local version of what? a particular package?
<FelicityU> Okay set my nick in the settings, thanky you. And I mean that, Im under the impression whenever I changed the packages on my system, it generates a new version. If something doesnt work, I can boot into the old one. However when I reboot it takes me back to the newest again
<zdykstra> that downgrade page isn't really what you want to be using to make a state permanent
<FelicityU> I didnt change my repo or anything in the process
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<zdykstra> there isn't a GUI to set a package activation state permanent that I know of, but if you browse to /boot/system/packages/administrative
<zdykstra> you can see all of the different states
<FelicityU> Ah okay, should I just delete the ones I dont want?
<zdykstra> that should be safe to do
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<zdykstra> and you can seemingly copy activated-packages from a previous state to /boot/system/packages/administrative and then it _should_ be what's activated on the next boot
<FelicityU> Hmm. Tracker wont let me do it. I get a warning about not being able to boot the system
<FelicityU> Ah okay maybe Ill try that
<zdykstra> it's fine, it's safe to remove them
<FelicityU> Ah i mean, I dont see an option to actually do it. It only has cancel
<FelicityU> "Move" is greyed out
<zdykstra> hold down the shift key
<FelicityU> Oh right. Sorry I cant read aparently hah
<OscarL> mmm
<FelicityU> Okay sweet
<FelicityU> lets reboot and see
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<OscarL> states under administrative should not be read only, right?
<OscarL> heh... guess I'm just too used to do SHIFT+DEL that I don't even notice anymore, LOL.
<zdykstra> I don't think it's going to work the way they expect
<OscarL> specially if some of the states also contained .hpkg they want? :-/
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<OscarL> meanwhile... sweet, at last Lagrange build is running (trying to disable its use of SSE4.1)
<OscarL> Annd... it failed :-(
<FelicityU> Okay so there was one last thing. I had to copy the activated packages out of the old version, and into the directory one level up. It works now though. Thank you @Oscar and @Dykstra
<OscarL> "SDL_render.h" seems to be missing. Who tests these recipes...? Me?
<OscarL> Np, guess you'll need to refrain to run SoftwareUpdate, thou, right?
<zdykstra> they should be able to do whatever they want to now
<OscarL> FelicityU: were you having a specific issue? Maybe it is worth reporting it over if its not reported there already.
<FelicityU> Ah so I was using testing if this works so that I can do it later when I inevitably need to, so Ill probably pull the old (newest) version back out of the trash now
<FelicityU> I tinker and Im prone to breaking things so that seemed important to know how to do
<OscarL> heh
<FelicityU> really impressed the feature exists though! I configure one of my systems with Guix so I can always roll-back, and another with btrfs versions of my system volume for that
<FelicityU> Its nifty to see similar just built into Haiku
<zdykstra> just remember that it's not actually using any filesystem snapshots or anything; it's just a list of different packages to activate.
<FelicityU> I *think* thats Guix works too, but yes, not a backup-backup
<FelicityU> Are yall devs on Haiku btw?
<zdykstra> just a happy/casual user
<FelicityU> Ah okay okay
<OscarL> just and old BeOS/Haiku user (and sometimes... small-time, ocassional collaborator)
<FelicityU> Ive heard about BeOS and Haiku forever, and Im just like super impressed so far now that Im playing with it
<OscarL> It is indeed a nifty little system :-) (some rough edges but... we still love it :-D)
<zdykstra> that's almost word for word what my wife says about me
<FelicityU> Will have to donate as I feel like Im going to want think on a main system one day haha
<OscarL> lol zdykstra :-D
<FelicityU> lol
<FelicityU> Yeah my roommate has like 10 years on me and has given me the story about how BeOS was the future that should have been many a time haha
<OscarL> FelicityU: sounds like a wise fellow :-P
<FelicityU> haha
<OscarL> Oh... c'mon... what's wrong with this Lagrange recipe!?!?! (me curses at the Terminal)
<FelicityU> Lagrange the gemini browser?
<OscarL> yup
<FelicityU> ah cool cool. gemini seems nifty
<OscarL> trying to build it but without SSE4.1, not sure why it really needs it. and my PC is OLD, so... no SSE4.1, and I want to try it :-D
<FelicityU> whats SSE?
<OscarL> debian disables SSE4.1 for it, apparetly.
<OscarL> An instruction set on more modern CPUs than mine, lol :-D
<FelicityU> ahhhh okay. I dont know anything about like compilers and such
<FelicityU> sounds frustrating though
<OscarL> I barely know anything myself.... but that doesn't stops me! Muhahahaha!
<FelicityU> lol
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<OscarL> Begasus: if you get back... I can't seem to build lagrange_x86 using the recipe as-is (despite that the buildmaster could a few days back). Wondering what's the issue... it can't be that last SDL2 change recipe change, can it?
<OscarL> I was trying to add "-DTFDN_ENABLE_SSE41=NO" to the cmake call, so it could be used in older computers. Debian does so too, apparently... but it fails with an error related to a missing header (seems more like a missing "-I" somewhere)
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<OscarL> But I have zero idea about cmake :-D
<Begasus> re
<nosycat> o/
<Begasus> no idea OscarL :)
<Begasus> hi nosycat :)
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<Begasus> strugling again with multiple defenitions ...
