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<clover[m]> I thought it was impossible because no multi lib for arch
<schaeffer> maybe a goofy question but what if anything is the story on telegram's desktop client for arm64? does it build?
<schaeffer> the README basically says if you use an unofficial client they'll start "monitoring" your account just in case you abuse their API so i'm not too keen on building it myself regardless
<schaeffer> not quite at the level of bluetooth hacking but i thought i'd check anyways
<steev> not sure, i just use telegram-desktop
<steev> might wanna use backports to get newer than 3.1.1
<schaeffer> i guess the package provided one is gonna be "unofficial" too, or maybe not
<schaeffer> regardless i'll just try that
<HdkR> clover[m]: Multilib doesn't matter for FEX
<clover[m]> isn't steam x86 or something though
<HdkR> That it is
<HdkR> But FEX ships an x86 rootfs image for libraries
<HdkR> Effectively making a multilib environment anywhere
<HdkR> Also multibin which is important
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<leezu> robclark: thank you for the pointer. Declaring AR30 in the dpu_format_map_ubwc fixes/avoids the error in dmesg. KWin still uses AR30 with DRM_FORMAT_MOD_LINEAR instead of DRM_FORMAT_MOD_QCOM_COMPRESSED, but maybe that's expected. Would you suggest I send a separate patch for the dpu_format_map_ubwc changes, or send a v2 version of the original patch including
<leezu> dpu_format_map_ubwc changes?
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<robclark> leezu: send a v2.. for cursor plane, I expect that is not gpu rendered to linear would be expected.. for other layers I'd kinda hope you'd hit the UBWC path
<leezu> Ok, will send v2 shortly. Yes, the main planes are using UBWC
<robclark> ok, thx.. probably not a big deal if cursor plane is linear (anyways, it is small so doesn't represent much bandwidth), and I think typically they are cpu rendered so makes sense that cursor plane is linear
<robclark> ie. anything cpu involved would not be aware of tiled or tiled+compressed layout
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<mayco> still seeing memory corruption on steev's 6.3-rc3 branch :(
<mayco> also, has anyone got kexec working?
<mayco> (on thinkpad x13s, to be explicit about context)
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<Mr0btain> Modem is alive! did a fresh install, used default modemmanager in lunar. Have to manually run the unlock script itself every restart, and every wake. but it works!
<mayco> or actually, instead of kexec, is there any decent way to debug the kernel on hardware? any uart pads on the motherboard or anything like that?
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<jhovold> steev: i think he's suggesting that you simply mention somewhere that you wrote the patch under the assumption that wcn6855 works the same way as WCN6750
<jhovold> but adding some details from the cover letter to the patch itself about the firmware and testing doesn't hurt
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<jhovold> Here's an updated wip branch against 6.3-rc3, which enables async probing for pcie to speed up boot:
<jhovold> Moving to -rc3 also appears to fix a hang with my CRD when doing multithreaded compilation on a UFS fs...
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<clover[m]> <Mr0btain> "Modem is alive! did a fresh..." <- Niceee
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<Kelsar> Hi, are there daily driveable ARM Laptops out there?
<HdkR> Macbooks, Lenovo X13s, c630, Various Chromebooks
<HdkR> Various Windows on Arm laptops
<init1> x13s is daily driveable, i've been running on one for a couple weeks now
<Kelsar> With Linux i mean
<HdkR> Macbooks, Lenovo X13s, c630, Various Chromebooks
<HdkR> Basically the same list :)
<Kelsar> Macbook linux support seems... not ready from what i found
<HdkR> Depends on which one really. Asahi is doing good work
<Kelsar> oh wow, that X13s is expensive
<HdkR> Indeed, Just because it is ARM doesn't mean it will be cheap
<HdkR> Quite the opposite in fact. Mostly due to low volume
<Kelsar> was expecting that, but that one is expensive expensive
<HdkR> Puts it very clearly in Macbook territory. Which means buying a Macbook is a sane competitive option
<HdkR> When Macbook is the cheaper option :sweats:
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<Kelsar> 2k for the Lenovo...
<HdkR> Lenovo has biweekly "sales"
<HdkR> I think it gets down to $1400 or so?
<init> got the X13s with some reddit coupon codes for 1020$ usd ship+tax incl.
<HdkR> ^
<init> the 32gb / 500gb model.
<Kelsar> nice
<init> back in october 2022
<Kelsar> will have to take a look, if something like that happens over here
<init> pretty sure it will, typical lenovo.
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<Kelsar> lenovos page is funny, can not remove items from the cart, because i cannot click the remove button in the dialog popping up...
<HdkR> Lenovo's online store really abuses people that don't watch it over time or finds coupon codes
<pzc> The new Dell Inspiron 14 Snapdragon looks interesting too. Doubt theres much testing done on how linuxy it is yet. But good price point.
<Kelsar> hmm, on 3rd party sites i likely do not get the right keyboard variant...
<Kelsar> Guess I keep an eye on the store
<Kelsar> ty
<martiert> what would be needed to get audio working on x13s? Trying to start alsamixer just states that it can't find card '0', and complaining about "No such file or directory" (though not what file/directory)
<HdkR> martiert: Maybe these alsa ucm files?
<martiert> those looks like something I'm missing. Thanks
<martiert> they don't seem to help. I put the ucm2 files from that repo into /usr/share/alsa/ucm2, but still the same complaint from amixer after a reboot
<steev> because it's a debian package, the ucm2 and codec files are patched in, not part of the git
<steev> if you're just copying things manually, and don't care about packaging...
<clover[m]> <clover[m]> "This is like a 50% off x13s..." <- Kelsar:
<Kelsar> clover[m]: where?
