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* augiedoggie would prefer someone revert the offending commit rather than disable radeon_hd
<OscarL> I understood that as "disable it for the problematic device IDs" and not the whole driver, no?
<augiedoggie> either way, it annoys me that the driver worked, then someone broke it and left it
<OscarL> :-(
<augiedoggie> i should see if i can revert just that driver in my tree to a version shortly after B4
<augiedoggie> hm, not after B4 my timeline is off, but at one point it did work :P
<augiedoggie> must have been just after B3 that it worked
<Habbie> OscarL, i found earlier tonight (maybe before you connected) that the list of problematic device IDs clearly is not complete
<Habbie> augiedoggie, i'm happy to test anything in regards to the radeon problems
<OscarL> Habbie: I read the IRC logs where you were talking about that with waddlesplash, yes. He linked to a ticket for that. Be sure to add your device ID there when you can.
<Habbie> will do that soon, but might be a few days
<Habbie> good night!
<OscarL> later!
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<zdykstra> is there a uniform way to ensure a newly shown window isn't showing under the Deskbar? I run my Deskbar with Always on Top set, in the upper left, and a lot of windows initially draw there.
<zdykstra> seems like it'd be easy enough to just ask the deskbar for it's frame and then make sure the starting point isn't inside that
<zdykstra> but is there a nice method that does that automagically?
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<pairisto[m]> If I am making a virtual device driver, would I still put it in /dev?
<pairisto[m]> s///`//, s/?/`?/
<x512[m]> pairisto: What do you mean by "virtual device driver"?
<pairisto[m]> like a TUN/TAP driver
<pairisto[m]> those are virtual drivers
<x512[m]> Some kernel module that expose userland interface via FD?
<x512[m]> Yes, that should use /dev devfs files.
<pairisto[m]> so would I put the current tun.cpp in there or would it be a separate file entirely?
<x512[m]> Unlike most UNIX-like operating systems, Haiku have no mknod and major/minor device file codes.
<x512[m]> /dev files are published with kernel devfs API.
<pairisto[m]> so what do I do when I want to use the driver? just use open()?
<pairisto[m]> * So what do I do when I want to use the driver? Just use open()?
<pairisto[m]> That is what I see in the driver documentation
<x512[m]> From userland side, yes, open and ioctl can be used.
<pairisto[m]> Got it, is there any specific sub directory of /dev to put the driver that would be recommended?
<x512[m]> I think it not matter for first step and can be adjusted later if needed.
<pairisto[m]> Got it, thanks!
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<zdykstra> welp, patched Tracker's InfoWindow to not intersect the Deskbar, but that's a bandaid on the real problem
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<waddlesplash> zdykstra: MoveOnScreen probably should take care of this
<waddlesplash> and the default Zoom logic gets deskbar area
<waddlesplash> so that can be factorized and then utilized also in MoveOnScreen
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
<augiedoggie> hey Begasus
<augiedoggie> do you want to close ?
<Begasus> hey augiedoggie , let me see
<Begasus> done :) thanks for pointing out
<augiedoggie> yeah, now that it's built i might try enabling support for tree_sitter in the emacs recipe
<Begasus> nice
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<zdykstra> waddlesplash: nice, glad to know it's doable somewhere already
<zdykstra> just spent the last while chasing down IMAP folders not preserving their tracker window size after mail_daemon is restarted. Getting closer, heh.
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<zdykstra> I really like that I can mask addons in /boot/system/add-ons by just inserting one in ~/config/non-packaged/add-ons. That makes testing add-on changes really trivial.
<zdykstra> oof, everybody involved with Haiku has made a gem of a system to hack on
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+4/-4/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] jmairboeck 29d8bcb - antlr recipes: bump version (#7898)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] robxnano 82621d1 - mkvtoolnix: Use Boost 1.70, drop patch (#7899)
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] autocommitter pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56805] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 593d482258d1 - Update translations from Pootle
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<jmairboeck> Hi Begasus! Thank you for merging antlr. Have you already tested the lilypond fix? Can this be merged too?
