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<Skipp_OSX> I'm trying to fix a drawing bug in Deskbar. Open virtual window e.g. Applications, select an item, resize name, selection rect is tinted bc bg color not white
<zdykstra> oh god, PoseView.cpp
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<jessicah> but those aren't editable
<Skipp_OSX> they are now :)
<Skipp_OSX> but that' s not really relevant I just want to fix the colors right now
<jessicah> not in my install
<jessicah> guess I should do an update; but I don't recall seeing anything in commits
<Skipp_OSX> yeah not editable in your install, but there's still a bug in your install
<jessicah> then I need a reproducible I can see :)
<Skipp_OSX> oh no it's not been included yet so no update will help but the bug exists on R1B4
<Skipp_OSX> did you select an item?
<Skipp_OSX> you have to have an item selected or you won't see the bug
<jessicah> what is bc in bc bg
<jessicah> what is the behaviour?
<Skipp_OSX> how are you not seeing the highlight color changing from black to gray?
<Skipp_OSX> when you resize the name column
<Skipp_OSX> on a virtual window (one with gray background)
<jessicah> renders fine here
<augiedoggie> i see that problem and others :P
<Skipp_OSX> maybe you're install pre-dates the bug
<augiedoggie> just selecting the items causes the date column to shift a few pixels
<jessicah> I'm on 56910
<jessicah> 56910+24, whatever that means
<jessicah> ah, maybe my jmap branch
<Skipp_OSX> you holdin' out on me? hehe
<jessicah> it's not ready
<jessicah> well, it goes to grey when I click outside the window, is black in the window; resizing, no colour changes
<Skipp_OSX> yeah that's normal background window drawing
<jessicah> the only commit is yours, so yours must be introducing the bug? :p
<Skipp_OSX> maybe!
<jessicah> hmm, that doesn't change anything in PoseView.cpp
<Skipp_OSX> but if so it's in R1B4
<Skipp_OSX> so I introduced the bug a while back
<jessicah> hmm, but it's not in my install
<Skipp_OSX> :/
<Skipp_OSX> how did you fix it?
<jessicah> let me see how old my current install is
<jessicah> 2023-04-08
<Skipp_OSX> I thought you said it was 56910 that's not too long ago yeah that's right
<Skipp_OSX> so no way you aren't bugged unless you patched it
<jessicah> maybe it's a bug in your local tree?
<Skipp_OSX> you could change document background color to be a little gray and open a regular folder and put it in column mode too to reproduce the bug
<jessicah> hmm, foreground colour changes
<Skipp_OSX> yep
<jessicah> let me see if there's a subtle change
<jessicah> oh, I thought you said background
<Skipp_OSX> no it's trigged by the background color not being white
<Skipp_OSX> because it does InvertRect I'm assuming
<jessicah> oh the colours are different
<Skipp_OSX> yes ok, now how to fix?
<jessicah> top is selected; bottom is resize
<jessicah> I think the top is wrong
<jessicah> the edit colours == resizing colours
<jessicah> the selection colours are something else entirely
<Skipp_OSX> well right and wrong are kind of subjective but the highlight color being black is the intended color although I don't really care as long as it's consistent
<jessicah> then you don't want LowColor()
<Skipp_OSX> I don't want the inverse of LowColor() either
<Skipp_OSX> that red is the inverse of that lovely cyan color you've chosen
<jessicah> that was just a test to observe
<Skipp_OSX> hehe yeah
<Skipp_OSX> it's ok it's the inverse
<jessicah> must be inside this
<jessicah> pose->Draw(... pose->IsSelected())
<Skipp_OSX> yeah I know that's what I said earlier
<Skipp_OSX> no that's icon mode
<Skipp_OSX> but just above
<jessicah> so why don't you make either PoseView use black, or make Pose use LowColor()
<Skipp_OSX> I don't know how to do that
<jessicah> ohh, I didn't see, because my colours were already black and white, so it didn't change during resize
<Skipp_OSX> yes correct, black and white hides the bug
<Skipp_OSX> which is why I said a virtual window
<jessicah> virtual window was too subtle
<Skipp_OSX> ok but it's driving me nuts
<Skipp_OSX> I can't figure it out
<jessicah> so what do you want on resize, to stay the same as the selection?
<jessicah> looks like maybe the if condition isn't correct enough?
<jessicah> in fact, it shouldn't be invert at all, if you want it to match the actual selection
<jessicah> it should be LowColor() and FillRect(), and drop the Invert entirely; iff you want resize to == selection
<jessicah> I'm guessing edit is doing something slightly odd to get the invert
<Skipp_OSX> ok I'll try
<jessicah> huh, the box when resizing is 1 pixel wider
<jessicah> which is how it should be anyway, heh
<Skipp_OSX> but it seems like then it will draw a white box instead of a black one
<Skipp_OSX> and then still tint it
<jessicah> not if you set SetLowColor(LowColor()), right? like PoseView.cpp already does
<Skipp_OSX> it only sets the low color if direct draw which means not when resizing the column ... so ok lemme try that
<Skipp_OSX> I think you're onto something but you have to set the low color AND invert
<jessicah> well you asked, that's what I see, but I could be wrong :D
<jessicah> PoseView doesn't use invert
<jessicah> afaict
<Skipp_OSX> wha ....
