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<rennj> pledge: filesystem full sounds like a problem
<rennj> openbsd box sounds like..cause that has "pledge"
<OscarL> I did a quick test from my end... seems to work OK. albeit I did got that "debug1: pledge: filesystem full"
<OscarL> but the last message was: "debug1: Exit status 0", and the "commit-msg" got downloaded/copied
<OscarL> Halamix2: did you uploaded your keys to gerrit already, I assume? (dunno what else can be failing besides auth, or network)
<Halamix2> I did, I couldn't git clone otherwise
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<OscarL> (could have been a read-only clone in the process of becomming a contributor one :-P).
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<OscarL> Oh well... last few days I have issues even with git pull from that gerrit instance :-(
<OscarL> 11 minuts and a half to finish a git pull from an up to date clone. lol.
<jessicah> I've pushed several times today without issues
<OscarL> (and from my end, pushing the smallest of changesets there, takes anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes)
<jessicah> maybe a peering issue for you
<OscarL> been like this since my first patch in ... August :-/ (I blame Argentine's awesomo intertubes)
<OscarL> (by "been like this" I mean... pushig takes quite the time... pull usually worked quite nicely)
<jessicah> that'd be a peering issue then, if it's always like that
<Halamix2> I need to go, I'll try again tomorrow
<OscarL> the weird thing is that it's the "remote: Counting objects" the step that takes almost all the time. Oh well... at least it gives me time to CTRL+C when I realize I forgot something :-P
<OscarL> (same thing why I type my long ass passphrase everytime I push anywhere... failsafe against my own stupidity :-D)
<jessicah> oh jeebus, when antialiasing goes wrong
<jessicah> Haiku really does have the worst font rendering, both antialiasing and glyph hinting
<jessicah> hello rainbow
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<OscarL> Glyph hinting with LCD subpixel looks aweful for me.
<OscarL> Almost as if hinting was didn't actually did anything, and the subpixels colors are all over the place.
<OscarL> Ended up using Grayscale.
<jessicah> all settings look bad to me
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<OscarL> My only real complain is with fonts in terminal... their vertical placement seems to have issues.
<jessicah> I've tried looking at various parts of the code for font rendering, but didn't get far
<OscarL> easy to spot when using midnight commander.
<jessicah> got a screenshot?
<augiedoggie> it looks fine if you use the right font :P
<OscarL> With default "Noto" font.. there's too much vertical space between characters (most notably on block-drawing chars)
<OscarL> with Source Code Pro as augiedoggie once suggested to me....
<OscarL> they actually OVERLAP vertically :-D
<augiedoggie> heh, i forgot that was your ticket
<OscarL> on that screenshot, the vertical gaps are really small. but they are there.
<jessicah> lol, awesome
<OscarL> not sure what humdinger's font settings where when he took that one.
<OscarL> I'm partial to "modarin256" colors on mc :-D
<jessicah> got to love the overlapping columns
<jessicah> but yeah, I can see a couple issues
<jessicah> btop doesn't work correctly on Haiku either
<jessicah> weird input issues
<jessicah> and rendering glitches too
<jessicah> oh blah, I need to rebuild Haiku with my unmerged patches to run it
<rennj> you got java? you got terminator.jar... try it in that terminal perhaps...hehe
<rennj> its actually a good term emu if you dont mind the bloat
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<rennj> nice features
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<rennj> Unlimited Scrollback
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<OscarL> LOL! I managed to find some old backups of mine... containing some half-assed HW monitoring driver (for ITE8705)... plus a GUI app to show its values called "Hardmony".
<OscarL> Kinda like that name still :-)
<OscarL> (dates from around August 2003, yikes!)
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<rennj> software data hoarding..i like old binaries that still work on modern boxes.. compiled static even better
<OscarL> found 2 and a half CDs worth of old BeOS binaries, source code, old mailboxes, and LOOOOOTS of unfinished/failed experiments :-D
<rennj> yeah old code for hobbit/powerpc or intel code? is the question
<rennj> c++ code portability no clue on
<rennj> c is good
<OscarL> many old datasheets too that are now almost impossible to find, too!
<rennj> java is good of course
<OscarL> Most of what I got is from R5 PE era, sorry.
<rennj> yeah japan had some nice archives back in the day
<rennj> r5 pe good stuff
<OscarL> (got PE in 2001 from an imported PC magazine CD)
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<OscarL> found my half-cooked docs for my /bin/poke replacement too! :-D: "(soon to be) Haiku's Poke replacement" Seems like I was a bit too optimistic back then :-P
<rennj> i still have my beos vm with gobe productive
<rennj> sound only thing thats broken
<rennj> beos 16th birthday 4cpu 768MB of ram
<Sark> I loved BeOS back then. I ran 4.5 as my primary OS for about a year.
<rennj> may 25 2016 vs may 26 2000
<Sark> It always infuriated me that it would install in color then boot in black and white because it didn't have the driver for the video card. Like... it was working fine in the installer!
<rennj> beos epson scsi scanner
<rennj> beos looking sexy
<Sark> And you just kinda had to keep trying hardware to see what would work.
<rennj> i ran beos from 1999-2004 or so
<rennj> for main station, i had other boxes, cause beos was not capable...
<rennj> need freebsd,linux,or solaris box support beos
<rennj> stripe beos usb keychain
<rennj> heh old
<rennj> wont work
<rennj> beos raid0
<rennj> right before i stopped using beos
<rennj> raid0 usb thumbdrives
<rennj> no way was the data secure....
<Sark> I tried installing Haiku last night on a hacked Chromebook. I was amazed that the wifi and blutooth and video were perfect. The keyboard, trackpad and storage didn't work at all though...
<rennj> yellowtab/zeta days was bad
<rennj> hmmm usb HID device perhaps
<rennj> you try a usb keyboard and mouse?
<Sark> I think it's I2C, I did some checking on an identical machine running Linux.
<Sark> Yeah, USB mouse worked fine
<rennj> so get a usb keyboard
<rennj> its lame..but a work around
<Sark> The thing was ridiculously fast, menus popped open, it was great
<Sark> Well, carrying around a USB keyboard and mouse defeats the purpose of a laptop.
<rennj> pervasive multithreading
<Sark> Plus, no storage, so it has to run from the flash drive.
<Sark> Leaving only one USB port for a mouse... or keyboard. I would need a USB hub too
<rennj> so get the phone foldable keyboard
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<rennj> or go bluetooth
<rennj> if it works
<rennj> i remember when in 1999/2000 i dumped my tv for tv-card and beos
<rennj> i had to make things work then
<rennj> no choice...bt848 tv-card...
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<OscarL> Sark: sounds to me like your card wasn't fully VESA 2.0 compatible?
<OscarL> I had one that was VESA 1.2 (or was it 1.3?) that only worked in colors with BeOS...
<Sark> Oh, I don't remember, that was 20 years ago. I just swapped hardware around until I found one that worked.
<OscarL> if I booted first into DOS... loaded the UniVBE drivers and THEN used ""
<Sark> It just was annoying that the install er
<Sark> worked in color but the OS didn't once installed
<OscarL> Was the installer started from Windows?
<Sark> No, booted from the CD
<OscarL> (as it was for BeOS PE R5?)
<OscarL> Ah... ok
<Sark> This was BeOS 4.5
<rennj> 86box emulator run all that old shit ..
<rennj> even do 3dfx card
<Sark> Eh, I don't need to emulate the old stuff, ha
<OscarL> then, what I said most surely does not applies :-D
<Sark> I have all the old stuff if I wanted to run it.
<rennj> i have the old stuff runnable now
* OscarL looks at his most modern PC... 13 years old.
