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<zdykstra> I wonder how hard it'll be to get `bat` updated
<zdykstra> oh god, that's a lot of source URIs
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56865] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 4cb940843752 - NTFS-3G: Update to 2022.10.3.
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<pairisto[m]> I am having some trouble with getting the tun.cpp file to start on Haiku since most VPN applications need to talk to a system TUN driver. I compiled it using jam -jN tun and it is now in .../generated/objects/haiku/x86_64/release/add-ons/kernel/network/devices/tun but I do not know where to go from there to start it for it to show up in ifconfig. Though I also do not know if it is best to start with tun.cpp since it seems to be a
<pairisto[m]> module rather than a driver.
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<Habbie> jessicah, i indeed noticed that "what variant of the ISC license I see on my system" depends on what port i installed; i made a local note to check into the situation and then just went with the status quo
<Habbie> jessicah, happy to do otherwise of course :)
<jessicah> if other ports are specifying a customised ISC license, they should be fixed too
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<jessicah> only if it's unmodified, should it be called ISC
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
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<Habbie> jessicah, that makes sense to me - as i said, I chose "what they did" but I'll change it
<jessicah> "what they did" might not be correct ;-)
<Habbie> no, definitely
<Habbie> but sometimes projects prefer people keep doing the wrong thing until somebody fixes it all at once
<Habbie> i'm starting to learn haiku is not such a project :)
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<Habbie> maybe next time i'll put all my notes in comments in the PR, so people know why i made choices
<Begasus> not a bad idea
<Begasus> I'm sometimes lost on why something has been done in a recipe :)
<OscarL> Guten morgen, mein volk!
<Begasus> Sounds so wrong OscarL ! :P
<Begasus> moin :)
<OscarL> :-D
<jessicah> haha, no worries, I only look at haiku ports every now and then :) it can be a bit of a wild west some times :p
<jessicah> just chance that I noticed the licence thing ;-)
<Begasus> jessicah, saw your comment on the mailing list about the license
<Begasus> had one the other day to (a while back) that had all the looks of ICS but not quite the same, what is this Vis license?
<jessicah> just custom ISC named after the port name
<Begasus> ah /me smacks head ;)
<jessicah> it's what other ports do
<jessicah> hehe
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<Begas_VM> OscarL, remember I was trying to install Haiku to the internal drive a few days back?
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<OscarL> yup! How that went?
<Begas_VM> I couldn't get it to be added to the bootmanager so I gave up
<OscarL> :-(
<OscarL> BIOS boot?
<Begas_VM> now I forgot to plug in the USB drive and the laptop instantly booted to Haiku! :D
<OscarL> lol :-)
<Begas_VM> native resolution, sound OK, wifi OK :)
<OscarL> awesome!
<Begas_VM> ah no, LAN connected ;)
<OscarL> at least it has an ethernet port :-P
<Begas_VM> but still, nice seeing it up and running
<Begas_VM> yeah that one has
<Begas_VM> well, most of them (+10years old), this one doesn't
<OscarL> I wish my netbook was either a bit more powerful, or it was cooler in Haiku. I would use it more often in either case :-)
<Begas_VM> waiting for the other one to come out of repair, hope the new pasta(?) had done some good
<OscarL> Thermal paste?
<Begas_VM> pasta (like cup cooling glue)
<Begas_VM> yep
<OscarL> Doubt spaguettis (pasta) would do it any good :-P
<Begas_VM> heh
<Begas_VM> cleaned out all the dust it has been collecting for over 12 years should help somewhat too I guess :)
<OscarL> sure! Might even get a bit faster, if it was thermal-throttling already.
<Begas_VM> it would just freeze or completely shut down when overheating
<OscarL> Then it will indeed be faster. any speed > 0 :-P
<Begas_VM> right lol
<OscarL> Heh, among the few sites I can still reach with BeZilla: (A HaikuPorts Trac instance... wonder from wich year that is)
<Habbie> uses an invalid security certificate.
<Habbie> The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed.
<Habbie> Well, this is awkward. The site you're looking for is not here.
<OscarL> "http" only.,
<Habbie> ah, you pasted https :D
<Habbie> i see it
<OscarL> sorry!
<OscarL> No SSL, that's why it works on BeZilla.