<jessicah> only when doing an Edit, is it inverted
<jessicah> the selection doesn't use invert
<Skipp_OSX> it's in Pose but it does
<jessicah> that's what I linked :p
<Skipp_OSX> if I remove the InvertRect it doesn't draw the highlight text is as normal and if I set the low color the highlight is still being tinted
<Skipp_OSX> hold on trying other stuff
<jessicah> maybe that part isn't being done when it's resizing
<Skipp_OSX> right it definitely isn't
<Skipp_OSX> directDraw is false when column resizing so so is selectDuringDraw
<jessicah> seems like there are a lot of drawing optimisations that could probably be removed?
<jessicah> to simplify the actual drawing state
<Skipp_OSX> I mean invert makes sense to be there for highlighting
<jessicah> I mean stuff like direct draw vs not, etc.
<Skipp_OSX> yeah that's to make the column resize faster I guess
<jessicah> seems like drawing logic is duplicated in multiple different places based on some drawing optimisation magic
<jessicah> well it's already suboptimal in that it redraws a label that hasn't changed when resizing :p
<Skipp_OSX> Pavel magic
<jessicah> else only the portion that changed would get redrawn in the different colours :)
<waddlesplash> PoseView is a disaster zone, yeah
<waddlesplash> it needs a major refactor
<Skipp_OSX> well it's already getting one but needs more than one
<waddlesplash> I paved the way for this with the Layout refactor years ago, but there's still so much to do
<Skipp_OSX> oh yeah that's not happening
<Skipp_OSX> is too hard to convert everything to layout you'd have to do it piece by piece
<Skipp_OSX> focus on this one bug though ignore all that
<jessicah> does tracker have it's own custom column layout implementation?
<Skipp_OSX> of course
<Skipp_OSX> it has an effect, but it's not the one I'm looking for tried different combinations
<Skipp_OSX> damn it wait everything I said just now invalid, pesky leftover
<Skipp_OSX> lemme retest
<Skipp_OSX> blarg
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus b75fc9f - libtool, disable static library, remove libtool file (#8520)
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<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 7013b6d - wavpack, fix libVersion (#8492)
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±0]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus dcfd5e3 - openldap, bump version, disable static library, add CONFLICTS (#7683)
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<Begasus> Habbie, awake?
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<zdykstra> Morning Begasus!
<Begasus> last thing on the PR for vis/libtermkey (commented) Habbie :)
<Begasus> Morning zdykstra
<Begasus> Ola OscarL
<OscarL> Hello Begasus, zdykstra :-)
<zdykstra> Hey OscarL :)
<OscarL> speaking of merges, my AboutSystem patch got merged, without even passing the Commit checker bots. Not sure if I should feel happy, or scared, about that :-P
<OscarL> in any case... yay for me! :-P
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<trungnt2910[m]> HaikuPorter :)
<OscarL> Begasus, as you have 1000+ packages installed, have you noticed a big difference on boot speed compared to a smaller install on the same hardware?
<Begasus> probably yes OscarL
<OscarL> (asking to compare, now my 32 bits install takes considerably longer than my 64 bits one, wasn't the case a couple weeks ago :-D)
<Begasus> but it's been that way for a while :)
<OscarL> yeah... was thinking that... "unless he tries with a clean drive..." :-D
<Begasus> Cleaning out most of the states also from time to time
<OscarL> that helps, but to get into the boot menu, for me.
<Begasus> think it's due to the packages and packagefs
<OscarL> (othewise it gets really sluggish)
<Begasus> with pressing shift or space at boot?
<OscarL> yup. with too many states, it takes longer to enter it for me.
<Begasus> picking the right one will be tricky too then ;)
<OscarL> (slow PC/HDD certainly does not helps).
<OscarL> indeed. Can we actually rename those folders? Would be kinda cool: "Use_this_state_in_case_of_emergency-hrevxxxx" :-)
<Begasus> heh
* OscarL sees trungnt2910[m] screenshot. WOW, nice going!
<Begasus> I have to delete some of those anyway, with the installing/uninstalling of packages it tends to misbehave (trying to re-install one from the saved states)
<OscarL> HaikuDepot/SoftwareUpdate not playing 100% nice with locally build package (or HOME installs) also doesn't helps to avoid some traps.
<Begasus> Keeping away from HOME installs here :)
<OscarL> I really like them, but seems to have some rough edges on its own, and some packages just break :-D
<OscarL> Lout works fine on both at least :-P
<OscarL> (and even Pe support for it does in both cases... well that's with my pending PRs applied)
<Begasus> ok, how did I get burp to connect last time ...
