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<steev> jhovold: should i convert to the switch statement in the same patch? or should i convert to switch statement and then add the 6855? i think it should be fine to switch it to a case statement in the same patch since it makes less sense as a switch statement with only 2 ?
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<jhovold> steev: i agree, i think you should do it in the same patch
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<robclark> maz, javierm: is this kvm lockdep splat known?
<maz> robclark: yup. WIP.
<maz> the issue has been there forever, it is just that lockdep is now able to spot it.
<maz> the fix is... involved.
<robclark> ahh.. :-(
<robclark> kinda annoying.. hitting it every other boot and then it disables lockdep for the thing I'm trying to annotate
<maz> you can take for now, but that's still a bit buggy, and you need the other patch that is mentioned in the comments of that patch.
* maz goes back to the rugby game...
<HdkR> Still no DT for the Microsoft Dev Kit 2023 right? Don't want to mislead someone asking :P
<robclark> thx maz
<steev> jhovold: awesome, have tested the changes here... but i realized locally (and the stuff i pushed out that others are using) incorporates Tim's changes, so I'll be re-doing without those changes and testing before i submit v6
<steev> HdkR: correct, nothing yet afaik
<steev> supposedly shawnguo has it booting enough to be a build server with acpi boot
<HdkR> ACPI boot is boring though :P
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<leezu> robclark: With 6.2.y kernels on lazor, I noticed drm_info now shows XRGB2101010 color format support (whereas up to 6.1.y, no 10 bit formats were supported). ARGB2101010 format is still not supported. This triggers a small bug in KDE KWin, as KWin always prefers 10 bit formats over formats with alpha, even for the cursor, causing a black box to appear around the cursor. I
<leezu> wonder, is the lack of ARGB2101010 a hardware limitation (ie. sc7180 only supports per-pixel alpha blending with 8 bit formats) or an oversight in the 6.2 kernel?