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<Habbie> haikuporter wraps meson to add --wrap-mode=nodownload
<Habbie> with it, meson fails: ERROR: Neither directory contains a build file
<Habbie> does this ring a bell for anybody
<Habbie> ?
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<Habbie> removing the wrap-mode option makes it work
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<Habbie> ok
<Habbie> it's a quirk of meson's argument parsing
<Habbie> 'meson build' works but yields: WARNING: Running the setup command as `meson [options]` instead of `meson setup [options]` is ambiguous and deprecated.
<Habbie> however, 'meson setup build' breaks because --wrap-mode=.. gets put before setup
<BiPolar> "real 17m44,737s", on bare-metal, not too shabby, considering the darn profile step (for PGO) that runs test on only one core.
<BiPolar> moment of truth, lets see if "pip3.10 install --user pyserial" does the right thing, or I managed to mess things up :-D
<BiPolar> SUCCESS!!!
<BiPolar> "pip3.10 list --user", and "pip3.10 uninstall pyserial" work too. (import serial from that --user location works). Nice!
<BiPolar> no more broken "--user" installs under $HOME/.local/, at last.
<Habbie> woo!
<Habbie> this was one of the few things left for getting 3.10 in shape?
<BiPolar> Habbie: yes, thanks to Jérôme Duval (korli) fixing the "system" installs on a bigger patch a few days ago.
<Habbie> nice
<BiPolar> the "user" installs seem to have also been broken (for all versions) for loong time. So glad to finally being able to tackle this.
<Habbie> very good
<Habbie> speaking of serial, i just wrote a recipe for 'tio' but now i also need to write a recipe for its dependency 'inih'
<BiPolar> (far easier to fix than what korli did, I tried before, but I lack focus, and knowledge)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] threedeyes cff4b90 - Telegram: bump for rebuild
<Habbie> but first, bed
<Habbie> have a good one
<BiPolar> sleep well Habbie!
<Habbie> waddlesplash, anything I can do to debug my reboots (let's assume for now they are the AMD FX story). Would logging serial output help?
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<kbruen> Hello! I installed Haiku in a VM and have chosen the Romanian keyboard layout, and I noticed that it is a very outdated and completely out of use keyboard layout. I'm not sure what to do about this: if I should file a bug, or even look into updating the layout myself, though I wouldn't know where to start if I were to do that. If anyone could give me some hints, that would be great.
<augiedoggie> if one of the developers doesn't answer you can open a ticket about it at
<augiedoggie> i have no experience with the keyboard layouts
<kbruen> Thanks! I'll wait a bit and if nobody else answers I'll open a ticket there.
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 4f1e67e18e9a - mail: fix crash when associating IMAPFolder
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56819] -
<waddlesplash> Habbie: possibly, but it might not. triple faults are nasty, really hard to get a handle on :(
<waddlesplash> Habbie: appears your processor is probably AMD eKabini which is based on Jaguar microarch. That's part of "FX" family
<waddlesplash> so, you are likely experiencing the same underlying problem as those tickets unfortunately
<waddlesplash> kbruen: you certainly can assist by updating the keyboard layout
<waddlesplash> I'm not sure how people usually edit the keyboard layouts, to be honest, because I'm an uncultured American myself. probably PulkoMandy would be a good one to ask, I think he's worked on a few
<waddlesplash> here's the Romanian keymap source as it exists now:
<waddlesplash> this can be edited by hand, but you have to paste Unicode hex values probably, so that may not be easy
<waddlesplash> kbruen: you can also edit the keymap using the Keymap preferences. here's the documentation:
<waddlesplash> specifically: "You can change a keymap in the keyboard representation: drag & drop one key on another and they switch places." and also: "You can also create an individual mapping by drag & dropping a character from another app onto the key. For example, you could extend your regular keymap with often used currency symbols."
<waddlesplash> and then also the details about modifiers
<kbruen> That's fair, but it would probably be better for Haiku's default to be a keymap that's still used by people nowadays. Haiku's current keymap was the default in Windows XP, and is now called Romanian (Legacy) in Windows and used by nobody because it's silly and QWERTZ for some reason.
<waddlesplash> we update keymaps and change them not infrequently
<waddlesplash> so we can certainly rename the existing one to "Romanian (Legacy)", and add a new one (or if the legacy one is rare enough, disable it altogether?)
