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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
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<arraybolt3> o/ New user, just managed to get Haiku installed on an old Lenovo machine over here. Of course I got myself in a fix by trying to install Boxedwine and a Windows application. My problem is, Boxedwine is a fullscreen app, and is hiding the deskbar entirely, so I can't close (or force-close) it. I have no idea how to get out of fullscreen mode or how to forcibly terminate it to get
<arraybolt3> unstuck. Is there something like the equivalent of xkill in Haiku I can resort to?
<arraybolt3> (Right now I'm just watching Boxedwine's "Launching..." window spinner loop infinitely with no indicator that it's making any progress.)
<Begasus> Can't you switch Desktop and kill it from there?
<arraybolt3> how do you do that?
<Begasus> Alt+Fn key's
<arraybolt3> Doesn't seem like it, they don't respond.
<arraybolt3> The mouse moves just fine
<Begasus> maybe boxedwine grabbed the keyboard and doesn't releasi it?
<arraybolt3> possibly
<Begasus> Try with Ctrl-Alt+Arrow key
<arraybolt3> Also no response.
<Begasus> yeah probably locked in boxedwine then I guess
<Begasus> Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't do anything also?
<arraybolt3> is there any universal unlock key kind of like Linux's Alt+SysRq+R?
<arraybolt3> Correct, Ctrl+Alt+Del also does nothing.
<Begasus> There is a vulkan grip (always forget that one), but you still need to be able to control the keyboard
<Begasus> out of ideas here :/
<arraybolt3> yeah, I read about that. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+deskbar click.
<arraybolt3> Doesn't help sadly because the deskbar is hidden.
<Begasus> +1 :)
<arraybolt3> So I guess force-reboot it is.
<arraybolt3> oh hey, pressing the power button did something
<Begasus> guess you're stuck with that yes
<arraybolt3> Application "Boxedwine" has aborted the shutdown process.
<arraybolt3> Maybe that popup will let me ungrab the keyboard
<arraybolt3> nope
<arraybolt3> ok, force reboot it is.
<Begasus> cu in a bit back then :)
<arraybolt3> oh I'm still here
<arraybolt3> using IRC on my Kubuntu machine with the Haiku one next to it
<Begasus> ah, right you wouldn't be able to ask :)
<Begasus> haven't finished my first coffee of the day yet :)
<arraybolt3> I have to say, I'm really impressed with this OS so far. The thing is blindingly fast, and this is an old Celeron machine with 1 GB of RAM from 2004.
<Begasus> nice!
<arraybolt3> 32-bit, ran Windows XP when I got it.
<Begasus> can I ask why you needed boxedwine?
<arraybolt3> Right now it's performing better than my expensive dev rig with 32 GB RAM :P
<Begasus> heh
<arraybolt3> So, other question, I have hit what appears to be a kernel issue in Haiku, namely that any time I attempt to shut down or reboot the machine, the entire OS locks up hard and I have to press and hold the power button to finish the reboot. It's more of a nuisance than anything, but how would I go about debugging it, and potentially investigating a fix?
<arraybolt3> I know a decent amount of C++ and am not scared of trying to compile kernels or operating systems (I do dev work for a living and have compiled Linux kernels before).
<Begasus> got a laptop with the same issue, I think it's rather a HW issue then OS related, did the same thing with Neon/Ubuntu I tried on
<arraybolt3> mmm, it worked with Debian last I tried
<arraybolt3> (which was a year or so ago, so I guess it *could* be the hardware still)
<arraybolt3> sigh, I bet my machine just doesn't have enough RAM for Boxedwine. It can't even launch WineMine :-/
<Begasus> mind you, I can't code "Hello World" so when it comes to code I'm clueless :D
<arraybolt3> I know this machine does have some hardware issues, getting it to boot requires that I press F1 to go to BIOS setup and then "Exit Discarding Changes". If I don't, it hangs at BIOS.
<Begasus> I never use it, can't think of anything that already runs on Haiku without wine
<arraybolt3> well I have one particular Windows app I kind of wanted to just *see* if it would work. Answer turns out to be no, but hey, was worth a shot.