<Habbie> right :)
<OscarL> Tried to use Web+ yesterday (ouside of Github or Haiku related sites).... Dear Gaia... I can't stand the web anymore without uBlock Origin :-/
<OscarL> Every single page that showed an ad.. made Web+ crawl on my Phenom II X4 :-(
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<OscarL> I think I'm finally starting to "get" bash scripting (famous last words!). Familiarity/exposure/ surely helps :-)
<OscarL> But I'm starting to hate the inconsistencies among similar recipes (now that I can understand if the difference is meaningful or not)
<OscarL> Guess I should remember that iimprovement is an iterative process.
<jessicah> OscarL: oh, the web without ad blockers is an absolute cesspool
<jessicah> I run ad blocker and pi-hole in tandem
<Habbie> OscarL, i think writing those things down so somebody can put them into hp --lint is key
<OscarL> I should see if at least making privoxy work again helps a bit (I packaged the BeOS version back in 2003 :-D)
<OscarL> Habbie: indeed, but some things like: Do not needlessly add "\n\" to unless it is REALLY needed... could the linter detect that?
<Habbie> 'really needed' is an interesting one
<Habbie> but add to what?
<OscarL> (talking about multi-line PROVIDES_/REQUIRES_)
<Habbie> hmm, when would that need \n\?
<Habbie> or, got an example port that's weird?
<Begas_VM> was wondering why they are needed in the python recipes too
<OscarL> let me search two examples, and I'll link them. Eeasier than me trying to explain.
<Habbie> ack
<OscarL> At first I was just blindly copying the Example one. But... Example two made me go... "Oh! That was dumb!".
<Habbie> oh huh
<Habbie> one is -weird-
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<Habbie> ah both of these are eval
<OscarL> The extra "\" at the end of: eval "PROVIDES_${pythonPackage}=\"\ (in example one)
<Habbie> also in two
<OscarL> forces you to add the extra "\n\" on the rest.
<Habbie> well, yes, but without the \ in \" you lose the " entirely
<jessicah> the \n is array expansion
<OscarL> Notice that Example twi uses: eval "PROVIDES_$pythonPackage=\" (no final \)
<jessicah> via eval
<OscarL> and avoids having to add \n\ then
<jessicah> oh nvm, I see they both do
<OscarL> With both styles I get the same expansions.
<jessicah> that's what I get from looking on my phone
<Habbie> hehe
<Habbie> jessicah, how is the \n involved in array expansion?
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<OscarL> seems my fake_hp is finally paying off :-P
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<jessicah> I said nvm ;-)
<Habbie> ohh
<Habbie> wasn't sure if it was for that :D
<jessicah> maybe one doesn't work with POSIX sh and the other does?
<Habbie> OscarL, anyway, i pick example two
<Habbie> right, what shell is specified for recipes?
<jessicah> otherwise, if identical, switch to example two format
<OscarL> Habbie: I would two... and would have done so sooner, if I understood that better earlier :-D
<OscarL> s/two/too/
<OscarL> But as I pushed several PRs in the style of Example one... and korli didn't even peep.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<OscarL> :-D
<Habbie> hehe
<Begasus> maybe something introduces by fbrosson :) (he kinda had a thing for overkill) :)
<Begasus> but learned a lot from him also back then
<OscarL> heh, never met him, but seem to have done a ton of work over HP.
<Begasus> yeah, too bad he's not around anymore
<OscarL> indeed.
<OscarL> re: styles: I'm also a sucker for proper indentation, so Example two also scratches that itch for me.
<OscarL> I was not doing that earier because I was trying hard to avoid to introduces more changes than necessary...
<OscarL> (after being frustrated by silly mistakes, misplaced chars, fails to parse, etc, etc)
<OscarL> ("proper indentation" as in.. I can read it more easily if indented, not because it is strictly needed)
<OscarL> Welp. Back to update rdflib then. Thanks for the feedback folks.
<jessicah> :)
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<Begasus_64> this rizin/cutter thing is driving me nuts, trying on 64bit now
<OscarL> Mmm rizin rings a bell... from the "drop Python 3.7" issue. (listed there)
<OscarL> Haven't actually looked at it yet.
* OscarL should stop playing with "fake_hp" and get back to update recipes :-D
<Begasus_64> yep
<Begasus_64> listed there
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<Begasus_64> I'll post a PR later for that one (allthough cutter still can't find it (build time))
<Habbie> Begasus_64, do you use rizin/cutter for anything?
<Begasus_64> nope Habbie ;)
<Habbie> ok :)
<Begasus_64> not sure where the challenge came from anymore :D
<Habbie> haha
<OscarL> oh, a RE tool!... I remember using Zadig's "reveng" in the BeOS days.
<OscarL> even contributed back some small tweaks to it.
