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<zdykstra> Nice
<zdykstra> I love buying hardware coming out of a corporate office. Usually lightly used and pennies on the dollar.
<Habbie> yep
<zdykstra> Laptops, less so. Those are usually abused badly.
<Habbie> i understand second hand laptops are mostly nice if you don't need the scree ;)
<Habbie> n
<zdykstra> Hah, yes.
<zdykstra> Finished setting up my dedicated Haiku desk this last week. It's nice to power on a machine and be at a desktop in under 20 seconds.
<Habbie> yes
<zdykstra> What are you working on?
<Habbie> i have a quickly expanding list of things
<Habbie> i started with "i liked BeOS, Haiku should be cool, wonder if it can replace Debian on my hobby PC"
<Habbie> this has now caused a bunch of new ports and a local list of bugs/feature ideas
<Habbie> then i had some random reboots
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<Habbie> so now i'm building Haiku (1) because of the mentioned bugs/feature ideas - the ability to build will help there (2) because i understand building big things might be a good way to trigger the random reboots on purpose
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<Habbie> my hobby PC, to be clear, is for tinkering with hardware (mostly needs working serial tooling and some weird compilers) and also Home Assistant
<bbjimmy> my system just froze completely
<zdykstra> Aside from the random reboots, that sounds like fun
<Habbie> indeed
<Habbie> and the random reboots are "well known" for this group of AMD CPUs
<Habbie> waddlesplash gave me a few hints for reproduction, we'll see
<Habbie> and indeed, i saw some lenovo offerings here as well, but i'd rather fix haiku rebooting than spend $150
<zdykstra> *nod*
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<bbjimmy> I am on a lenovo thinkCenter.
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<Habbie> generated/objects/haiku/x86_64/common/apps/devices/pcihdr.h:10644:44: warning: trigraph ??) ignored, use -trigraphs to enable [-Wtrigraphs]
<Habbie> lol, what year is it :D
<jessicah> Habbie: oh, that looks interesting, sure, I could probably add that, the Terminal code is actually pretty decent
<Habbie> nice
<Habbie> i was also open to having a go
<Habbie> but i'm definitely not stopping you
<jessicah> sure, if you want to, go ahead :)
<Habbie> for now my Haiku usage is mostly over ssh
<Habbie> so I'm not actively motivated to fix it ;)
<jessicah> ssh to haiku for me is weirdly broken
<Habbie> oh ugh
<Habbie> how?
<jessicah> oh huh, now it works
<jessicah> wonder if it's an error in my putty config
<jessicah> I was having issues in keyboard translation
<Habbie> ah
<jessicah> and local echo
<jessicah> but it's fine now, so I've got no idea
<jessicah> how come you only use over ssh?
<waddlesplash> Habbie: in case you didn't quite catch it above, you probably want to invoke jam like this
<waddlesplash> jam -q -jN @nightly-raw haiku.hpkg
<Habbie> jessicah, my "hobby PC" is for non-work tinkering, and most of that doesn't require me to be physically at it
<waddlesplash> profile is important, otherwise it will build a minimum image with a lot of things left out
<Habbie> waddlesplash, i'm running jam -j2 haiku.hpkg now - what does @nightly-raw add to that?
<Habbie> oh right
<waddlesplash> note this command may exit with status 1 no matter what as you are building only 1 target of a profile
<Habbie> well it's been running for quite a while so i'll add the profile tomorrow :)
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<waddlesplash> but as long as it finishes with "building package" etc. you'll know it succeeded
<Habbie> i did see the minimum profile thing in 'jam help'
<Habbie> ok
<Habbie> i'd like to see this succeed and then i'll see if upping -j makes it reboot
<waddlesplash> Habbie: ok. and, we don't have either glibc or musl fully but rather parts of both
<Habbie> ah
<Habbie> libroot is a mix?
<jessicah> Habbie: you should restart, as without profile, it defaults to no-ssl, and all sorts of things become weird as a result
<Habbie> jessicah, good to know
<waddlesplash> Habbie: well, builds are always incremental. adding the profile will build only that which wasn't in the earlier build
<Habbie> i don't mind if the result of this build is useless
<Habbie> waddlesplash, good for builds, bad for reboots, i can always rerun with -a :)
<jessicah> Habbie: you have a build problem?
