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<steev> hightower2: you should be able to install the installer package (i'm not sure what it's name is on ubuntu) and run it, if it isn't installed already on their live image
<steev> i don't know if the kernel you're using on novago has access to the efivars to actually write them or not, to be able to change them from linux
<steev> but, you could probably drop into a uefi shell, if you have it, and change the bootmanager entry that way
<steev> bamse: what does luiz mean by only my signed off by? does he mean no reviews?
<hightower2> well, trashed the computer, got fed up with it
<hightower2> would have never gotten it in the first place, had I known how bad the hardware was, outside of just the arm cpu itself
<steev> sorry to hear that :/
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<jhovold> steev: yeah, i think he meant no reviewed-by tags, but the dts change should go through bamse's tree anyway
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<martiert> I'm trying to make an installer for x13s for NixOS (my distro of choice), problem is that I can't find the USB drive when initrd tries to mount it. I'm using jhovold 6.3.0-rc2 kernel, and the drive is an iso9660 image. initrd finds the nvme disk I have. Do you know of a module I need to add to initrd to get this to work?
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<jhovold> Here's an updated branch based on rc4:
<jhovold> Changes include:
<jhovold> - more audio fixes
<jhovold> - regulator fixes
<jhovold> - use minimal pcie bw during suspend
<jhovold> - fix pwrkey error at boot
<jhovold> martiert: did you try including all the modules listed in the commit message for johan_defconfig?
<martiert> I did, and they seem to be added as well.
<martiert> Maybe I'll test out the rc4 branch and see if I have better luck :)
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<steev> if you're using johan's defconfig or the laptop one, the usb bits should be built in to the kernel, as far as i can tell, otherwise make sure you have the usb bits in your initrd
<martiert> I'm using johan's defconfig, just adding `CONFIG_SECCOMP=y` to it
<martiert> the disk is a bit weird though. The way the NixOS installer does this is it makes an iso9660 disk without partitions, just everything directly on the disk. So after dd'ing the iso I'm just left with `/dev/sda` without any numbers. Though the bootloader finds it properly
<martiert> aaah, this might be it, I added `pmic_glink` instead of `pmic_glink_altmode` if I understand correctly this is required for the usb stuff?
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<jhovold> martiert: yes, that one should be needed
<steev> well thats exciting, i guess the bluetooth driver is good enough to go in
<martiert> it's so annoying not seeing typos when looking at it for hours :( Trying with rc4 and pmic_glink_altmode now
<steev> :)
<steev> at least it wasn't just a missing ,
<martiert> missing , and ; are the worst!
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<martiert> didn't help though. Still can't find the disk. And now I'm loding pmic_glink_altmode as well
<martiert> would it matter that the disk isn't gpt?
<bluerise> re Ubuntu: I did apt upgrade and the machine freezed and doesn't come up anymore, the same way it didn't come up anymore when I installed over NET instead of USB only...
<steev> martiert: that shouldn't matter, i'd look at the usual suspects for usb hd support
<martiert> hmmm... I just saw that ISO9660 support wasn't compiled into the kernel (or as a module). Next test is adding that then
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<steev> oh, yeah, that might be required, i don't know
<steev> bluerise: i'd wait for a resposne from xnox (and maybe not upgrade) at a guess, though, somehow something is getting dropped, and it's not telling it to use the correct dtb or something
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<agl> Good evening :-)
<steev> agl: actually johan just pushed his rc4 branch so at some point i'll do an rc4 too, i just pushed the latest 6.2.8 stuff last night, which really just changes to the latest revision of my bluetooth driver
<steev> it's really up to you
<agl> Thank you steev :-)#
<steev> i would say... the 6.3 is more correct, 6.2 is just a stable branch versus... hopefully no issues
<agl> steev: I'll take a look at it...
<steev> it's kinda nice because the list of patches i apply on top of johan's stuff is getting smaller and smaller
<bluerise> steev: yeah I already upgraded, so I just re-installed and won't upgrade :)
<steev> agl: i should hope i do... would be weird of me to write the blutooth support without one
<steev> and you can ask in here, you don't have to dm
<agl> OK
<steev> and congrats on your purchase :) i love mine
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<agl> steev: you are running Linux on your ThinkPad X13s?
<steev> 98% of the time
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* quinine 100%
<Leandro[m]> i have downgraded to arm32
<agl> steev: Which Linux-Distro do you use?
<steev> kali
<steev> is that crux leandro?
<steev> robclark: mesa won't have a690 in a release until 24?
<robclark> steev: it would be in next 23.x
<steev> oh, right
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<Leandro[m]> <steev> "is that crux leandro?" <- hm?
<steev> i don't recognize what init system that is
<steev> figured it was crux running rc
<Leandro[m]> t2 running sysvinit
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