<Begasus> got you, can't tell without trying
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<arraybolt3> Really even without Windows suport this is still rocking.
<arraybolt3> And looks like I got IRC working, so let's switch to that
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<arraybolt3-haiku> o/
<Begasus> think I checked out about all the KDE apps out there by now :)
<arraybolt3-haiku> I'm really surprised to see KDE and Qt apps in here :P Those look like a treasure trove.
<Begasus> It helps spread the word out there :)
<arraybolt3-haiku> Anyway, I'll stop asking "Does this exist yet?" for everything and start exploring around :P
<Begasus> have fun looking around
<arraybolt3-haiku> mmm, I see what may be I/O errors in the syslog... this is a pretty ancient SSD in this machine, I should probably swap it out.
<Begasus> KDE Gear 24.05.1 released :)
<arraybolt3-haiku> ah actually those errors appear to be ATA bus errors, so maybe not the drive's fault.
<Begasus> should check if Elisa performs better now
<arraybolt3-haiku> And I'm starting to think more and more that this hardware may be worse than I thought
<Begasus> it served 20years :)
<arraybolt3-haiku> I'll keep it limping till the day it dies if I can :P
<arraybolt3-haiku> I don't know why I do this with computers, but I do.
<arraybolt3-haiku> anyway, thanks again for everything. Going to help my dog get outside and then probably get back to my actual paid job while tinkering with this in the background.
<Begasus> np :)
<Begasus> feeding the dogs in a bit here :)
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<CalistoMathias> hiii
<erysdren> hiya
<CalistoMathias> heyyy erysdren
<Begasus> Hi CalistoMathias erysdren
<CalistoMathias> Hi Begasus
<CalistoMathias> How are you doing?
<CalistoMathias> you too erysdren.. How are you doing as well? Hope everything is fine :D
<Begasus> Fine thanks, can't seem to finish up the latest KF5 frameworks, always something popping in between :D
<Begasus> KF6* (already got the latest KF5 ones) :)
<CalistoMathias> ohhh okay
<CalistoMathias> i guess I'm somewhere in the same kind of an issue.. Everyday, when I try to fix one thing a new one pops up :( But I'm working on it... tho nowhere near the scale of your dev :)
<CalistoMathias> Btw Begasus is it possible to disable a touchpad?
<CalistoMathias> in Haiku
<CalistoMathias> I want to disable my laptop's touchpad but can't seem to find the option in the preferences menu
<CalistoMathias> for input
<Begasus> should be somewhere in the user guide
<Begasus> Preferences/Input -> sensitivity iirc
<erysdren> im doing well CalistaMathias!
<erysdren> eating icecream at midnight now
<CalistoMathias> oh I did do that
<CalistoMathias> like I turned the sensitivity completely off
<Begasus> I don't mind it not working here ;)
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<erysdren> howdy OscarL
<CalistoMathias> heyyy OscarL
<arraybolt3-haiku> back again
<arraybolt3-haiku> is there a dev-specific channel or is everything just in here?
<OscarL> Hola erysdren, Begasus, CalistoMathias, and the rest of you! :-D
<CalistoMathias> btw Begasus have you ever faced an issue with like a lot of messages waiting in the queue for a window causing it to lag a bit?
<CalistoMathias> Hi OscarL... Been quite a while since I was online at the same time when you are xD
<CalistoMathias> how have you been?
<erysdren> arraybolt3-haiku everything happens here
<OscarL> Not as well as I'd wish, but seems I'm getting better now, thanks for asking!
<OscarL> erysdren: I read a blog post that made me think... erysdren would find this one interesting, I think. Here it is:
<OscarL> Begasus: BTW, congrats on your retirement!
<erysdren> OscarL: you're right, i already saw this article! i found it very interesting :D
<OscarL> CalistoMathias: read on the logs you're busy working on that Tracker/Query improvements, right? Best of luck with that, and hope it ends up being a fun and good leanring experience for you!
<Begasus> OscarL!
<Begasus> thanks mate! :)
<Begasus> CalistoMathias, not lately (lag)
* OscarL managed to compile most of mDNSResponder yesterday... now ne needs to learn how to use/test it :-D
<OscarL> s/ne/he/ (typos still my thing, I see).
