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<andreasdr[m]> +
<andreasdr[m]> Arrrr I just sent a mightly +
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* OscarL thinks could be merged. It makes the minimize_all input_server addon actually usable and handy to have. Not too disruptive even, as it is not part of the default images.
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<zdykstra> That's a neat one!
<zdykstra> How goes, Oscar?
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<OscarL> Hello zdykstra! Sorry for the delay, was distracted :-)
<OscarL> All good on my end, hope the same on yours!
<zdykstra> The snow that came in over night has melted, so maybe spring will start to rear its head
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
<andreasdr[m]> Good morning Begasus
<Begasus> Moin andreasdr[m] :)
<Begasus> OscarL, around?
<OscarL> Yup
<OscarL> Good day.
<Begasus> +1 on unicorn, tested on 32bit also :)
<Begasus> aloha :)
<OscarL> Doing a last test on a unicorn variant...
<OscarL> And... it built ok.
<Begasus> ah, you created a seperate python recipe
<OscarL> (also did some minor clean up on the previous one (as two separate commits, trying to make it easier for you to review:
<OscarL> I've checked the patch for the bindings with upstream... they solved it differently... by just adding the missing ".2" to the lib name, LOL :-D
<Begasus> nice!
<OscarL> They did so 3 weeks ago, guess we're late.
<Begasus> lol
<Begasus> Fedora ships the python version also in a seperate package:
<Begasus> if so, maybe move it to dev-python?
<OscarL> and... the trick to avoid rebuilding when building the bindings? "export LIBUNICORN_PATH=$libDir".... taken from the F***ing README.txt from the bindings/python folder :-D
<OscarL> Seems reading the docs sometimes helps :-P
<Begasus> I had that too at one point (it's mentioned in the cmakelist.txt I think) :)
<OscarL> I wasn't sure about moving it to dev-python, as it seems coupled with unicorn releases (and it uses the same sources for both, albeit not the same dir due to one being "any" and the other "x86" on 32 bits at least).
<OscarL> Patches should not interfear with each other, and will go away on the next update.
<OscarL> s/interfear/interfere/ (i guess)
<OscarL> k, last test on 64 bits to check everything works.
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<humdinger> Merry DST everyone
<OscarL> Bonjour, moisieur.
<Begasus> Guten Morgen hehr humdinger :)
<humdinger> Gude Morge (?)
<Begasus> Fast :) Goede morgen
<humdinger> Goede Begasus
<OscarL> Mmm, guess I should rename "unicorn_bindings" to "unicorn_python", just in case.
<Begasus> or maybe KISS and leave it as it is atm in 1 recipe? ;)
<OscarL> re: rename.... nah... that would end with "unicorn_python_python3x" packages, and that woudl be worse.
<Begasus> no time to test this morning
<OscarL> Begasus: and suffer again the long build times from the main lib when we need to fix something on the bindings?
<Begasus> dogschool in a bit (got exams with the youngest) :)
<OscarL> (if we leave it as one recipe, I mean)
<OscarL> re: no testing time.... no problem. plenty of things to do :-)
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<Begasus> texlive wasn't done at the first check (if you mention long build times) :)
<andreasdr[m]> Hi there Humdinger
<humdinger> hullo
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<OscarL> Begasus: heh :-D I dont envy you or jmairboeck on that one.
<CPYou> moin'
<Begasus> moin CPYou
<Begasus> k, time to head out, cu later!
<OscarL> later!
<OscarL> mmm hp checks the presence of flag.patchset, but it has no idea of which patches where actually applied :-/
<OscarL> (this precludes safely using the same source dir for multiple recipes I'm finding)
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<OscarL> (seems we can't do that in any case, due to "work-*/port.recipe"... oh well... I'll move recipes around then)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes 49e8d05 - openjdk16: fix build for x86 arch
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<Begasus> re
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<OscarL> I have a question regarding, Begasus (welcome back, btw :-D).
<OscarL> why ARCHITECTURES="any" and not simply "all" ? isn't "any" specificaly for packages with no arch-specific binaries? (ie, scripts, data, etc, and not for compiled code?)
<OscarL> or is that library one of those that are header-only?