<kbruen> There are 3 Romanian keymaps that are currently in use: the default Windows one is used by most people, the default Linux one is called "Romanian (Programmers)" in Windows because it's the US keymap with Romanian letters added as a key combo with AltGr, and there's the macOS/iPadOS Romanian one.
<waddlesplash> but someone will have to do the work here. If the keymap is close enough to another one we already have, you can likely use Keymap as noted above to create the new mapping from another one, and then send us the modified file
<waddlesplash> well, PulkoMandy is likely the person on the development team to talk to about keymaps
<waddlesplash> I think some of the eastern Europeans in the Telegram group might have done some interesting things with keymap also
<kbruen> I don't mind creating the keymaps myself, either through the GUI or by manually editing the file. It shouldn't be hard to do something like 'ă'.encode('utf8') in Python to get the hex values, though I doubt it's the UTF8 encoding that's the needed one.
<kbruen> Thankfully Romanian has only 5 additional letters on top of the English alphabet so the keymap is not massively different.
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] fbc2a57b094f - mail: filter messages in Trash from unread count
<waddlesplash> kbruen: the GUI is easiest. pretty intutive, pick an existing keymap and drag and drop characters from some text document.
<waddlesplash> and I think the hex values are just straight Unicode characters, not encoded
<kbruen> How would I drag and drop text without triggering a reselection?
<bbjimmy> deems that the error is in Tracker...
<waddlesplash> kbruen: click the selection and drag it?
<bbjimmy> *seems
<kbruen> That just starts a new selection from the point where I'm clicking
<waddlesplash> what text editor are you using
<waddlesplash> I just tried this with StyledEdit and the text dragged as I expected.
<kbruen> Sorry, I overlooked the part where you said I should use a text editor. I was dragging from inside WebPositive.
<waddlesplash> yeah, Web+ doesn't do this.
<waddlesplash> also the "Sample" box in Keymap prefs works.
<waddlesplash> So you could copy the text, paste it into the "Sample" box, then drag it.
<kbruen> Great
<kbruen> What should I do after I create the layout? I can see a save as option, but what next after I'll have the file?
<waddlesplash> I think it needs to be 'decompiled' into text
<waddlesplash> read the manual page, it explains this
<kbruen> Alrighty, will do
<kbruen> After I do all that, I assume I can open a ticket on
<bbjimmy> If I use cp from a terminal, the file copies properly, Tracker gives the error.
<augiedoggie> kbruen: yes, it'll get attached to a ticket at trac
<augiedoggie> or if you're familiar with git you can submit a merge request at gerrit
<kbruen> And, I assume, just adding the keymaps to the src/data/keymaps folder? I'm not familiar with Gerrit though, I'll have to read on how to submit a merge request there.
<augiedoggie> you may need to modify the Jamfile to include a new keymap file
<kbruen> The Jamfile seems to be looking for the files in the dir?
<augiedoggie> yeah, looks like it's just a wildcard glob to me
<kbruen> I do wonder what keyboard layouts I should create. The Romanian National Standard defined the Windows default and the Linux default (or Windows "Romanian (Programmers)"). Haiku's current one is "Romanian (Legacy)" on Windows. macOS/iPadOS also have a different Romanian layout. Having 4 layouts seems a bit much.
<kbruen> *defines
<kbruen> My idea would be to ditch the current, legacy one (it can be brought back from the git history if someone else really needs it later) since it's old, unused and wrong. After that, I think I should replace it only with the Windows and Linux ones that are defined by the standard.
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> anyone here who can help with some 3rd party dev?
<augiedoggie> depends on your definition of "help"
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> I was trying to add a menu into DeskNotes to add different types of fonts and font styles
<augiedoggie> it's getting late and i may give bad advice :P
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> and for some stupid mistake of mine, i've somehow broken it such that as soon as I right click on it to get the context menu, it crashes
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> augiedoggie: hehe
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> So I just needed a second set of eyes who could maybe spot the error
<augiedoggie> sure, is the code uploaded somewhere?
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> Yeah, let me fetch the repository link for you
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> it crashes due to line 313 according to the debugger
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> of DeskNoteView.cpp
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> and I've initialised the concerned menu in line 430 of the same
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<augiedoggie> i don't see anything wrong yet
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> did you try running it locally?