<Begasus> extrowork did the first port :)
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<Begasus_64> bugger, same thing under 64bit :/
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 976e0c4 - pyenchant: recipe cleanup, update to 3.2.2, support Python 3.10. (#8142)
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<andreasdr> Still having the "No OpenGL renderer available" message in GLTeapot. Does someone know something about this?
<andreasdr> Good morning
<andreasdr> Need to reboooooooot
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<Begasus> wb andreasdr
<andreasdr> Good morning Begasus :)
<Begasus> almost noon :)
<andreasdr> True that :)
<Begasus_64> k, back to the libraries, added log file so upstream could have a look at it
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<andreasdr> Ok. Work Work Work!
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<Begasus> hunting source for libelf ...
<X1> 🙂
<Begasus> hehe
<Begasus> upstream is dead
<Begasus> maybe drop it? (2008)
<andreasdr> Arrr. Wait what?
<Habbie> ah, you have an older one
<Habbie> i see debian ships the sourceware one
<Habbie> (i have no idea if they're compatible)
<Begasus> according to repology it does
<Habbie> debian calls the sourceware one libelf1
<Begasus> ah!
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<Begasus> need to check if it is used by anything
<Begasus> not much, but still a few
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<Begas_VM> configure: error: failed to find argp_parse ...
<Begas_VM> hunting ...
<OscarL> Welp... I just wrote some long comment that surely will make korli hate me for being so verbose :-D
<Begas_VM> He will get used to it ;)
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) never, i say... never
<OscarL> Begas_VM: Dealing with newbies (like me in this case) can be exhausting. (I've been on both sides of that more than once :-D).
<OscarL> and being a noob can also be frustrating, of course.
<Begasus> Been there too ;)
<Begasus> And have been one too :P
* OscarL plays Oasis's Wonderwall ("I say maybe"), just to contradict UnrealNeil from BeShare :-P
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) Never say never... i forgot.
<Begasus> heh
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) 25 years ago, BeOS worked with most webcameras and TV tuners, with Haiku i haven't it work with any WebCams. are webCam drivers hard to write?
<OscarL> No idea. I know there's a libuvc that could be used to ease that task, but currently relies on libusb, which has some problems preventing libuvc to work...
<OscarL> Supposedly one could replace libuvc's lbusb backend with one that uses Haiku's USBKit, but seems no one cared enough, or had enough free time.
<OscarL> Too many things to do, so little time (or skills, in my case). :-/
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<Begasus> looks I need a new library for argp_parse (seems not included in our libc(?))
<OscarL> ...also 25 years ago... TV tuners were basically all BT848, so, only one driver there. Not sure about the webcam situation. Not to mention Be's people were paid to write those drivers.
<OscarL> Begasus: doesn't seems to appear in either headers nor libraries (checked on 32 bits beta4).
<Begas_VM> k, this one seems to build and installs fine in Terminal
<Begasus> checking that one, need to create a recipe and then check further :)
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) thanks
<OscarL> Begasus: just in case you don't have it already... this is what I use to check for functions in libraries:
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<OscarL> (got that from mmu_man ages ago)
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<Begas_VM> libdir="/boot/system/lib"
<Begas_VM> need to set that to +x86 mostly ;)
<OscarL> Begasus: heh, I was only getting Python related results for arg_parse. Nice that it works.
<OscarL> Begas_VM: yeah... noticed that when pasting it :-D
<Begasus> This function is missing on all non-glibc platforms: Mac OS X 10.5, FreeBSD 6.0, NetBSD 5.0, OpenBSD 3.8, Minix 3.1.8, AIX 5.1, HP-UX 11, IRIX 6.5, OSF/1 5.1, Solaris 11 2011-11, Cygwin, mingw, MSVC 9, Interix 3.5, BeOS.
<Begasus> and Haiku it seems :)
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<HaikuUser> test
<Begas_VM> 1
<Kokito> test passed
<Begas_VM> Ok: 1
<Begas_VM> Expected Fail: 0
<Begas_VM> Fail: 0
<Begas_VM> Unexpected Pass: 0
<Begas_VM> Skipped: 0
<Begas_VM> Timeout: 0
<Begas_VM> yep :)
<Begasus> k, could use an example from a recipe using a static library (and headers) only
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<Begasus> OscarL, do you have something that can look this up easy? ;)
<OscarL> "inrecipe header*only" ? :-P
<OscarL> "inrecipe header only" actually produce a couple results.