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<Begasus> thanks Gentoo ;)
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<OscarL> I give up. Added a comment about the issue on, just in case.
<bjorkintosh> Begasus, you use Gentoo?
<Begas_VM> no bjorkintosh, nicked a patch from Gentoo ;)
<bjorkintosh> ah.
<bjorkintosh> I can't imagine what level of masochism one has to tolerate to run Gentoo these days.
<Begas_VM> never tried ;)
<bjorkintosh> I mean, I'm glad it exists for those who like that sort of thing, and so on.
<Begas_VM> but they got a nice bugtracker :)
<Begas_VM> fix was needed for newer gcc compiler
<Begasus> OscarL, still on 64bit? if so, could you run a check for:
<Begasus> shouldn't take too long to build :)
<OscarL> on 32 bits, but can reboot to check.
<Begasus> pretty please? ;)
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<Begasus> korli was right when I converted it from bep to recipe (mess)
<OscarL> mmm matt1, or matt3 would not approve of the name of that package!
<Begasus> heh
<Begasus> well, it's libDevIL :P
<zdykstra> what about libass ?
<OscarL> lol
<OscarL> libcaca would go along with libass, I guess.
<OscarL> checked out pr... started "hp -G devil"... let's see how it goes.
<OscarL> (good thing I got that "checkout_pr upstream 8260" bash function available :-D)
<Begasus> right, nice one too zdykstra :)
<OscarL> welp... that was fast.
<OscarL> took longer doing the Fetching...
<OscarL>,, and on the main package...
<Begasus> correct openexr used?
<Begas_VM> 2.4.1 (still the old one)
<OscarL> I don't see any openxr on the build output.
<Begas_VM> it's a dependency (afaik)
<OscarL> lemme re-check. didn't see it on the requires of the package, thou.
<Begas_VM> right, not seeing it too
<OscarL> I see openexr and _devel being activated on the chroot.
<Begas_VM> new check without BUILD_REQUIRES ...
<OscarL> maybe they are dependencies of dependencies?
<Begas_VM> for openexr
<Begas_VM> should show itself if it's not provided
<Begas_VM> no failure
<Begasus> PR updated, nuked openexr :)
<Begasus> food, bbl
<OscarL> so, it's the lib:libilmimf the one pulling in openexr, not?
<Begasus> yep
<OscarL> dunno what's more annoying... missing dependencies... or unneded ones :-D
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<OscarL> Can't build lagrange on 64 bits either. No idea what broke it in the last 3 days.
<Begasus> I didn't touch it :)
<OscarL> Now that I read one of the buildmaster logs.... why aren't they using the -G switch? (not like they will need to extract a patchset at that stage). Should speed up builds a bit at least, no?
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<Begasus> doesn't help if they are offline :P
<OscarL> heh.
<Begasus> but yea, no patch creation there
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus d0aa756 - devil, fix installation paths, fix building with newer gcc versions (#8260)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 2f5f6dc - musepack_tools, cleanup, fix installation paths (#8259)
<OscarL> tried to download the previouls SDL2 packages, to see if was that change what broke lagrange... getting error 404 on the download links :-/
<Begasus>!/pkg/libsdl2?bcguid=bc257-KEJD ?
<OscarL> depot shows:!/pkg/libsdl2?bcguid=bc17-WFDN, but no downloads for the older ones.
<OscarL> those links all 404.
<Begasus> ah (didn't check) :)
<OscarL> seems like old versions are just removed then.
<OscarL> and only the depot site remembers them :-D
<Begas_VM> maybe kallisti5[m] or mmlr could answer that
<Begasus> aarg ... forgot to revbump devil
* Begasus slaps devil
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 64bf42a - DevIL, revbump for rebuild (#8261)
<OscarL> I mean... it makes sense... imaging keeping older versions of texlive :-P
<Begasus> or rust ;) (but I thought they were)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<mbrumbelow[m]> Begasus: Devil slapping is illegal in the US.
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 5548e30 - fltk, disable static library, don't enable the recipe (#8262)
<Begasus> good thing I'm not there mbrumbelow[m] ;)
<mbrumbelow[m]> 😆
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<Begasus> know now what I forgot this week OscarL (should revert the patch for locale_t -> fontforge) :)
<OscarL> hard to keep track of so many little things!
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<Begasus> right, running into it again for naspro
* OscarL goes to nead some bread.
<Begasus> nead?
<Begasus> stupid -Werror ...
<Habbie> knead, i bet
<Habbie> kneden
<Begasus> that I knew ;)
<Habbie> :)
<OscarL> English hard.
<OscarL> :-D
<Begasus> Hope your bread isn't :P
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-1/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus f9e402b - naspro, cleanup (#8263)
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<Begasus> last one for today
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<Begasus> heading down, g'night peeps!
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56893] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] c0a43216c637 - Debugger: add support for executable file refs
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56894] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] cc889ed79aa4 - mime_db: Broaden AVIF filetype guess
<waddlesplash> zdykstra: for reference, to revert to an older state, you have to accumulate packages from all the states going backwards
<waddlesplash> zdykstra: there isn't an easy way to do that right now. if you just want to revert to the most recent state, and you only upgraded and didn't uninstall packages, easiest thing to do is "pkgman install path/to/state/*.hpkg"
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-9/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL b7bbb1b - mupdf: retire old versions recipes. (#8258)
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