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> I mean.. did you see the problem that I'm talking about?
<augiedoggie> yes
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> :(
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<augiedoggie> yeah, i don't see why it's crashing there, i'm probably too tired to see the problem
<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> its okay, thanks a lot augiedoggie for your time. I guess I'll keep hunting >_<
<zdykstra> what happens if I change my username in /etc/passwd ? (I'm aware of changing it for outbound SSH connections, this is just a hypothetical)
<augiedoggie> i always change my username
<augiedoggie> no real consequences that i'm aware of
<zdykstra> nice
<zdykstra> danke
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<augiedoggie> it's actually one of the variables you can specify while building Haiku
<augiedoggie> HAIKU_ROOT_USER_NAME in UserBuildConfig
<zdykstra> ahh, neat
<zdykstra> okay, it's midnight and I have to do taxes tomorrow
<zdykstra> catch you all later!
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
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<Begasus> heading out, cu peeps!
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<BarmenduChakraborty[m]> Is there any way to open the debugger without having the app to crash?
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<CPYou> Moin'.
<x512[m]> Barmendu Chakraborty: Open debugger and select an application to debug.
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] cc1d9fb0feaa - Icon-O-Matic: Refactor code slightly
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL ba0e97c - python3.10: update to 3.10.10, sync both _getuserbase() copies. (#7946)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+3/-3/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 0f2e26b - python3.9: update to 3.9.16, sync both _getuserbase() copies. (#7945)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+3/-3/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 077fd3f - python3.7: update to 3.7.16, sync both _getuserbase() copies. (#7942)
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<n0toose[m]> yay!!!
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<Anarchos> hello
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<Anarchos> hello xiku
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<andreasdr[m]> Hi there
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<nosycat> Finally tried to install Haiku on my EeePC 701 and it's a bust. (Not asking for help, thanks.)
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<nosycat> Oh well, it's supposed to be fully compatible, but there are so many variables.
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<waddlesplash> nosycat: you might check the forums. I know a lot of people use 701s
<nosycat> I heard from someone too, right here in the channel. No worries.
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<zdykstra> mornin' all
<nosycat> Hello!
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<nephele> is sphinx not packaged?
<augiedoggie> no, there were a number of dependencies that i didn't feel like adding, otherwise i would've added sphinx
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<augiedoggie> i think begasus may have already added half of them
* OscarL can finally start removing most of the gazillion files accumulated thanks to the python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10... recipes (deleting lots of files is SLOOOW on my PC... :-/)
<nephele> uhh, so we have sphinx based documentation, but not sphinx? :(
<nephele> Well, if i cant test it locally adding a darkmode will be much harder, so i guess ill do thst later if sphinx is available at some point
<OscarL> "pip install" it?
<OscarL> mmm, it is gettingme some weird conflict with "Found existing installation: zipp 0.0.0"... I need to clean up this install really well.
<nephele> no idea about pip OscarL, i just use pkgman :)
<nephele> don't feel like learning the package managers of all the languages too
<OscarL> understood :-) still some rough edges with pip vs pkgman installed python packages, so it seems :-(
<OscarL> Mmm, I'm seeing several packages that pip lists as having version "0.0.0", coincidentally, those are the ones managed by pkgman... sight...
<OscarL> maybe the pip package just needs a rebuild after korli's changes related to Python's INSTAL_SCHEMES.
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<OscarL> Mmm, noup. The plot thickens! It is actually the individual .hpkg for each modules the ones that contain that 0.0.0 version in them.
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<humdinger> before I go...
<humdinger> PSA: You can help adding/updating translations for the next releases of
* humdinger waves
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<nephele> it sais login to see page
<nephele> hmm
<OscarL> IMO... HaikuDepot should NOT "Checking user details" (whatever that is) every single time you just double click a local package to check its content...
<nephele> open a ticket? we have severall things that package kit could do less off
<nephele> it also refreshes repos if you tell it to install files you have locally :)
<OscarL> Will certainly do, because this annoyes me enough :-D
<OscarL> might revert to using Expander.
<OscarL> yep. much snappier :-P
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<OscarL> welp, apparently, most of the .hpkgs for python modules seem to have the correct versions. Maybe those showing 0.0.0 just need to be rebuilt. We'll see.
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<zdykstra> how's things for you today, OscarL ?