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<Begasus> running a build here now jmairboeck :)
<jmairboeck> ok, thank you
<jmairboeck> I didn't test it fully, but I'm pretty sure that this fix should work
<Begasus> so far things are ok, but not there yet
<jmairboeck> in the process I also found something weird regarding manually entering the chroot:
<Begasus> not familiar there :)
<Begasus> never entered chroot wiht haikuporter, wouldn't even know why I would
<jmairboeck> I just wanted to check the value of $PATH
<jmairboeck> I worked around that by putting an echo into the recipe instead
<Begasus> can't you use something like "echo $PATH" in the recipe?
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<jmairboeck> yes, I did that then
<Begasus> ah :)
<Begasus> jmairboeck, crash during build :/
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<botifico> [haiku/website] humdingerb pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haiku/website] humdingerb 30f2b3b - Community links: remove Haiku Gazette and leBUZZ
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<Begasus> 'lo humdinger :)
<humdinger> hi ho!
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<humdinger> Before I go... :)
<humdinger> UploadIt needs a handful of short strings translated:
* humdinger waves
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<jmairboeck> Begasus: according to signal.h, signal 21 is SIGKILLTHR, how can that be?
<Begasus> jmairboeck, no idea
<jmairboeck> did you run out of memory or something?
<Begasus> nope
<jmairboeck> did you get a crash dialog? do you have a debug report?
<Begasus> let me see if I can trigger it again
<Begasus> got a crash dialog yes, didn't save the debug report
<Begasus> save report?
<jmairboeck> yes please, let me see
<jmairboeck> maybe I can use it somehow
<jmairboeck> I have no idea otherwise
<jmairboeck> I suppose "hb" stands for harfbuzz, it looks like it crashes there. No idea why though.
<Begasus> comes from pango?
<jmairboeck> yes, and it seems that this calls into harfbuzz
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<Begasus> k, disabling the docs packages for lilypond works for getting a build that works in frescobaldi jmairboeck :)
<jmairboeck> so not every invocation of lilypond crashes?
<Begasus> it only does when building the docs
<jmairboeck> okay
<jmairboeck> do you think we can merge it anyway and see if it works on buildmaster?
<Begasus> I could, but not sure it will go through there? (running R1B4 also here on the laptop)
<jmairboeck> I don't know. I have never seen that crash myself before.
<jmairboeck> do the tests work?
<jmairboeck> I think they do mostly something similar as building the documentation
<Begasus> haven't checked there (yet)
<bitigchi> does NumberFormat support decimal specification?
<bitigchi> number of decimals to show
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<Begasus> heading out for a while
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<Begasus> re
<nosycat> o/
<Begasus> jmairboeck, test didn't error out for lilypond
<Begasus> hi nosycat :-)
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] robxnano 578d481 - mupen64plus: Fix build and use Boost 1.70 (#7902)
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<jmairboeck> Nice Begasus, then there can't be much wrong, I think
<Begasus> OK, let's merge and see what comes up
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] jmairboeck b2c7805 - lilypond: fix secondaryArch (x86) build (#7888)
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] pulkomandy pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56806] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 5929c25b71d1 - Installer: Add partition setup instructions
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<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] pulkomandy pushed 1 commit to master [hrev56807] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 0c062f469a42 - docs/develop: add some documentation about our Jam usage
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<Begasus> jmairboeck, this is where it crashed on me:
<Begasus> so crossing fingers now :)
<jmairboeck> I'm already looking at the build log :)
<Begasus> ;)
<Begasus> +1 there! :)
<jmairboeck> I think it should actually work, because the msgfmt stuff comes afterwards I think
<jmairboeck> when building the translated documentation
<jmairboeck> compiling 1814 files takes quite a while, even on the buildmaster :)
<Begasus> yeah :)
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<Begasus> fwiw, I see some OS's (openSuSE too) provide a seperate package for the documents, shouldn't that be possible if this fails also?
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<Begasus> Hi OscarL !
<OscarL> Hello Begasus :-)
<jmairboeck> openSUSE now just repacks the prebuilt documentation instead of building it
<Begasus> Thought you dissapeared from the radar OscarL :)
<jmairboeck> because it is too complicated to keep the build working properly, apparently ...
