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<zdykstra> I'm starting to use Haiku enough that the keyboard shortcuts are overriding those I use in Sway
<zdykstra> does anybody happen to have an hvif of a BeBox ?
<augiedoggie> i thought there was one in the zumi collection
<augiedoggie> i don't see one though
<augiedoggie> not hvif
<augiedoggie> but they are somewhere i just need to find the original link for the mclintock collection
<augiedoggie> might be in 3deyes repo
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<zdykstra> ahh nice, thanks for the links
<zdykstra> yup, there's a nice BeBox in there
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<augiedoggie> :P
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<zdykstra> so with something like - what's the preferred way to handle the resize grabber in the bottom right overlapping the attachment view?
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<zdykstra_> hmm
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<zdykstra> this is how I think it should be solved:
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<augiedoggie> i don't use the mail app, but i don't think i'd want it taking up that much space all the time
<augiedoggie> i rarely send attachments
<zdykstra> it only shows up when an attachment is added to an e-mail
<augiedoggie> k
<augiedoggie> looks like it's off by a few pixels from the input boxes above :P
<augiedoggie> is that a mockup or did you code it alread?
<augiedoggie> already
<zdykstra> it's coded in, but I haven't tried to fix any alignments
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<vaskas> Hi people. I've just installed Haiku B4 on a laptop with an AR9285 wifi card. The card let me connect to wifi on the live USB however in the installed Haiku it can't find any networks. Has anyone experienced the same?
<vaskas> ifconfig /dev/net/atheroswifi/0 list gives an empty list
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
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<choulth> Good morning
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<Begasus> moin choulth
<choulth> hallo und guten morgen begasus
<Begasus> guten morgen ;)
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<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) i am a real, small, furry creature from Alpha Centuri...
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Habbie ffacfef - lint updated recipes as well, and move script (#7926)
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<pairisto[m]> what is the difference in the net_ and if_ header files?
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<andreasdr[m]> Hi there :)
<Begasus> hi andreasdr[m]
<andreasdr[m]> Hi Begasus
<andreasdr[m]> How is it going?
<andreasdr[m]> Today we have something like "Ladies day". :)
<andreasdr[m]> Here in Germany.
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<Begasus> Saw something passing by for that here to today andreasdr[m] :)
<andreasdr[m]> :)
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<OscarL> pairisto[m]: you mean "posix/net/if_tun.h" vs "private/net/net_tun.h", or something else?
<OscarL> s/you mean/you mean, for example,/
<pairisto[m]> essentially that
<pairisto[m]> but I was wondering since there are some others that are similar to those files situation
<OscarL> the latter seems to be a Haiku API (welp, the beginnings of one at least, seeing that it has an empty "tun_device" struct) or an interface to the "tun.cpp" module we talked yeasterday.
<OscarL> the first, seems to me like it is a "Posix API".
<OscarL> (even mentioning compatibility with a Linux driver, at the API level, I assume)
<pairisto[m]> since its using the universal TUN/TAP driver, you think I could just ctrl+c ctrl+v the constants over?
<pairisto[m]> more of just a thought for now
<OscarL> maybe just "#include" them?
<Begasus> 'lo OscarL :)
<pairisto[m]> into `net_tun.h`? so just `#include <posix/net/if_tun.h>`
<OscarL> Ni hao, Begasus!
<OscarL> (and that's the full extent of my Chinese)
<Begasus> k, let's see why libzim isn't picked up
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: ah, dunno in that case, I thought you were thinking of CTRL+V/CTRL+C on some .c/.cpp file :-D
<Begasus> not sure why it's installed in $prefix/lib/pkgconfig instead of $libDir/pkgconfig :/
* OscarL remembers having submitted some bug reports for libzim/Kiwix a while a go (on windows, though).