<OscarL> Hello zdykstra! Well.. I just had a good meal, so better than average, at least :-D
<OscarL> you?
<OscarL> (now trying to see what's what with these silly python packages that pip show with versions 0.0.0 :-/ )
<zdykstra> had some eggs and toast for lunch, so I can't complain :)
<zdykstra> Dog is in the back yard barking at geese
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<OscarL> heh, nice. Welp... unless the dog keeps barking ALL day long... :-P
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+3/-3/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] OscarL 6f08937 - python3.8: update to 3.8.16, sync both _getuserbase() copies. (#7944)
<OscarL> yes!
<zdykstra> nice
<OscarL> the rest of the versions were already merged, and are available on the repos too.
<OscarL> I'm hoping that the remaning rough spots are just packages needing to be rebuilt. Let's hope :-)
<OscarL> python3.10 with an usable "pip", and a working REPL (line-editting, history, auto-complete), is so much nicer than the ones before!
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<Habbie> waddlesplash, the tickets don't mention a triple fault - are there any other notes about the issue?
<waddlesplash> Habbie: instant reboot no KDL is almost certainly a triple fault
<Habbie> ah right
<waddlesplash> there's not much else it really could be
<Habbie> got it
<Habbie> ohh my Haiku support patch for tio got merged
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<OscarL> That does looks interesting, Habbie. I'll wait for it to be available in pkgman :-P
<Habbie> i have a port here but i need to finish one it depends on :)
<OscarL> All good! just a playful nudge :-D
<Habbie> :)
<Habbie> waddlesplash, i read up a bit; by their nature, triple faults usually don't log anything i guess then
<OscarL> May I interest you in some light-reading: "Revision Guide for AMD Family 15h Models 00h-0Fh Processors" ? :-P
<Habbie> i have a 16h model :)
<OscarL> So close! :-P
<Habbie> :)
<OscarL> 48931_15h_Mod_10h-1Fh_Rev_Guide.pdf then
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<OscarL> Why do I have those, and why I read so many pages from them.... still a mistery.
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<OscarL> (not like I could take much out of them, I guess the low-level details interest me, even despite my little knowledge)
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<OscarL> mm, rebulding the "zipp_python3*" packages still leave them with "zipp-0.0.0-py3.10.egg-info" in them. Have to go deeper :-/
<nephele> "zipp-0.0.0-py3.10.egg-info" doesn't sound like an english word to me
<OscarL> :-) that "0.0.0" is the part causing problems, as pip sees that as an older dependency, tries to install a newer one, but clashes with the one installed by pkgman :-(
<OscarL> I mean... pip tries to remove that "old zipp", which it fails, as that's from a read only location.
<OscarL> well. in the meantime, nephele, after "pkgman uninstall zipp_python39", then "pip install sphinx" worked as intended.
<OscarL> Just in case you want to go that route.
<nephele> I did that yeah
<nephele> but it keeps complaining about the /packages tree not beeing in PATH because it does not understand symlinks .-.
<OscarL> time to alias pip="pip --no-warn-script-location" :-D
<nephele> i dont hope to use pip that much :)
<OscarL> will complain about being root stil, pip complains almost as much as I do :-/
<nephele> give it another use then *shrug*
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<nephele> 🤠
<nephele> Noto emoji (the new version) works great on Haiku 😄
<nephele> the font fallback code also does the various weights correctly
<OscarL> Mmm, I'm missing that one. Might explain some missing "icons" while using Github on Web+ ?
<OscarL> yup, that was it.
<OscarL> (I can't really make head or tail of them anyway, but at least they appear on screen now :-D)
<nephele> the updated one isnt packaged
<nephele> you'll have to download it from google and put it into non-packaged
<nephele> though i'll package the new version and make haiku.hpkg depend on it
<OscarL> I see. (just tried with the ones on the repos right now, at least they avoid the [] :-D)
<AlienSoldier> OscarL if you want an easy ticket :
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<zdykstra> nephele: and then collapsed,
<zdykstra> I still need to convert the attachment view to use the layout library instead of hard-coded height/width
<zdykstra> just playing around to see what the various layouts look like / can do
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<OscarL> Holy power-losses, Batman!
<OscarL> (some strong wings, and the power lines start to fail :-( )
<zdykstra> oof. Everything okay?