<rennj> vmware works pretty well..but 86box can do somethings vmware cant
<OscarL> Yeah... I'm too into this "vintage retro computing, yeah!"
<OscarL> :-P
<Sark> I'm in a similar boat. Most modern PC... second gen i5
<Sark> I mean, technically the Chromebooks are newer but they aren't as powerful.
<OscarL> AMD K10 here
<rennj> amd a10
<OscarL> Athlon II / Phenom II
<rennj> i had one of those
<rennj> in laptop form
<rennj> most powerful laptop amd had
<rennj> 2 3GHZ cpu's
<rennj> vmware still rocking
<rennj> my current laptop is the 2015 amd a10 4core/4thread apu/radeon
<rennj> but i did have Phenom II laptop
<rennj> this laptop smokes that at 15watts
<rennj> and im sure ryzen laptop smokes mine
<rennj> 2011 amd Phenom II
<OscarL> (now that rennj's first CDs image finished downloading... yeah... great internet I have!): GoBe Productive was AWESOME.
<rennj> i got 12MB/s here
<OscarL> I'm back at dial-up speeds and reliabitlity after the last storm, it seems :-D
<rennj> im 72miles from San Francisco were earth quake hit
<OscarL> (did barely ever touched the 20MB/s before thou)
<rennj> i had like 7MB/s in 2005 i payed $70.00 or so for
<rennj> really lame 100Mbit speeds
<Sark> I get like 7
<Sark> I
<OscarL> Downloading images line by line... man... I'm back in 2002.
<Sark> Gah. This keyboard...
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<Sark> I'm paying about $120/mo for about 7 MB/sec now.
<rennj> more like 90's
<rennj> ppp/56K flex
<Sark> Gotta love Time Warner.
<Sark> Sometimes I can get up to 20MB/s though.
<rennj> yeah some system admin dropped the data caps
<rennj> a glitch
<OscarL> rennj: I'm in Argentina... we got everything late down here :-D
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<rennj> i went from 1.2MB/s to 12MB/s just moving
<rennj> cookee u,s,a, is like that
<rennj> 2years i left one town over the shitty internet
<rennj> no one cared
<rennj> unacceptable..i will not suffer poor pipe to the world wide knowledge base that the internet is
<rennj> i could careless about cable TV over having a good internet connection
<rennj> traceroute/ping are you friends
<rennj> use to take 3days to download 700MB iso over 56K/modem
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<rennj> quality of life went up with better internet connection....
<rennj> haha
<rennj> quality of life went up
<Sark> Yeah, good Internet connection is huge to quality of life.
<Sark> I wish FIOS were a thing where I live. Or that they would build out the network.
<AlienSoldier> i prefer cheaper connection to hispeed connection anyday
<Sark> I mean, either would be good, I have expensive and slow.
<AlienSoldier> if a company want to get rich and get close to 90% market share, give us 3Mb at $5Can/month.
<rennj> well 5G beam shaping/beam forming..each cell phone get its own pipe/antenna
<rennj> not like 2G/3G/4G
<rennj> no need to dig holes for laying fiber optics
<rennj> should need to build bunch of cell towers
<rennj> enough for video/audio/txt demands anyway
<rennj> maybe not at 4k/8k...but enough quality shouldnt matter
<AlienSoldier> that is the african way and the reason why they are mile ahead than Canada
<rennj> im in California where things are not cheap, but canada really felt like i was being screwed
<rennj> telus phone i had anyway
<rennj> i got 75acres up in canada going fallow
<rennj> apple orchard the bears and moose can have
<rennj> 2 buckets wells of nasty water
<AlienSoldier> hep i remember, newbrunskick?
<rennj> yep
<rennj> province
<rennj> 9 of them in .ca
<rennj> ill get my citizenship ....haha not
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<AlienSoldier> you know one thing not easy, talking to someone at Facebook :)
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<rennj> boycott cant happen soon enough
<AlienSoldier> They really work hard at not having me as a customer.
<rennj> fakebook, twitter...
<AlienSoldier> I am only after using "Marketplace" nothing else
<Sark> I miss when Craigslist was the predominant marketplace. That is so nice and easy to use.
<AlienSoldier> Sill is in Vancouver i heard. I depend of cities...
<AlienSoldier> *it
<AlienSoldier> The next big town next to me is all in on Kijiji
<AlienSoldier> nut here, it is marketplace
<AlienSoldier> *but
<AlienSoldier> sent them an epiphany screenshot of my problem. It must be "mainstream" browser enough, Gnome is kind know you know.
<rennj> hey its part of ebay
<rennj> Kijiji
<rennj> ebay/paypal combo
<AlienSoldier> it is, ebay with cheaper stuff (i take the free stuff) and no scam on shipping fee (local pickup for me)
<AlienSoldier> did ebay bought back paypal? They splited at one point.
<AlienSoldier> I think this was because amazon was not taking paypal because it came from a competitor.
<rennj> Established in 1998 as Confinity,[5] PayPal went public through an IPO in 2002. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay later that year, valued at $1.5 billion.[6] In 2015 eBay spun off PayPal to its shareholders, and PayPal became an independent company again.[
<rennj> so 2015
<AlienSoldier> perhaps Musk will buy all that back eventually.
<rennj> how old my brain data is....
<rennj> im 7years behind
<AlienSoldier> He used to be involved in Paypal
<rennj> yeah
<AlienSoldier> rennj nobody can't keep up, that is something to accept now.
<rennj> when paypal cut of julian assange/wikileaks..i bailed
<rennj> when paypal cut off julian assange/wikileaks..i bailed
<rennj> a form of protest you might say
<rennj> no longer could get funding for his site...people wanted to pay...but paypal decide not to allow that
<AlienSoldier> well the US gov probably decided for them.
<AlienSoldier> Or should i say someone that have somethign to loose and have level on the US gov
<AlienSoldier> *lever
<rennj> john young founder of published same data 2 days prior to julian assange/wikileaks
<rennj> he beat julian to breaking news!
<rennj> he is not being prosecuted at all
<AlienSoldier> I should have included a cat picture in my facebook bug report, it could increase my chance to get processed faster :)
<rennj> no doubt SEO is it...
<rennj> Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines
<AlienSoldier> my internet gig is paid in paypal. I use it mainly for that and i buy electronic things and tool with that.
<rennj> john young and Daniel Ellsberg/pentagon papers... is challenging u.s. government now over wikileaks
<rennj> cause they are both involved but not being prosecuted
<rennj> but they can deny you access to account money..if they so choose
<rennj> i know what your saying AlienSoldier, but you see when you challenge the powers that be
<rennj> golden rule, he who has the gold rules!
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<rennj> golden rule treat others as you would be like treated
<rennj> golden rule treat others as you would like to be treated
<rennj> elon mush is like a Cautionary tale at this point
<rennj> elon musk is like a Cautionary tale at this point
<rennj> go live and die on mars already
<rennj> to warn its listener of a danger.
<rennj> the tale of elon
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<OscarL> Man... there's a guy over the forums... you can't make heads or tails of what he writes... and he gets mad at people trying to explain to him that we can't understand what he's asking :-(
<OscarL> I was about to give it another try, but... I give up :-(
<rennj> yeah the internet crazy...
<rennj> dont let it drag you hole/event horizon...
<rennj> people dont really know how to process all this information
<rennj> cant even tell truth from false
<AlienSoldier> Why in tracker can't i open 2 directory window of the same directory? I can do it but i need to go open it in another workspace and then bring it to the original workspace.
<rennj> most people read at shit level, so bell curve/binomial distribution half the graph is below
<rennj> no clue on opentracker/tracker..i use to open multiple windows i know...