<Begasus> when I created the port for libkiwix/kiwix it did work ... (as I'm mostly on 32bit)
<pairisto[m]> well tun.cpp already has net_tun.h in it so I thought maybe that would cut down on the imports but thinking more about it now it might be better to just explicitly #include it
<pairisto[m]> * OscarL: well `tun.cpp` already has `net_tun.h` in it so I thought maybe that would cut down on the imports but thinking more about it now it might be better to just explicitly `#include` it
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: the latter that seems like a reasonable thing to do (in general, I mean, I'm cluless on all things related to networking code, among a loooong list of things I don't understand :-D)
<Begasus> Installing /sources/libzim-8.0.1/build/meson-private/libzim.pc to /packages/libzim_x86-8.0.1-2/.self/develop/lib/pkgconfig
<Begasus> that looks wrong
<OscarL> s/cluless/clueless/ (I think... my "English" also broken)
<Begasus> hmm ... maybe the update on meson?
<OscarL> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<OscarL> Begasus: on the "good news" segment... korli seems to have fixed (yesterday) most of the problems with the installation paths in Python 3.10.
<Begasus> yeah, saw the email, did you check there?
<OscarL> email? what's that?
<OscarL> :-(
<OscarL> I guess I should subscribe to some MLs... (but I'm terrible for checking my emails) :-D
<Begasus> could be related to the error on libzim
<Begasus> x512[m], around?
<x512[m]> Yes.
<Begasus> the pkgconfig file for libzim is installed in the wrong place, maybe related to the update on meson?
<x512[m]> What is wrong with .self/develop/lib/pkgconfig?
<Begasus> it should go to .self/develop/lib/x86/pkgconfig for secondary arch
<Begasus> pkg-config-x86 doesn't find it now
<Begasus> strange that it's ok for the headers and library
<x512[m]> Maybe fixPkgconfig Haikuporter scriplet can be adjusted?
<Begasus> no idea there :)
<OscarL> Begasus: (so I can catch-up) to what mailing list did korli sent the email you mention? I can't find it on :-/
<x512[m]> Are bug report created?
<Begasus> haikuports/haikuports <>
<Begasus> no, just looked into it as korli mentioned the failed build on buildmaster for libkiwix
<pairisto[m]> OscarL: Once I do `jam -jN <target_you_want>` I have to move it to the same sub directory in `src/` to recompile it right?
<pairisto[m]> at least the object file?
<x512[m]> The best solution would be producing proper secondary architecture path by Meson itself.
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<pairisto[m]> probably wrong I just want the tun.cpp to show up when I compile it
<pairisto[m]> * I'm probably wrong, * probably wrong but I just
<pairisto[m]> * I'm probably wrong but I just want the tun.cpp/tun.o file(s) to show up when I compile it
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<OscarL> Thanks. Begasus. I've no idea that ML existed. Maybe that ML should get linked more prominently in the HaikuPort's GitHub landing page (and also added to Haiku's
<Begasus> no idea OscarL , been there for so long :)
<x512[m]> Begasus: Is there some method how to get secondary architecture suffix?
<x512[m]> From Python?
<Begasus> no idea x512[m] , I see you used some strings like: +def default_includedir maybe an option to add one for: +def default_pkgconfigdir ?
<Begasus> ... + candidates += [inc_root / 'x86' / 'boost']
<Begasus> just thinking out loud ..
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: I'm not sure I follow you. After you invoked "jam" (and assuming it didn't ended up in errors), your target will be located (deep) under the "generated/" folder on your Haiku cloned repo.
<pairisto[m]> right but yesterday you said "then move the resulting binary from the "generated/...../" folder, to the appropriate location"
<pairisto[m]> I am wondering where the "appropriate location" is
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: I meat the final driver binary.
<OscarL> s/meat/meant/
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<OscarL> jam places the objects files, and the final target binary (if all went well) inside that "generated" folder I mention... the exact location more or less mirrors the one from the files you compiled... Give me a sec so I can boot a VM and give you proper examples.
<pairisto[m]> ah, so I did jam -jN tun for tun.cpp and it made the obj file but I want to be able to see it when I do qemu-system-x86_64
<pairisto[m]> mostly just want ot make sure that I am actually doing something and that I am sane
<pairisto[m]> s/ot/to/
<pairisto[m]> since all I see in system/add-ons/kernel/network/devices is ethernet and loopback
<Begasus> x512[m], maybe "OptionKey('libdir'))), 'pkgconfig')" instead of "OptionKey('prefix'))), 'develop', 'lib', 'pkgconfig')"?
