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<clover[m]> Are any of y'all interested in getting a pinetab 2?
<amstan> woah, that's a nice price
<clover[m]> pinetab 1 was painfully slow, but this one looks like quite an improvement
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<clover[m]> steev, works!
<clover[m]> now if only i can get displaylink working
<clover[m]> i can actually use these monitors that have been collecting dust for like a year
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<clover[m]> Wow I managed to break gnome
<clover[m]> Good time to switch to sway?
<clover[m]> I get this when trying to start gdm
<clover[m]> oh i accidentally deleted libevdev lmao
<clover[m]> trying to start sway told me
<clover[m]> all good i think
<travmurav[m]> steev: I think what saved you is that you've added the node into DP port node and not the DPU node as the original patch :P
<steev> oh, that's probably it yeah... i think i actually tried the dpu first and it didn't work...
<travmurav[m]> which was the intended behavior probably :D
<clover[m]> i get a kernel null pointer deference thing when i plug in my displaylink monitor
<clover[m]> full log:
<steev> i blame evdi
<clover[m]> should i tell them, or the prob dont care?
<steev> should probably report it
<steev> i have no idea about evdi
<travmurav[m]> sounds like sad glue to proprietary userspace blobs
<amstan> it's possible it's the kind of bug that we might be interested to fix for chromeos, but not really sure how high priority it would be
<amstan> dianders's hobby is to look at these tricky usb bugs
<HdkR> I hear other DRM drivers also have problems with displaylink, so it might not be limited to qcom
<clover[m]> hdkr i haven't had much time to test your request. will try tomorrow
<HdkR> clover[m]: no problem
<clover[m]> i can drive two displays now, cool
<clover[m]> ok bedtime
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<amstan> ah, so not a usb problem
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<abelvesa> bamse, jhovold: the wlan issue I was telling you about last Friday:
<abelvesa> can't repro it easily yet
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<clover[m]> my bluetooth headsets are not showing up as Input devices, only output devices. i'd like to be able to use the mic in my headset. this used to work. any advice?
<clover[m]> nvm, i think can use this jabra usb dongle thing
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<steev> clover[m]: i don't know what would have broken in bluetooth - show me dmesg | grep Bluetooth
<steev> i think, with the new stuff, i don't override the board id anymore, and you mgiht need to symlink the nvm patch
<steev> or just rename it
<steev> [ 7.566587] Bluetooth: hci0: qca_generate_nvm_name: nvm name is qca/hpnv21.8c
<steev> [ 7.566590] Bluetooth: hci0: QCA Downloading qca/hpnv21.8c
<steev> but that's shouldn't break it?
<clover[m]> Its not a Bluetooth issue. Its a Firefox issue
<clover[m]> Zoom audio works in chromium. Zoom video works on Firefox. FML
<steev> ah, good deal
<steev> btw, i just noticed srini cc'd me on a couple more asoc patches
<steev> it's my week for bug tracker so all bug emails go to my inbox this week :D
<gwolf> clover[m]: Does the device show in pulseaudio? (I use pavucontrol)
<clover[m]> cool
<gwolf> if firefox opens the audio-in sink, you can force via pulseaudio which device it is taken from
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<clover[m]> now i see why chromium video is not working on zoom. no WebGL
<clover[m]> the test passes with Firefox. wierd
<hexdump0815> does anyone know the hyrican enwo pad? - (sorry - only available in german)
<hexdump0815> seems to be sdm850 with 8gb ram and 128gb ufs and goes new for 200 euro and sometimes a bit below in germany - sounds fair to me - just in case anyone wants to enter the "build a dts from the limited acpi info" game with some yet different hardware :)
<clover[m]> if i start chromium with --disable-gpu-compositing zoom video in starts working
<clover[m]> chromium log with gpu errors:
<steev> i wonder if our hack for mutter is rbeaking it?
<clover[m]> iirc it's been broken like that for a while
<clover[m]> its weird cause vivaldi works lol
<clover[m]> vivaldi is giving best zoom experience in browser right now
<steev> oh, you might be right
<steev> iirc there's a bug open somewhere about chromium being broken since ~95
<steev> but the person the bug is assigned to... has never even shown up on the bug tracker
<steev> (for that bug)
<steev> oh, no, that's a different one
<clover[m]> that might explain why vivaldi works. i think vivaldi is based on an older version of chrome
<steev> not afaik, i thought they were based on 100, but they do different stuff with media/graphics stack
<clover[m]> oh ok
<clover[m]> im on vivaldi stable 3.8, upgrading to 5.7 now. lets see if it breaks
<steev> i'm just saying i *think*; i'm in no way an expert, and i may be thinking of Arc
<steev> i recently uninstalled vivaldi, but yeah... i was using it for a while because it was the only browser that actually worked when everything else was broken
<clover[m]> upgrading broke proprietary media support lol
<clover[m]> weird
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<clover[m]> fixed that with and some symlinking. jeez
<clover[m]> vivaldi looking good
<steev> yeah, it is pgood
<steev> it surprises me that linux chromium is so broken when cros is literally based on linux
<robclark> for good measure, try the arg to disable gpu sandbox?
