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<rfs613> x13s bios 1.49 just showed up for me
<rfs613> no "important updates" given, but under [New functions or enhancements]
<rfs613> - Added Linux option on ThinkPad Setup menu as Beta function.
<rfs613> - Updated the Diagnostics module to version 04.28.000.
<clover[m]> Yep. It let's you load a dtb with the BIOS
<clover[m]> Not a game changer but a sign of Linux support coming
<rfs613> ah so that's what you've been talking about...
<steev> waiting for it to show up in windows and not just grabbing it from their website smh
<mayco> is the headphone jack on the x13s supposed to work at this point
<steev> with the proper ucm configs it, should mostly
<steev> i don't think you need all of them; i'd go with mainline alsa-ucm-conf git (on github) and the x13s-fixes branch (just 1 patch) on srini's github
<steev> that reminds me that i need to package that up again
<mayco> hmm, when I plug in my headphones I get wcd938x_mbhc_get_result_params: Impedance detect ramp error, c1=2, x1=0x0 and no sound
<mayco> and still nothing after I unplug them again
<steev> i have some kinda sonys that i tested with
<mayco> yeah it's possible my headphone are slightly busted and none of my other hardware cares
<steev> not necessarily
<steev> could just be the ucm configs you have are slightly not right, or could still be issues with the driver
<mayco> oh actually I think headphone might be working and pulse is just misbehaving
<mayco> dragging the slider for the headphones volume around in pavucontrol makes the adjustment sounds through the headphones
<mayco> although pulse seems to think they are unplugged
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<steev> bamse: eh, i have a workaround for the wifi now; guess i can figure out one for bluetooth as well. SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", ATTRS{vendor}=="0x17cb", ATTRS{device}=="0x1103", PROGRAM="/bin/ip link set %k address 00:03:7F:12:BA:25" udev rule for the wifis
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<steev> bleh, bluetooth requires a script, i don't wanna do a systemd unit just for that
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<ajhalaney[m]> steev: another way to skin the MAC address cat (ew why is that a saying) that i've used
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<clover[m]> don't let the MAC address cat out of the bag!
<ajhalaney[m]> :)
<bamse> i just don't look, that way i may or may not have the correct mac address...
<bamse> although i guess that comes with the risk of the macaddress being dead as well...
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* ajhalaney[m] is concerned if bamse actually treats his pets like his MAC address cat
<steev> ajhalaney[m]: i considered the systemd link, but i *thought* it required systemd-networkd
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<ajhalaney[m]> well you THOUGHT WRONG steev !
<steev> in my defense, i have never claimed to be smart
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<clover[m]> when suspend fix steev?
<steev> what you mean
<clover[m]> i thought you had something cooking up
<clover[m]> that improved suspend times
<clover[m]> maybe i misunderstood
<steev> mmmm, i think johan already incorporated that
<steev> i think there are still some pcie things from mani that are outstanding(maybe)
<steev> i was testing the usb runtime pm, only came across a minor issue (to me) that would annoy the hell out of you tho
<steev> it's related to the lack of orientation switching though
<steev> you flip to get vidya output, and the usb doesn't... usb? vidya output works tho
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<bluerise> Anyone here tried the Ubuntu x13s image?
<bluerise> USB image works fine, booting the installed image doesn't (kernel shows up, blank screen with cursor blinks forever)
<steev> xnox: ^
<bluerise> I'll try installing without internet connected, maybe an updated package is causing issues
<bluerise> (if the installer loads from internet)
<bluerise> that... seems to have fixed it
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<HdkR> perf stats shows a lot of time spent with the instruction after clearing and setting daif. I wonder if that is just particularly slow on X1C
<hightower2> Hey remind me please, I am sure I used a prebuilt image (that old 18.04) to install ubuntu on asus novago. But now when I try to do it again, all I ever see is the image booting into a live system from USB. I do not see the option to perform an install anywhere
<hightower2> any hints?
<hightower2> I need an answer to either that, OR the real problem I have is that I did run "bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubaa64.efi" to point bootloader to grub, but I forgot to revert it when I removed the linux partition the last time. So I have an unbootable system (well, other than this ability to boot into a live ubuntu). If you got a hint how to re-set the bootloader from linux, that'd be great
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