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<zdykstra> tabbed windows + glue-together windows are pretty dang nice
<zdykstra> aww yeah, fixed drag-and-drop icon setting for directories
<zdykstra> that's been driving me nuts
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<bitigchi[m]1> Where to set HAIKU_REVISION=hrev… before/during compile? It’s complaining that there is no tag attached
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli d772c43 - libzim: rebuild with current icu
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 6c0a2e3 - libkiwix: rebuild with current icu
<accessays> bitigchi[m]1: I haven't tested, but maybe before jam command? i.e. HAIKU_REVISION=hrev... jam -q -jN @nightly-anyboot
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 4ca6875 - hqx: rebuild with curren libjpeg
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 972341d - steghide: rebuild with current libjpeg
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<x512[m]> Some new BeAPI implementation over Wayland:
<accessays> I'm debugging an app with Debugger. Is there any way for me to put a breakpoint at a specific line/file? like gdb's `b file:line`
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<bitigchi[m]1> <accessays> "bitigchi: I haven't tested..." <- Whoa. It did work. Thanks! So far no errors…
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<waddlesplash> accessays: use symbols tab to find the function in question
<waddlesplash> then click in the gutter to add breakpoint
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<Blendie> when will webpositive be able to run youtube?
<win8linux[m]> No ETA for that and PulkoMandy IIRC has said before that it will need fixes for Media Kit? Maybe. Could've been for something else, though.
<PulkoMandy> Media Kit works fine
<PulkoMandy> It needs someone to write real code in WebKit to play videos (not an ugly hack I wrote in half a day 10 years ago)
<PulkoMandy> As far as I know no one is currently working on that
<PulkoMandy> And I don't know why it's not even trying to play videos anymore. Even with the bad, half-broken code, it should at least try to do something
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<mbrumbelow[m]> x512: Very interesting. What is different between your Wayland implementation and this one?
<zdykstra> x512 is writing a wayland layer for Haiku, the link he provided seems to be writing a BeAPI implementation on top of Linux/wayland
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<PulkoMandy> Yes, this would allow recompiling BeOS apps to run on Linux instead
<bjorkintosh> PulkoMandy, what is the advantage in doing that?
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<PulkoMandy> Seems better than running Qt or GTK apps on Haiku if you need portability between multiple OS?
<accessays> PulkoMandy: is the idea to transition WebPositive to WebKit2?
<PulkoMandy> If someone does the work to get webkit2 running, yes
<PulkoMandy> No activity in that area at the moment and in the last few weeks I didn't even have time to keep the webkitlegacy port alive
<PulkoMandy> It won't change much for the video support however, that code is in WebCore so it doesn't matter if we use WebKit "legacy" or "new" API
<accessays> what's the idea with WebKit2 anyways? is it mainly just splitting WebKit1 into multiple processes?
<PulkoMandy> It's a different API on top of the same web engine, and it also runs things in multiple processes for sandboxing
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<win8linux[m]> Multiprocess tabs would make Web+ significantly more reliable.
<win8linux[m]> Problematic page won't take down the entire web browser, but only their own tab.
<win8linux[m]> s/page/pages/
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<pairisto[m]> I am getting this error when I am trying to push: remote:
<pairisto[m]> ERROR: commit 235b9a9: email address is not registered in your account, and you lack 'forge committer' permission.
<pairisto[m]> I already have the gerrit account set up so I am not sure what is wrong?
<pairisto[m]> do I have ti git pull first?
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<zdykstra> did you try to push to master, or HEAD:refs/for/master ?
<pairisto[m]> I did git push origin master:refs/for/master
<pairisto[m]> so master
<zdykstra> then it sounds like the e-mail addresses associated with the local commit doesn't exist in your gerrit account
<zdykstra> s/addresses/address
<pairisto[m]> okay so I added the email address, re-ran it, and it said it was a success so I'm going to take that as a win. thank you zdykstra
<pairisto[m]> my first commit so I am happy with what I got lol
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] phw f0edcee - libdiscid 0.6.4 (#7896)
<pairisto[m]> but it wasn't committed correctly :(
<zdykstra> has there been previous discussion about changing the color of the cursor? On my Linux machines, I use a bright yellow cursor to help me spot it more easily. I miss that in Haiku.
<pairisto[m]> does anyone know where OS.h is? I was looking at the net_tun.h, saw that it included KernelExport.h but that only has a line in it to just include OS.h and I can't seem to find that anywhere?