<waddlesplash> jessicah: separate object dirs for network kit ssl means it's not a big deal for incremental builds tho
<jessicah> ah true, just becomes a problem if go to install it :p
<waddlesplash> jessicah: nah he's got one of the AMD processors that randomly triple faults for us
<jessicah> that's all
<waddlesplash> Habbie: yeah libroot is a mix of the two and a lot of our own stuff also. originally was just ancient glibc + our own admixture, that's slowly changing
<waddlesplash> right now musl portions are mostly mathlib and some misc stuff
<waddlesplash> glibc has printf, libio, etc.
<waddlesplash> our own code is locale, anything touching syscalls directly like fds, etc.
<waddlesplash> there's also FreeBSD and other stuff in there too
<waddlesplash> a very eclectic mix
<n0toose[m]> abisoup
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<Habbie> waddlesplash, nice :D
<Habbie> jessicah, i have a few minor problems for which it's nice if i can edit code and build; and indeed i have the triple fault problem for which the ability to build would be nice, but mostly it sounds like building at high concurrency -might- be a trigger for it
<Habbie> jessicah, so first i'm building at -j1/-j2 to see that i can build, and then i'll try higher to see if that will cause the reboots :)
<jessicah> Habbie: ah, interesting, yeah, I remember this issue from a few years back
<jessicah> didn't know it was still a thing
<jessicah> hmm, that terminal hyperlinking thing is quite involved, I guess because of how you link cells into a single link
<jessicah> but given that local files already work, it shouldn't be too bad
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<zdykstra> hmm, so with focus follows mouse enabled, the 'Accept first click' option is greyed out. Does anybody know if there's a specific reason why that is?
<zdykstra> to raise a window with FFM on I have to ctrl-alt-click - not the end of the world, but slightly obnoxious.
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<OscarL> zdykstra: with FFM, rasing works if you click on the title bar, at least.
<OscarL> As I understand it. FFM implies "Accept first click" (that's why it is grayed out). Or I'm just confused?
<zdykstra> yeah, that's reasonable. I guess I should look at figuring out how to fix AutoRaise, as that more-or-less does what I want. It's just slightly broken right now.
<OscarL> Maybe you want a "FFM and raise" mode? (paralleling the distinction between the two Click to focus modes?)
<zdykstra> that's largely what I want, yup
<OscarL> you mean the auto-raise from Deskbar? that one has caused me issues in the past.
<zdykstra> Yup
<OscarL> lots of weird focus issues, until I disabled it.
<zdykstra> yeah; if you mouse over the tab of a window AutoRaise gets confused and gives focus to whatever is behind the tab
<zdykstra> it just needs to account for the tab size/placement, if that's even possible
<OscarL> "waiting for build package pycryptodome-3.17.0-1 to be activated" <<< Sometimes I don't mind this haikuporter issue that much... but after pulling my own hair due to some weird recipe parsing issue I was having... I could do without seeing that one again for a while.
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<OscarL> Woot. KDL. Haven't got one in quite a while.
<OscarL> Bah... it was an assertion from the buggy VBox /dev/misc/vboxdev.
<zdykstra> doh.
<zdykstra> what's your host OS in that case?
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<jessicah> what does vboxdev do?
<waddlesplash> vbox guest additions driver userland communications, I imagine
<jessicah> feature wise, I meant
<OscarL> zdykstra: Windows right now.
<OscarL> it is needed for clipboard integration with the host (along with the VBoxTray app).
<OscarL> I don't use the rest of the guest-additions because they are eveng buggier.
<jessicah> oh clipboard works? neat
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<OscarL> so I kinda unpacked the .hpkg, and installed on /non-packaged the parts I needed :-D
<jessicah> I copy stuff atm via files and scp :p
<jessicah> little bit annoying
<OscarL> "works"... but tends to crash Deskbar from time to time.
<OscarL> VMware player integration works a bit better... except when it hangs Firefox :-/
<OscarL> Or just kills it, as VMware seems to be more memory hungry than VBox, and I'm using only 8 GB.