<AlienSoldier> OscarL it's not me, the proof is that i am here now, i can't be at 2 place at teh same time :)
<rennj> meat space vs virtual space
<OscarL> hehe
<rennj> meta keep investing..maybe it will pan out...
<OscarL> I usually write like shit (even leaving aside my poorly self-taught "English"), but this is just on a whole new level :-D
<rennj> john carmack is moving on
<OscarL> surprised he didn't jumped ship 5/6 years ago.
<AlienSoldier> Was going to try to use tracker as a picture browsers. Not wasy but it can be done if i arrage by "kind"
<rennj> second life was hot back in the day
<AlienSoldier> *easy
<OscarL> AlienSoldier: are you using "single window navigation"?
<AlienSoldier> augiedoggie no, use browser like
<rennj> im sure it will be a hit, once the tech is cheaper and better/ weight
<AlienSoldier> OscarL i mean
<OscarL> Damn, I just tried... I had thought that with "single window navigation" disabled... you should be able to open two "views" from the same folder at least.
<OscarL> Today I had attempted to do so... failed... and I chalked it up to my use of that "single window" setting.
<rennj> nah opentracker has some options tweak
<rennj> my beos vm i run original tracker and net stack, not opentracker/bone7a
<rennj> keep it pure
<rennj> purist
<OscarL> Eh... I kinda miss NaviTracket :-P
<rennj> course its not as good as running opentracker and bone7a
* OscarL ducks
<AlienSoldier> i must say that as a picture browser it is quite fast. Just lack option like being able to unify jpeg and png and bitmap etc... under a single kind.
<rennj> scroll bar resize image
<OscarL> "I can do it but i need to go open it in another workspace and then bring it to the original workspace." <<< Sounds like you have another ticket to file, AlienSoldier! :-P
<rennj> sgi irix had nice resize image feature on icons in the filemanager
<OscarL> (works even in "single window" mode :-D)
<rennj> so when you go blind in your old age from steering at these CRT' could see things
<rennj> magnify glass in beos
<OscarL> Today I've opened some StyledEdit files from 2003...
<OscarL> Dunno if the low-res+CRT combo...
<OscarL> or trying to read 9pts fonts on 1080p...
<OscarL> or my sight just went to shit.
<OscarL> probably all the above.
<AlienSoldier> OscarL sure, when i have time :P
<OscarL> hard to believe I've used to read such small fonts all day long.
<AlienSoldier> you probably only had a 15-17 inch dsiplay then
<OscarL> 15 at 1024x768, and that only in my latter BeOS days.
<AlienSoldier> i don't think i will go higher than my 27 inch unless it break and i can't fix it.
<AlienSoldier> My Atari 2600 is connected on a 32 inch CRT, talk about pixelation :)
<OscarL> (being in the early 20s and being able to focus even at <5 cm from the eye certainly helped. Now I can't focus anything closer to 30 cm :-/)
<AlienSoldier> yes that is bothering me also from about 2 years
<OscarL> AlienSoldier: ha! I was on the other extreme! an Atari 2600 Argentine clone (Dynacom) connected to a Black and White 5" TV :-D
<AlienSoldier> i still have B&W TV, 2 14 inches and one 20 inches. I want to set it up as a pong machine for the day i have time to build a real gameroom
<OscarL> Best cartridge I had was "Phoenix".
<AlienSoldier> yes, good one
<OscarL> the rest I had to rent, too poor to buy new ones.
<AlienSoldier> i liked phoenix better than demon attack
<OscarL> I remember being blown away by the Kung Fu Master port, and by "H.E.R.O."
<AlienSoldier> now i have all of them and almost as much homebrew (the 2600 homebrew quality is incredible)
<OscarL> uh... and Moon Patrol was also great on the 2600.
<AlienSoldier> There is a nice vectrex homebrew called Vector Patrol
<AlienSoldier> with The Police "walking on the moon" tune as the title screen :)
<OscarL> :-D
<AlienSoldier> we need a haiku Vectrex port :)
<AlienSoldier> OscarL my favorite 2600 game is probably still Beamrider.
<OscarL> Never heard of it (no wonder, the 2600 "scene" was pretty small in Argentina) :-(
<AlienSoldier> OscarL there is a big Brazillian homebrew scene now
<rennj> 1600x1200 for decade!!!!
<rennj> viewsonic 21" ps never regret that buy
<rennj> 60Hz was only issue
<AlienSoldier> The homebrew list of game is far! from complete
<rennj> eyes get tired
<rennj> 1995-2005 i had 1600x1200 i use show movies in HD before hd
<rennj> 72hz if i busted it down to 1280x720 or whatever
<rennj> no wood grain
<OscarL> good thing the plastic came pre-yellowed :-D
<rennj> yeah serious
<rennj> ugly
<AlienSoldier> wow, even new it was yellowed. What visionary they were :)
<AlienSoldier> was that PAL or NTSC?
<AlienSoldier> PAL 2600 suck
<OscarL> We used PAL-Nc... a really weird mix
<AlienSoldier> PAL 2600 were limited in color. Can't do the 128 color of the NTSC ones
<AlienSoldier> at one point i wanted 1 of each 2600 model made. Now i abandoned the idea as price are too high.
<AlienSoldier> even a junior is too costly now
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<AlienSoldier> got a sears video arcade II just in time that said (those will eventually be 1000$ i think)
<rennj> cause combat rocked!
<rennj> tank on tank battles
<rennj> bah primitive
<AlienSoldier> now i can't even find a 7800 for a good price
<AlienSoldier> i miss when all pre-NES was dirt cheap
<rennj> how much they go for? cause i hear the same beef in ##amiga on prices $$$$
<AlienSoldier> amiga is lot more expensive.
<rennj> yeah cherry NOS amiga
<AlienSoldier> a 7800 is around 200US
<rennj> heh, cheap
<rennj> yeah amiga 1200/3000/4000 way more
<rennj> i guess i should add 2000
<AlienSoldier> i used to buy console 30$CAN and i was paying 40 if it came with a box of things with it.
<rennj> pallet from DoD/Gov/drmo....
<AlienSoldier> I paid my xbox 360 $40 with the kinect and 15 games
<rennj> i could buy pallet loads of computers from government
<rennj> nextstep pallet would have been nice
<AlienSoldier> chance are slim to get a NASA amiga in those pallete :)
<rennj> back in the day you could
<rennj> i saw nextstep pallets
<rennj> sun pallets
<rennj> hell i dumped bunch of sun gear myself
<rennj> DRMO in u.s.a. was good deal
<rennj> defense re-utilization
<AlienSoldier> now i try to not buy things i can't fix
<AlienSoldier> so i only get thing without too much surface mount component
<rennj> soldering station and logical analyzer
<rennj> m$ pluton keys...cant hook up analyzer
<AlienSoldier> I did setup my Hitach MX-30 (small audio system) for repair on my bench today. Tomorrow i start to refurbish it.
<rennj> all my private/public key pairs now stored in some chip..embedded deep in the cpu
<rennj> xbox for life!
<rennj> general purpose computing is under attack no doubt
<rennj> chip-to-cloud security cause mainframe computing sucked
<rennj> utility computing..billed by the minutes
<rennj> i had boxes that would show you the minutes/billed shit
<rennj> this is 1970's/80's tech
<rennj> DoD old ass systems
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±7]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 0eb95ba - sdl libraries, fix some references (#7596)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 0ecc949 - sdl_ttf, fix reference to libSDL_1.2, no need for rebuild (#7597)
<OscarL> botifico just went nuts.