<OscarL> I think you should first try to familiarize yourself with the whole "how to compile/install drivers from sources" thing first, and I think you should use the "/dev/misc/test" driver for that (it doesn't do much, other than sending some debug output to syslog, but it should work without too much headeaches).
<OscarL> ^ pairisto[m].
<pairisto[m]> where is that in the documentation because I could not find it?
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: not sure about docs, but I thought it was worth mentioning, "test" driver sources are under "src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/misc/"
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: you build it with "jam -jN <driver>test".
<Begasus> have to step out, bbl
<pairisto[m]> sorry, I meant how to do it isn't in the documentation that I could find
<OscarL> * jam -jN "<driver>test"
<OscarL> and... darn... it fails HA!
<OscarL> welp, I guess I'll be sending another one-line patch today :-D
<pairisto[m]> after that do I just compile with jam -q -j2 @nightly-anyboot?
<pairisto[m]> * OscarL: after that do I just compile with `jam -q -j2 @nightly-anyboot`?
<OscarL> That seems overkill for me.
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<pairisto[m]> what do?
<OscarL> But... I tend to test on my every day install....
<pairisto[m]> * what do I do then?
<OscarL> I guess you'll need something like that if you're using qemu for testing.
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<OscarL> the thing is...the test driver, for example (and I would bet is the same for the tun module/drivers) are NOT added to those images by default.
<pairisto[m]> do you know what to add to the Jamfile for test to compile properly?
<OscarL> that's why I was suggesting to "move" the resulting binaries to the proper location, so they get "installed" on your Haiku install.
<OscarL> Are you using Haiku or compiling from Linux?
<pairisto[m]> compiling from Linux
<OscarL> (I guess I should have asked that first.... but I only compile/test from inside Haiku)
<pairisto[m]> ah, well there was the confusion
<OscarL> then I'm affraid I won't be of much service, pairisto[m], sorry. I have NO idea now to work on Haiku from a Linux install :-(
<OscarL> (welp, I have some general idea, but zero things I'm confident on suggesting)
<pairisto[m]> do you know who could be of service?
<OscarL> *confident enough to suggest, I mean
<OscarL> I guess you should try asking on the mailing lists (I'll link to them next), as not all the developers hang around IRC.
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<pairisto[m]> I'm signed up on the mailing list just have no clue how to use it
<pairisto[m]> * use it :p
<OscarL> Or have patience here and wait for some kind dev to have some free time to answer questions :-)
<pairisto[m]> gonna at all the mods until I get banned lol
* OscarL hasn't used MLs in a decade, more or less :-/
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<OscarL> pairisto[m]: on mailing lists you write your email the best you can, and send that to the ML address. The email will reach the people that's subscribed, and if someone is willing, they reply to the ML, and you get that mail in your inbox.
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<OscarL> Back in the day, OpenBeOS/Haiku's ML was the main form of interaction, today... they seem pretty slow / low-volume, as parts of the discussions have moved to either Gerrit/Github/etc, or to IMs/forums, etc.
<pairisto[m]> is the address just
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<pairisto[m]> * OscarL: is the
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: alternatively, you could write for help/guidance on the forum.
<OscarL> I think its "haiku-development"
<pairisto[m]> cool
<OscarL> At least the one specific to develpment things.
<OscarL> "This mailing list is for discussions related to development of Haiku itself."
<pairisto[m]> think I could ask about developing on linux in there?
<pairisto[m]> since there are many and I want to make sure I am asking in the right one
<OscarL> the other one is more "generic" (think... general questions, announcements of third-party-app, etc)
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: sure thing. Several developers crosscompile from Linux.
<OscarL> If you go the forum route, the "Develompent/OS" category seems the one to use:
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<pairisto[m]> well I sent it to development so we'll see what happens
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<Begasus_32> Installing /sources/libzim-8.0.1/build/meson-private/libzim.pc to /packages/libzim_x86-8.0.1-2/.self/lib/x86/pkgconfig
<Begasus> That seemed to do the trick here x512[m]
<x512[m]> But it should be develop/lib/pkgconfig
<x512[m]> develop/lib/x86/pkgconfig
<Begasus> that is done with fixPkgconfig
<Begasus> same thing is done for the autotools packages
<x512[m]> Meson should also work as stand alone tool without Haikuporter and fixPkgconfig and install things at right places by default (non-packaged etc.).