<jessicah> heh
<jessicah> I've got 20GB assigned to my haiku and linux VMs each
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<OscarL> 20 GB of RAM.. for the VM? /me doesn't even assing that much as storage space :-D
<jessicah> haha yeah, 64 total
* OscarL drools
<jessicah> I needed a lot when I was building zig, that consumed around 13G, just bonkers
<jessicah> given up on zig for now, it's just severely borked on Haiku
<waddlesplash> zig looked interesting till I started reading more about it
<OscarL> :-(
<waddlesplash> it has, uh, a lot of keywords
<waddlesplash> and it really needs a lot of memory...
<jessicah> I wanted it for a command line tool written in it
<OscarL> I only tested it enough to find and report an issue with running it from a RAMDisk :-D
<jessicah> but TLS was broken, and the compile time was literally 10x slower than Linux
<jessicah> minutes vs hours
<jessicah> really bizarre
<OscarL> oh... I also complained about Zig dropping support for my CPU :-D ("whadda ya mean my CPU is to old?"), they added it back in.
<jessicah> heh
<jessicah> how old is old?
<OscarL> Phenom II old :-(
<jessicah> wow, was that 64-bit even?
<OscarL> circa 2009, I guess? I only got this one less than a year ago.
<OscarL> Was rocknin a second-hand Athlon II X2 before :-D
<jessicah> I can't remember when 64-bit started in AMD land
<OscarL> Darm.... it is old, but not THAT old, heh. it does 64 bits pretty decently :-D
<jessicah> :)
<OscarL> AMD 64 released on 2003
<OscarL> (*Athlon 64)
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<zdykstra> cd source/haiku/src/
<zdykstra> whoops
<botifico> [haiku/website] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±0]
<botifico> [haiku/website] waddlesplash 90b2f2a - Activity & Contract Report, February.
<zdykstra> okay, since it's an hour later than I actually think it is -- good night all
* OscarL also waves hands, after reading the montly report while being half-asleep already.
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<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> does someone have any tips for debugging a third party application
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> There
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> There's this feature I'm trying to add to desknotes, for changing the font family and style
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> and my menu is added properly, but the changing still doesn't work...... I suppose somewhere between the click sending a BMessage to the switch case or in the SetFontStyle function itself
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> how can I use the debugger to reach this particular section of code
<augiedoggie> debugger()
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> Umm.... could you elaborate pls?
<augiedoggie> there is a debugger function you can put in your code to pause execution and open Debugger
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> ok
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> let me search more about it
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<linuxusermatrix[m]> Hi
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] kwyxz 402d966 - RetroArch: bump to version 1.15.0 (#7950)
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
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<PulkoMandy> BarmenduChakraborty[m]: in Debugger, you can use the "images" tab to browse various files and functions. Then you can click to the left of the line you want it to stop at to set a breakpoint. There is a pdf manual for Debugger some"here on the website, did you find and read it?
<Begasus> moin PulkoMandy humdinger
<humdinger> morning!
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<nephele> PulkoMandy: since sphinx seems to want to split out severall old themes, perhaps we should make a repo for the haiku theme or so?
<nephele> I guess I'll add it to our tree to work on it for now
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<PulkoMandy> I think Sphinx is happy to keep it if someone (us) is maintaining it and sending them patches?
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<nephele> I don't know. Anyhow, many of the things i'm doing for our themes is de-hardcoding and using sysatem colors instead, not sure they like that for their themes?
<nephele> It kind of guess against the idea of "theming"
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<BrunoSpr> good morning all...
<BrunoSpr> any problems with HaikuDepot atm?
<Begas_VM> 'lo BrunoSpr
<Begas_VM> no issues with updating with pkgman
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<BrunoSpr> I am updating with pkgman now... but very slow here? Must be some Router problem then...
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<BrunoSpr> Same on 32bit Haiku...
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<BrunoSpr> Suddently back to normal... no idea why...
<Begasus> Poke your provider :)
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<humdinger> PSA: You can help adding/updating translations for the next releases of
* humdinger waves
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<BrunoSpr> Begasus... yes thx I will do that!
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<n0toose[m]> Begasus, is there a chance that I messed up the copyrights for the ddnet package?