<OscarL> mmm, Habbie was right (from the IRC logs): using "LUA_CPATH=/system/lib/x86/lua/5.3/?.so vis" allows vis' lua to find its lpeg module.
<OscarL> guess we need to decide which one of the two solutions proposed by augiedoggie to use... move out of x86, or patch LUA_CDIR :-D
<augiedoggie> probably the latter
<augiedoggie> although it would be easier to move lpeg
<OscarL> guess I can try both, one on 5.3, and the other for lua54? :-D
<Begasus> got it ... KDL (even with older librsync) :P
<Begasus> reproducable, so guess time for a ticket
<Begasus> at least I know it's not librsync that is having problems :)
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<OscarL> (Habbie's libtermkey' PR could use a rebase... its 357 commits behind, and makes switchingt between branches a bit of a pain on this slow PC :-D)
<OscarL> that, or get merged :-D
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<Begasus> it's fine as it is, you just can't call pkgconfig on it as it is atm :)
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<Begasus> oh, just read it, concarts on the patch getting merged OscarL :)
<OscarL> thanks!
<OscarL> small thing but, considering my broken brain... make me happy to actually fix something :-D
<OscarL> *makes
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+3/-2/±0]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus e03db3a - librsync, bump version, keep older (renamed) recipe around for depending packages (#8323)
<Begasus> arh ... had to revbump the old one there :/
<jessicah> OscarL: ah yeah, the package reading code in bootloader is a bit greedy, reads all state info when you enter the menu
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<OscarL> certainly felt that way, jessicah :-) Oh welll.... serves as a reminder to do some state clean up once in a while, I guess!
<jessicah> should probably make it a bit lazy, and load on demand
<Diver> trungnt2910[m]: hi, I'm getting "Failed to initialize vchroot" with "haiku_loader bash --login"
<trungnt2910[m]> Have you set $HPREFIX?
<jessicah> I feel like "haiklone" or "haiclone" could've been a better name :p
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 24f3da2 - librsync, revbump for rebuild (#8552)
<Skipp_OSX> hey Diver can you recheck BeControlLook again when you get a chance see if it's working better now?
<OscarL> jessicah: I concurr :-). Took a bit to get to HyClone -> "Haiku clone, ah!" (but that might be my poorly self-taught "English").
<Diver> Skipp_OSX: hi, any specific ticket?
<Diver> trungnt2910[m]: ah, that was it
<Diver> now I'm getting Starting launch_daemon
<Diver> _kern_loading_app_failed
<trungnt2910[m]> That said, I might set a "default" $HPREFIX at `$HOME/.hprefix`.
<trungnt2910[m]> Diver: stat $HPREFIX/boot/system/servers/launch_daemon
<trungnt2910[m]> Does launch_daemon exist?
<Diver> yep, it's there
<trungnt2910[m]> ps aux | grep launch_daemon what does this show then?
<trungnt2910[m]> tail -f $HPREFIX/.hyclone.log might also be helpful.
<Skipp_OSX> idk right now
<trungnt2910[m]> <Diver> "now I'm getting Starting..." <- I _think_ I know the cause. You mentioned running `haiku_loader bash --login` and got `_kern_loading_app_failed`. That's because you haven't set up `$HPATH`. You might want to either do an initial `export HPATH=/boot/system/bin:/boot/system/non-packaged/bin` or specify the full path of `bash`: `haiku_loader /boot/system/bin/bash --login`.
<Diver> haiku_loader /boot/system/bin/bash --login works, however it takes ~8 seconds to start
<Begasus> there, ticket filed, PR for latest burp created (draft) :)
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<trungnt2910[m]> Diver: That's expected as even the normal Haiku terminal does a bunch of things before starting.
<trungnt2910[m]> Running bash without --login is a bit faster but will not initialize the necessary environment variables like $PATH.
<trungnt2910[m]> Or running a single command like haiku_loader /boot/system/bin/uname -a.
<OscarL> Skipp_OSX: perhaps ? (or perhaps I should mind my own bussiness instead :-D)
<Skipp_OSX> nah no that one
* OscarL goes back to his corner
<Begasus> k, out of a job, no more static ones to clean, and manpages fixed (to my findings) :)
<OscarL> \o/
<Diver> trungnt2910[m]: also seeing this:
<Diver> id: cannot find name for group ID 0
<Diver> id: cannot find name for user ID 0
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<trungnt2910[m]> That should not affect most tools.
<Begasus> booting to 64bit ...
<OscarL> Good job Begasus! Now do the python ones! /me ducks.
<trungnt2910[m]> Diver: To fix it just shut down HyClone (`shutdown -q`) and then start it again.
<Begasus> heh, how did I know this would follow OscarL :P
<Diver> trungnt2910[m]: same thing after shutdown -q
<trungnt2910[m]> That's strange. Can you tail -f $HPREFIX/.hyclone.log and see what's happening?
<trungnt2910[m]> Another way is to kill launch_daemon and then launch it again: /boot/system/servers/launch_daemon. Ensure that ps shows these processes:
<Diver> it now stuck after Welcome to the Haiku shell.