<OscarL> Yeah, just third-world things :-D
<OscarL> I keep and old-but-trusty stabilizer, so, besides the forced reboots, computer seems fine.
<OscarL> I was thinking that AlienSoldier might have thought... man... I point him to a little bug and he just banishes! :-P
<OscarL> Might wanna rename that attached pic to .jpg, AlienSoldier (so it can be seen right from Trac).
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<OscarL> IIRC, there's a similar bug related to Tracker ColumnViews.
<AlienSoldier> I was thinking you were already starting to work on it :P
<OscarL> :D
<nephele> zdykstra: awesome!
<zdykstra> should hopefully have something ready for review this coming week
<zdykstra> I've been learning the basics of the layout kit the last few days :)
<nephele> I notice also that "Attachments" seems to have a hardcoded black text color now that you mention it
<zdykstra> yeah, it's super ancient crusty code in there
<OscarL> zdykstra's screenshots are missing some "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, nephele???" text :-P
<nephele> I guess the listitems also have a hardcoded color, they are white on black
<zdykstra> lol
<nephele> err blasck on white
<zdykstra> well, I probably won't try to address that in the layout fix changeset
<nephele> zdykstra: it's to be expected, the code already ran on BeOS :P
<zdykstra> I'd like to do the work in bite-sized chunks so that it's easier to review and iterate through
<nephele> that's fine, i'm used to doing all the dark mode work 👻
* OscarL squints... "is... is that a ghost?" Spooky.
<Habbie> if a C program uses some .so lib, i need to declare lib:xxx in REQUIRES *and* devel:xxx in BUILD_REQUIRES?
<nephele> unicode sais its a ghost
* OscarL might need to either increase the font size, or get some reading glasses.
<nephele> Habbie: if it's a runtime requirement only in REQUIRES
<nephele> you can also increase the font weight :)
<nephele> i like semibold
<Habbie> hmm when would it only be a runtime requirement?
<Habbie> i mean, wouldn't the linker refuse to even link the binary without the devel: one
<nephele> if your programm needs it to run, for example the ELF executable your programm has references it
<nephele> hmm, not sure. maybe :D
<Habbie> ok
<Habbie> it's just different from what i'm used to in most other packaging systems :)
<Habbie> it seems haikuporter can detect all this, but then the idea here is that it still wants you to be explicit
<Habbie> this is fine, just different :)
<nephele> I am somewhat motivated to make a haiku emoji picker 😻
<nephele> i'm all in on those noto emojis, monochrome blobs is cool
<nephele> no need to make severall different skin tone combos and appearences for each emoji
<nephele> Habbie: many deps are also on libraries and not packages
<nephele> so you can switch out the providing packages if necccesarx
<Habbie> that i noticed
<Habbie> which is nice
<Habbie> i love that haikuports patchset management is just git
<Habbie> i can fetch a remote tree and cherry-pick
<nephele> going pkgman i cmd:something is so much nicer tha
<nephele> n that not found script in ubuntu :D
<Habbie> hah yes
<Habbie> apk (alpine) and yum/dnf (most rpm distros) also have it
<Habbie> i really miss the trick in debian
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<BrunoSpr> Hi all... How to make a partition "active"? Is it possible only at formatting?
<OscarL> Habbie: Knowing basically Zero git, attempting to deal with Python's .patchset files (as one of my first "haikuports things") took me WAAAAAY longer than I would have liked to learn to manage :-(
<BrunoSpr> Here is my screenshoot of the partitions:
<Habbie> in haiku, /dev is entirely kernel managed, right?
<Habbie> OscarL, bah :(
<OscarL> BrunoSpr: Select the partition, right-click, "Change parameters..." check the "Checkbox" for "Active partition" ?
* OscarL tries to "touch /dev/habbie_made_me_do_it"
<Habbie> i just did that experiment too :D
<Habbie> hmm, nothing in /dev has attributes
<nephele> BrunoSpr: you are using efi boot, you don't need to do this
<OscarL> BrunoSpr: DriveSetup is not showing me that "Change parameters..." as available for my BFS partitions, but it does for the others. But I'm currentrly accesing my real HDD from a VM, so...
<nephele> it makes no sense for a gpt partitioning scheme, there is no active flag
<OscarL> Ah... missed that GUID Partition Map + EFI partition combo :-D
<BrunoSpr> nephele ah ok... thanks but it won't boot into Haiku now...