<OscarL> Begasus: let's just say that my old nick made a comeback :-(
<Begasus> right jmairboeck , any advantage in building it instead of using the prebuild one?
<jmairboeck> it is probably the best way to ensure that it really works
<OscarL> bitigchi: maybe with "numberFormat->setMaximumFractionDigits()" ? I got that from reading the comments on
<Begasus> call me blond, but why would documents stand in the way of a working build?
<jmairboeck> lilypond itself is already not that trivial, because it needs tex stuff and whatnot
<jmairboeck> so if it can build its documentation, we can be pretty sure that it works as it should
<jmairboeck> like a built-in test
<Begasus> From my experience it seems to work fine without the docs build?
<jmairboeck> yes, it works, but I wasn't so sure about that in the beginning
<Begasus> ah ok, well let's see how this goes, on a future version bump you could also see if a seperate package can be made for the docs
<jmairboeck> could be done, although if we keep building it ourselves, I would keep them in one recipe
<Begasus> in the meantime, checking mlpack on 32bit ...
<jmairboeck> if we just repack the existing one, we can easily split it
<OscarL> bitigchi: on the other hand... that "setMaximumFractionDigits" doesn't seems to be anyware, acording to
<OscarL> Ah..., it's an "icu" thing, and not pat of Hailu's numberFormat.
<Begasus> progress jmairboeck , didn't get that far here without the crash
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<Begasus> speaking of ... waddlesplash around? commented to the issue for sock, upstream builds fine but I saw some other sources updating that one you linked ... (didn't check there yet)
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<bitigchi> OscarL: I've forgotten about that ticket!
<code_vaibhav[m]> What happens when a file on one volume is deleted.Is the complete file moved to the Trash dir or the Trash directory only contains the Hard link ?
<code_vaibhav[m]> * is deleted. Is the
<OscarL> AFAIK, Haiku doesn't supports hard links, and, IIRC, the deleted file is moved to the Trash forder, and said files gains an attribute that stores its previous path, so it can be restored there.
<jmairboeck> looking good Begasus, it is already building Catalan documentation
<bitigchi> OscarL: too bad it's not implemented yet, I could use it badly right now :)
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<augiedoggie> Haiku supports hard links, BFS doesn't
<OscarL> I was kinda wondering that augiedoggie (in regards of dealing with ext4, for example). Thanks for the clarification.
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<OscarL> bitigchi: did you solved your gerrit login issues yet?
<bitigchi> OscarL: nope :) my hopes are with kallisti5[m] on this one
<OscarL> bitigchi: does "Haiku Gerrit" appears in the list of "Authorized OAuth Apps" for you in ?
<bitigchi> OscarL: it does. deleted it several times and re-authorised but had no luck
<OscarL> :-(
<bitigchi> i am now trying to find how plasma implemented locale formatting, but its gitlab search is piss poor
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<Begasus> creating pdf's atm jmairboeck :)
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<PulkoMandy> Where can't you login? On the web interface or to push changes?
<kallisti5[m]> bitigchi: oof. I honestly have no idea what's going on with your account
<PulkoMandy> (on a train trip now so I can't really look today)
<kallisti5[m]> PulkoMandy: gerrit, unable to auth via github sso
<kallisti5[m]> getting a "forbidden" then "Server error" when logging in
<kallisti5[m]> Nobody else, just bitigchi which is weird
<bitigchi> funny thing, it used to work
<kallisti5[m]> and the great notedb means I have no clue how to check how his account differs lol
<PulkoMandy> Last time we had problems we found multiple accounts in the gerrit database were using the same email
<kallisti5[m]> hm.. that sounds familiar
<kallisti5[m]> ok. i guess I clone All-Users.git
<PulkoMandy> Notedb is a git repository, with one branch per user, with the user settings in it
<kallisti5[m]> right...
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<PulkoMandy> I think the branch name is some numeric userid?