<OscarL> welp... it indeed provides "devel:librapidjso" and no "lib:librapidjso", so basically that answers my question :-D
<Begasus> ;)
<Begasus> any is arch independent and can be used accross archittectures, all means that will build for primara and (or) secondary architectures
<Begasus> so you can't use gcc2 packages on a 64bit system, the any packages you can
<Begasus> s/primara/primary/ :)
<OscarL> yup, I think I just focused too much on the "lib" part of librapidjso, and it using cmd:gcc.... and I thought... how's that not binary specific? then I read the finer details :-P
<Begasus> Installing Haiku on the other laptop on bare metal, saw there was an empty space of around 360GB (and windows boots into BSOD there), so will see if I can run it on internal hard drive instead of the external now :)
<OscarL> nice. good luck with that!
<Begasus> could pottentional speed up some builds (no bottleneck on USB then) :)
<OscarL> indeed.
<OscarL> So.... back to that rapidjson recipe... it is actually CMake the one requiring cmd:gcc and not the lib (as it doesn't gets anything compiled).
<OscarL> it could drop the "cmd:ld" thou.
<OscarL> (I've just ran "hp rapidjson" with that removed)
<OscarL> anyway... one less mystery for me :-D
<Begasus> About 26GB to be installed, this will take a bit longer then a default install :)
<OscarL> :-). Still faster than a Win98 install I bet (or at least with only one reboot) :-)
<Begas_VM> Or Win95 (floppies) :)
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<Begas_VM> 'lo matt1
<matt1> 'lo Begas_VM
<matt1> i was taking some coffee ...
<matt1> here, in Padua, is sunny
<matt1> peace :)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-3/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus e0d21f0 - isl, bump version, cleanup (#8115)
<Begasus> got a fresh cup coffee too :)
<matt1> thanks, Begas_VM , to talking to me ...
<Begasus> np matt1 , as long as we stay polite and keep religion out :)
<matt1> ok xD
<matt1> i am crazy about religion ... but np
<Begasus> every one is entitled to their own, we need to respect that too (imho)
<matt1> ok, but under everything there is religion, but i respect you ...
<Begasus> yep, and you are entitled to your own, just no need to enforce it on others :)
<matt1> ok, but it was to share interests ... ok, i understand => i need also a religion channel ...
<Begasus> yep, this is about Haiku and everything related, though small talk is not disalowed :)
<Begasus> but I'm no op here, just my 2 cents :)
<matt1> i have to respect you => it is true ...
<Begasus> cleaning up some administrative states atm, should do that more often :)
<matt1> cu, cheers ;)
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<jmairboeck> Begasus: do you want to have a go at texlive 2023 on 32 bit? I submitted a PR today.
<Begas_VM> saw it earlier jmairboeck
<Begas_VM> will have a go at it, maybe not just now but will do :)
<jmairboeck> you probably have to enable the secondaryArch for icu70 and build that first, I didn't do that
<jmairboeck> and libxml2
<Begas_VM> seems I still have icu-57 installed (trying to remove that results in wanting to remove a lot of packages)
<jmairboeck> icu57 is needed for gcc2 stuff, that one is no problem
<Begas_VM> ah, ok, then it's no problem
<jmairboeck> gcc11 things currently use icu66_x86
<Begas_VM> Trying to clean up my system on the other laptop, long overdue ;)
<jmairboeck> I hope that my change for libxml2 works correctly (i.e. use icu-57 for gcc2 and icu70 everywhere else)
<Begasus> k, first icu70, then libxml2
<Begasus> Don't have to tell you that building Texlive should take some time :)
<jmairboeck> yes, I have let it run over night :)
<Begasus> probably icu70 also
<jmairboeck> that one was not so bad
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<Begasus> got way to much installed that isn't used ;)
<Begasus> jmairboeck, did you check if TeXstudio still works without rebuilding?
<jmairboeck> I didn't install everything yet, but I suppose it will because it is just calling tex and not linking to anything
<jmairboeck> I'm currently testing libxml2 on 32 bit
<Begasus> right
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<jmairboeck> there was actually a typo in the libxml2 recipe, fixed now
<Begasus> just pulled in the sources before you pushed, what was the typo?