<nephele> BrunoSpr: do you have an uptodate haiku_loader.efi in your EFI partition?
<nephele> if you don't you can boot with the thumb drive and hit space and then select your main computer as boot volume to boot into
<BrunoSpr> nephele, yes thats what I do now! But without a thumb drive it wont boot
<nephele> do you require a dual boot with another OS?
<nephele> it looks like you have windows installed too, you should probably use rEFInd then to dual boot
<nephele> it's also possible to dualboot without it, but it requires adding a boot entry to your efi, and haiku cant do this now. You would have to do it with linux, or maybe windows can do it too, anyway refind is easier
<Habbie> hmm, looks like devices in /dev cannot easily expose attributes
<nephele> what do you mean by that?
<BrunoSpr> nephele, yes Windows is on the other partition
<Habbie> listattr -l /dev/tty
<nephele> why would device files need attributes?
<Habbie> ok so let me take a step back
<Habbie> i have /dev/ports/usb0, a serial device
<bitigchi[m]1> zdykstra: what happens when you add like four files? Does it expand vertically?
<Habbie> if this was linux, i'd also have /dev/serial/by-id/XXX as a symlink to a similar numbered file
<Habbie> the XXX is stable over replugs, port moves, etc.
<Habbie> i was thinking this would be nice in Haiku too
<BrunoSpr> nephele, yes I have rEFInd installed in the efi-system data partition
<Habbie> and i thought, attributes would be a nice first step to at least expose this metadata to the user
<nephele> BrunoSpr: then create a new folder called Haiku in it, and copy the loader from the ESP from the thumb drive
<BrunoSpr> nephele, maybe I have to rename haiku_bootloader.efi to BOOTX64.efi
<nephele> Habbie: users don't usually see device files
<Habbie> having now read -just a bit- about /dev in haiku, i get the impression attributes and symlinks are both currently not easy
<nephele> BrunoSpr: no, BOOTX64.efi is the fallback loader
<Habbie> nephele, most don't, but i use by-id on linux a lot
<nephele> if you replace it you will replace what is there, maybe refind or the windows loader
<nephele> Habbie: well, i'm not sure if we even have anything to gurantee a stable ID for anything :)
<nephele> but alas i'm probably not the right person to comment, don't know too much about oiur device files
<BrunoSpr> Heres my Efi folder in Tracker:
<nephele> what is in the HAIKU folder?
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<nephele> BrunoSpr: it looks like in that case BOOTx64.efi is indeed refind
<BrunoSpr> nephele, yes it should load... but it loads only with a thumb drive inserted...
<nephele> then it's maybe only installed on the thumb drive?
<BrunoSpr> the Haiku folder:
<nephele> ist der "system" ordner auf dem usb stick oder der festplatte?
<BrunoSpr> I think I renamed refind to BOOTX64 already... have to check now...
<BrunoSpr> auf system auf der Festplatte...
<BrunoSpr> auch auf dem usb stick
<nephele> eigentlich sollte dann rEFInd auch starten wenn es richtig benannt ist
<nephele> rEFInd selber ist es egal wie die anderen loader heisen, solange sie auf der gleichen partition sind irgendwo
<BrunoSpr> ya, ich probier es nochmal mit dem umbenannten Haiku Boot loader
<BrunoSpr> nephele, ok ich probiers jetzt nochmal zu starten...
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] davidkaroly pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56823] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] f964790bcc82 - headers/kernel: remove sh4 folder
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] davidkaroly pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56824] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 9a9c5e9feedf - kernel/arm: clean up x86 PAE related code
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] davidkaroly pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56825] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 0aeb55c8acbd - arm: remove unused variables from arch_kernel_args
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<Habbie> oh nephele left
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<OscarL> Habbie: just a minor question: on your tio recipe INSTALL() section... are those "set -x", pwd, and ls lines for debug leftovers, or intentionally there?
<OscarL> s/for debug/debug/
<Habbie> oops, thanks
<Habbie> definitely debugging
<Habbie> fixed
<OscarL> I should have mentioned the "set -x" on the inih recipe then :-P
<OscarL> btw, thanks for making me aware of that (set -x).