<kallisti5[m]> ok.. bitigchi is 1000169
<kallisti5[m]> $ git branch -rv
<kallisti5[m]> nothing
<kallisti5[m]> hmmmm. I did this for the sftp upload thing
<kallisti5[m]> one sec
<OscarL> while you are here kallisti5[m], PulkoMandy: does pushing changes to Gerrit takes 3 to 6 minutes on the "Remote: counting objects" step for you too? (has been the case for me since my first patch 6+ months ago).
<PulkoMandy> No
<PulkoMandy> Please open a ticket if you have problems
<kallisti5[m]> OscarL: how long has this been going on for?
<kallisti5[m]> OscarL: we just did some major upgrades yesterday
<PulkoMandy> "6+ months ago"
<OscarL> Saw that kallisti5[m], but I havent pushed anything new ppatch yet to test if it helps things for me.
<kallisti5[m]> ack. too many tasks. thanks :-)
<kallisti5[m]> OscarL: ok. give it a try and see if it is improved. The new gerrit version also means we're now on java 17 vs 11
<OscarL> I'll open a ticket as PulkoMandy suggested, if it keeps happening next time I submit a patch.
<kallisti5[m]> ah ha.. here's how to get user info
<OscarL> For me. it was on every single push... sometimes it took a bit to "connect", start, but it was always that "Remote: counting objects" the one taking way too long :-D
<Begasus> heading down here, g'night peeps
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<OscarL> kallisti5[m]: I pushed a small patch, timed it with "time": "real 1m12.645s" (minus the time It took to type my long-ass passphrase)... much better than my previous experiences.
<OscarL> the "remote: Counting objects: 704930, done" step still was the slowest part, but way faster than usual for me.
<phschafft> if that is very slow runing 'git gc' on both sides often helps.
<OscarL> I "git gc" on a regular basis. Is there anything like "too much gc", phschafft ?
<phschafft> not really.
<phschafft> normally it should not be needed at all (it is started in background automatrically)
<phschafft> but I found that some remotes have turned it off and therefore slowly degenerating the repo
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<OscarL> I tend to run it as part of prunning things so I have an easier time looking at reflog :-D
* OscarL gets easily confused.
* phschafft nods.
<phschafft> that makes sense.
<phschafft> I often run it after large rebases.
<kallisti5[m]> bitigchi: have you had any alternative github accounts historically?
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* OscarL reboots into Haiku to test some driver changes. Bets open on Success vs KDL.
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<BiPolar> Welp, no KDL. That's a first :-P
<BiPolar> Mmm. and "cat /dev/power/acpi_thermal/0" still works. Nice.
<BiPolar> another push to gerrit timed at "real 1m11,762s". So much nicer than before.
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<jmairboeck> Begasus: when you read this tomorrow: I just pushed a second pull request, trying to fix the lilypond_x86 build ...
<jmairboeck> it will actually look nicer now because the main package doesn't contain an empty "documentation/packages" directory any more (not that it would matter though)
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<Habbie> ok, indeed i do not have ssh hostkeys, but syslog does not mention this
<Habbie> how do i change python3 to be 3.10 instead of 3.9? i see the symlink but i don't know if just repointing it is right :)
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<bitigchi> kallisti5[m]: nope, only one
<PulkoMandy> You can't change it, it's in a package. I think python 3.10 is missing some patches before we can make it the "main" python3 version?
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<Habbie> right, 'python 3 is 3.9' is not a user choice in /bin then
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<PulkoMandy> Not currently. If we wanted to do that, we would need a separate package containing just the link from python3->python3.9 (and a similar package for 3.10)
<PulkoMandy> Maybe you cancreate a symlink in /system/non-packaged/bin/ to override the system one. But no guarantees anything will continue working? (should be fine, I guess)
<Habbie> does anything in Haiku depend on python?
<augiedoggie> the main thing using python would probably be haikuporter
<Habbie> ah :)
<Habbie> thanks
<BiPolar> in the past I used such a symlink in ~/config/non-packaged/bin, but as PulkoMandy mentioned, Python 3.10 has some unresolved issues with regarding to the install schemes/paths for packages, thus pip won't work as expected.
<Habbie> hah
<BiPolar> I would suggest using Python 3.10 only for its working REPL for now.
<Habbie> i just edited a script to call pip3.10
<Habbie> we'll see how that goes
<BiPolar> but not for anything that needs to install packages.