<trungnt2910[m]> Diver: Seems like `package_daemon` is running but a few deps are missing. `` does not do any dependency resolution and does not install some other bloat that Haiku needs. If the problem persists a `pkgman full-sync` might help.
<Diver> ~> pkgman full
<Diver> *** failed to add system packages to system repository: Bad port ID
<trungnt2910[m]> Impossible. What does ps from a Haiku shell show?
<trungnt2910[m]> Also what's your distro, I might want to set up a VM and look at it.
<trungnt2910[m]> trungnt2910[m]: The output above means that `launch_daemon` is not running. But the logs on pastebin indicate that it _was_ running.
<Begasus> LOL, still got boost163 installed on 64bit :P
<Diver> ubuntu 20.04 with linux kernel 6.2
<Diver> ps
<Diver> Team Id #Threads Gid Uid
<Diver> /usr/local/bin/hyclone_server 368251 4 0 0
<Diver> /boot/system/bin/bash 383366 1 0 0
<Diver> ps 390671 1 0 0
<Diver> ~>
<trungnt2910[m]> launch_daemon is not running, you might want to start it with /boot/system/servers/launch_daemon.
<trungnt2910[m]> Diver: Did you have to manually update anything to get the latest kernel version?
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<Begasus> 64bit OK here so far :)
<Diver> seems like launch_daemon tries to start a few time and gives up
<Diver> i think i updated the kernel from this ppa: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxinvader/lts-mainline
<Begasus> hmm ... maybe start cleaning info files/directories?
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<Begasus_32> See the `aspell' entry in info for more complete documentation.
<Begasus> hmm maybe not ...
<Begasus> ah, you can open them with "info" just like the manpages with "man" :D
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] autocommitter pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56954] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 035715568380 - Update translations from Pootle
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<OscarL> so... the main lua package does not includes nor provides, so programs that needs it have to require the _devel package for a runtime dependency? Doesn't sounds correct, no?
<Begasus> it shouldn't contain
<OscarL> and considering lua is generally used as an embedded scripting language (even Dano used it for decorators), I'm not convinced of not providing the static library in this case.
<Begasus> no package (base) provice the lib*.so one
<Begasus> what would be the difference, the static one would also be in the devel package?
<jessicah> being embedded would be the difference, and it'd drop any lib dependency when installed
<jessicah> so lua non-devel wouldn't be required
<Begasus> a dependency to isn't enough (rookie her on that matter), it hasn't been an issue before?
<OscarL> not sure I'm expressing myself right... sigh... (be back when I can do so, or when things get clearer for me)
<Begasus> np :)
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<OscarL> comparing with Python for example... python provides... "python3.10" (package), various "cmd:s", lib:python3.10, AND devel:libpython3.10.
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<OscarL> lua seems to only provide: lua (package), some "cmd:"s, lib:liblua, but not "devel:" (and then, for example, lua_x86 package does not contains any lib, that I assume programs whishing to load it at runtime would need).
<Begasus> here the lua_x86 package contains the binaries and the library
<OscarL> on python packages, you get stuff under /bin, data/, develop (guess we just don't have a separate package for that), AND stuff under /lib. the last one is the one I'm expecting to see on the lua ones.
<trungnt2910[m]> <Diver> "ubuntu 20.04 with linux kernel 6..." <- I've tried HyClone on Ubuntu 20.04 WSL1, it works well, except that HyClone crashes during first boot processing so might have to kill everything (`killall -9 haiku_loader hyclone_server`) and start HyClone again.
<trungnt2910[m]> I'm currently setting up a Ubuntu 20.04 VM and building HyClone on that one, but it'll take a while as it's compiling Haiku's buildtools from scratch.
<OscarL> Begasus might be some problem with my local builds then (weird, didn't even touched those). Rechecking.
<Begasus_32> OscarL
<OscarL> (just unninstalled everything, and will start again)
<OscarL> Thanks Begasus. Something wrong on my end (besides my head? :-P).
<Begasus> you got me scared ;)
<OscarL> Sorry!
<Begasus> np, can handle a few ;)
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) my son has setup a beshare server... but I cannot connect... I don't know what to advise him. He can connet both on the local IP and the public IP...
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) (in another house/building away from me)
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil)
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<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) Ok, he's made a setting change... I'm off to try it. BRB
<Begasus> k, thinking of dropping gcc2 support for texinfo, the binaries can still be installed in $prefix/bin ... (latest release)
<Begasus> running into parse errors over and over :P
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) bulter catsup 15
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) bulter catsup 15
<Diver> trungnt2910[m]: I rebooted and now it stuck at
<Diver> id: cannot find name for user ID 0
<Diver> Welcome to the Haiku shell.
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) butler catsup 15
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<Diver> ctrl+c doesn't work at this point
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<B2IA> (twozakai) hello all
BrunoSpr has joined #haiku
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) hello back to you
<B2IA> (twozakai) I can send... and I can receive...