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] pulkomandy pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56828] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 434aab5a4d30 - headers/kernel: remove alpha folder
<n0toose[m]> I should push an update to a more recent branch anyways
<Begas_VM> n0toose[m] no idea, didn't check the copyrights there, just the build
<n0toose[m]> korli did prompt me to update them, but i'm not sure if they look weird on haikudepot
<n0toose[m]> as if all copyrights are spanning across a line
<n0toose[m]> or if i should've used the most recent copyright year, in retrospect
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<n0toose[m]> yeah, i think there's a mistake, pushing an update
<Begasus> korli mentioned adding the license, don't see any mention about copyright in the comments on the PR?
<n0toose[m]> probably slipped through
<n0toose[m]> just pushed a new PR that also updates the port to the most recent commit
<nephele> n0toose[m]: I've uploaded a changeset for noto to github, i'm not sure if it gave you a notification
<n0toose[m]> probably not, but i really neglected that change despite saying i'd work on it myself, apologies
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> <PulkoMandy> "Barmendu Chakraborty: in..." <- PulkoMandy: I was looking for the debugger() function that augiedoggie mentioned, which led me to a page on the BeBook containing the functions DEBUG_ONLY (expression) , DEBUGGER(var_args) etc
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> Till now did not get the pdf on Debugger (probably because I wasn't aware of its existence), was looking through the Haiku API docs too, I guess I'll try the method you mentioned with images now.
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> I tried to make some sense of it and failed :(
<nephele> n0toose[m]: I've added a @mention to the changeset, but no idea what github does for them. For some reason i'm not allowed to specify cc or reviewers on haikuports
<nephele> maybe another github permission thing
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<n0toose[m]> github just straight up sucks and the whole "taking over changes" in the context of software ports which very often turn out to be a collaborative effort would've been much more effective tbh
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<n0toose[m]> but it could always be worse
<nephele> Well, on gerrit sometimes a different dev iterates on your changes, i think that's perfectly fine
<n0toose[m]> yeah but you had to create a whole separate PR for that is what imean
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<nephele> on github i cant really do that, i can only propose an alternative change unless we do some funky stuff where we setup a second repo to work in together or something .-.
<nephele> honestly the whole pr process sucks
<nephele> i'd much rather have haikuports and haikuwebkit on gerrit, but alas. we don't :/
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<Begasus> you can work together on one port at github, keeping in sync could be an issue I suspect :)
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<Begasus> n0toose[m], any specific reason to bump version for ddnet, there have been some commits in between, but it's only been 3 days since the srcGitRev commit
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<n0toose[m]> so the ddnet folks are basically rewriting their stuff in rust and one of the reasons why the build did not originally work is that they were in the middle of replacing memcpy with some mem_copy function, and that didn't work on our end so i pushed a change to fix that
<n0toose[m]> it compiled and worked
<n0toose[m]> then the ddnet folks followed up with some additional changes finishing that transition, i felt it was more appropriate that if we are to push an "unstable" version, we might as well use the one that doesn't have a half-baked feature
<n0toose[m]> but that's basically a huge reach and not that big of a concern (and arguably not realistic), a more appropriate answer would be "idk i just felt like it"
<n0toose[m]> actually less appropriate and more honest
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<n0toose[m]> the most appropriate and to-the-point answer would most likely be "no"
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<jessicah> BarmenduChakraborty[m]: it's literally just `debugger("string to display");`
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> jessicah: oh, okay...
<Begasus> I see they do regular tagged releases, maybe wait for the upcomming one n0toose[m] ?
<jessicah> BarmenduChakraborty[m]: and it should pop up a dialog to open in debugger, iirc
<jessicah> or maybe just open debugger automatically, I can't recall
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<jessicah> what else do you need to know?
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> Actually, the problem I'm having is when I click on the menu item, its supposed to send a BMessage to a switch case. But when I click on the menu item, nothing happens. So i'm almost certain the problem resides there.
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> I just need to find out what the issue actually is
<jessicah> did you set the target?
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> I think i did
<jessicah> which determines which BHandler receives the message when you send it
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> wait
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> how do I do that
<n0toose[m]> Begasus, I normally wait until tagged releases for updates tbh, but don't see anything particularly bad with new commits when the package will most likely be generated from the ground up to begin with
<Begasus> ok, can't test it anyway, one thing though, only haikuports report the date as version at repology, the other use the tagged version, you "could" do the same "$portVersion~git.recipe"?