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 730b346 - a52dec, disable static library, cleanup (#7599)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 6ee7b27 - apr_util, remove static library (#7601)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 1c2734d - hivelytracker, fix some references for build, no need for rebuild (#7598)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 74e3ce8 - libarchive, remove static library, add patch for the preprocessor (#7603)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus fffc8e4 - libatomic_ops, disable static library (#7604)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] pulkomandy pushed 2 commits to master [+1/-0/±3]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] pulkomandy b70c7c4 - util-linux: move libuuid to a separate subpackage
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] pulkomandy 3d303f6 - zsh: fix prompt configuration
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus bfc17be - blis, disable static library (#7605)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 753983e - libbluray, disable static library (#7606)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes e92a267 - espeak: enable portaudio backend
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes 0c198c5 - espeak: try to fix build for x86_gcc2 arch
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<OscarL_32> I'm having some weird issues with haikuporter on 32 bits :-( Running "hp --check-repository-consistency" ends with the following error:
<OscarL_32> "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'packageInfo'"
<OscarL_32> can build the gutenprint8-5.3.1 recipe just fine... but the one for gutenprint9-5.3-4 fails with some weird errors.
<OscarL_32> "Warning: building obsolete port, packages will be put in /boot/home/SourceCode/haikuports/haikuports/packages/.obsolete"
<OscarL_32> and when it is applying the patchset... it ends with:
<OscarL_32> "'NoneType' object is not iterable"
<OscarL_32> Where's Begasus when you need him? :-P
<OscarL_32> Mmm, there seems to be some issue with the git repo under the "work-5.3.4/source/gutenprint-5.3.4" folder.
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
<OscarL_32> The patchset contains 6 commits, but "git log" shows 8 with the last 2 repeated?
<OscarL_32> Speak of the devil... :-D
<Begasus> Hi OscarL_32 ! :)
<OscarL_32> Hola Begasus!
<OscarL_32> 4 am here... and about to smash my head agains the keyboard :-(
<OscarL_32> *against
<Begasus> :)
<Begasus> 8 am here
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<Begasus> running 32bit OscarL_32 ?
<OscarL_32> this "gutenprint9" issue under 32 bits is REALLY nuts.
<OscarL_32> yup.
<Begasus> primary gutenprint9?
<OscarL_32> gutenprint8 builds ok (test still hang)
<Begasus> yep, tested builds here for both too
<OscarL_32> none of those works for me...
<OscarL_32> but the issue seems with Haikuporter, not gutenprint.
<Begasus> how do you check if they 'work'?
<Begasus> did you 'install' haikuporter or cloned?
<OscarL_32> cloned
<OscarL_32> updated.
<Begasus> strange, same here and works fine
<OscarL_32> for primary? x86_gcc2?
<Begasus> nope, those had parse errors for gutenprint9
<Begasus> primary gutenprint8 was fine
<OscarL_32> that one builds ok here too.
<OscarL_32> the "git issue" I was having seems to be a Terminal bug (duplicates lines it shoudn't)
<Begasus> if it only contained 1 parse error it wouldn't be too bad to fix
<OscarL_32> (when you scroll up in the history)
<OscarL_32> I can't even get to see that.
<Begasus> with git log?
<OscarL_32> All I get is: "'NoneType' object is not iterable" after it applies the patchset.
<Begasus> ah
<OscarL_32> and it ends right there. no further info.
<Begasus> something fishy then in either the recipe or patchset
<Begasus> did you push to the PR?
<OscarL_32> I don't understand why HP also issues the following: "Warning: building obsolete port"
<Begasus> newer version somewhere stacked?
<Begasus> haven't seen that one
<OscarL_32> No, pulled the one from the PR, applied same local mods that I had on my 64 install (adding TEST() and other minor things)
<Begasus> (or haven't payed attention when building an older recipe)
<Begasus> if you can push something somewhere I could have a look :)
<OscarL_32> tried to run some "haikuporter cleanups"... like "--repository-update", --check-repository-consistency... the latter also ends with "NoneType object is not iterable"
<OscarL_32> that's a Python error.
<Begasus> yep
<OscarL_32> using the recipe from the PR gives me the same error.
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<OscarL_32> (reverted my local changes, just in case)
<Begasus> guessing you are running beta4? ;)
<OscarL_32> did a "pkgman full-sync" hrev56578+62... ran "checkfs /boot", rebooted, etc, etc.. nothing helps.
<Begasus> yep same hrev here
<OscarL_32> mmm
<OscarL_32> Python version perhaps?
<Begasus> 3.9.14-1
<OscarL_32> will install that one and try again.
<Begasus> err
<Begasus> you don't have it?
<OscarL_32> I have 3.7 and 3.10.8
<Begasus> I think haikuporter is using 3.9
<OscarL_32> as I'm using the cloned version...
<Begasus> me too
<OscarL_32> it can't enforce that :-D
<Begasus> ps, got the other versions installed too
<netpositive> morning
<Begasus> morning netpositive
<OscarL_32> hola netpositive
<Begasus> PulkoMandy, recently updated the haikuporter package:
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<OscarL_32> now python3 starts 3.9.14... and I get the same error. :-(
<Begasus_32> grabbing gutenprint8-5.3.1-3-x86_gcc2.hpkg and moving it to /Opslag/haikuports/packages/gutenprint8-5.3.1-3-x86_gcc2.hpkg
<Begasus_32> grabbing gutenprint8_devel-5.3.1-3-x86_gcc2.hpkg and moving it to /Opslag/haikuports/packages/gutenprint8_devel-5.3.1-3-x86_gcc2.hpkg
<OscarL_32> anyway... it is getting to late to try to figure out this mess.
<OscarL_32> A question Begasus_32...
<OscarL_32> the gutenprint9 recipe has "--without-cups" as a build flag
<OscarL_32> just to test, I added the same on the gutenprint8 one.. and didn't even noticed changes in the resulting package.
<OscarL_32> not sure if we need to build it with cups, or if that flag is actually doing nothing :-D
<OscarL_32> also added "--disable-static" (instead of removing the static libs)
<Begasus> not sure how it's done with cups
<OscarL_32> was trying to test those changes too on 32 bits, but this install seems to be cursed.
<Begasus> haven't actually checked on a printer with that
<Begasus> time for the dogs
<Begasus> cu later OscarL_32
<OscarL_32> later!
<OscarL_32> we don't have cups anywhere on haikuports, I even removed some left over .diff :-D
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<Begasus> then it's safe to use --without-cups I guess OscarL_32 :)
<Begasus> 13 commit's to go, if I can spent some time today that should be doable :D
<OscarL_32> I've removed the "haikuports/repository", to force HP to update ALL the dependecies... same crazy error :-(
<Begasus> nonetype?
<OscarL_32> yup :-/
<Begasus> try something simple like: hp weather
<OscarL_32> I can build gutenprint8 just fine, for example.
<Begasus> ah, so it's not haikuporter
<OscarL_32> just fails with gutenprint9
<Begasus> primary?
<OscarL_32> yes
<OscarL_32> tried with setarch x86 too
<Begasus> with the recipe currrently in the PR
<OscarL_32> yup
<Begasus> no need to set: setarch
<Begasus> hp gutenprint9_x86 builds for secondary architecture
<Begasus> without "_x86" = primary, with "_x86" = secondary
<OscarL_32> Ah... I always tried with the full name minus ".recipe" and adding "hp gutenprint9-5.3.4_x86"
<Begasus> maybe you are still running gcc11?
<OscarL_32> and got "Error: gutenprint9-5.3.4_x86 not found in tree." :-D
<Begasus> no need to add the portVersion there
<Begasus> lol
<OscarL_32> now I've tried without the port version :-D
<OscarL_32> fails with..."You do not have the necessary software installed to build the CUPS driver."
<Begasus> hehe
<OscarL_32> which is nice... because I have just comented out the "--without-cups" just to see what it did :-D
<OscarL_32> progress!