<Begasus> 'lo there :)
<OscarL> hello twozakai. (can barely read your nick, damn IRC client with fixed colors :-D)
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) twozaki: on your server?
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<B2IA> (twozakai) I can connect locally to my server and I can connect to it from my WAN IP
<B2IA> (twozakai) and I can send and receive between two beshare clients, one connected to 192.x.x.x and one connected via the WAN IP
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) ok, i'll try with th IP
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) nice
<B2IA> (twozakai) DNS name also working,
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<OscarL> Begasus, just in case... I removed ALL lua*.hpkg, run "pkgman full", "checkfs /boot", and git pull upstream master. Things should get better after a reboot, I reckon?
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) butler catsup 10
<B2IA> (twozakai) yup, I suspect there is a comman-line flag I need to enable/configure
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<Begasus> it should be OscarL
<Begasus> provided no Haiku changes a reboot wouldn't be needed
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<OscarL> was missing last +79 patch.
<Begasus> ah
<Begasus> had that today for the 64bit install
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<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) twozaki: IF it works for you... it should work for me. I couldn't see a switch of interset in thet screen shot your sent...
<B2IA> (twozakai) the only thing I can think of is something to do with what address it listens on... but the server only HAS one address... and only one address has been forwarded...
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] lonemadmax pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56955] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] cd6e756df5ea - FlatControlLook: fix clipping
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<B2IA> (twozakai) should I be running the muscled server on a beos VM rather than a debian container then?
<B2IA> (twozakai) oh a haiku* VM
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) Twozaki: what version of the muscle server did you install on ?
<B2IA> (twozakai) the one from the agmsmith github you sent me
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) Twozaki: again, if you can get in, we should be able to connect
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) Twozaki: did you any commandline switches at all when starting the server service?
<B2IA> (twozakai) only the port
<B2IA> (twozakai) i made a systemd server with the following line for the exec
<B2IA> (twozakai) /srv/muscled/server/muscled port=7000
<OscarL> Begasus: Back on track: is in system/lib/x86 now, pheew! No idea what was that. Sorry for the noise.
<Begas_VM> +1 :)
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) butler catsup 5
<OscarL> for newest Lua, do we still want to provide a GCC2 version (nothing seems to require liblua5.4)
jmairboeck has joined #haiku
<Begas_VM> checked the recipe? I think so*
<Begas_VM> or pkgman search *
<OscarL> "inrecipe lua5.4" only shows results on lua recipes (for conflicts with _devel :-D)
<Begas_VM> that I know, lua5.3 is still the default (only one providing cmd:lua (in devel)
<OscarL> that would explain the CONFLICTS on the others, yup. lua5.4 recipe seems to be mising one for lua5.3 :-/
<OscarL> duh, it has it, but as "lua" (silly me)
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) Twozaki: I'm just downloading JavaShare2 for Windows, to give that a whirl...
<Begas_VM> heh
<OscarL> (using explicit numbering would be neater, thou :-D)
<B2IA> (twozakai) I couldn't get javashare running on archlinux, missing some GUI dependancies and there wasn't any documentation for it
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil_ViaWindows) Twozaki: I'm back
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil_ViaWindows) Now to try your muscle server
<OscarL> (I think there could be a basically empty package that points to the default one.)
<PulkoMandy> OscarL: hello, I think I just fixed the crash in BGhostView :) let me know if it works for you
<OscarL> "pkgman install lua" (and "lua" depends on whatever is the default lua_xxx on that platform)
<PulkoMandy> I will try to change the icons to use more modern ones and then I think we can have a release to update in HaikuPorts
<OscarL> PulkoMandy: nice! Will test right away.
<OscarL> PulkoMandy: built/tested a local recipe poiting to 2560136424c147c9edc3d19d1604ebf12a09cce6... It seems to work fine!
<OscarL> tested changing pages/zoom, paper size...
<OscarL> will try a big .ps now.
<PulkoMandy> nice :) I'm replacing the icons with newer ones now, and then I'll tag a version 1.0.0 :)
<OscarL> Seems to handle complex files just fine too. Will have the recipe almost ready for that 1.0.0 tag :-D
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) butler catsup 5
<OscarL> Begasus, should I reply to nielx regarding the old rust recipes, or you'll do it?
<trungnt2910[m]> <Diver> "trungnt2910: I rebooted and..." <- I've done setting up my Ubuntu VM and I can reproduce your bug. I'm currently working on a fix.
<Diver> nice! :)
<OscarL> Begasus, now that I see the history for dev-lang/rust/, seems nielx hasn't touched that dir since 2017 :-D (and he *does* "git mv" for the ones under "dev-lang/rust-bin")
<Begasus> haven't seen it yet :)
<PulkoMandy> rust-bin is cross compiled from Linux. I think it is currently not possible to build Rust directly on Haiku
* OscarL notice the BGhostview release, YAY
<Begasus> commented OscarL
<PulkoMandy> yes, now with nice vector icons :)
<OscarL> PulkoMandy: does adding "2019-2023 Adrien Destugues" to the current 'COPYRIGHT="1999 Andreas Raquet"' on the recipe sounds about right?