<OscarL> dev-cpp/moustache
<OscarL> dev-cpp/websocketpp
<Begasus> thanks ... checking
<Begasus> nope, no good, need one with a static library ;)
<OscarL> for the .a .. flex/bison perhaps?
<OscarL> yacc
<OscarL> basically ones that PROVIDE a "devel:lib", but no lib:lib.
<OscarL> We could use some .recipe specific tooling/scripts for searches like these.
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<OscarL> something like: "inrecipe -s provides <pattern> ^<pattern>" would be cool
<Habbie> very!
<Habbie> where does pkgman get this info?
<OscarL> that "inrecipe" is just a bash function (from the HaikuPorts wiki). I was just dreaming some interface for a would-be tool.
<OscarL> Regarding pkgman...
<OscarL> it uses "libsolv", or libsolver, I forget (from opensuse, I think).
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<OscarL> the actual data... guess that's what pkgman keeps downloading everytime?
<OscarL> (that there's something new on the repos)
<OscarL> I only delved in to pkgman long enough to do this:
<Begas_VM> hmm, mine doesn't look that far off:
<PulkoMandy> andreasdr: the opengl error is usually because you're missing an opengl renderer. Somehow they are shipped as separate packages from mesa (mesa_swpipe) and there is a missing dependency so it's possible to uninstall it
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<OscarL> Habbie: Well, I actually also wanted to write a patch for pkgman to add a: "pkgman search --not-required", similar to "pip list --not-required". Got as far as taking down some notes for future use, but I have problems maintaining focus :-D
<Habbie> hehe
<Habbie> same, at least i take notes these days ;)
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<Begas_VM> configure:9255: gcc -o conftest -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 -g -O2 -DBAD_FTS=1 -Wl,--build-id conftest.c -largp >&5
<Begas_VM> /boot/system/develop/tools/x86/bin/../lib/gcc/i586-pc-haiku/11.2.0/../../../../i586-pc-haiku/bin/ld: /boot/system/develop/lib/x86/libargp.a(argp-parse.c.o): in function `argp_version_parser':
<Begas_VM> argp-parse.c:(.text+0x2b0): undefined reference to `libintl_dgettext'
<Begas_VM> /boot/system/develop/tools/x86/bin/../lib/gcc/i586-pc-haiku/11.2.0/../../../../i586-pc-haiku/bin/ld: /boot/system/develop/lib/x86/libargp.a(argp-parse.c.o): in function `argp_parse':
<Begas_VM> argp-parse.c:(.text+0xeed): undefined reference to `libintl_dgettext'
<Begas_VM> k, it seems to pick up the library, but gets some error on libintl?
<Begas_VM> checking for library containing argp_parse... -largp
<Begas_VM> checking for library containing fts_close... no
<Begas_VM> lol! next one :/
<OscarL> missing -lintl ?
<Begas_VM> now fts_close
<Begas_VM> I had it in the recipe, add it to LDFLAGS
<OscarL> well... have fun :-) /off to buy some food. BBL!
<Begas_VM> -lbsd probably :)
<Begas_VM> happy hunting ;)
<OscarL> with this inflation... I might actually have to go hunt something :-D
<Begas_VM> well the lgrep function already provided a first sollution OscarL :)
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<OscarL> Begas_VM: nice :-D
<Begas_VM> k, giving up on elfutils (for now), got as far as "make" starting to run into other errors :(
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus bead54e - argp_standalone, new recipe for missing function arg_parse (#8144)
<Begasus> there, don't have to hunt it down anymore in case I need it somewhere else :)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus c70f8e5 - libfilezilla, disable static library (#8145)
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<zard> Maybe I should make a GUI for hey sometime.
<zard> It's very useful to explore how the views in a GUI are laid out.
<Habbie> what is "hey"?
<Habbie> oh right
<zard> The hope is that the GUI would make hey more accessible.
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<trungnt2910[m]> <zard> "A command-line utility: https..." <- Hmmm interesting.
<trungnt2910[m]> A few days ago I was looking for some built-in CLI method on Haiku to disable and enable the network interface.
<trungnt2910[m]> Found nothing except the built-in GUI.
<zard> One trick hey can do is hide views. This lets you quickly see where the view is and what it controls.
<zard> Out of curiosity, how does one make a blog on
<waddlesplash> trungnt2910[m]: ifconfig
<waddlesplash> ifconfig interface... down
<waddlesplash> (and "up")
<trungnt2910[m]> waddlesplash: I thought this thing just shows info?