<Begasus> libkiwix fine now too
<Begasus> granted, but I see other packgages installing in
<Begasus> $libDir/pkgconfig (also when looking into other recipes at repology
<Begasus> I think the idea behind is that those pkgconfig files are not needed in the base package but in the devel packages
<Begasus> anyway, food for thoughts :) (stepping out again)
<Begasus> I'll create an issue at haikuports and report on the issue for libkiwix later
<OscarL> Was "status_t uninit_hardware(void)" a yellotTAB Zeta thing or something? weird to see it on "drivers/misc/test.c" and "drivers/misc/kdl.c" (making their build fail)
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<OscarL> the legacy driver support code seems to, welp, support it (, but no header file mentions that hook.
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<grepwood> hello! how do I boot Haiku off a logical partition in mbr?
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<OscarL> I guess you need to configure whatever boot manager you are using to "chainload" it from said partition, grepwood.
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<OscarL> I only use Haiku's BootManager to do so (it gives me a nice and simple boot menu, where I can select Win/Lin/Haiku64/Haiku/32), so I'm a bit rusty on other boot managers :-D
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<matt1> OscarL : mbr or uefi ?
<OscarL> MBR for life :-D
<OscarL> (I don't even own any UEFI capable machine)
<grepwood> I'm using GRUB 2 because I want to make a system capable of booting FreeDOS, Gentoo, AROS, ReactOS and Haiku. I'm limited to a 256GB CF card. I'm using basically what's described here:
<matt1> :)
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<grepwood> This machine is mostly meant to showcase Voodoo acceleration on conventions, but I want to expand into showcasing alternative operating systems and their unique features as well
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<grepwood> It started with FreeDOS being the main OS and Gentoo being more of a platform from which I can fix issues and download things to run in DOS
<matt1> OscarL : this mbr is 2 bit only => 2^2 = 4 partitions ... ;)
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<matt1> we could build mbr 8 bit => 2^8 = 256 partitions ...
<OscarL> grepwood: welp. that "booting guide" mentions grub2. any particular issue you ran into?
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<grepwood> yes OscarL I get the following message: bios_ia32 stage1: Failed to load OS. Press any key to reboot...
<OscarL> matt1: primary partitions, yes. but you can use extended ones (if you don't care that Windows might decide to just wipe it out along with your alternative OS, when it gets moody).
<matt1> yes, OscarL ... i love primary, easier to indexing ... ;)
<OscarL> grepwood: from Haiku's side of things, only commands I can think of that might help, are "makebootable" and "writembr".
<grepwood> welp, I would have gone with gpt on bios if that didn't just give me the same results
<grepwood> freedos doesn't mind gpt as long as there's a hybrid mbr where the dos partition is the first primary with 0x0c type
<grepwood> that means, there can exist other partitions of a different type before that one
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<OscarL> might work a try booting Haiku from the install media, and "makebootable /dev/disk/[...]" (using the correct disk/partition where you installed Haiku on that CF card) ?
<OscarL> work->worth
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<OscarL> grepwood: if I'm reading right, makebootable might be what's needed in your case.
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<PulkoMandy> makebootable is not needed if you use installer. Only if you copy the partition by some other means
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<OscarL> Thanks for the correction PulkoMandy. Guess grepwood issue lies elsewhere then.
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuporter] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuporter] Habbie 5292dd5 - make unreferenced patches an error (#244)
<zdykstra> waddlesplash: given this change - - what's a good way to dynamically determine the size of a view, instead of hard-coding it at 65 / 130 pixels?
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<zdykstra> 65 was settled on for normal res screens, and it fails horribly on 4k
<waddlesplash> use weights in the layout.