<PulkoMandy> yes, I guess
<OscarL> Great. Thank you! (will open a PR for 1.0.0)
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<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) butler catsup 10
<OscarL> after my slow network allowed me to download ghostscript to test also on 64 bits:
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) butler catsup 10
<Begas_VM> nice :)
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<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] pulkomandy pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-2/±0]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 981f2b0 - BGhostview: update to version 1.0.0
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<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) butler catsup 10
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<braewoods> Is there a preferred place to put unix sockets in the file tree of Haiku?
<braewoods> It's also common practice to use PID files for unix system background services. What is the preferred practice for Haiku?
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<OscarL> Not sure braewoods, maybe on B_{SYSTEM,USER}_CACHE_DIRECTORY or B_{SYSTEM,USER}_TMP_DIRECTORY ?
<braewoods> Under Linux it's /run or /var/run. BSDs and SunOS are /var/run apparently.
<braewoods> But given how atypical Haiku is I may just use /tmp.
<OscarL> finddir -l will give you a list of B_xxx_DIRECTORY that you can use to "finddir B_SYSTEM_VAR_DIRECTORY", for example
<OscarL> there's also <FindDirectory.h>
<Begas_VM> ok, pathological needs pygame_x86 to run, but the game can be build for "all", should I switch to secondary arch to add pygame as dependency?
<braewoods> OscarL: thanks, is there a preferred way to run background services?
<braewoods> Part of my project is intended to be run as a background process.
<braewoods> Under most unix clones I would integrate with init's service system, whatever that is.
<OscarL> all I know about background programs, is how to make them avoid appearing on Deskbar :-) (you need to set the "Background app" flag on their resources)
<OscarL> we have a "launch_daemon"
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<braewoods> Ok. I'll investigate it later.
<OscarL> seems to be called "launch_roster"?
<braewoods> just trying to find the best way to port my design to Haiku as I implement it
<jmairboeck> Begas_VM: probably pygame_x86 should add pygame to PROVIDES, like it is done for a few python recipes
<OscarL> braewoods: /boot/system/data/launch/system is a text file, that shows how "services" gets launched at boot (AFAICT).
<OscarL> sorry for being vague, just not something I'm really familiar with (as usual :-P)
<braewoods> yea, it's not something I'd normally need to care about but when you write long running process code, you suddenly need to care more about implementation details
<OscarL> asking around again at other hours will certainly get you better answers, or you could try over the forums.
<braewoods> I found something interesting though. I was trying to find out why some unix clones failed to enumerate my turing smart screen so I could get a serial interface. It boiled down to differences in how they enumerate USB CDC ACM devices.
<OscarL> Begas_VM, FWIW, on "monsterz" I put: "# For 32 bits, only "pygame_x86" is available, thus we can't use "any" here."
<braewoods> NetBSD / FreeBSD looked somewhere else than Linux and OpenBSD did.
<braewoods> I guess my users will just have to live with this limitation as I doubt I could get this issue patched. They'll probably just say my device is faulty which it probably is, technically.
<OscarL> always fun doing cross-platform development :-D
<braewoods> Yea, if the device had the same value in both descriptors it would have worked fine but I can't fix that since I didn't make the device.
<braewoods> And from what I can tell the bugged drivers cannot be unloaded to be replaced with a userspace one as a workaround.
<braewoods> So I guess it just has to be as it is.
<braewoods> It won't be the only display I intend to support.
<braewoods> But I should probably stick to USB ACM serial via posix termios APIs plus custom libusb drivers.
<OscarL> that reminds me... our pc_serial driver still doesn't handles timouts :-/
<OscarL> (or not well enough via BSerialPort class at least)
<OscarL> damn thing preventing my serial_mouse driver from working!!!
* OscarL shouts at clouds.
<braewoods> Eh? I thought pc_serial was only for RS232.
<OscarL> yup.
<braewoods> I thought you were talking PS/2.
<braewoods> I've never heard of a serial mouse, just PS/2, USB, bluetooth.
<OscarL> na... good old serial mouse :-D
* OscarL feels old
<braewoods> Must be older then.
<braewoods> I'm used to PC hardware.
<OscarL> and where do you think I was using those serial mouse drivers? :-D
<OscarL> PC all the way... just older :-D
<braewoods> the original XT?
<OscarL> started with that... but I still have machines with serial ports, and working mouse to try
<OscarL> in fact... my current Phenom II X4 machine (this one) has serial and parallel ports.
<braewoods> Someone was making modern motherboards that are based off the XT architecture.
<OscarL> plenty of PS/2 mouse work on Serial ports with a passive adapter like this:
<braewoods> Modified for modern cases and the like.
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<OscarL> heh, I guess some people like working with hardware that old. I like seeing repair videos on them, but actually use them? nah... I *was* there :-P
<braewoods> Ever hear of ELKS?