<augiedoggie> you could just mask the python3 symlink from the package
<Habbie> augiedoggie, ah yes, good point
<Habbie> i almost did some masking yesterday but then i found the separate safe mode toggle for boot
<Habbie> (instead of masking the radeon stuff)
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<BiPolar> With Web+, I can't see the "Resolved/Unresolved" checkboxes on Gerrit :-/ (same thing using either light or dark theme)
<BiPolar> Does that sounds like a known issue? (I guess I should search on Trac :-D)
<n0toose[m]> 3dEyes, Begasus, the "maintainer of Krita since 2004" (halla) is apparently a Haiku fan and expressed publicly that they would like to integrate the Krita patches for Haiku on their upstream tree
<n0toose[m]> Not an ask, just an FYI
<Habbie> it's amazing rust shipped 1.67 with this bug
<Habbie> is it easy to run a rust beta on haiku?
<n0toose[m]> i think we have the lowest tier of support by the rust team last time i checked
<Habbie> that sounds likely
<n0toose[m]> some person brought this up to me as i was talking about haiku
<n0toose[m]> (but the fact that it somewhat runs is amazing in itself imho)
<Habbie> honestly i was pleasantly surprised that we have it at all
<Habbie> yes!
<Habbie> the bug is not haiku-specific, btw
<n0toose[m]> yep yep yep
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<Habbie> apparently 1.68.0 should come in five days
<Habbie> also, apparently haikuports currently is behind (1.67.0 vs. 1.67.1)
<n0toose[m]> may i interest you in contributing to haiku :P
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<Habbie> n0toose[m], it feels unavoidable at this point!
<Habbie> do i see correctly that i cannot reverse the scrolling direction of my mouse wheel?
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<PulkoMandy> Yes, there's no option for that currently
<Habbie> ok
<PulkoMandy> I guess it could be done as an input server filter?
<Habbie> right
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<Habbie> hmm my telnet is back to doing "Error: Failed to open tty: Operation not allowed" again
<Habbie> works after a few retries
<bjorkintosh> maybe it's too impatient, Habbie.
<bjorkintosh> tell it to wait longer.
<Habbie> tell what?
<bjorkintosh> net
<bjorkintosh> telnet
<Habbie> i do not follow
<bjorkintosh> ah well. maybe it matters not. since it connects eventually anyway.
<Habbie> it matters, because it clearly is broken :)
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<n0toose[m]> 3deyes, Begasus: one more thing, i was told that the maintainer is interested in having "official" support for haiku and wouldn't even mind testing new changes in a VM every now and then as well, so, might be worth engaging i guess
<n0toose[m]> this reminded me that i never finished my ddnet/teeworlds multiplayer mod port even after doing most of the work, if anyone wants some easy issue to start with:
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<Habbie> aha! rust 1.67.1 was not built for haiku by the Rust people
<Habbie> or for any target, in fact
<n0toose[m]> TIL
<n0toose[m]> who even runs this site?
<n0toose[m]> i'm pretty sure that rust has a haiku target too
<n0toose[m]> the thing is that "we" don't actually have some sort of a viable way for developers to regularly test their apps on haiku, even if the onus is most likely on the end of CI providers though
<augiedoggie> probably nielx[m]
<BiPolar> " <n0toose[m]> who even runs this site". >> IIRC, nielx[m].
<nielx[m]> if it is something bad, my name is waddlesplash
* BiPolar always slow to type
<bbjimmy> now loads ok, but gets an SSL / SSH error.
* BiPolar thinks he's finally understanding the root of some bugs on code he wrote in 2003. Give him another 20 years, and he might actually fix them.
<Habbie> oh right, i totally missed that that site name contained
<n0toose[m]> lol
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<Habbie> ah, and dev/ is way old
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<Habbie> oh that's also old
<BiPolar> just like nielx[m]!
* BiPolar hides
<Habbie> ah
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<bbjimmy> Is there any known issue running haiku on an SSD drive?
<Habbie> i'm running it on SSD
<bbjimmy> mine seems to run ok, except when it completely borked my main haiku partition. DriveSetup from my back-up boot partition showed the main partition as BFS but unformatted.