<Begasus> in contact with someone managing D for Haiku :)
<Begasus> k, Elisa still crashing on me for gear24
<Begasus> I think LLVM18 should be good now, could run some builds for kdevelop and clazy on 32bit to check, but so far it looks fine
<Begasus> ICU75 up and running too :)
<CalistoMathias> yup I'm working on the Tracker improvements OscarL. I've already learnt so much during the past 2 weeks but hopefully I'm on the right track.
<CalistoMathias> There's a lot of stuff that I still need to get done though.
<CalistoMathias> Have to read up on the Message system of Haiku, a bit more in detail.
<CalistoMathias> I think after nielx[m] reviews the code, and I fix whatever Humdinger told, the first change will be pushed onto Gerrit :)
<OscarL> Also... if you have to touch PoseView.cpp... that can be kinda nightmerish too.
<CalistoMathias> yah PoseView was scary
<CalistoMathias> but I think I'm finding my way through it
<CalistoMathias> I didn't have much to change in PoseView.cpp tho
<CalistoMathias> more so in the QueryPoseView.cpp file tho
<CalistoMathias> even tho I changed all the instances of the BQuery to TFilteredQuery, it still seems to not work as expected
<CalistoMathias> have to fix that tho :)
<OscarL> as Begasus says... baby steps :-)
<CalistoMathias> yup
<CalistoMathias> started maintaining a task list now xD
<CalistoMathias> at first it was starting to get really overwhelming :( but now I have a better hang of this I think
* OscarL needs a list of todo lists. He keeps losing track of those :-P
<OscarL> getting used to read and comprehend existing complex code bases like these, surely will be a valuable skill on your career.
<CalistoMathias> I do think so. I started getting a nice method to go through the Haiku Codebase at the very least. I think that will help in other things as well :)
<CalistoMathias> I even am keeping track of all this by writing Medium posts xD
<CalistoMathias> so that in the future, I can just come back and read up on those to find some tips :)
<OscarL> +2 :-D
<OscarL> Mmm, xbps packages templages (equivalent of our ".recipe"s, but for VoidLinux) are at least easy to read.
<OscarL> s/templages/templates/
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<Begasus> it's mostly the Gentoo ones I trip over OscarL :)
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<OscarL> Seems they didn't bothered with "make install" for mDNSResponder, and just install things manually. I might do the same on my first attempt.
<OscarL> Begasus: yeah.. Gentoo's have too many wrappers you need to know about :-)
<Begasus> not a lot out there at repology
<Begasus> this guy did an amazing job already there (wip) :)
<Begasus> did a build for d with gcc11 yesterday :)
<OscarL> I think most linuxes use avahi instead of mDNSResponder. But as avahi appears to need dbus... and mDNSResponder does not...
<Begasus> haven't looked at avahi in a while
<Begasus> but saw that korli disabled it for that
<OscarL> and I want to have some zeroconf on Haiku, so I can just ssh into my old netbook by using just: "ssh OscarL@netbook.local"
<Begasus> w00t, bring it on (then I could use that to control the other laptop with broken keyboard :D
<arraybolt3-haiku> alright, large victory, YouTube is working on this ancient piece of near garbage :D
<arraybolt3-haiku> (find links using WebPositive, download them using the platform-independent version of yt-dlp, play with MediaPlayer.)
<arraybolt3-haiku> I don't quite understand how this thing is able to play back the video in real time despite probably not havnig hardware decoding, but it does
<Begasus> another victory! :)
<OscarL> arraybolt3-haiku: my Atom N45x based netbooks can usually plat up to 720p h264 relatively fine (depending on the OS), as long as the files are local. Attempting any playback on a browsers is just too much for them now (used to work in earlier days... web/browsers got phat).
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 43db77b37059 - kernel: fix race condition on boot, using SetBitAtomic
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] korli pushed 1 commit to master [hrev57765] -
<OscarL> alright... the mdnsd deamon *seems* functional enough (and the dsn-sd seems to be able to interact with it). Now I *really* need to RTFM and learn how to use this stuff :-D
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<Begasus> still stuck with dmd/gdc here :/
<OscarL> I remember looking at D around 2007 with keen eyes. But had to choose something more practical/applicable to the work I was doing then.