* Begasus silences now
<n0toose[m]> good idea
<jessicah> BarmenduChakraborty[m]: uh, something like foo->SetTarget(this)
<n0toose[m]> do we generally do this, Begasus?
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<Begasus> my plan is check repology, no need to re-invent the weel, and yes, plenty that use date or ~beta or ~git ... (no general plan, this has been discussed quite a lot at haikuports already)
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> jessicah: >_<
<cocobean> humdinger: :P
<jessicah> I'm not entirely sure what you're doing, so, just guessing here :p
<n0toose[m]> Begasus, will start doing that from now on, it's just that I sometimes just imitate what I see on the repo and a simple bad example can throw me off course, should just ask instead i guess
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<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> jessicah: I just need suggestions to try here. Been stuck at it for the past day and a half :(
<jessicah> a control, like a menu item or a button, sends a message to the given target
<Begasus> for me personal, I only (normaly) use dates if no releases or tags are supplied and you are bound to use a commit tag
<Begasus> bbl
<n0toose[m]> Barmendu Chakraborty, do you know whether the UI element you are using is transmitting a message or not?
<n0toose[m]> (as opposed to whether it's being processed correctly)
<jessicah> anyway, bed time for me here
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<n0toose[m]> o/
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> n0toose[m]: What I did was generate a BMenuItem with the arguments being the label and a BMessage
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<n0toose[m]> yeah, but what do you know about your problem is the question
<n0toose[m]> "it should work but it's not receiving the messae for some reason"?
<jessicah> yeah, so you want to SetTarget on the BMenuItem
<jessicah> to this, which is the class that'll receive your BMessage
<jessicah> to `this`
<jessicah> assuming it's a BHandler of some kind, such as a window
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> menu->AddItem (menuItem = new BMenuItem (fontMenu, new BMessage (FONT_FAMILY)));
<jessicah> ah, yeah, create your menu item first, add it, then set target to `this`
<jessicah> so you can't have as a single line
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> I think this menu item, upon being clicked, should transmit the message?
<jessicah> it will transmit the message, but not to your window
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> oh
<jessicah> your menu item currently doesn't know about the window
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> so I should split it like
<jessicah> well, not entirely true, but yeah, it doesn't know to send it to the window
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> menuItem = newBMenuItem (fontMenu, newBmessage (FONT_FAMILY));
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> menu->AddItem(menuItem);
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> SetTarget->(this);
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<jessicah> yep
<jessicah> oh, almost
<jessicah> menuItem->SetTarget(this)
<jessicah> otherwise you're calling SetTarget on the window
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> ok I'll try that
<jessicah> nothing in front is an implicit this-> in this case
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> too many this lol
<jessicah> ;-)
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> ok
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> I did
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> and it crashed XD
<jessicah> progress!
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> yeah, lol :D
<jessicah> are you doing in conductor?
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> what's conductor?
<jessicah> I can't remember if that works or not
<jessicah> constructor
<jessicah> autocorrect...
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> nope
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> a method
<jessicah> ah okay
<jessicah> I guess Debugger time :)
<jessicah> enjoy ;-)
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> yeah :)
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> jessicah: famous last words >_<
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<nosycat> I fixed Haiku on my Eee PC!
<nosycat> It took running BootManager manually, because the installer got it wrong.
<nosycat> Some stuff led me to give up yesterday.
<nosycat> Thought it was worse than this, but no.
<nosycat> Only issue now: it won't connect to wi-fi. The adapter seems to work, and sees the network.
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<HaikuUser2> >nyk
<HaikuUser2> sup /b/
<nosycat> Hi there!
<nosycat> I was just pestering everyone with my installation adventures.
<nosycat> How are you?
<HaikuUser2> nice
<HaikuUser2> im uk
<HaikuUser2> ukr*
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] humdingerb pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] humdingerb 6cc1aee - UploadIt: update to v1.3
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] robxnano a408da5 - mudlet: Use Boost 1.70 (#7905)
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<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> Hey jessicah... (full message at <>)
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] kallisti5 pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56829] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 30d8d756400d - minimum: Add Installer to minimum image
<nosycat> Check this out, apparently BaCon has added Haiku support:
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<Vidrep_64> Hi
<nosycat> Hello!