<bbjimmy> I just ran checkfs on the main boot partition after re-installing two days ago, it showed 800000+ blocks could be freed.
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<augiedoggie> i have haiku on an intel ssd
<bbjimmy> my partition is 824.02 GIB and fully 1/4 was taken up by those blocks that could be freed. I suspect this is what borked my partition last time.
<augiedoggie> maybe your drive is failing?
<bbjimmy> how to tell?
<augiedoggie> not sure how to tell in haiku, linux would probably log some errors to the console or syslog
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* augiedoggie wonders if haiku has SMART tools available
<augiedoggie> anyhow, i'm off to work for a while
<PulkoMandy> "blocks could be freed" is not really a problem. If you don't shutdown cleanly it can happen that the OS was keeping these blocks allocated even if no files used them anymore
<PulkoMandy> Normally this is cleaned on shutdown, but if you have a crash or power loss, it won't be cleaned
<PulkoMandy> checkfs fixes it and reclaims the space
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<waddlesplash> nielx[m]: LOL
<waddlesplash> n0toose[m]: re Krita neither of those people are in this channel ATM. I guess Begasus may read the logs when he comes back tomorrow
<waddlesplash> you may wish to open a ticket at HaikuPorts about this so it isn't lost
<n0toose[m]> waddlesplash: yeah, i already noticed but just saidd so here and mentioned that to the maintainer -- she told me she'd get around to that
<n0toose[m]> (she's super super super super nice)
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<kallisti5[m]> whoo hoo. getting 715MB/s to my NAS
<kallisti5[m]> Thats... 5720M bits/s from Linux. I wonder how fast Haiku is 🤔
<kallisti5[m]> wait.. the 10Gbit NIC drivers are broken 😥
* kallisti5[m] taps his Intel 82599ES
<zdykstra> that's going to put a damper on achieving 715MB/sec :P
<kallisti5[m]> Yeah.. i'll be back down to 1Gbps under Haiku
<kallisti5[m]> If someone implements WPA3 I could try 2.5Gbit wirelessly lol
<kallisti5[m]> ... maybe it's time to stop upgrading my home network
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* BiPolar still remembers using a parallel port cable (15 meters long) in 2001 as our el-cheapo network.
<BiPolar> Welp, started using that in 1997, but still.
<BiPolar> Still have that darn cable with me, LOL.
<kallisti5[m]> lol.. i remember pre-wifi wifi
<kallisti5[m]> I had some non-wifi wireless network card
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<BiPolar> Say you're writting a driver's read method. The data takes X amount of bytes of space, but the user provided a smaller buffer (and this driver doesn't supports partial/offsetted reads)...
<BiPolar> Would returning B_BUFFER_OVERFLOW be the correct error in that case?
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<BiPolar> My intention is to signal that "This would overflow, so we're bailing out before doing that".
<BiPolar> Maybe I should use ERANGE / B_RESULT_NOT_REPRESENTABLE, right?
<BiPolar> (as in... we didn't actually overflow yet)
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<BiPolar> How come there's no B_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL :-D
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<Habbie> `hp util_linux` ends in `prepareInstalledDevelLib error: there is both a shared and a static library for libblkid!`
<Habbie> i basically just followed
<Habbie> what am i missing?
<BiPolar> is that a new recipe Habbie?
<Habbie> no, i have it installed from pkgman too
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<Habbie> same REVISION
<BiPolar> might be one of the recipes that still needs to "--disable-static" (if that's an option in its "./configure" script).
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<Habbie> ah, and what i got from pkgman might be before a change in that?
<BiPolar> exactly.
<Habbie> thanks
<BiPolar> np.
<Habbie> is there a page that tracks ports that no longer build?
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<BiPolar> Not that I know of. I usually just check the buildmaster logs.
<bradsco> In HaikuDepot, if there’s not a install size for a package, does that mean it’s only a recipe?
<BiPolar> Habbie: (Concurse is the OS's CI, the "buildmaster" ones do the packages builds from Haikuports)
<Habbie> great
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<BiPolar> bradsco: if it appears in HaikuDepot, it should be installable.