<waddlesplash> don't use SetExplicit*Size here, it's not needed and will cause problems, use weights instead
<waddlesplash> or, as nephele sugested on the ticket, a Splitter may be correct here
<zdykstra> I was really hoping to avoid making a fundamental change like that to how the app looks
<waddlesplash> why? shouldn't be that fundamental
<waddlesplash> you can start the splitter out collapsed and just uncollapse it when there's attachments
<waddlesplash> instead of show/hide on the view
<zdykstra> the original intent was to put the attachment list above the message body
<waddlesplash> yeah, but do we really want that? I do see the point of not changing it
<zdykstra> I think we do - it looks pretty bad below it
<waddlesplash> hmm. maybe the right solution is to take the Thunderbird approach and put it to the right hand of the headers
<waddlesplash> with a horizontal split
<zdykstra> we must be on different versions of Thunderbird - when I add an attachment to a new email in Thunderbird 102.6.1, it creates a collapsible list at the bottom of the window
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<zdykstra> okay, I'll play around with this some more - thank you for the help
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<zdykstra> (and I'll tone down my rambling in here)
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<PulkoMandy> It's possible to have it at the bottom and still look nice, I'd say?
<PulkoMandy> Not easy with making the scrollbar align properly with the resize knob, but it should be possible
<waddlesplash> zdykstra: heh, I don't think you're rambling at all
<OscarL> (Just in case...) heads up: the 32-bits Haikuports buildmaster is getting "all builders lost" for the last 10 or so buildruns.
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<OscarL> Mmm, how can we disable -Werror for a given target in a Jamfile that used to build several drivers? in this case... I'm looking at src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/misc/Jamfile
<OscarL> Alternatively... how to disable "-Werror=missing-prototypes" for kdl.c and test.c on there ?
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<BrunoSpr> hello all, happy coding!?
<OscarL> Hey BrunoSpr. Not so happy, but could be worse :-P
<BrunoSpr> oh well...
<BrunoSpr> go fight the bugs!
<OscarL> Trying, but they bite! :-D
<BrunoSpr> I just look around for them! If I find one I will tell you
<BrunoSpr> Better I keep them for better times for myself first!?
<OscarL> Seems I could use "SubDirC++Flags" to disable the problematic warning-turned-error, but that would apply for all drivers under src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/misc/ :-(
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<OscarL> (welp, "SubDirCcFlag" realy, but that woud still affect mem.c). Context:
<pairisto[m]> does anyone know how to resize the screen on virtual box for haiku from 1024x768 to full screen?
<grepwood> ok I'm back
<OscarL> On virtualbox, I install the vmware_addons, and set VBox to use the graphic adaptor VMSVGA (with at least 32 MB of video memory)... that allows you a wider choice of resolutions to choose from, pairisto[m].
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: that would be "pkgman install vmware_addons"
<pairisto[m]> thank you!
<OscarL> While there are some virtualbox guest additions (that includes a vbox driver), I find it to be a bit unrelieable, so I stick to using that vmware_addons "trick".
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<nosycat> So there are VMWare drivers too? For Qemu, the site recommends adding an emulated USB tablet, which works great but it's not the same.
<OscarL> I used VBox almost exclusibly (due to me switching from Win to Lin and back... so I never really used qemu, other than being frustrated by not being able to make it work on Ubuntu.
<OscarL> The problem seems to be that by default, the qemu package DOES NOT includes the default gtk plugin support there!
<nosycat> Sorry to hear that.
<OscarL> you need to install that for youself... pretty easy after that,
<OscarL> and it does works at least 15% better than VBox in my experience.
<OscarL> (I mean... come one... the default output is a GTK window... and you need to manually install the necessary .deb ?)
<OscarL> :-D
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<OscarL> nosycat: for VBox I also use usb-tablet as pointing device, works pretty well, except for the broken drag-and-drop on QT based applications)
<OscarL> VMware mouse integration mostly works (I had to fight the config file a bit, thou). Clipboard integration on VMware works, but sometimes kills host's Firefox when attempting to paste something there.