<Vidrep_64> You new here?
<nosycat> Yes.
<Vidrep_64> Good to see
<nosycat> Thank you!
<Vidrep_64> Hi Begasus
<Begasus> hi Vidrep_64 ! long time no see:)
<nosycat> o/
<Vidrep_64> I went back to work
<Begasus> 'lo nosycat :)
<Begasus> I'm a bit out from work (in hospital atm)
<Vidrep_64> Get well Begasus
<nosycat> Yikes. Get well soon!
<Vidrep_64> Shit happens when you get old :(
<Begasus> Thanks Vidrep_64 nosycat (old age stepping in I guess) :)
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<Begasus> Good thing the brain is still functional :D
<Vidrep_64> You and others who work every day on haikuports and haikuarchives are underappreciated
<Begasus> It's a work of love Vidrep_64 and due to testers like you we get to fine issues we otherwise wont experience, so it's a two way street :)
<Vidrep_64> Not much of that lately from me
<nosycat> Whenever you can.
<Begasus> I know, when I'm at work I don't have enough time to spent on haikuports myself
<Begasus> right
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<Vidrep_64> Begasus, You've got a plate full - work, haiku, and puppies, wife, kids
<Begasus> grandkids (bless them) :)
<nosycat> Congrats!
<Begasus> One is already getting into her teenage strugle (glad we passed that at home) :P
<nosycat> :)
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<Begasus> I just miss my sigarets (can't leave the floor) :/
<Vidrep_64> nosycat, where are you from, and how did you come to Haiku?
<nosycat> Romania. I've been following Haiku for many years.
<nosycat> And other alternate operating systems.
<nosycat> Finally got around to installing beta 4 a few weeks ago.
<Vidrep_64> It's nice to have alternatives to any kind of big corporate anything
<nosycat> Exactly. We have so few options. What about you?
<Vidrep_64> It all depends on what it is
<Begasus> Back in BeOS days there were fun alternatives, these days not much more if you don't coun'tless linux distros
<nosycat> Yeah. Been watching Aros too, but uh. And ReactOS has stalled.
<nosycat> Others are more like hobby or research projects.
<Vidrep_64> The only time I use Linux is when I want to run Kodi
<nosycat> But y'all managed to bring Haiku this far.
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<nosycat> Ah, I've been a Linux user since 2000. Nowadays it's common enough.
<Begasus> Back then there was also SkyOS, QNX (when it still ran on Desktop), Elive ...
<Vidrep_64> I still have a CD with QNX on it
<nosycat> Awesome!
<nosycat> We interrupt this broadcast for breaking news: BaCon actually builds on Haiku, and works.
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<Begasus> maybe somewhere deep in the archives too Vidrep_64 :)
<Begasus> you build it nosycat ?
<nosycat> Yes!
<nosycat> Minus the IDE, since that requires either Gtk or FLTK.
<Begasus> both available :)
<nosycat> Right, but not in my VM.
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<Begasus> FLTK maybe not mature enough, that's mmu_man 's baby :)
<nosycat> Oh well.
<Begasus> ;)
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<Vidrep_64> BeOS/Phos/Zeta/Haiku is the only alternative OS that I have continued to follow or use over the years
<nosycat> I can see why.
<Vidrep_64> I think it's more than the operating system itself, but also the community
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] kallisti5 pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56830] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] b965b55d8602 - efi/serial: re-init serial after efi detatchment
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<nosycat> Yes, it is. You're right.
<nosycat> And... Mudlet finished building!
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 7cca4a2 - sqlalchemy, forgot to add python3.10 package (#7955)
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<Begasus> yep nosycat :) could have some comments but it's fine for now :)
<nosycat> It installs and runs, what more is there to say.
<Begasus> had been looking into porting some of the mentioned lua packages, but build system still didn't pick it up, so I left it alone in the end ;)
<Begasus> some lua scripts are installed if you use "make -C build install" ;)
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<Begasus> heading down, g'night peeps
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<zdykstra> for those of us that have to suffer it, how'd the DST change go?