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<augiedoggie> query -a name=OS.h
<augiedoggie> if it doesn't show up then you're missing the haiku_devel package or something
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<augiedoggie> it's in the repo as headers/os/kernel/OS.h, i don't remember the path when it's installed
<waddlesplash> just that, but with /system/develop/ in front of the path
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<pairisto[m]> thanks all
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<bbjimmy> In Web+, on hrev56803 SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK. on hrev56792 it loads ok.
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<bbjimmy> anybody know how to fix my ssh issue?
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<accessays> bbjimmy: strange, works just fine for me on hrev56803
<accessays> off the top of my head, make sure your date/time are correct?
<bbjimmy_64> they are.
<bbjimmy_64> https"// works, buty does not.
<accessays> are all your packages up to date?
<bbjimmy_64> *https://
<bbjimmy_64> pkgman full-sync ... nothing to do
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<bbjimmy_64> trying a previous hrev state.
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<bitigchi[m]1> Is %s the correct placeholder for a BString?
<accessays> bbjimmy_64: is this a fresh install, or have you updated from a previous hrev?
<zdykstra> bitigchi[m]1: if you're using SetToFormat or like, I'd say so
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<bitigchi_> zdykstra, yes, SetToFormat. I am still getting garbage characters for some reason.
<bbjimmy_64> updated, I just booted from the install package state, and it loads the page ok.
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<bbjimmy> installed from haiku-master-hrev56803-x86_64-anyboot.iso
<bbjimmy_64> some later installed packages messed me up.
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<bbjimmy_64> installed yesterday, added software that I usually use.
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<bbjimmy_64> can I jusr remove all the later states and re-boot/re-install all my software, or do I need to re-install?
<bbjimmy_64> *just
<waddlesplash> you need to make the older state the actually "installed" one
<waddlesplash> try this $ pkgman install /system/packages/state_the-one-you-are-using-that-works/*.hpkg
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<robxnano[m]> Hi there
<robxnano[m]> Can anyone help fix my recipe for mkvtoolnix?
<robxnano[m]> It builds fine on a local machine, but now that it's merged to HaikuPorts the build servers keep failing to build the package
<bitigchi_> why would .String() add two more zeros to my stringed int?
<bitigchi_> or is it BNumberFormat::FormatPercent adding the zeros...
<bitigchi_> i think i don't need to multiply with 100, since it should automatically get the percent...
<bitigchi_> however then it gives 0.000 as output
<bitigchi_> grr
<bitigchi_> what's wrong with this snippet:
<bitigchi_> it returns 0.000000
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<OscarL> robxnano[m]: I can't help you much, other than pointing out that whatever is making mkvtoolnix fail ("Missing package boost166-1.66.0") is also affecting 3 other recipes (namely: fife-0.4.0~20150801-3, vcmi-1.1.0-6, unknown_horizons-2014.1-2).
<OscarL> That's from just glancing at, sadly... there's not much more than that "Missing package" message.
<OscarL> "pkgman search boost" DO show boost166 and boost166_devel as available, so... maybe there's a dependency conflict of some sort? I see that mkvtoolnix recipe calls for boost_system >= 1.69... so... what's trying to pull the 1.66 version then? (one of the other dependencies perhaps?)
<robxnano[m]> That could well be it, I'll have to check the other dependencies then
<OscarL> Noticed too that mkvtooknix recipes uses "boost_system >= 1.69" in the BUILD_PREREQUIRES, but only "boost_system" in the REQUIRES. I would had assumed that both should declare the need for a specific version, but I'm not well versed on these matters (or any, really :-P)
<robxnano[m]> Oh yeah, apparently the minimum versions are only needed for the build dependencies
<robxnano[m]> Because when the package is built it gets minimum versions added to it for every dependency, I think?
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<OscarL> Could be. I have yet too much to learn about all this.
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<OscarL> "vcmi-1.1.0-6" is somehow "Missing packages" for both boost164-1.64.0 and boost166-1.66.0 :-D
<OscarL> That while it's recipe REQUIRES: "lib:libboost_filesystem$secondaryArchSuffix >= 1.69.0"
<robxnano[m]> Hm. Maybe I need to add the minimum requirement to all the boost libraries?
<OscarL> Considering that it needs 148 packages to build... might be a dependency of a dependency the one trying to pull the older versions of boost.