<OscarL> zard: Regarding hey... there's also
<zdykstra> mornin' all
<trungnt2910[m]> waddlesplash: Oh...
<trungnt2910[m]> Will add it to my open-vmware-tools fork.
<OscarL> Hi zdykstra :)
<zdykstra> OscarL: can you send me the link to that user input addon again? I lost it in my scroll back.
<zdykstra> danke
<OscarL> NP!. The master branch is just old code... limit yourself to FreeWheely :-D
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56866] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 502309ab5a08 - strace: Introduce FlagsTypeHandler, and use it for O_* modes.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56867] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] b014491b8869 - DriveSetup: Preserve focus on rescan
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<augiedoggie> OscarL: it looks like pygmentize.1 is included in the tarball
<OscarL> saw it, but could not open it with man. Maybe I mess that up.
<OscarL> (and doing "make man" asked for sphinx)
<augiedoggie> dunno, `man -l pygmentize.1` works on linux
<OscarL> guess I should just try "mv pygmentize.1 $docDir/man" in the recipe and see if then man can open it.
<nosycat> To read a man page from the current directory, you have to give it a path, like ./pygmentize.1
<OscarL> nosycat: that's what I used, and even "man -M . pygmentize"
<nosycat> Huh. Dunno then, sorry.
<OscarL> np!
<nosycat> Must be yet another Linux extension.
<augiedoggie> i don't have a VM open to see which version of man we have, but `man -l` works for local files that aren't installed
<OscarL> augiedoggie: would that "mv to $docDir/man" be the correct way to install it?
<augiedoggie> you'd have to move it to a 'man1' subdir
<OscarL> augiedoggie: it does.
<OscarL> ("man -l" on Haiku, I mean. Thanks).
<OscarL> re: man1: k. Thanks!
<augiedoggie> $docDir/man/man1 just to be clear
<OscarL> indeed. Thanks again augiedoggie.
<augiedoggie> actually there is a $manDir variable
<augiedoggie> so, $manDir/man1
<OscarL> doh! I saw that one several times, but I keep forgetting things :-D
<OscarL> note to self... don't forget to first "mkdir -p $manDir/man1" :D
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<OscarL> rtaudio PR(s): seems hfsfox is struggling with git :-(
<phschafft> poor fox.
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 5 commits to master [hrev56868] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 37f7aba6892f - strace: Clean up Jamfile.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 0f3ea4970491 - strace: Add area protection flags printing.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 0166c1efddec - strace: reserve_address_range argument _address is an InOut parameter.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 8b9267565dd4 - strace: Do not print unnecessary parentheses.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 28d588d51e0f - strace: Create a status_t type handler and use it for return values.
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 021f332 - pygments: cleanup, update to version 2.14.0 (#8143)
<waddlesplash> TkTech: did you figure things out based on that second example?
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<Habbie> regarding $secondaryArchSuffix in BUILD_PREREQUIRES, that's only necessary on tools that might actually do different things depending on arch?
<Habbie> (in augiedoggie accepted it on gcc and libtool but wants it dropped from make)
<waddlesplash> correct
<Habbie> ok, makes sense
<Habbie> is augiedoggie in here?
<waddlesplash> yes
<Habbie> oh i could have just tabcompleted
<Habbie> augiedoggie, can you explain the one remaining commit suggestion in to me?
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<Habbie> augiedoggie, is this a workaround for having to do commandBinDir?
<Habbie> (of course a reaction from anybody else would be great too)
<Habbie> hp --lint randomly threw 'packageEntries: warning: "bin" doesn't seem to be a valid package suffix.' at me once
<Habbie> feels like it might have come from an unrelated port, but only once, while it updated caches?
<waddlesplash> possibly
<Habbie> ok
<Habbie> going to ignore it then
<Habbie> also going to assume 'yes' for my question to augiedoggie
<waddlesplash> yes, that's what I said above :)
<Habbie> no i meant the commandBinDir question :)
<waddlesplash> ah
<waddlesplash> Habbie: yes it is
<Habbie> thanks
<Habbie> all suggestions were debated by 2-3 people anyway so i was pretty confident already
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 4 commits to master [hrev56869] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 7046e7cd8ab7 - strace: Cleanup read_string.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 7da3e2fcc437 - strace: Treat void** the same as addr_t*.
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 97685bf91d15 - strace: Set void** parameters of area syscalls as InOut.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 04acec35f95e - strace: Add set_memory_protection to area syscalls.