<zdykstra> My dog's internal clock didn't change, so he wanted breakfast at his normal time
* phschafft seems to be a bit confused.
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<AlienSoldier> zdykstrayour dog is normal
<AlienSoldier> btw haiku never get my time right when the change happen, i say yes but it is never the good time, i need to make a sync just after.
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-6/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus 6f167ca - boost, first cleanup (#7954)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] robxnano 6df074c - innoextract: Update to 1.9 (#7907)
<n0toose[m]> do we have an app for reading comic books on haiku, i just saw and think we should set it as a screenshot :P
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* OscarL reads logs...: Crap! Hope you get better soon Begasus!!!
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<Habbie> 00:34Z <Habbie> waddlesplash, i'm running jam -j2 haiku.hpkg now - what does @nightly-raw add to that?
<Habbie> that's 20.5 hours ago
<Habbie> my haiku is up 19:27
<Habbie> so it rebooted
<Habbie> now to see if i can do that reliably
<Habbie> given that the same jam command is doing a lot now, it clearly was still running when it rebooted
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<OscarL> Habbie: just in case you feel adventurous: (assuming your HW has one of the "supported" ids :-D). The ioctl interface is just WIP, but "cat /dev/sensors/amd_temp" might work :-D
<Habbie> device 1533: Family 16h Processor Function 3
<Habbie> how do i use this? :)
<OscarL> git clone, then "make && make driverinstall"
<Habbie> oh
<Habbie> i missed that section
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<Habbie> AMD Thermal Reading: 52.4 C
<OscarL> I forgot I add that there, heh. :-D
<Habbie> hehe
<Habbie> so what makes Haiku load it? just its appearance in add-ons/kernel/ ?
<OscarL> Uhhh it didn't caused a meltdown?!?! Nice! :-D
<Habbie> :)
<Habbie> that's after loading, i presume
<OscarL> if that returns < 0... the kernel won't bother with the rest.
<Habbie> right
<OscarL> Legacy drivers where "pretty simple" (or dumb, if you prefer)...
<OscarL> all they were tried.
<Habbie> :)
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* OscarL 's "English" is worse than usual. He apologizes.
<Habbie> no worries
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<OscarL> legacy drivers were usually installed under "add-ons/kernel/driver/bin/", with a symlink to "add-ons/kernel/driver/dev/[...]", the latter, reflecting the /dev/[...] under were the driver published its devices.
<OscarL> I assume the kernel monitored either one of those paths?
<OscarL> loading the driver, and calling the known entry points (first, the mentioned "init_hardware()")
<Habbie> i saw installdriver do that and the symlink, yes
<Habbie> and indeed my question was "are those enough to make it load"
<Habbie> but if you assume so, i believe so
<Habbie> and otherwise i'll find out some day :)
<OscarL> Not sure how the newer API works, sorry.
<Habbie> no worries
<Habbie> was only asking about your work here
<Habbie> as for the newer API, i presume it has benefits that make it worth it even though loading/reloading is harder
* OscarL 's "knowledge" reflects his brain.... full of holes.
<Habbie> :)
<Habbie> lol, the final creation of haiku.hpkg takes a long time
<Habbie> i do love that i have a full install and a small build and my 16GB partition isn't nearly full
<OscarL> I believe that the reloading of newer API drivers is just unfinished (/me hopes), and that it will eventually work as it did for old api (no need to reboot, in most cases)-
<Habbie> ack
<Habbie> it helps that reboots are fast, of course
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<OscarL> I wish you the best on your hunt for that elusive AMD CPU bug, Habbie!!!
<Habbie> thanks!
* Habbie jam -j6
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] augiedoggie pushed 1 commit to master [+3/-0/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] augiedoggie c9c4322 - lbreakouthd: add initial recipe for 1.1.1 (#7956)
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<OscarL> mmm breakout... might have been the first arcade machine I've used in the 80s... B&W monitor, with three strips of colored cellophane to fake a color screen :-D
<Habbie> hehe
<OscarL> the following was an also B&W snake tabletop. My father managed to make some good bucks out of running those at the time.