<Begasus> whoot! :D
<OscarL_32> Regarding how to test this stuff... either we run the test suite (that on my systems hang forever... not sure how cocobean/keymans managed to run them :-(
<OscarL_32> "grabbing gutenprint9_x86_devel-5.3.4-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg and moving..."
<Begasus> nice :)
<OscarL_32> still don't know what's happeing with the gcc2 one.
<Begasus> I'll check again in a bit, boost build finishing up here
<OscarL_32> no hurry.
<OscarL_32> for these gutenprint recipes... I'm also wating to see if we need to keep that flag I've added to fix the build...
<augiedoggie> you have ALLOW_UNTESTED enabled in your haikuports.conf?
<OscarL_32> or if the fix will land on Haiku's <dirent.h>
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<Begasus> yep
<OscarL_32> augiedoggie: I don't now, and it asks me every time, but I did tried setting that to yes... same results :-/
<Begasus> ah :)
<augiedoggie> you uncommented the line?
<OscarL_32> letme recheck
<OscarL_32> yes.
<augiedoggie> hm, dunno then
* augiedoggie heads off to bed
<OscarL_32> :-D
<OscarL_32> sweet dreams!
<Begasus> g'night augiedoggie
<OscarL_32> why hp gutenprint9 fails but gutenprint9_x86 works... makes no sense.
<Begasus> first one is using gcc2, second one gcc11?
<OscarL_32> I mean... the "user interface" is inconsistent.
<OscarL_32> either you require the portversion or you dont.
<Begasus> can you paste your error? (with the cmd given)
<OscarL_32> [Errno -2147459069] No such file or directory: '/boot/home/SourceCode/haikuports/haikuports/repository/gutenprint9-5.3.4.DependencyInfo'
<OscarL_32> Now it is giving that one.
<OscarL_32> (it did once before... and the it give the "NoneType" one)
<OscarL_32> my command line was: "hp gutenprint9-5.3.4"
<Begasus> and without the port version?
<OscarL_32> That is with "ALLOW_UNTESTED="yes"
<OscarL_32> oh for F** sake...
<Begasus> that's only used when you mark an architecture with "?"
<OscarL_32> same error...Errno -214...
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<OscarL_32> ARCHITECTURES="all ?x86_gcc2"
<OscarL_32> that's what was there in the gt9 recipe before I touched it :-D
<Begasus> right, my bad ;)
<OscarL_32> the previous time I've tried "hp gutenprint9"...
<OscarL_32> the error I got was: "Error: No version of gutenprint9 can be built"
<Begasus> that should be the one
<OscarL_32> I tried again.. and that's the error I get... but only after commenting out that "ALLOW_UNTESTED"
<OscarL_32> on that config, I have: TARGET_ARCHITECTURE="x86_gcc2", SECONDARY_TARGET_ARCHITECTURES="x86" and PACKAGER= set, the rest is all commented out.
<Begasus> k, grabbing boost, almost done
<OscarL_32> well, besides TREE_PATH :-D
<OscarL_32> glad to have you to deal with those packages Begasus! Thanks a lot for your work, man!
<Begasus> np OscarL_32 I still love doing it :)
* OscarL_32 seems to lack the required patience to follow those steps :-D
<Begasus> unpacking/initialized ... so far no issues on gutenprint9
<Begasus> applying patches ... building ...
<Begasus> that's with "hp gutenprint9"
<OscarL_32> O_0
<OscarL_32> --without-cups --disable-static --enable-test --disable-testpattern --disable-dependency-tracking CFLAGS=-D_DIRENT_HAVE_D_RECLEN=1
<Begasus> haven't touched the recipe yet :)
<OscarL_32> that's what I have here. the "--disable-dependency-tracking" is supposedly to speed up the build, but not sure it helps.
<OscarL_32> --disable-static does the obvious... we can drop the "rm $libDir/libgutenprint.{a,la}" line...
<Begasus> build is fast enough so no biggies here
<OscarL_32> but... in the final package... there's a weird file: "lib/gutenprint/5.3/config.summary"
<Begasus> I guess it would still need to remove the libtool file
<OscarL_32> I added a "rm" for that, just to be sure.
<OscarL_32> that file didn't appeared on the gt8 package. nor in the gt9 before using --disable-static.
<Begasus_32> /sources/gutenprint-5.3.4/src/main/print-dyesub.c:3389: parse error before `const'
<OscarL_32> let me see if I can see something in there.
<Begasus> there are a few more parse errors there
<OscarL_32> maybe is the compiler just chocking on such large file?
<OscarL_32> 395 KB of C can't be good :-D
<Begasus> ask Koder :P
<Begasus> but nah, compiler should be fine there
<OscarL_32> the one from gt8 is 326 KB.
<Begasus> print-dyesub.cpp?
<Begasus> print-dyesub.c*
<OscarL_32> that one, yes.
<Begasus> for gutenprint9 it's 395.18 ;)
<Begasus> first 2 parse errors gone
<OscarL_32> ?
<OscarL_32> "first 2 parse errors gone" <<<-- how?
<Begasus> easy fix is to add {} around the parse errors, better fix is to split the lines, but I'm not that good :P
<OscarL_32> ah... nice trick :-D
<OscarL_32> will then "hp -e" that into a gcc2-only patchset?
<Begasus> no it will add it to the current patchset
<Begasus> doesn't brake gcc11 build
<OscarL_32> understood.
<Begasus> but you could grab it to create a gcc2 patchset
<Begasus_32> grabbing gutenprint9-5.3.4-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg and moving it to /Opslag/haikuports/packages/gutenprint9-5.3.4-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg
<Begasus_32> grabbing gutenprint9_devel-5.3.4-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg and moving it to /Opslag/haikuports/packages/gutenprint9_devel-5.3.4-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg
<Begasus> thought that would be harder ;)
<OscarL_32> :-D
<OscarL_32> now fix my broken 32 install ! :-P
<OscarL_32> more cursed than broken, it seems :-D
<OscarL_32> wait.. why I have a "gutenprint9_x86-5.3.4-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg"
<Begasus> lol
<Begasus> it added the patches in the patchset to the ones done by Korli :P
<Begasus> yep OscarL_32 that's the x86 one
<OscarL_32> I get easily confused (and more so in in 32bits :-D)
<Begasus> it takes a while, but once you have a go there it's pretty straightforward
<OscarL_32> the double _x86 kills me :-D
<Begasus> that should fix it OscarL_32
<OscarL_32> (and the gcc2 for a gcc11 package)
<Begasus> had the same thing explainging the first double packages for scummvm :)
<OscarL_32> Great Begasus. Thanks for the diff!
<Begasus> If you look at the patchset you can see how korli did it the "correct" way :)
<Begasus> OscarL_32, what do you have after configure now for gutenprint9?
<Begasus> I'll try a clean build with the patchset then
<OscarL_32> --without-cups --disable-static --enable-test --disable-testpattern --disable-dependency-tracking CFLAGS=-D_DIRENT_HAVE_D_RECLEN=1
<OscarL_32> each on one line. with an \ at the end, to make it look nicer :-D
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<OscarL_32> and on INSTALL():
<OscarL_32> # Avoid getting "lib/gutenprint/5.3/config.summary" in the package
<OscarL_32> rm -rf $libDir/gutenprint
<OscarL_32> in place of the previous one removing the .la and .a files.
<OscarL_32> TEST()
<OscarL_32> {
<OscarL_32> make check
<OscarL_32> }
<OscarL_32> and that :-D
<Begasus> didn't notice the summary, did you check it's content?
<OscarL_32> nah... I just YOLO'ed it :-D
<Begasus> :P
<OscarL_32> will check it now (I have one package with it)
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<OscarL_32> just a text containing what features where compiled in.