<robclark> and yeah, there is probably too much #ifdef CHROMEOS type stuff with things needed to fix things for arm linux
<HdkR> #ifdef __aarch64__ && APPLE #define PAGESIZE 16384
<clover[m]> HdkR why do you think vulkan is disabled?
<HdkR> clover[m]: What do you mean?
<clover[m]> on vivaldi://gpu its showing vulkan as disabled
<HdkR> Did you enable it when you built mesa?
<HdkR> I don't even know what vivaldi is
<clover[m]> its a browser lol
<HdkR> Then I guess ensure you built the correct branch of mesa with the vulkan driver enabled and hope that browser doesn't block turnip
<HdkR> And of course if this is an a690 device, hope that the GPU doesn't crash.
<HdkR> es2_info, glxinfo, and vulkaninfo outside of the browser to ensure you have a working hardware driver of course.
<steev> hrm
<steev> i definitely enabled it here, and just noticed that yeah... it says not compatible
<steev> more specifically, failed with ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_DRIVER (vulkaninfo)
<steev> that's mesa as of... sometime today, with rob's 3 patches on top?
<steev> or did i do something stupid when i meson built it telling it to use freedreno and i shoulda told it turnip?
<HdkR> `prefix : /opt/freedreno` Not `/usr`?
<steev> no
<clover[m]> idk what turnip is, it doesnt seem to be a meson option
<steev> turnip is the name of the vulkan driver
<HdkR> The loaders hardcode the prefix path, so if you're copying it over to `/usr` later then you're breaking stuff :P
<steev> i'm not
<steev> why would you think i would?
<HdkR> It's just a weird path
<steev> steev@wintermute:~/git/mesa$ cat /etc/
<steev> /opt/freedreno/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu
<HdkR> So maybe the loader is breaking
<steev> opt isn't a weird path
<HdkR> ls `/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/`
<steev> that doesn't exist
<robclark> you should use something along the lines of -Dgallium-drivers=freedreno -Dvulkan-drivers=freedreno
<steev> it does exist in /opt/freedreno/share/vulkan/icd.d tho
<steev> seems odd that it would hardcode it since you're supposed to be able to devenv mesa for a while now
<HdkR> strace the thing and see if it is not finding the icd file I guess? :)
<robclark> the loader (not part of mesa) needs to know where to look for icd files.. should be env var to override, IIRC
<steev> that is exactly part of it
<steev> okay, so i need to do that as well i suppose
<robclark> export VK_ICD_FILENAMES=$p/release/b/share/vulkan/icd.d/freedreno_icd.aarch64.json
<clover[m]> do we also need to install vulkan mesa layers?
<steev> no idea what those are... but if you're building manually and not installing them? yes
<szclsya[m]> my build of mesa works with Vulkan just fine
<steev> i would just patch mesa itself, but... debian is in freeze, so it's gonna be a while til 23 rotates in
<clover[m]> how can you tell Leo Shen ?
<steev> vulkaninfo doesn't error out :P
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<clover[m]> lo
<clover[m]> lol
<clover[m]> ok i can enable it in vivaldi but it does that for zoom, and video playback stops working in youtube
<szclsya[m]> <clover[m]> "how can you tell Leo Shen ?" <- vkcube
<clover[m]> nice
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<steev> yeah, vkcube runs fine here
<clover[m]> i tried emulating x86_64 Zoom with box64, it was so slow, i gave up trying to launch it after it hung for 15 minutes
<clover[m]> idk if its just super heavy or what
<HdkR> It's a browser, so yes
<szclsya[m]> its actually qt, but heavy indeed
<HdkR> Oh, is it not actually an embedded browser?
<clover[m]> i noticed it required qt-tools
<szclsya[m]> yeah I'm surprises as well lol
<HdkR> no, I just ran it and it uses CEF
<HdkR> So CEF + QT
<HdkR> You probably need Box64's `steam_chrome` branch if you want CEF to work correctly there
<clover[m]> oh, nice. will try that later
<clover[m]> that branch seems pretty active. might be best to wait
<clover[m]> trying this out for netflix, hulu etc:
<clover[m]> will post results