<braewoods> a Linux clone designed to run on x86 real mode, no memory protection
<puck_> not a clone! it's a very very divergent fork
<braewoods> Interesting idea though.
<braewoods> I wouldn't expect it to be super stable though.
<OscarL> nice pics! :-D (I preferred the amber monitor, but... :-P)
<PulkoMandy> FUZIX is more interesting, covers a bit more hardware (several 8 bit systems with use of memory banking as a very simple MMU)
<braewoods> From what I can tell, the first microprocessor with an MMU that saw serious use was the 68k.
<braewoods> x86 got an MMU pretty early but it didn't see serious use until much later that I can tell.
<braewoods> Until DOS and Win9x era ended anyway.
<OscarL> does 386 enhanced mode depends on mmu? if so, Win 3.x made use of it (and surely DeskView, and others).
<braewoods> protected mode did that I can tell.
<phschafft> weren't all those whatever high memory drivers just drivers for the MMU?
<OscarL>, I'm having flashbacks.
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<Begasus> OscarL, can't pygame be made for primary target on 32bit? ;)
<OscarL> guess it could (not like we'll be reviving some Python 2.x for gcc2 any time soon, right? RIGHT?)
<Begasus> nope :P
<Begasus> just I could use that instead of making phatological secondary target where it isn't needed ;)
<OscarL> I used that on monsterz because... well, that worked, and I'm usually not confident enough to just go and change things :-D
<OscarL> (too much at least)
<Begasus> just saw it :)
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<OscarL> similarly... could we make x86 for lua be the primary, and drop the gcc2 one? at least for newer versions?
<Begas_VM> story is a bit different then with python packages :) (arch independent locations)
<Begas_VM> ;)
<OscarL> :-(
<Begas_VM> but np, can switch to secondary arch for pygame :)
<OscarL> mmm "inrecipe pygame" only results: monsterz and singularity (besides the pygame's own recipe)?
<OscarL> what's the story regarding SDL 1 vs SDL 2?
<OscarL> much difference building pygame agains one or the other?
<OscarL> *against
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<Begas_VM> not following ...
<Begas_VM> got caught up in playing phatological :)
gouchi has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<OscarL> heh. I mean... seems like pygame can be build with either SDL1 or SDL2... and I was wondering if there's a reason to keep it on SDL1.
<OscarL> and considering that we seem to have only 2 (3 with Pathological) games using it... might be good time to switch to the newer, unless there's a problem with that.
<Begas_VM> SDL2 has become better in the last years, before that it had it's faults (slow/dragging ...)
<Begas_VM> for instance TuxPaint stayed on SDL for quite a while because of this, now it works fine with SDL2
<OscarL> I see (reading SDL issues on github now, to see what I find)
<Begas_VM> Bill even dropped support for SDL in favor of SDL2 now
<OscarL> what/who is Bill?
<Begas_VM> Bill Kendrik author from TuxPaint
<PulkoMandy> braewoods: I am looking into hardware flow control for USB-ACM and it doesn't look like there is any way to configure it in standard USB CDC-ACM, so nothing more we can do in our driver. The hardware may or may not implement flow control on the actual UART side (if there's even a physical UART there), and on the USB side it's expected that USB already provides all the flow control you need (the device ca
<PulkoMandy> n reject requests to send data if it has no buffer available, and the computer will try again later). So, I don't think enabling or disabling hardware flow control will do anything. However, it looks like it is possible to directly control RTS and DTR pins, I don't know if our driver already handles that
<PulkoMandy> it looks like it does, in ACM::SetControlLineState. So I don't think the ACM driver can do anything more than it already does here
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<braewoods> PulkoMandy: doesn't matter anyway, the device I was looking at isn't really anything to do with networking, modems, etc. It just implements a minimal ACM driver to emulate a serial port it can receive proprietary commands from for controlling the device.
<braewoods> So it could be interfaced with regular OS usb drivers.
<trungnt2910[m]> <Diver> "trungnt2910: I rebooted and..." <- The problem is `registrar` crashing while trying to do something at the `NULL` address. The bug is only reproducible on Linux, and not on WSL1. However, even after nuking two VMs I still can't find the root cause of that bug.
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<Begas_VM> cmake files for openjpeg or installed in $libDir instead of $libDir/cmake, not touching that atm ...
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<PulkoMandy> Yes, that's what ACM is for, simple serial communications over USB. Not normally used for actual modems and networks (other USB-CDC profiles are available for that)
<OscarL> Lagrange crashes on resize (wonder if it can be built with -DENABLE_X11_SWRENDER, using waddlesplash' xlibe)... one way to find out?
<Begasus> PR created ... time to head out for a bit :)
<Habbie> i'll rebase
<Begasus> cu later
<OscarL> later.