<BiPolar> bradsco: ah... I see two packages listed without a size...
<BiPolar> One (xpmtranslator) is one I have built and installed locally.
<BiPolar> (appears as "Active"). The other one... NetFS appears as Available, but with no listed size. Let's try to install it...
<bradsco> BiPolar: Trying to install results in fatal error, failed to find a match for “openal_x86_source”
<BiPolar> netfs uses around half a megabyte. Refreshed HaikuDepot, and now I have three package listed without a size :-/
<BiPolar> bradsco: ah... those "_source" packages are not actually installable.
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<BiPolar> Not much use for those as a user bradsco. They are mostly to comply with GPL, IIRC (at least the ones on the beta4 install media)...
<BiPolar> considering you can't even download the "_source.hpkg" (so you could open them with the "package" command... not much use for them that I can see having them on HD :-/
<bradsco> Is there any way to browse a source package outside of installing it? Ala github or something like that?
<BiPolar> contains the recipes.
<BiPolar> the actual location of each package's source code... look in the recipes for the SOURCE_URI variables.
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<BiPolar> GPF in Web+... "WTF::RunLoop::TimerBase::start(WTF::Seconds, bool) + 0x28 " :-/
<Habbie> upgrade package haiku-r1~beta4_hrev56578_59-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_70-1 from repository Haiku
<Habbie> ohh
<Habbie> is this an OS update?
<Habbie> i just did 'pkgman install putty' but i guess updates are pulled in automatically?
<Habbie> A reboot is necessary to complete the installation process.
<zdykstra> That is an OS update, yup
<Habbie> ok
<Habbie> also, shouldn't PuTTY appear in deskbar -> Applications?
<Habbie> package contents suggest this
<Habbie> n0toose[m], ok, it's happening ;)
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<Habbie> ah! my new state isn't activated because that requires a reboot? and my putty install is in that one?
<BiPolar> most likely. Another issue people run into is... update ask for a reboot, people do not reboot and install new packages. Those activate, but might fail to run properly.
<Habbie> right
<BiPolar> It may or may have not have happened to me.
<BiPolar> :-P
<Habbie> so the naive user might at this point think "apps only appear in the deskbar after a restart" but that's of course not the story here
<Habbie> the reboot worked, in any case
<Habbie> port 22 now gives 'Connection refused' instead of timing out, that's interesting
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<zdykstra> what does `netstat -nl` show?
<Habbie> 21 and 23
<Habbie> running sshd by hand complains about host keys, which indeed are not therer
<Habbie> -r
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<Habbie> grep -i ssh syslog only mentions 'active package: ...' for libssh2 and openssh
<Habbie> how can i inspect .hpkg on the CLI? i can see the contents via the GUI just fine, but surely there's a CLI way
<BiPolar> "package list <package>"
<Habbie> ah! 'package' clearly is the hint i needed
<Habbie> wonderful
<BiPolar> regarding your missing ssh host keys...
<BiPolar> didn't you had troubles with your first boots?
<Habbie> i did!
<BiPolar> maybe you need to run /boot/system/boot/post-install/ manually
<Habbie> unknown key type rsa1
<Habbie> plus a bunch of good output
<Habbie> BiPolar, works!
<Habbie> ran that, disabled/enabled ssh in the network panel (preflet?)
<Habbie> thanks
<BiPolar> Awesomo! :-D
<Habbie> clearly this could be improved
<Habbie> i'm taking tons of notes
<Habbie> this will make using git a lot easier too
<Habbie> copy/pasting diffs from telnet kind of works but breaks whitespace
<BiPolar> uff.
<Habbie> which i've seen go fine with other systems so that maybe could also be improved, notsure
<BiPolar> I think "bracket-paste" (or something like that) was implemented not long ago in Terminal, but that's on nightlies.
<Habbie> right
<Habbie> and Terminal is not involved here at all, i think
<Habbie> when i telnet from my linux to the haiku box
<BiPolar> ah.. no idea. Never actually needed to use telnet.