<Habbie> heh
<Habbie> yes set -x is great
<Habbie> also removed
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<Habbie> the greatest thing about set -x, in this case, it that it also exposes what happens in things like
<OscarL> I can see how that that one could make me quite confused, indeed :-D
<Habbie> it is buggy, too, i feel
<Habbie> the 'ninja -C build' call really wants to be another meson call
<Habbie> but the alias demands --buildtype=release on every meson call
<Habbie> not just on the first (setup) call
<OscarL> not skilled enough to notice, yet (one can dream), I'm, slowly, learing as I go. Good thing to have more people that understand these things :-D
<Habbie> :)
<Habbie> i didn't need skill to notice it
<Habbie> but i guess i needed skill to figure out what was in the way and why ;)
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<OscarL> I guess I also could have said experienced enough with different build systems (I seldom used anything more complex that Delphi's dcc32.exe :-D)
<Habbie> hehe
<Habbie> i do have more build system experience than i'm happy with ;)
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<Habbie> waddlesplash, do you happen to know things that semi-reliably trigger the AMD FX issue? it's only happened randomly for me twice so far
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<waddlesplash> OscarL: you don't need to deal with patchsets directly most of the time. use haikuporter --extract-patchset and it will grab all the commits from the work-... dir repository into a .patchset
<waddlesplash> Habbie: some users in comments had interesting ways of trying
<waddlesplash> apparently find/fgrep -R often triggered it?
<Habbie> --extract-patchset (or -e) is wonderful, yes
<Habbie> waddlesplash, i use 'find /' a lot, that hasn't triggered it yet
<Habbie> so it could be "lots of IO" or "use a bunch of memory"
<waddlesplash> yeah, no idea
<waddlesplash> I don't have any Bulldozer+ machines myself
<waddlesplash> just a Ryzen, which is not affected by this
<Habbie> ack
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<OscarL> waddlesplash: thanks. that's what I use, since I managed to wrap my head around all of it :-)
<Habbie> my other AMD is GX-212JC, which apparently is not Jaguar
<Habbie> if i manage to trigger it reliably, would be interesting to see if it also happens there
<Habbie> but probably more interesting to bisect haiku itself
<Habbie> i recall reading in one of the tickets that there were a few suspect commits
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<Habbie> unless i'm confusing it with the radeon problem (which i "fixed" with safe graphics)
<waddlesplash> I don't think anyone bisected this down to a particular commit?
<waddlesplash> there were some suspect commits, yeah, but they were inthe middle of the scheduler refactor
<Habbie> right
<waddlesplash> and I don't know if anyone established that old-scheduler haiku really does not have this problem
<waddlesplash> old-scheduler haiku is like 2012-2013, not really usable anymore
<Habbie> 5 years ago
<waddlesplash> oh yeah ASLR merge is also in there
<Habbie> ok, this ticket notes "make -j6" as a trigger
<HaikuUser2> sorry I have problem with ssh certificate expired on webpositive
<Habbie> and has a serial log that doesn't help (which matches what you said about a triple fault)
<Habbie> HaikuUser2, ssh or ssl?
<HaikuUser2> ssl
<waddlesplash> HaikuUser2: synchronize your system time
<HaikuUser2> great
<waddlesplash> Habbie: if you can find a way to reliably trigger it, I might have more ideas now about debugging it
<waddlesplash> e.g. I could hack up the VM to not do ASLR ever
<Habbie> ok, will let you know if i find one :)
* Habbie pkgman install stress_ng :)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuporter] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuporter] Habbie adc25c2 - respect --quiet flag in repository commands (#246)
<Habbie> <3
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Habbie 19b5b5c - move haikuporter repo update before Lint job (#7943)
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<Habbie> do i need 'buildtools' for building Haiku on Haiku?
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56826] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] b548e9131d54 - Api docs: fix code blocks
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<waddlesplash> Habbie: on 32bit, usually not. on 64bit, usually yes. however...
<waddlesplash> you can avoid them by disabling including the bootloaders in haiku.hpkg
<waddlesplash> as they're the only thing that need the crosstools
<waddlesplash> basically, open build/jam/packages/Haiku and comment out the block immediately underneath the "bootloaders" comment
<Habbie> wonderful
<waddlesplash> then you can just ./configure (no arguments)
<waddlesplash> you won't be able to build full images (as those still have bootloaders of course) but you can at least build haiku.hpkg, etc.
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<Habbie> right, which i can in fact pkgman install and reboot into, right?