<OscarL> thanks Habbie! (slow HDD here, and the dependecy thing that HP does gets kinda painfull :-D)
<Habbie> yes! i noticed on my previous machine
<OscarL> Building Lagrange with xlibe? no go. Guess we should just not resize its windows then to avoid the crash :-P
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<OscarL> ah... I see that gitk has the same resize->crash issue (SDL2/OpenGL).
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<Habbie> (should i squash it?)
<OscarL> If you don't, it will be so at merge time (with just a concatenation of your commit messages).
<OscarL> So... only difference will be the cleanliness of the final commit message :-)
<Habbie> ah yes
<OscarL> BTW, thanks for your work Habbie :-) (lets hope we can fix the lua issue so it then works on x86)
<Habbie> np! i saw my ?.so tip helped :)
<OscarL> yup! worked!
<OscarL> (I was just too dispersed today to do properly work on the lua recipe :-()
<Habbie> squashed
<OscarL> neat! :-)
<zdykstra> Morning, all
<Habbie> morning!
<OscarL> hola zdykstra
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 0ba60bc7432a - Move BarberPole from HaikuDepot to libshared
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56956] -
<waddlesplash> OscarL: what doesn't work with lagrange?
<waddlesplash> oh it needs OpenGL
<waddlesplash> yeah, won't work
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56957] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] b00da680fbf4 - BTabView: remove obsolete code
<OscarL> (Should have saved the compiler error :-/)
<OscarL> something missing on an anonymous union, IIRC.
<OscarL> the idea was to use X11 for to make use of Lagrange's -DENABLE_X11_SWRENDER option (I was trying to avoid OpenGL) to see if that helped with the crash on resize.
<waddlesplash> well, please do let me know what the error was
<waddlesplash> it may be fixable
<waddlesplash> but really, we should just figure out what's wrong with SDL and fix it instead
<OscarL> Will try again.
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<OscarL> waddlesplash:
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<OscarL> I just commented out the body of that function, and the build went ok, lol. Still get the same crash (BGLView::Unlock())...
<OscarL> so no "-DENABLE_X11_SWRENDER=OFF -DENABLE_X11_XLIB=ON" doesn't helps.
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<OscarL> mmm, might need to set DISPLAY so something for that to work...
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<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+5/-0/±0]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Habbie 038316c - libtermkey: new port, version 0.22 (#8141)
<Habbie> woo
<Begasus> now cross the fingers buildmasters are OK :)
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<extrowerk2> hi
<OscarL> hello!
<OscarL> 64 bits build OK!
<Begasus> hi extrowerk2 !
<nosycat> o/
<Begasus> 32bit too :)
<extrowerk2> My eyes gets worse and worse every day. I had to bump the font size to 16 in Vision :(
<OscarL> nice Habbie!
<extrowerk2> i mean my sight
<Begasus> congrats :)
<Begasus> extrowerk2, getting older? :)
<OscarL> at 14 here on 64 bits... 12 on 32, just to punish myself :-P
<extrowerk2> Begasus: impossible.
<Begasus> heh
<Begasus> never wore glaces untill I was almost 50, then it went fast
<extrowerk2> OscarL: the resolution and the screen size is also important. This is a 14 inch screen with 1920x1080 resolution fom around 40 cm
<Begasus> glases/glasses?
<extrowerk2> Begasus: i did my time with glasses in my childhood, does it means i am done and won't ever need any ?
<extrowerk2> I suspect your answer won't be positive.
<Begasus> don't know extrowerk2 , the kids here had glasses when they wer younger (oldest one has them again now, age 36)
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<Begasus> done for today :)
<OscarL> same. See you all!
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<Begasus> that was fast :P
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-2/±0]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] davidkaroly 46180e4 - libfilezilla: update to 0.42.2 (#7895)
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-2/±0]
<botifico-c849d97b> [haikuports/haikuports] davidkaroly 6dca268 - filezilla: update to 3.64.0 (#8554)
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<jmairboeck> the lilypond build works again on the latest nightly
<Begasus> nice jmairboeck , also on the beta?
<jmairboeck> if it is updated, I suppose so
<Habbie> there's no automatic popup or anything for installing updates, right?
<jmairboeck> my beta VM is too small for it, so didn't test
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<Begasus> popup?
<Begasus> when you update with pkgman you get a question to go through or not
<Habbie> oh sure
<Habbie> i mean, my debian will sometimes give me a popup
<Habbie> "updates available"
<Begasus> ah, not to my knowlidge
<Habbie> ack
<Habbie> CLI it is i think
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<Begasus> k, heading down, cu peeps!
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<extrowerk2> Habbie: you can script it yourself :)
<Habbie> oh i am capable of many things given time ;l)
<Habbie> -l
<Habbie> i was just realising that i'm still running exactly beta4, i think
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] pulkomandy pushed 2 commits to master [hrev56958] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] b289c1e4066d - Fix typo
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] d1aa4a429500 - Fix typo
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<Skipp_OSX> well I understand how the selection code works now at least
<Skipp_OSX> is there a way that I can force a drawing to be monochrome?
<Skipp_OSX> eh that wouldn't fix the problem anyway
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