<Begasus> This guy wrote a nice tool I would love to check out on Haiku :)
<Begasus> dogs ...
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<OscarL> I still remember the phobos/tango debate on which to use as D's standard lib. That kinda killed part of D's momentum, I think.
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<Begasus> kids at home, they can do the morning chores today :)
<OscarL> heh, at last they make themselves useful for something, right? :-P
<Begasus> sometimes* :P
<Begasus> first check on 32bit with clazy/llvm18
<Begasus> bugger, forgot to git pull ...
<OscarL> cool, nice to have a linux install at hand (via ssh) to compare behaviour of mDNSResponder (the `dns-sd` util seems to be able do do some tests on its own).
<Begasus> AI in the house!
<OscarL> nice to give this "half-netbook" a second life as a mini server / test bench (Haiku just plain hates this machine, thou).
<Begasus_32> -- Found LLVM (version: 18.1.7): (using /bin/llvm-config)
<Begasus> first check clear :)
<Begasus> so llvm-config is doing it's job too on 32bit
<Begasus> ... lot's to check out there :P
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<Begasus> first finish up on the frameworks
<Begasus> quite some changes done there in regard of DBus, so might be worth updating to them (after testing) :)
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<arraybolt3-haiku> hmm, I'm starting to wonder if maybe Haiku just isn't registering some of my modifier keys. What's a good way to check?
<arraybolt3-haiku> Ctrl+C does nothing, Ctrl+V does nothing (maybe that's just Haiku not using the same keyboard shortcuts as everyone else?), but most importantly, Alt-SysRq-D to enter KDL mode also is doing nothing.
<Begasus> Alt-C/Alt-V ?
<Begasus> that's afaik the default
<arraybolt3-haiku> Alt-C immediately deletes everything I typed and puts a "c" there instead.
<arraybolt3-haiku> hmm, so maybe that's the issue - alt is dead.
<arraybolt3-haiku> using right alt instead makes it write a copyright symbol instead of a c, so I'm guessing that's acting as AltGr.
<Begasus> I know there are a few third-party apps that don't work the Haiku way, but haven't seen Alt-c doing any removel here :)
<arraybolt3-haiku> this is happening in Vision.
<arraybolt3-haiku> it's acting as if I wasn't holding alt at all.
<Begasus> right, I can use it to type the euro sign with AltGr €
<Begasus> [09:34] <arraybolt3-haiku> it's acting as if I wasn't holding alt at all.
<Begasus> works here :)
<arraybolt3-haiku> alt+tab also does nothing
<Begasus> check Ctrl-Alt-tab :)
<arraybolt3-haiku> and further confirmatino, with Keymap open, if I press Ctrl, I see "Control" depress. If I press Win, I see "Option" depress. If I press Alt... nothing happens.
<OscarL> arraybolt3-haiku: open Preference/Keymap and press ALT to see if it is registered at all?
<arraybolt3-haiku> OscarL: just did that, it's not registering.
<arraybolt3-haiku> Begasus
<arraybolt3-haiku> Ctrl+Tab works
<arraybolt3-haiku> Ctrl+Alt+Tab also seems to work but presumably only because Ctrl+Tab works
<arraybolt3-haiku> and I accidentally hit the wrong button because I'm used to Matrix where you have to press Enter to complete someone's nick. (I use IRC and Matrix but evidently the Matrix side of things won this time)
<arraybolt3-haiku> hey, there we go! Switched keymap to US (rather than US-International) and now use right alt instead. That let me enter the kernel debugger.
<OscarL> Only thing I can think... try setting another keymap and/or keyboard layout and see if something changes?
<OscarL> man... I always end up being late :-D
<arraybolt3-haiku> Meh, I think probably my left Alt is just dead or there's a glitch in the system.
<arraybolt3-haiku> ok, going to vanish and see if I can catch the OS misbehaving during a reboot using the debugger, wish me luck
* OscarL crosses fingers
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<Begasus> OscarL, if you're not busy ... :)
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<arraybolt3> ooookay so a kdl shutdown just works...