<Habbie> been a while for me too ;)
<BiPolar> in any case, mentioned that "bracketed paste" (spelling?) due to that also allowing multiline pastes to work on Terminal.
<Habbie> right
<Habbie> spelling seems right
<BiPolar> So, beware that wont work on beta4.
<Habbie> unless you got the entirely wrong words
<Habbie> ack
<BiPolar> Wouldn't be the last time I got things wrong. That's my default state :-D
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<Habbie> :)
<BiPolar> just in case we cross path in the future, my other nick is OscarL... Kinda stuck with OscarL when I'm on Win/Lin + Haiku in a VM, and with BiPolar when I'm on real hardware.
<Habbie> oh!
<Habbie> you helped me out a lot on day 1 :)
<BiPolar> Nice :-)
<Habbie> loving this community
<BiPolar> +1000
<Habbie> i'm hoping to make Haiku my daily driver on my non-work desktop
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<Habbie> feels like it would be fun
<BiPolar> If I manage to write a PState driver for my Phenom II, I could also switch almost full time. Right now... it runs too hot :-D
<Habbie> ah
<Habbie> that reminds me
<Habbie> suspend/resume is still completely not a thing, right?
<BiPolar> I just unplug the cord and call it a day.
<BiPolar> :-P
<Habbie> yes, with some changes to my boot settings, that would probably work for me :)
<BiPolar> Yeah... no sleep/resume/hibernation.
<Habbie> ack
<Habbie> what's the recommend web browser? or is WebPositive actually quite modern?
<Habbie> HaikuWebKit has been synchronized to an up-to-date version of upstream WebKit, and contains many bugfixes since the previous release of Haiku. It also now uses the cURL networking backend, which resolved a large number of the network-related issues seen in previous releases.
<Habbie> ah fair enough
<BiPolar> I stick to Web+. Others have success with Epiphany, but beware, has many dependencies, and eats RAM, that's what I've heard.
<x512[m]> Habbie: GNOME Web (Epiphany) currently has the best support of modern web.
<Habbie> ah, no youtube in web+
<Habbie> indeed mentions Epiphany for Youtube
<Habbie> installing epiphany requires deinstalling cairo, and then installs xcairo
<Habbie> "interesting"
<Habbie> well, i don't actually need youtube, i'll check back into this situation later :)
<x512[m]> Habbie: cairo and xcairo are the the same things but with different build configurations (X11 is enabled foe).
<x512[m]> s/foe/for xcairo/
<Habbie> i kinda figured, but i wonder if i needed cairo for anything i was already using
<Habbie> (i can't actually imagine what that would be)
<Habbie> oh putty pulled it in
<Habbie> i installed putty just for kicks
<n0toose[m]> Habbie, nice job!
<Habbie> interestingly allowing pkgman to deinstall cairo to install epiphany does not remove putty
<n0toose[m]> btw, regarding youtube: you may have better luck using an instance
<Habbie> ah, putty is ok with xcairo apparently
<Habbie> lol, putty also looks way better with xcairo
<x512[m]> xcairo is actually not needed for Epiphany and it will wiok with cairo too.
<Habbie> n0toose[m], oh nice one
<Habbie> x512[m], hmm, then pkgman does the wrong thing or got the wrong information
<n0toose[m]> it's probably better for other reasons other than compatibility too
<Habbie> ack
<Habbie> epiphany is quite a bit slower than Web+
<Habbie> youtube works but stutters a lot ;)
<Habbie> i'll try mpv+youtube_dl soon
<Habbie> always has been my go to for low CPU load youtube viewing
<BiPolar> Habbie: QMPlay2 (+yt-dlp) works pretty well.
<Habbie> nice
<Habbie> ah dlp is in pkgman too, even better
<BiPolar> Albeit that pulls the QT dependencies :-/
<Habbie> ah
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<BiPolar> *QMPlay does. you can use yt-dlp + MediaPlayer all you want :-D
<Habbie> right, but then i first do an actual download?
<BiPolar> yup.
<Habbie> mpv+ytdl streams directly, which is nice
<BiPolar> UberTuber still available? /me checks
<Habbie> it is in pkgman
<Habbie> but i think it might be doing a full download?