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<Begasus> closing down, g'night peeps
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<OscarL> Welp. Done with updating coverage to 7.2.2 (from 4.5.4, was for 2.7 and 3.7 only).
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<OscarL> uhhh strace updates... nice!
<waddlesplash> yes :)
<waddlesplash> previously: map_file(" mmap area", 0x7f04c2675228, 0x6, 0x1ababd0, 0x1, 0x0, true, 0x3, 0x0) = 0x329a0 () (108 us)
<waddlesplash> now: map_file(" mmap area", [0x0], 0x6, 0x1ababd0, B_READ_AREA, 0x0, true, 0x3, 0x0) = 0x31985 ([0x7161082000]) (87 us)
<Habbie> nice!
<waddlesplash> plenty of other syscalls also improved
<jmairboeck> waddlesplash: are you working on ICU, or was that just a random example?
<waddlesplash> e.g. previously: open(0x5, "plaintext", 0x2042, 0x0) = 0x8000000f () (49 us)
<waddlesplash> now: open(0x5, "plaintext", O_RDWR | O_NOTRAVERSE | O_CLOEXEC, 0x0) = 0x8000000f Operation not allowed
<waddlesplash> jmairboeck: nah, just a random example, this happens on every app startup that uses Locale Kit
<Habbie> the flags display is *chef's kiss*
<waddlesplash> :)
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<avisxeniasheher[m]> o/
<avisxeniasheher[m]> i've got a lil problem – i have a hp compaq 6910p, wanted to install haikuos, and it doesn't detect my built-in input.
<avisxeniasheher[m]> i've seen someone else having the problem on the same one, but it never did get a solution
<avisxeniasheher[m]> is there anything i could do?
<waddlesplash> depends on why there's no input
<waddlesplash> looks like it might be a PS/2 reset problem
<avisxeniasheher[m]> uhh
<avisxeniasheher[m]> it doesn't detect it
<waddlesplash> there are some things that can be done to debug it, but these problems are pretty difficult to fix without a dev having access to hardware
<waddlesplash> there are many levels of "doesn't detect it"
<avisxeniasheher[m]> ah, that's fair
<waddlesplash> it could have detected it, but it failed to initialize
<waddlesplash> it could have detected it, but not had any driver for it
<waddlesplash> it could have totally not detected it
<waddlesplash> etc.
<avisxeniasheher[m]> hmm
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 2 commits to master [hrev56870] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 90b0629ee1a6 - strace: Trivial improvements.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 55f633f7ec52 - strace: Add printing for the address-spec enum.
<avisxeniasheher[m]> /var/log/syslog shows KERN: ps2: keyboard found, mouse status is 0xffffffff and keyboards is 0x00000000
<waddlesplash> the error will likely happen after that point
<avisxeniasheher[m]> ps2_dev: reset failed: I/O error
<waddlesplash> there you go
<avisxeniasheher[m]> several times
<waddlesplash> that appears to be a mouse problem
<waddlesplash> it appears there is more information that will appear if you rebuild this driver with more tracing turned on
<andreasdr[m]> Arrr. Good evening.
<avisxeniasheher[m]> <waddlesplash> "it appears there is more..." <- i suppose i could do that, just – where do i find source code of it?
<waddlesplash> in the main tree
<avisxeniasheher[m]> i was looking on haiku/haiku, but it appears to be some lil snippet
<waddlesplash> probably easiest to rebuild the main system package and replace it
<waddlesplash> huh? no, haiku/haiku on github is the main repo
<waddlesplash> everything is in there
<avisxeniasheher[m]> unless i'm looking in a wrong place
<waddlesplash> yes, that's a stub driver
<waddlesplash> it pulls in the main one
<waddlesplash> return get_module(B_PS2_MODULE_NAME, (module_info **)&gPs2);
<avisxeniasheher[m]> hm
<waddlesplash> this appears to be the failing method
<waddlesplash> (the "reset failed" comes from ps2_dev_detect_pointing below, which calls this)
<waddlesplash> however, this function doesn't return B_IO_ERROR
<waddlesplash> so that implies it's ps2_dev_command that is failing
<avisxeniasheher[m]> hmm
<waddlesplash> heh there is actually a workaround here for "HP/Compaq"
<avisxeniasheher[m]> heh.
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<waddlesplash> appears that goes down to standard_command_timeout
<waddlesplash> so, not entirely sure what's going on here, PS/2 isn't my forte
<waddlesplash> enabling more tracing will likely reveal something at least
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56871] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] baf281aa618b - strace: Fix names of hardcoded syscall lists.
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