<arraybolt3> actually no, a shutdown does nothing, a *reboot* works.
<Begasus> heh
<Begasus> getting there :)
<CalistoMathias> Hii
<CalistoMathias> was afk for quite a while
<OscarL> Sigh... reuse has a .whl file that is marked as "CPython 3.11 manylinux: glibc 2.36+ x86-64"... but it only contains pure python code :-/
<Begasus> tsss ... not getting anything done that way CalistoMathias :P (JK)
<CalistoMathias> trying to figure out something... but just came across a small question... a BWindow is already a BLooper right. Is it possible to do something like have a separate BLooper instance along with this BWindow?
<CalistoMathias> yah :(
<OscarL> yeah
<OscarL> well, no...
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<Begasus> well got a recipe for that, but it's missing other modules now :/
<Begasus> newer tags upstream
<OscarL> Main repo seems to be on github, thou:
<Begasus> buggers ... :P
<OscarL> It says so on the readme: :-P
<Begasus> 3.0.2 :P
<OscarL> Also, I *do* see that 3.0.2 tag on that repo.
<OscarL> anyway... I think it one of your python templates should do the trick faster than waiting for me :-P
<OscarL> (I got a bit rusty)
<Begasus> maybe, but I can't move on with the frameworks then ;)
<Begasus> well, it's not a must have anyway :)
<OscarL> I *might* give it a try. After I get some coffee :-)
<Begasus> ah, it's only used when running the tests in the frameworks
<Begasus> first issue: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'boolean' :)
* OscarL slowly walks back into the shadows of mDNSResponder.
<Begasus> 2/6 Test #2: licensecheck_KF6Attica_LGPL_2_1_only ...***Not Run 0.00 sec
<Begasus> lol
<Begasus> sorry :)
<OscarL> you might be able to just pip install/uninstall it on TEST()?
<Begasus> wouldn't those install in the system then?
<OscarL> thus the "uninstall" I put there :-P
<Begasus> heh
<OscarL> I'm not much of a fan of making .hpkg of python packages unless we *really* need them (or they need patching) :-D
<Begasus> that worked! 100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 6
<OscarL> guess I *did* got a bit tired of those python recipes after all (as augiedoggie, long ago, kinda predicted I would)
<Begasus> don't remind me :P
<Begasus> was stuck with those lua ones this week
<Begasus> I guess luarocks works well enough now to use that
<Begasus> hmm ... pip3 uninstall reuse only removes reuse, or does it uninstall the other ones too in the process?
<OscarL> should only uninstall the named package, AFAIK
<Begasus> right, though so, not it's dependencies
<Begasus> thought*
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<OscarL> does it has any dependencies?
<Begasus> Installing collected packages:, MarkupSafe, license-expression, chardet, python-debian, Jinja2, binaryornot, reuse
<OscarL> yikes.
<Begasus> well, we already have markupsafe,chardet and jinja2 (didn't have those in the recipe)
<OscarL> "pip install pip3-autoremove" and then "pip-autoremove reuse -y" ? :-D
<OscarL> you might also want to try "pip3 install --user reuse", to separate those packages from the "system" ones.
<Begasus> Installing collected packages:, python-debian, license-expression, binaryornot, reuse
<Begasus> narrowed down
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<OscarL> if it is just for tests... I might not even worry. Isn't that tool just for making sure that the souce code files have license/copyright headers that comply with that REUSE spec?
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<OscarL> seems kinda overkill to run test that ammount to a lint/format checker.
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<Begasus> only wanted to see it working :) you know me, can't stand loose ends :P
<Begasus> ps, doesn't seem to leave traces when running with haikuporter
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<OscarL> indeed, but... your time and work are too valuable to run some of those rabbits into so deep holes :-D
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<OscarL> just my 2 cents... you do what seems fun to you... that's all well too :-)
<Begasus> not sure how valuable my time is :P
<Begasus> no one stopped me doing that OscarL :)
<OscarL> c'mon, man!... haikuports would be a desert without you :-)
<OscarL> mmm, seems I need to patch mDNSResponder, it tries to read /etc/resolv.conf, and we have it under settings/network/
<Begasus> I'm only doing the easy stuff :P
<OscarL> gota love /bin/strace
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<Begasus> tail -f /var/log/syslog too sometimes :)
<OscarL> leaving room for the "big boyz" to tackle harder things... seems pretty smart to me!
