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<steev> robclark: thumbs up here
<steev> i see that's in v8
<robclark> yup, sorry 'bout that.. all bugs come from cleaning up working patches :-P
<steev> :)
<steev> at least it got caught before it made it in and more people hit it
<robclark> yup, thx for that
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<jhovold> abelvesa, juergh, ndec, steev and anyone using 6.2 for the x13s: I've just updated my 6.2 branch with a work around for bugs in the pmic-glink-altmode and drm drivers that can lead to crashes during boot (black screen, no ssh access)
<jhovold> I had carried this workaround in my branches since October, but dropped it in 6.2-rc6 as I mistakingly though the underlying issues had been fixed:
<jhovold> Turns out the altmode driver is still buggy, but the drm driver appears to have been fixed for 6.3.
<rfs613> jhovold: thank you! I will give it a try...
<steev> jhovold: oh spiffy, thanks
<steev> oh, that one
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<clover[m]> what is dolby atmos, windows is telling me i have it now
<clover[m]> do we get it on linux too?
<clover[m]> im guessing it is some kind of audio codec thingy?
<clover[m]> x13s has a camera driver update on the vantage app.
<clover[m]> "[New functions or enhancements]
<clover[m]> - Improved processing speed for Auto-exposure and White balance function."
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<steev> yeah it's audio codec stuff... and uhh, we barely have audio currently... we definitely don't have atmos yet
<steev> there's another thermal update as well
<steev> oh
<steev> just a small text update, no functional change
<broonie> Atmos is pure software/tuning FWIW.
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