<waddlesplash> yep
<Habbie> so nice
<BrunoSpr> hello all... Do I need a EFI System data partition on every media (pc, thumb driver)? or do I need it only on the booting pc?
<BrunoSpr> Or do I need the haiku_loader.efi only on the thumb drive?
<zdykstra> You only need it on one drive
<zdykstra> You can have it on more, but if you want to boot via UEFI, you only _need_ one ESP
<BrunoSpr> zdykstra, ah thx so I need it only on the pc and nothing on the thumb drive then? Thats why I have 4 drives to choose from with refind now?
<BrunoSpr> there should be only two... one for windows and one for Haiku
<BrunoSpr> and the refind fallback
<Habbie> clickable hyperlinks in compiler warnings, wow
<waddlesplash> yeah, Terminal is pretty cool!
<Habbie> i'm not in haiku Terminal ;)
<waddlesplash> oh
<Habbie> but my daytime compiler is older
<waddlesplash> well, it works in Haiku's terminal. not just compiler warnings, but any path absolute or relative to current directory
<Habbie> i wasn't even aware of 'xterm' escape sequences for making things clickable
<Habbie> oh yes
<waddlesplash> Option+click
<Habbie> src/kits/app/MessageAdapter.cpp:567:24: warning: taking address of packed member of 'BMessage::message_header' may result in an unaligned pointer value [-Waddress-of-packed-member]
<Habbie> but here the -W is a link
<Habbie> somehow
<waddlesplash> oh, now that's crazy
<Habbie> i know!
<waddlesplash> we don't support that yet in Haiku Terminal
<waddlesplash> someone should open a ticket
<Habbie> i'll make a quick local note now so i can see what the hell this is and then open a ticket
<waddlesplash> so we can implement it. jessicah may be interested, she implemented bracketed paste not too long ago
<Habbie> neat
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56827] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] bb46ee6d5fab - Installer: tweaking strings
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<Habbie> waddlesplash, apparently -fdiagnostics-urls is new in gcc 10, but i never noticed it during my dayjob (where i use 10)
<Habbie> waddlesplash, or perhaps the feature got improved in 11 (which haiku ships)
* Habbie reads gist
<Habbie> neat
<Habbie> oh i know why i never noticed. I actually use clang all day :D
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<Habbie> waddlesplash, i got a build failure but i do have ./generated/objects/haiku/x86_64/packaging/packages_build/regular/hpkg_-haiku.hpkg now
<Habbie> waddlesplash, would that be a valid installable result?
<Habbie> waddlesplash, nevermind, it's an almost empty dir
<Habbie> i ran 'jam' without any arguments, to be clear
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<PulkoMandy> Not sure what that will build
<Habbie> me neither!
<Habbie> i'm trying @install now
<PulkoMandy> Usually you want either a target name (haiku.hpkg for example) or a build profile (@haiku-raw for a filesystem image)
<Habbie> (i have two goals - one is being able to tinker with kernel sources, the other is to reliably crash this machine)
<PulkoMandy> @nightly-raw
<Habbie> right, but -raw will require the bootloaders to be buildable i think?
<Habbie> haiku.hpkg being a target is good, thanks
<PulkoMandy> @install needs some configuration first (in UserBuildConfig) to tell it where to install to
<Habbie> ah
<Habbie> i'll try haiku.hpkg then
<Habbie> ah! i'm missing zstd and probably other things :)
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<Habbie> skipped a step
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<zdykstra> Could almost say that was a zstd deviation
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<Habbie> :D
<Habbie> it's building musl
<Habbie> and glibc
<Habbie> why do we have both?
<bbjimmy> can somebody change the titie?
<Habbie> i keep thinking my haiku crashed because hitting enter in a running process (over ssh) does not echo back the newline
<zdykstra> Habbie, if you're looking for a small system that is potentially more stable, Lenovo 'Tiny' systems can be had on eBay for cheap cheap
<Habbie> yeah, the thin client market is great
<Habbie> it's just that i've ended up with HPs so far (i have four now)
<Habbie> which all happen to be AMD
<Habbie> if i can reproduce the crash i will see if the slower one is stable
<zdykstra> I bought an M920x with an i5-8500 and 8gb ram for $150 USD
<Habbie> nice
<Habbie> i've spent 40-50 EUR per PC so far