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<nosycat> It's kind of a mess. :)
<pairisto[m]> I've just decide that since I can't get any help with developing haiku on linux that I'd do what you are doing OscarL
<grepwood> alright this is weird now
<OscarL> On VBox I use the vmware graphics, plus the Clipboard integration (that tends to kill Deskbar at least once a day), but I stay away of VBox's guest additions mouse driver. Too unstable in my experience)
<grepwood> I've reinstalled Haiku into the logical partition and now it boots, up until a certain point. I get "unhandled pheader type 0x6474e550", some stuff about apic/cpu/trampolining and then "kernel entry at 8005ce60"
<nosycat> Thanks for the tip. I'll leave good enough alone.
<grepwood> and nothing happens afterwards
<OscarL> pairisto[m]: Welp, let us hope you won't end up catching too many of my bad habits then :-)
<OscarL> grepwood: ouch. Only suggestions I can give (besides collecting that info and submitting a bug report over, is... try the different "fail-safe" options in the booloader?
<grepwood> on the off chance... is SMP supported on 32bit x86?
<OscarL> grepwood: as you're on BIOS, holding SHIFT while Haiku's boot loader starts should bring the boot menu.
<OscarL> yes.
<OscarL> it is unstable on one of my Atom N450 based netboots, but rock solid on my Phehom II X4.
<grepwood> right
<OscarL> (I keep both 32 and 64 installs on both machines)
<grepwood> I tried to run it in single-CPU configuration and it appears that it's only when there are 2 sockets, Haiku refuses to boot properly
<grepwood> ok now it boots in dual-socket config wtf
<PulkoMandy> Motherboards with 2 sockets may not receive as much testing as modern multi-core CPUs
<grepwood> oh we'll get to that, I'm just testing this under kvm right now before going live on live hardware
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 9046093 - numpy: depends on the base package (again)
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<extrowerk_> What about a bit light strategy?
<zdykstra> nice
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<OscarL> extrowerk_: for a moment, the progressive-loading of that image sent me back to dial-up days :-D
<OscarL> (alterinative take: my connection is crap)
<extrowerk_> welcome into the future.
<extrowerk_> i am looking at the fallout 1/2 source tree now, idk if somebody already attempted to build it on Haiku.
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli bf3ab68 - gertty: rebuild after typo renaming
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli bc76cc5 - paramiko: rebuild after typo renaming
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 3c18a44 - yt_dlp: rebuild after typo renaming
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli a55b775 - jdreplace: build with python 3.9
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli bdb9278 - qscintilla: forgot some 3.8 references
<OscarL> Doesn't FAT-formated partitions keep two copies of the File Allocation Table, Habbie?
<Habbie> many do
<Habbie> but not all
<Habbie> that's why the number is in that header
<OscarL> I remember losing some partitions (and Norton Utilities Disk Doctor repairing some) due to mismached tables.
<Habbie> and i only went looking because i actually got that message in syslog :D
<OscarL> Ah, I thought it was always two.
<Habbie> i'll be honest
<Habbie> until a few hours ago
<OscarL> Maybe that was the case in the early days?
<Habbie> so did i
<Habbie> yeah but even then it apparently was in the header
* OscarL started with DOS before it had directories, yikesss.
<Habbie> so 1.0 and not 2.0? i think?
<OscarL> 2.0 on an XT clone :-D
<OscarL> that I had to pay to access.
<Habbie> heh
<Habbie> i started with 3.x
<Habbie> wikipedia says
<Habbie> Number of File Allocation Tables. Almost always 2; RAM disks might use 1. Most versions of MS-DOS/PC DOS do not support more than 2 FATs. Some DOS operating systems support only two FATs in their built-in disk driver, but support other FAT counts for block device drivers loaded later on.
<Habbie> under the heading 'since MSDOS 2.0'
<Habbie> no word about before that
<OscarL> So.. how many tables you had? 1, or something weirder?
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<OscarL> Habbie: welp, that 2 there seems to come right from the BeOS driver... waaay back then :-D
<OscarL> Well, fairly modern, by Be standards: "The dos filesystem, published by Be Inc, March 2001. "
<Habbie> 1
<Habbie> from this i assumed the fat driver did not come from beos :)
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 5 commits to master [+0/-0/±5]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli a1bfbc5 - jdtextedit: build with python 3.9
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli c63c097 - python_poppler_qt5: build with python 3.9
<Habbie> ah
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 6c73be5 - picard: build with python 3.9
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] ... and 2 more commits.