<OscarL_32> and some messages like: "If you have any problems, please report the information below to"
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<Begasus> full patch, there is another file added to it
<OscarL_32> for the perl shebang?
<Begasus> yep, didn't touch that one (and didn't git add it), so strange it's in there
<OscarL_32> maybe an autotool thing?
<Begasus> ah, I did "git commit -a" after "git add ..." :/
<OscarL_32> after it detected the location of perl-
<Begasus> probably, will try to remove it and re-check
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<OscarL_32> mmm, I just rebased my "gutenprint-fix" branch, and now "hp gutenprint9" worked!!!
<Begasus> ;)
<OscarL_32> now I see those parse errors at last! :-D
<Begasus> as I mentioned from the beginning, probably something fishy in the recipe :)
<OscarL_32> the recipe is exactly the same!
<OscarL_32> I stashed before the rebase, and stash popped it right back after :-D
<Begasus> even a " missed somewhere can produce strange errors :)
<OscarL_32> seems to me some weird dependency issue between other recipes?
<Begasus> that should do it, add at the end of the patchset
<OscarL_32> Awesome. Thanks.
<Begasus> np, as said, that's the easy fix :)
<OscarL_32> Now I need a coffe before pushing the changes :-D
<Begasus> first check both builds :)
<OscarL_32> that's why I need the coffee :-D
<OscarL_32> brb!
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<Begasus> ps, you still need "rm $libDir/"
<OscarL_32> really? I don't see it in the package files.
<Begasus> it's in the devel package if you didn't
<OscarL_32> ah!
<OscarL_32> that makes sense :-P
<OscarL_32> what would I do without you, Begasus!
<Begasus> wait for someone else to reply at github ;)
<OscarL_32> I would get bored waiting :-D
<Begasus> probably ^^
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<Begasus> both builds fine here
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<Begasus> biab
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<OscarL_32> trying to run test for gutenprint8... get the same test "hanging" while pegging one CPU core to 100% :-(
<Begasus> checked repology?
<Begasus> sometimes some tests are disabled by other OS's for that
<OscarL_32> noup. Was going with what keyman said.... that they ran ok for him.
<OscarL_32> (besides the one that he disabled, one that I also had issues with previously)
<Begasus> maybe disable that one too then?
<OscarL_32> there was only one with a ./configure setting to disable :-D
<OscarL_32> In any case... nobody seems to have ever ran these before, and gutenprint8 was fine :-P What are the odds of it breaking just NOW ?
<OscarL_32> with my luck..? 100%
<OscarL_32> :-D
<Begasus> LOL
<Begasus> sorry ;)
<Begasus> there were/are more recipes without TEST(), where there are tests provided, so yes, not every one checks on that
<Begasus> did you check if there debug that can be stripped? ;)
<Begasus> is any*
<OscarL_32> never got around those parts of the recipes yet.
<OscarL_32> will try.
<Begasus> easy check "readelf -S * | grep debug"
<OscarL_32> Any hints of where to look in repology?
<Begasus> fedora doesn't run the tests
<Begasus> *.spec is their recipe
<Begasus> gentoo only provides one patch
<OscarL_32> "--disable-cups-ppds" should read about that. Saw it mentioned on the ./configure options
<Begasus> did you try --with-cups? ;)
<OscarL_32> also "--enable-escputil"
<Begasus> that's already build/enabled?
<OscarL_32> with-cups seems to be the default
<Begasus> ./configure --help
<Begasus> should give some info :)
<OscarL_32> yup
<Begasus> config.log can contain valuable info also :)
<OscarL_32> # Test suite disabled due to bug #1069274
<OscarL_32> searching for the fedora bug tracker :-D
<OscarL_32> doesn't seems to play well with Web+
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<OscarL_32> "The tests in gutenprint last very long time (several hours). To skip the long tests (and only run the one which fails) add this..."
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<Begasus> see, sometimes valuable information :)
<Begasus> hi Kokito !
<OscarL_32> I guess in time I'll learn where to look :-)
<Kokito> Hi Begasus!
<Kokito> Reboot
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<Begasus> checking out beta4 Kokito ?
<OscarL_32> "# Don't run the weave test as it takes a very long time." heh... that's the one that I was complaining about :-D
<Kokito> That's right Begasus!
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<Kokito> Can't install Inkscape. Getting an "nothing provides lib:libicuuc>=57.1 needed by boost 166-1.66.0-3" error in HaikuDepot.
<Begasus> probably needs a rebuild there
<Begasus> checking on boost169 and boost170 atm, haven't touched the older versions
<Kokito> Begasus, I see.
<Kokito> Got The GIMP working. So far so good!
<Begasus> seems to be fine on 32bit Kokito
<Begasus> did you try with pkgman?
<Begasus> probably some conflict on the icu package
<Begasus_32> requires: lib:libicuuc_x86>=57.1
<Begasus> for boost166
<Kokito> Begasus, what would the pkgman command be like? Not familiar with the command line :)
<Begasus> pkgman install inkscape
<Begasus> think you are on 64bit?
<Kokito> Yes, 64 bit
<Begasus> k, then that will be fine
<Kokito> Begasus, get the same error on the Terminal
<Begasus> wich version for icu do you have installed?
<Begasus> in /boot/system/packages :)
<Kokito> icu66-66.1-3-x86_64.hpkg
netposit1ve is now known as netpositive
<Begasus> try installing icu (version 57)
<Begasus> pkgman install icu
<Begasus> shouldn't conflict though (got both installed here too)
<Kokito> *** Failed to find a match for "icu": Name not found
<Begasus> but could be that boost166 doesn't declare that version in the recipe as required
<Begasus> works here
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<Kokito> Hmmm... No idea. Give up for now! :)
<Begasus> booting 64bit in VBox to check
<Kokito> Sorry for the trouble Begasus
<Begasus> np Kokito , got some time
<OscarL_32> Grrr, the sed expression that worked to disable test for gt8, fails on gt9, due to an added ".test" to the name of the lenghty test.
<Begasus> other laptop still busy with boost
<Kokito> Begasus, BRB
<Begasus> ok, seems only icu66 is available for 64bit
<Begasus> got disabled by waddlesplash , so either boost166 needs a rebuild there or inkscape rebuild with newer boost version
<Begasus> guess I still had the x86 version installed before that change
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<OscarL_32> Begasus... considering that we're disabling the longest running tests, and only 3 remain... and we can find phrases like this in the makefiles:
<OscarL_32> "run-weavetest is extremely time consuming and provides little value for release testing [...]"
<Begasus> so, disable it :)
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<OscarL_32> I'm tempted to actually just nuke the TEST() section.
<Begasus> also an option :) atleast you got some answers :)
<OscarL_32> The thing is that I can disable that for gutenprint8 but not for gutenprint9 :-D
<Begasus> It's not like it's a new version, so this should be good as it is, only needed another patch for it
<OscarL_32> the rest of the builds look all fine in all possible combinations (gcc2/gcc11)
<OscarL_32> Yup.
<OscarL_32> Oh well... goodbye TEST()...
* Begasus hands OscarL_32 a booth for it
<Begasus> booth/boot ? ;)
<PulkoMandy> Why remove it? You can leave it and just not run the tests?
<Begasus> the thing you put on your feet
<OscarL_32> Also an option.
<Begasus> buildmaster doesn't run tests so that's no biggy there
<PulkoMandy> It's useful to have i t there if someone wants to investigate them. Just add a comment that they currently don't pass
<OscarL_32> K. Will do. Thanks for the input, PulkoMandy.
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<Kokito> Begasus, am I right to assume that the Inkscape issue on 64 bit Haiku will be resolved at some point? Or do I need to post a bug report somewhere?