<HdkR> clover[m]: Should note that message quotes from matrix don't expand for IRC users
<Kelsar> yeah
<clover[m]> This is like a 50% off x13s
<Kelsar> clover[m]: US is the wrong continent sadly
<clover[m]> oh
<Kelsar> but i found one here in germany
<Kelsar> but thanks
<steev> also, sorry, slept last night, instead of doing the bluetooth driver bits
<HdkR> I just shipped an X13s to Germany and those VAT costs were spicy
<clover[m]> steev: status on BLE?
<steev> it should work?
<steev> i'm able connect my airpods?
<HdkR> When I used a BT gamepad it didn't work sadly :(
<Kelsar> yeah, those do hurt
<steev> i blameubuntu in HdkR's case
<HdkR> It's a sane thing to blame
<clover[m]> my buds (Galaxy Buds Pro) Audio seems to work but getting only a headset sink and no mic sink still
<clover[m]> artifacts when putting hands on keyboard
<steev> hm
<steev> i can use my airpods as both on discord
<steev> in firefox
<steev> random fun fact
<steev> brings my i5/1080ti system to its knees, but the x13s handles the site just fine
<HdkR> speex versus sbc issue maybe?
<steev> that could be, iirc i get sbc with the airpods
<HdkR> Or SBC HQ, or Faststream. Too many configurations :P
<HdkR> Airpods support bidirectional aac between iOS devices doesn't it? Would be a stepup if that's ever supported under Linux
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<steev> i dunno what any of that means
<steev> i just know that once i connect to the thinkpad with them, i have to make the thinkpad forget about them to disconnect
<clover[m]> speakers seem much more stable now
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<steev> it is nice to see we're only about 73 patches on top of tot
<steev> actually it's more like 70 since 2 of those patches are for my bluetooth stuff so will go away once i send out v7
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<steev> mani_s: remind me... is Limit the SMR groups to 128 supposed to replace rework the logic finding the bypass quirk?
<mani_s> steev, that's right
<steev> okay
<steev> mani_s: i don't quite understand v4 - it says that the smr limited is spit off into a separate patch, but there's only 1 patch and no mention of the other one aside from the changelog entry?
<steev> does v4 entirely stand alone, or is there another patch submitted that i'm missing
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<Mr0btain> lun_: if you still have problems, iirc double check kernel config for something like CONFIG_EFI_ARMSTUB_LOADER. you'll need to enable that as eell
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<martiert> steev: I did get the ucm2 packages from srinivas repo (the mirror he has on github) didn't help :(
<steev> that does not have the new commits in it, from what i see
<martiert> aaah. Ok. I'll pull it from his linaro repo then. Thanks :)
<martiert> I copied the files from the linaro repo to my /usr/share/alsa/ucm2 folder, but still no sound/alsamixer still fails complaining that it can't find the card
<steev> don't just copy the files, you want to rsync them
<steev> there are a few dot files and symlinks iirc
<martiert> did rsync -a ./ucm2 /user/share/alsa but still the same issue. I thought -a should preserve all symlinks and dotfiles?
<steev> codecs too
<steev> actually those are in there aren't they
<steev> only thing i can think then is maybe you're missing a kernel option, can you post your kernel config?
<steev> and dmesg output
<steev> and just to verify, you're rebooting after the rsync?
<martiert> this is the kernel config (it's just johan_defconfig from his 6.3 kernel + enabling seccomp)
<martiert> I do a reboot, yes
<martiert> for dmesg
<steev> # CONFIG_SND_SOC_LPASS_WSA_MACRO is not set
<steev> # CONFIG_SND_SOC_LPASS_VA_MACRO is not set
<steev> # CONFIG_SND_SOC_LPASS_RX_MACRO is not set
<steev> # CONFIG_SND_SOC_LPASS_TX_MACRO is not set
<steev> those should be =m
<martiert> aaah, thank you
<steev> there's a 5th but those being M should also make it M (it's like macro_common)
<steev> you might want to re-do yours, because johan's defconfig definitely has those set to M?
<steev> if you did something like cp the defconfig to .config, that's not how it should be done, it should be make johan_defconfig and then make your change
<martiert> hmmmm... strange. I thought I just copied it from johans. I did do `make johan_defconfig`, I'll try to redo it
<steev> in his earlier configs before audio was working "better", he didn't have it enabled
<martiert> aaaah, it might be that I have made an earlier kernel, switch to this and then just done `yes "" | make oldconfig
<martiert> I did make johan_defconfig now, and they were definitely set
<steev> :)
<steev> i've been guilty of that myself a number of times
<steev> can't do slack huddles in firefox :(
<init1> my missing-keys-x13s is en route to lenovo repair center. I hope they wont just reinstall windows...
<martiert> just rebuilt the kernel, this time with johan_defconfig + seccomp + dm_integrity, but still same issue with alsa
<steev> dmesg output again
<steev> com-apm gprsvc:service:2:1: Direct firmware load for qcom/sc8280xp/SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S-tplg.bin failed with error -2
<martiert> I'm on arch, and installed the x13s-firmware package
<steev> that says it's not in the right spot
<martiert> ok, that's strange. I'll manually add it to the correct place then
<martiert> there is a file at /usr/lib/firmware/qcom/sc8280xp/SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S-tplg.bin so, that's strange
<martiert> aaah, that is a symlink to /home/sya, which is not a user on my machine
<steev> that would explain why it isn't working then lol
<martiert> hahaha, jepp
<martiert> that helped :)
<martiert> at least somewhat. Not sure what to unmute to actually get any sound out, but I do get alsamixer working. Thanks a lot for that :)
<martiert> but time to go to sleep. Thanks for the help steev :)
<steev> you shouldn't need to mute/unmute anything
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<amstan> don't unmute random things in alsamixer, that's how you might end up with burny speakers
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