<jmairboeck> $effectiveTargetArchitecture was missing the last "t"
<Begasus> got it, thanks
<Begasus> building icu70 atm
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<jmairboeck> it is a complicated variable name, and it is not helpful that unknown variables expand to nothing in bash
<zdykstra> Could be helpful to add a shellcheck check to recipes
<Begasus> even the simple ones can cause typos :)
<zdykstra> Though shellcheck might be impossible to build on Haiku
<Begasus> those variables could slip through (if you are not able to add them to a spellcheck) I guess zdykstra ?
<zdykstra> shellcheck, not spell check - it's a tool that is built to find those types of things
<Begasus> ah, misread :)
<zdykstra> It'll warn if an unitialized variable appears out of nowhere :)
<zdykstra> How are you, Begasus? Still recovering well?
<Begasus> Fine so far, still have to take things easy, thanks for asking
<jmairboeck> what is also not helpful is that pkgman doesn't resolve dependencies from local files, that means that pkgman install texlive_full-2023-1-any.hpkg doesn't work
<Begasus> will be a long while to full recovery
<jmairboeck> and texlive_*-any.hpkg doesn't either because I have some packages installed and get a "name already in use" error
<zdykstra> How hard is it to make your own repo? On Void Linux, it's a single command to turn a directory of packages into a repository
<zdykstra> Might be a good option for testing
<jmairboeck> yes, making $haikuports/packages a real repository would be a good thing :)
<Begasus> doesn't help the end user I guess?
<jmairboeck> in opensuse, I use createrepo for that, it creates a "repodata" subfolder containing yum repo metadata, then the folder can be added as a normal repository in zypper
<jmairboeck> I put all my self-built and downloaded RPMs in there
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 5218a6e - json_c4, disable static library (#8116)
<Begas_VM> robxnano[m], just did a check with "meson configure" thanks on that pointer! +1
<Begasus> icu70 done
<Begasus_32> configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --enable-icu
<Begasus> don't know if it using it or not now jmairboeck (gcc2 version)
<jmairboeck> I noticed that too, I'm not sure
<jmairboeck> my master thesis compiled in Texstudio :)
<Begasus> nice!
<jmairboeck> it took me quite a while to figure out and install the necessary packages
<Begasus_32> maybe it needs " --with-icu add ICU support (off)"
<Begasus> I think it defaults to off,
<jmairboeck> besides the ones, texstudio requires, it also needed algorithm.sty, a.k.a tex:algorithms (note the 's'), a.k.a. texlive_mathscience, and biblatex.sty, a.k.a. texlive_bibtexextra
<jmairboeck> maybe it wouldn't need ICU at all then?
<Begasus> trying a new build with "--with-icu"
<jmairboeck> could we then remove the ICU requirement instead?
<Begasus> if it looks like it isn't neede I think so
<Begasus> checked others? (opensuse?)
<jmairboeck> the reason for rebuilding libxml2 was to get rid of an (implicit) requirement of icu66_devel from the texlive build
<jmairboeck> on my host system (opensuse) libxml2 doesn't seem to require icu
<Begasus> at repology it's a mix, some mention it, some don't
<Begasus_32> checking for icu-i18n... yes
<Begasus> so I'm guessing in it's current state it isn't using icu
<Begasus> one less dependency if it is ok without it :)
<Begasus> don't know if libxml2 is integrated in the Haiku source though, maybe some of the core developers has an answer to that
<jmairboeck> ICU is definitely, hence we need to take care here
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<Begasus> Fedora also, Gentoo has a question mark
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<Begasus> is ICU required as a runtime dependency or build dependency for Haiku?
<jmairboeck> both, the whole locale kit uses ICU, and I think even libroot if I understood PulkoMandy correctly
<Begasus> ah, k, not trivial to replace than
<jmairboeck> no, ICU 66 has to stay anyway, and ICU 57 for gcc2 of course
<Begasus> can't they co-exist on a install? (devel package should conflict then I guess)?