<Begasus> added a comment on that commit, I'm sure waddlesplash has/will read it, but you could add an issue at haikuports
<Begasus> my bet would be to go for a rebuild for Inkscape with a newer boost version
<Begasus> hence me not touching the old boost versions
<Kokito> Sounds good.
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 0c7453d - inkscape, rebuild against boost170 (#7609)
<Begasus> let's see
<Kokito> Thank you Begasus!
<Begasus> not there yet, first see if the build is ok on buildmaster
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<Kokito> Using the Epiphany (Web) browser, I was able to watch YouTube videos full screen. Cool!
<Kokito> Begasus, OK.
<Begasus> x512[m], by dynamic you mean the static ones? (the point of the issue to remove those *.a files)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 664725f - libcdio, disable static libraries (#7610)
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<x512[m]> Begasus: Clang need static LLVM libraries to not be very slow.
<Begasus> ah ok, thanks for clearing this out, should stay then
<Begasus> should've checked, they are not linked/related to the shared libraries :)
<Begasus> reduces the list pretty much
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<OscarL> the push for the gutenprint{8,9} PR looks good (despite whatever was wrong with my setup earlier)
<OscarL> Argh... forgot to check the "definedebuginfopackage" stuff :-( Oh well... next time :-D
<Begasus> no hurry OscarL :)
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<OscarL> that debuginfo remindsme... Debugger should have a "Skill all" when requesting to install those debuginfo packages.
<OscarL> the other day it asked me about 13 packages in a row.
<Begasus> I've seen some of them passing by (debugger asking for debug packages)
<Begasus> hehe
<OscarL> I barely can debug my own "hello world", no use for me in digging into those deep libraries :-D
<Begasus> I can strip the debug, but can't write "hello world" in any (programming) language :P
<OscarL> Behold! I used to even write (some) documentation for my crappy programming attempts!:
<OscarL> I'm still laughing at how optimistic I was: "(soon to be) Haiku's Poke replacement." LOL :-D
<Begasus> don't go there (yet) ;)
<Begasus> I used to write building/compiling errors in a file (should probably be somewhere on the net still) :)
<Begasus> Now I collect them as I see on my wiki for references
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 435e6cc - capstone, disable static library (#7611)
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<OscarL> I wish I had taken note about stuff like this: "idxout 0x3C4 0x30 0xA1" ??? I think I used that to make my SiS 730 work faster... can't be sure now :-(
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<Begasus> SiS like the motherboards?
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<Begasus> nice boost169 done :)
<Begasus> 1 static library not included anymore (unic), 3 shared static libs remained, removed in the recipe :D
<OscarL> Begasus: Yeah.... I had a PC Chips with an Athlon 900, and a SiS 730 chipset (onboard video)
<Begasus> Old days ;) (back then I also build my own PC)
<OscarL> poking around some registers allowed for faster video, and poking around on others, lowered the idle temps for that Athlon substancially :-)
<OscarL> those things should have been set on the BIOS, but weren't... so I had to make do with /bin/poke :-D
<Begasus> still have a big tower standing next to me, died years ago, still wonder what's contained on the disks :)
<Cian|R5> I've gone back to the past and I'm online on a modified HP tower running R5. Lot easier to work with than anything smaller from that era...
<OscarL> I also still have that motherboard/cpu.... and even the case... that I sold, got back, gifted, and got back again. Will probably be my tumbstone :-D
<Cian|R5> managed to get all the contents of my old BeOS disks uploaded to a NAS during lockdown via Haiku, a USB-IDE adapter, USB passthrough to virtualbox. zipped and F
<Cian|R5> FTPed up
<Begasus> lol OscarL
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<Begasus> got something like that here too Cian|R5 (just can't find it)
<OscarL> Cian|R5: those old PCs requires less fussing around to run R5... remember the 1 GB patches? cpu_fix? sse enabler for Athlons? etc, etc? :-D
<Cian|R5> I am tempted to try find the microtower version of this cause its the same board, the big tower was just sold for throwing in to 19" rack shelves on its side
<Cian|R5> OscarL this is new enough that I needed the boot loader if I increase the RAM any more, it can take 4GB but only have 512 in for BeOS reasons. graphics is only 32MB so I could maybe, maybe do 1GB without the bootloader
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 0cccc16 - cppunit, disable static library (#7612)
<Begasus> 5 to go, should be possible today :)
<Begasus> heading out for a while, l8r peeps
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<OscarL> Later Begasus!
<Cian|R5> 2.8Ghz pentium dual core, Matrox G550, Audigy 2, Broadcom 5751 gigabit NIC, 240GB SSD, DVD-RW drive. I know its not the absolute fastest/highest spec R5 machine but its still insane compared to what R5 was released for
<Cian|R5> someone got it going on an Intel reference board Core or Core2 Quad from memory
<OscarL> Those specs are REALLY nice :-)
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<Cian|R5> the NAS beside it is probably faster if you could actually use it as a PC, 2.0 2.9 turbo dual core intel, 18GB RAM, 8TB RAID1, has some Intel onboard graphics solely for video transcoding so there's no video output
<OscarL> Compared to my lowly Athlon TBird @900 with 256 MB of SDRAM :-D. But... I had an Aureal Vortex at least :-D
<OscarL> Alright... time to unplug and get some sleep. See you around, everyone!
<Cian|R5> replaced the PSU with a brand new near-silent one because it was exceptionally noisy, I know the PC had been on nearly 24/7 for a very long time and PSUs from that era are known to go pop and emit magic smoke. And most PSUs still allow you to pop off the extra pins on the main and CPU power connectors thankfully
<OscarL> oh.... me likes silent pcs... to bad mine are jet-emulators :-D
<OscarL> Laters!
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<Cian|R5> will Noctua the case fan but the CPU is, I believe, a HP specific part
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<Sark> I've realized that I can't deal with silent PCs. Or, at least, all of my PCs being silent.
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<Sark> I need some sort of humming/whirring of fans and disks otherwise I can't sleep.
<Cian|R5> I've heat recovery ventilation, so plenty of that noise
<Sark> I replaced my old desktop (repurposed Dell PowerEdge 2600) with a small form factor Optiplex 390 that's basically silent, and couldn't sleep at all, was never able to train myself either.
<Sark> But I've also set up a Dell Vrtx blade server now, so that makes sufficient noise :)
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] pulkomandy pushed 2 commits to master [hrev56658] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] a4436289742f - media plugins: replace strcpy with strlcpy
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 9f9688d84193 - media kit: avoid useless copy of entry_ref
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 97379b3 - libdvdread, disable static libraries (#7613)
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<xoblite> Hello all, any core maintainers around and listening?
<xoblite> Have a question wrt larger commits...
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<xoblite> @jessicah , do you happen to have any experience of OpenGL stuff under Haiku?
<xoblite> bbl
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<xoblite> hmm, does anyone happen to know which OpenGL header to best include in 2022?
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<andreasdr[m]> You can use GLFW e.g. and follow GLFW3 examples or have a look at BGLView If I recall right
<andreasdr[m]> Even GLUT is available but i would not recommend that
<Sark> I'm probably going to do some more experimenting later, but someone had mentioned that there were beta i2c input device drivers somewhere? Would be fun to try to get the keyboard and trackpad on this laptop working with Haiku
<xoblite> yeah that was my question really; there are quite a few possible header variants to include...
<xoblite> just wanted to understand whether <GL/gl.h> was the right one to use in 2022... (considering any possible MESA updates or similar)
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<andreasdr[m]> Witout using BGLView or GLFW or GLUT you want have a GL context simply spoken
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<xoblite> it's a BGLView I'm updating
<xoblite> but that should be abstracted from the back-end, right?