<Habbie> i see it
<OscarL> Habbie: guess you could send a PR for that webpage :-D
<OscarL> set the record straight :)
<OscarL> I'm sure other pieces of Be's "sample code" made it to the Haiku's repo too.
<Habbie> maybe :)
<OscarL> But compared to the amount of original work, seems more than fair to say that "it is far from being based on BeOS from a code base perspective"
<Habbie> oh sure
<OscarL> (understatment of the decade :-P)
<Habbie> sadly, that != 2 check is just one step down my huge rabbithole
<Habbie> my actual goal is to mount this filesystem in GRUB, which is still unhappy even with 2 FAT tables ;)
<extrowerk_> Fallout CE seems to be working just fine:
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<Habbie> an open source reimplementation? cool
<extrowerk_> yeah
<extrowerk_> a similar implementation exists for Fallout 2 aswell.
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 8a191af - libopenshot: build with python 3.9
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli e790d34 - openshot: build with python 3.9
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<Habbie> Begasus_32, by 'sort' you mean "use this common order", not sort by alphabet?
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 5ae4652 - matplotlib: build with python 3.9
<OscarL> Habbie: almost 100% he means keep the ordering from
<Habbie> ah yes
<Habbie> i should really read that page in full :)
<OscarL> You and me both :-P
<OscarL> I tend to do... after being yelled at :-P
<OscarL> *to do so
<OscarL> I guess "hp --lint" could learn to warn about that too.
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli d2fdbac - pyzmq: add python 3.9, 3.10, remove 2.7, 3.7.
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli cd9592d - openshot: trigger build
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 3c35336 - pyzmq: bump revision
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli e2d47d5 - openshot: trigger build
<Habbie> OscarL, haha, i just got back from doing something else, and wanted to type 'would be nice if lint did this'
<OscarL> It's rabbitshole all around us, Habbie. Watch your step :-P
* OscarL can't type properly. *rabbitsholes
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<OscarL> man, korli surely is making botifico work extra today :-D
<Habbie> lol, i'm not sure botifico is the one doing the hardest work ;)
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<Habbie> OscarL, so, are you going to contribute hp linter support for the various orderings? :)
* OscarL whistles
<Habbie> jeez, if i wanted unclear answers i'd ask my teenage daughter ;)
* OscarL walks away into the shadows, while whistling, playing dumb, well... not much acting there.
<Habbie> :)
<OscarL> krap... again managed to end up having installed python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10.... and that only because I removed my locally built 3.11 :-/
<jason123santa> Is there any way to make haiku automatically connect to a wireless network? I have to go into settings and select the connection to connect to every boot
<OscarL> jason123santa: No idea, sorry. Seems to be a known issue:
<jason123santa> any way to make it auto connect?
<OscarL> that's what that ticket mention... that some do, others don't. Try the suggestion there... (seems involving creating a "/boot/system/settings/network/wireless_networks" file).
<OscarL> I don't have any working WiFi, so I can say much about it.
<OscarL> jason123santa: here seems to be an example of such file:
<zdykstra> I can auto-connect with out an issue, but keeping the connection is another thing
<jason123santa> I will try
<OscarL> jason123santa: use that as a template for your SSID and password. Good luck!
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<OscarL> jason123santa: alternatively... call something like "ifconfig /dev/net/iprowifi2200/0 join SSID mypassword" from a script at boot? (I'm just suggesting things I find in
<OscarL> (replace "iprowifi2200" for your driver, of course)
<jason123santa> i am trying to write the file myself
<jason123santa> it was populated with my ssid but not the password
<OscarL> Might worth mentioning that in, along with info about your WiFi hardware, jason123santa.
<jason123santa> actually it does not work
<jason123santa> populating the file unless i did something wrong
<OscarL> Welp, another user/dev there mentions "I have some that autoconmect and some that do not" :-/
<jason123santa> yeah its weird
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<jason123santa> how would I make a script run at boot?
<jason123santa> figured it out
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