<jmairboeck> yes, I think so
<Begasus> base package contains different versioned names
<jmairboeck> up to now the devel packages didn't conflict, but I think they should
<jmairboeck> because otherwise it is unpredictable what you get at runtime
<Begasus> removing the icu66_devel package only results in trying to uninstall some _devel packages, none system ones from what I can see
<OscarL> (just in case... Haiku's "libxml2" dependency seems to be through app_server's use of "fontconfig")
<jmairboeck> I had that problem already with tk and xlibe, see
<OscarL> (as in... fontconfig requires libxml2)
<jmairboeck> yes, PulkoMandy explained to me, that Haiku doesn't expose ICU publicly, so doesn't depend on the devel package
<jmairboeck> for me, it boiled down to building libxml2 with icu 70, then I could reinstall all necessary devel packages (for texlive) without needing icu66_devel any more
<Begasus> well for libxml2 it seems you don't need icu
<jmairboeck> maybe if libxml2 doesn't even need ICU we could just remove that dependency and be fine as well
<jmairboeck> texlive 2023 definitively needs ICU 70, or using its bundled ICU instead (and probably need to patch that) or patching out the newer unicode stuff that bibtex is using
<jmairboeck> but as we already have a (disabled) recipe for icu70, I went with the first option
<Begasus> list isn't that big for uninstalling icu66_devel
<jmairboeck> ok, you have a bit more than me
<jmairboeck> but maybe it is also just libxml2 causing that
<Begasus> (and did some cleaning earlier) :)
<Begasus> yeah
<jmairboeck> libxml is used quite much
<Begasus> right, but a revbump shouldn't be an issue
<jmairboeck> I noticed xcairo in your list, texlive uses the non-x cairo, that will probably conflict
<jmairboeck> I don't want to change that and pull xlibe in, though :)
<Begasus> probably from wxgtk
<jmairboeck> texlive is already complicated enough
<Begasus> yeah ;)
<bbjimmy> Why is stuck at showing hrev56852 as the latest change? I am on hrev56861.
<jmairboeck> although it would then enable building xdvik (I think that it's called), which is a DVI viewer
<jmairboeck> known issue, there is already a ticket in Trac
<bbjimmy> ok
<Begasus> quite a bit of a change with the revbumped one installed
<Begasus> removed everything icu related in the recipe you have in the PR
<jmairboeck> ok, these ones aren't needed for texlive, so you should be fine
<Begasus> maybe put the revbump for libxml2 in a seperate PR?
<Begasus> if ICU is removed*
<jmairboeck> yes, that is what I suggested, that's why I put the other changes into separate commits
<jmairboeck> then I can cherry-pick them out if needed
<jmairboeck> ok, I'll remove ICU from libxml2 then and make a separate PR for that
<Begasus> ok, call me crazy, will install the icu70_devel package
<Begasus> +1
<Begasus> easier to get some comments too I guess if someone specificly needs ICU (which isn't being used anyway) :)
<Begasus> I think there is a command of something (objdump?) to see what libraries are actually used?
<jmairboeck> I didn't notice that at first that it wasn't actually used
<Begasus_32> Disabling ICU support
<Begasus> from configure
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<jmairboeck> I didn't look so closely, was doing other things while letting it build yesterday ;)
<Begasus> ;)
<OscarL> > lddtree /system/lib/
<OscarL> that seems to work to see on what things a binary depends on (besides usnig objump, or nm)
<Begasus> no ICU there
<OscarL> why libxml2 needs ?
<jmairboeck> can it download DTDs or schemas for checking?
<Begasus> that's the one (gcc2) still build with ICU
<zdykstra> sit down at my desk and get a new mail notification ... for spam. *sigh*
<Begasus_32> checking for library containing connect... none required
<Begasus> so libxml2 is checking for some network connectivity?
<Begasus> jmairboeck, first texlive, or texlive_core?
<jmairboeck> texlive_core
<Begasus> k, build boosted
<jmairboeck> for building, it would always be that way round (texlive_core first), for installing them, I would have liked to swap those around, but haikuporter doesn't support that
<OscarL> Begasus: just in case.... libxml2 from my beta4 32 bits doesn't shows any icu usage (unilke the lddtree you posted).
<Begasus> well, that's build faster then texlive
<Begasus> because of the "--with-icu" switch I used earlier OscarL :)