* OscarL is still confused by that "Missing package" message.
<robxnano[m]> Seems like boost166 fails to install or build on x86_64
<OscarL> "problem 1: nothing provides lib:libicuuc>=57.1 needed by boost166-1.66.0-3"
<OscarL> indeed, pkgman search icuu only shows icu66 and icu70 as available. I would say that maybe boost166 needs a revision bump to build agains either one of those, but if you say it can't be built... then.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<robxnano[m]> On the other hand I was able to build icu which provided libicuuc 57.1, and after that I was able to build boost166
<robxnano[m]> *install boost166. Building still doesn't work
<robxnano[m]> I've gone through the list of dependencies and I think I can rule out there being a conflict with another package that requires boost
<OscarL> robxnano[m]: that "boost166 requires icu57, but that no longer being available on the repos" it is then. Regarding how to solve that... I'm afraid I can only offer some modicum of moral support, and my wish someone more knowledgeable comes to the rescue :-D
<robxnano[m]> Oh well, thanks for helping out anyway
<OscarL> Begasus surely know what happened with icu57. Poking waddlesplash for some pointers might be sensible too.
<robxnano[m]> It's getting late here so I'll have to come back tomorrow
<OscarL> Be sure to check the IRC logs, sometime folks reply when we're asleep :-D
<OscarL> bitigchi[m]1: no docs regarding FormatPercent() on the Haiku Book, and not much usage of it either, according to
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<Habbie> "Currently, Haiku cannot resize existing partitions; therefore, you either need to already have an empty partition where you can install Haiku," in
<Habbie> should that say "Currently, Haiku cannot even create partitions" ?
<Habbie> because the rest of the guide gives me that impression
<Habbie> i'm wrong, step 9 can create a partition, just not resize
<Habbie> so perhaps "an empty partition" could be "unpartitioned space"?
<OscarL> As you can't install Haiku in that "unpartitioned space" (you need to make a partition out of it first anyway)... I would say that the current wording is not wrong.
<Habbie> different question, would it make sense for haiku to be present in or would the ramdisk image be 1.4GB which is a bit much?
<Habbie> OscarL, but DriveSetup in the installer can create new partitions, if i'm reading this right?
<OscarL> Yes.
<Habbie> so "need to already have an empty partition" seems too strong, as having unpartitioned space should be good enough
<Habbie> (because i can make a new partition after booting the haiku usb stick)
<Habbie> i'm happy to submit doc patches, by the way - just want to make sure i get them right
<Habbie> also i didn't find the website git repo yet, does one exist?
<OscarL> I see what you mean.
<OscarL> last updated 2 years ago.
<Habbie> ah, does /website/ take PRs on github?
<OscarL> that one does, yes.
<Habbie> good
<Habbie> i read some of the contributing docs which pointed out not all haiku repos do
<Habbie> but it was unclear to me from that which ones would :)
<Habbie> thanks
<Habbie> i'll take some notes during my R4 installation and see if this doc needs any other tweaks
<Habbie> r4.. r1beta4 :)
<OscarL> the ones for actual OS code (or its buildtools) are all on Gerrit, so no PRs on GH.
<Habbie> ok, that's clear
<OscarL> Habbie: always valuable to have feedback from someone "fresh".
<Habbie> yes, exactly! in the projects i run, whenever somebody new comes in and says something is unclear, we really hope they want to edit the docs for us
<Habbie> as for fresh, I did use BeOS extensively, a long time ago
<Habbie> and i booted haiku once, a few years ago
<Habbie> so fresh enough i think
<Habbie> i also learned a lot about UEFI recently so i hope i can maybe contribute something (even if only bug reports or text) there
<OscarL> I meant with a fresh look (as opposed to one that's already used to some quirks and you can't notice them anylonger :-D). I'm slow at typing, and my "English" sux, so... beware :-)
<Habbie> ah yes, still a valuable level of fresh
<Habbie> i strongly believe computers/software train users to work with them
<Habbie> "this crashes on me all the time" "weird, that hasn't happened in the last four years i've used this software"
<OscarL> Regarding PRs on GH... for software that is not part of the OS proper.... (accepts Issues and PRs) (or the upstream repo for the app in question).
<OscarL> For issues with the OS (that includes its documentation/website/code)...
<OscarL> And with that. I'll sign off. Too sleepy to even see straight :-). Happy Haikuing, Habbie. Bye!
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