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<Habbie> how do i see memory info from the cli?
<augiedoggie> vmstat
<Habbie> oh duh
<Habbie> i even made a note 'would be nice if vmstat took -k or -h'
<augiedoggie> :P
<Habbie> 5.5gb free of 6
<Habbie> clearly jam wants more than -j6
<Habbie> thanks augiedoggie :)
<Habbie> so, if a package gets disabled/replaced by a switch to a new administrative state, that package gets moved into the dir for the previous state, so it's still available?
<augiedoggie> available if you boot into the older state, or downgrade the package
<Habbie> oh yes, the context of the question was: i did not see the older haiku-r1... in /system/packages/ so how would the older state even work
<Habbie> ok, indeed, it gets moved into the last state it was in
<Habbie> neat
<OscarL> Sometimes booting to a specific old state silently fails. You get no warning/message about it... it just boots to another, working state if the one you selected fails for some reason. So... beware of that, and double check you're on the hrev/state you wanted
<Habbie> ack
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<OscarL> that bite me once or twice. I should open a ticket for that, but never got to be on the right mood, I guess.
<Habbie> i'd likely mostly use activation states to get back to booting if i really break the kernel one day :)
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<Habbie> me: ^C
<Habbie> jam: interrupted
<Habbie> also jam: i'll just keep going
<OscarL> You mean you don't ^C on repeat like a normal people? :-P
<Habbie> eventually i did
<Habbie> posix_spawnp: No such file or directory
<OscarL> Good. Had me worried for a moment there :-D
<Habbie> but i shouldn't have to :D
* Habbie runs jam -a -j40 in a loop
<OscarL> Habbie: you used "./configure" for Haiku with "--use-gcc-pipe" ? that might speed up things (while using more mem), right?
<Habbie> i did not
<Habbie> thanks
* Habbie restarts loop
<Habbie> haiku rebooted
<Habbie> last line, just to note it, LinkApplicationCatalog1 generated/objects/catalogs/kits/tracker/eo.catalog
<OscarL> can you force syslog to write to the serial port, and see if something appears there?
* Habbie starts "while true ; do jam -a -j40 haiku.hpkg @nightly-raw ; done" again
<Habbie> OscarL, i don't have a serial port, but i did find a port on a shelf somewhere, and will connect it soon
<Habbie> however, as waddlesplash pointed out, specifically this triple fault thing logs -nothing-
<OscarL> ouch :-(
<Habbie> precisely because it's failing in such a way that the CPU has no other recourse than to just give up
<Habbie> that's why it's so hard to debug
<Habbie> but waddlesplash had a few things to test in mind -if- i could reproduce the issue somewhat reliably
<Habbie> so that's what i'm trying to do now
<Habbie> even at -j40 with pipe i somehow have 5.5gb ram free
<Habbie> i'll run vmstat in a loop too to see if that changes near the reboot
<Habbie> now let's hope my ssh client stays up :D
* OscarL scans the AMD CPU errata files for "reboot" and "fault" (#PF). Will he understand anything there anyway? Doubtful :-/
<Habbie> hehe
<Habbie> i saw somebody in a ticket installed microcode updates
<Habbie> but they did not help i think
<Habbie> i don't have their patch, to be clear
<Habbie> (but i wonder if i should)
<OscarL> "The processor may present a #PF exception after some of the instruction effects have been applied to the processor state." and "No system effect is observed unless the operating system's page fault handler has some dependency on this interim processor state, which is not the case in any known operating system software."
<Habbie> that second sentence is likely not worth much to us
<Habbie> 'any known'
<OscarL> keyword: "kwnown OS"
<Habbie> but the ticket also covered that
* OscarL 's always late to the party :-D
<Habbie> ok it was something slightly different - or the same thing in other words
<OscarL> amd microcode is on repos, rn. not sure if it is loaded?
<Habbie> oh is it
<Habbie> waddlesplash, jessicah, gcc destroys the clickable gcc warnings :)
<Habbie> oops
<Habbie> waddlesplash, jessicah, sorry, that was wrong. right is: tmux destroys the clickable gcc warnings :)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] augiedoggie pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] augiedoggie ccf267f - lbreakouthd: recipe cleanup (#7957)
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