<xoblite> nb. there is no need for additional functionality here, just wondering in case there are e.g. multiple backend versions with different performance or something (?)
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<PulkoMandy> In Haiku there is only Mesa, and it doesn't really matter which way you access it (but BGLView is a reasonable choice especially for code in the main git repository)
<PulkoMandy> And that's about how much knowledge I have about OpenGL
<xoblite> ok thanks :)
<xoblite> the GLTeapot reworking is nearly done, just wanted to check wrt the backend
<xoblite> btw @PulkoMandy , how should a more significant update be handled? (read: the diff's are so many that it's basically a new app code tree)
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<x512[m]> I also have WIP work of EGL support and glvnd API dispatcher/driver loader:
<xoblite> interesting... actually I was just about to ask also what happened to the OpenGL/MESA updates discussed on the forums?
<xoblite> (can't recall whether that was you posting x512[m])
<andreasdr[m]> x512: Yes. That would be nice. Tried recently to build TDME2 with GLES2 and it was not working. Also GL3 and TDME2 does crash now with a NULL pointer exception within MESA stack.
<andreasdr[m]> But without hardware 3d it does not really make sense to do TDME2 Dev on Haiku.
<andreasdr[m]> But I tried Ephiphany. Nice one!!!
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<PulkoMandy> xoblite: if you have a nice git history with separate commits that make sense to be reviewed and merged separately, you can do that. Otherwise, one big commit
<xoblite> I've reworked the code a lot, updating, redesigning, refactoring... so yes a big change ~ new application code tree
<xoblite> basically scrap the old and replace with the new kind of commit :)
<xoblite> (i.e. trying to make sense of a diff won't really work for this one)
<xoblite> btw, does anyone know if there was some kind of breaking change in recently?
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<PulkoMandy> That is very vague
<PulkoMandy> Do you have a specific problem?
<xoblite> short version: suddenly one of my ~two week old binaries don't launch anymore, just flicker on the Deskbar, then poof gone without any further info
<xoblite> (it depends on a one-line adapted
<xoblite> ( a lib/ subfolder)
<x512[m]> app_server protocol accessed by is not considered stable so may not work if its version do not match Haiku version.
<PulkoMandy> Did you try running it with strace or step by step in debugger?
<xoblite> x512[m]: so I figured it could be, hence me asking
<xoblite> PulkoMandy: if have enough Haiku dev learning to do without debug/trace/etc for the time being, so no not yet :)
<xoblite> I can have a look, brb
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<x512[m]> app_server protocol was recently changed by introducing new coordinate transform API.
<waddlesplash> and even more recently in master only, the custom fonts Api
<xoblite> yeah I'm on nightly so...
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<xoblite> should checkout anew I guess but need to get some other stuff done first
<xoblite> PulkoMandy: Any suggestions wrt what I should look/grep for in the strace output?
<PulkoMandy> Not really, you can see how far it goes in starting the app
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<PulkoMandy> Your problem is probably a call to abort(), possibly because of a c++ exception (since normal crashes would bring up the debug_server crash dialog)
<xoblite> a bit obscure an output for the non-initiated though I guess...
<xoblite> ok will check
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<xoblite> nothing on grep abort
<xoblite> it's a bit problematic when the report says "no error" in so many places, i.e. how to properly grep an actual error?
<xoblite> bbl, dinner time...
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<Halamix2> Trying to get scp to work, day two: `ssh` works, so I have correct certificate. `scp -p "buildtools/.git/hooks/"` still returns `subsystem request failed on channel 0`
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus a5e4121 - expat, disable static library (#7615)
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<Halamix2> I have no idea how to even debug that, scp -vvv isn't helpful at all
<phschafft> that message suggests that the server refused your access for the subsystem you requested.
<phschafft> would guess that scp reports the subsystem it tries to use with some amount of -vs.
<Halamix2> I think debug3 is the lowest level I can get:
<Halamix2> sftp issue then?
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* phschafft nods.
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 8d3e0a3 - enca, disable static libraries (#7616)
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<Begasus> done for today
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<Begasus> heading down, cu peeps :)
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<Halamix2> OH, my scp is too fresh! `scp -O -p "buildtools/.git/hooks/"` works (-O forces old scp legacy protocol over sftp)
<Halamix2> Should I document that possiblity somewhere?
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<Halamix2> I even found some info about that switch in scp:
<PulkoMandy> Maybe it's time to update our gerrit if they fixed the problem already?
<Halamix2> It wasn't fixed upstream yet:
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<damex> Hi! What editor/IDE can you recommend for developing on Haiku? I'm using PE now and it's nice. It lacks go-to-definition/ctags support though.
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<PulkoMandy> Nothing fullyenative with that leveleof features. Koder is a work-in-progress replacement for Pe with a cleaner codebase but some missing features. Personally I mainly use vim with a lot of plugins
<damex> Right, I'm an emacs guy so vim is not an option for me :) I'll check out Koder
<damex> I know emacs runs on Haiku but I'd like to explore native options
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] jessicah pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56659] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] a764093ca8e7 - shared: add ColorItem from Gravity screensaver.
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<Skipp_OSX_> heyo ColorItem :)
<jessicah> yep :)
<jessicah> it's for the new theme settings in Terminal I'm adding
<Skipp_OSX_> nice
<Skipp_OSX_> oooo I like it
<Skipp_OSX_> I have dragged my feet on getting colorwells but that's my fault
<Skipp_OSX_> there's too many options there for color wells anyway
<jessicah> being able to drag colors onto the box from the Colors app is super helpful too :)
<Skipp_OSX_> yeah color drops are fun
<jessicah> made it easier to create and save a new theme :)
<Skipp_OSX_> yes, we need a scheme like that in Appearance too, or would be nice to have
<jessicah> although Haiku's font rendering is piss poor, so the theme looked horrible
<Skipp_OSX_> I turn off the alpha shading
<Skipp_OSX_> It would be nice if you could pick a color scheme in Appearance
<jessicah> that was one of the renderings with changing settings in Appearance
<Skipp_OSX_> Yeah it looks like an Apple // :()
<Skipp_OSX_> what is that NTSC artifact colors?
<Skipp_OSX_> no that's cleartext hehe
<jessicah> haha
<jessicah> it shouldn't be too hard to add a theme drop down/settings to Appearance, can copy from Terminal back to Appearance
<jessicah> since I copied a bunch from Appearance into Terminal :p
<Skipp_OSX_> k
<jessicah> Haiku's glyph hinting is IMO broken, at the very least, sub-par, and then antialiasing, every option is bad :p
<jessicah> font widths get mangled too much
<Skipp_OSX_> yeah that font rendering is bad
<Skipp_OSX_> yeah it's definitely got some problems
<Skipp_OSX_> off by one errors all over the place that I haven't quite figured out where they are coming from
<jessicah> the anti-aliasing also changes the font widths, from what I can remember
<Skipp_OSX_> yes it does pretty noticeably
<Skipp_OSX_> BeOS apps cannot compensate at all for that either
<Skipp_OSX_> obviously Haiku apps do better
<jessicah> yeah, glyph hinting = on + antialiasing = grayscale changes the widths of characters
<Skipp_OSX_> yep
<Skipp_OSX_> the grayscale antialiasing is a lot better looking IMHO so I use that.
<jessicah> although the behaviour is different again for fixed width
<jessicah> the sizing behaviour is in app_server itself
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<Skipp_OSX_> yeah and I can barely keep up with all the changes trying to fix it
<Skipp_OSX_> well the font keeps changing anyway trying to compensate
<jessicah> yeah, I had poked at it a little bit, it was a bit overwhelming
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