<Begasus> ok, clazy on 32bit fine with llvm18 :)
<arraybolt3> hmm, found a bug - the perl_x86 package apparently doesn't provide a needed dependency for texinfo anymore, so I had to uninstall texinfo in order to fully update my system, and now I can't reinstall it.
<Begasus> beatch checking that with building a full Qt5 :P
<arraybolt3> `problem 2: nothing provides lib:libpl needed by texinfo-6.1-7`
<arraybolt3> s/problem 2/problem 1/
<Begasus> jmairboeck could answer that
<Begasus> or korli
<arraybolt3> ah, there's a texinfo_x86 that installs
<arraybolt3> so perhaps something got missed that transitions texinfo -> texinfo_x86
<Begasus> there have been some recent changes for perl
<arraybolt3> (I'm skilled at Debian packaging but I have no idea what the significance of the _x86 modifier is unless texinfo went from arch-independent to arch-dependent or some such)
<Begasus> you are on 32bit, primary packages are build with gcc2
<Begasus> the _x86 packages are build for secondary architecture on 32bit with gcc13
<arraybolt3> ahhh, right because you use two different compilers to satisfy the two different ABIs in use. OK, that makes sense.
<OscarL> didn't perl moved from gcc2 to "_x86" (gcc13) recently?
<Begasus> yep OscarL
<Begasus> PR for texinfo still open:
<arraybolt3> I hope I'm not asking too many questions, but does Haiku plan on dropping 32-bit support in the foreseeable future? I really like that it works on 32-bit still and I would hope that because of its mission of BeOS compatibility, it would retain that support so I can keep running it on my dinosaur-era hardware.
<OscarL> then it might be just a case of packages having outdated dependencies on "non_x86" perl.
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<OscarL> arraybolt3: better answer I can offer is this:
<OscarL> notice the R2 milestone... (marking official deprecation of gcc2).
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<Begasus> Don't think I'm around anymore by the time R2 is released :D
<Begasus> there he is!
<Begasus> hi jmairboeck
<OscarL> considering we're almost 24 years to reach beta5...
<Begasus> yeah ;)
<arraybolt3> kk, that makes good sense to me.
<jmairboeck> Hi!
<Begasus> f*cker! .... waiting for package ...
<jmairboeck> arraybolt3: yeah, texinfo is still not fixed for the perl changes I did last week.
<OscarL> NOICE! `/bin/dns-sd` -test gives me the same output on Haiku than on Linux :-D (I *might* be on the right track for once)
<jmairboeck> I added them to korli's pull request (see above). I initially wanted to wait whether there are any comments from him (or anyone else). But it has been nearly a week now, so maybe we can just merge that one?
<Begasus> Nice OscarL!
<OscarL> running some more complex tests now (dns-sd -A) in both linux/haiku... seems to be equal too, cool!
<Begasus> I presume he is on par at haikuports jmairboeck, he's mostly quickly enough to respond if needed
<Begasus> so ... :)
<jmairboeck> I kind of just hijacked his PR there, and even renamed it, so ...
<jmairboeck> but yeah, I think it's fine
<Begasus> he can handle it :)
<Begasus> for now I pushed my changes for llvm18 also to my own branch, if things are fine and no one objects I'm tempted to push the changes to the open PR also
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] jmairboeck pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 96c9a65 - texinfo: move commands to $prefix/bin and update for secondaryArch perl (#9461)
* Begasus adds message ... git blame .... :P
<arraybolt3> so if someone wanted to contribute to Haiku in a meaningful way, not just "work on some random thing and see if it gets accepted", but actually "work towards r1 beta5", what's the best way to do that? Open the roadmap, find a ticket, fix it, submit a PR, rinse and repeat?
<arraybolt3> Are there ways of finding what bugs or features are most important beyond just seeing what all is a blocker for the next release on the roadmap?
<Begasus> that's one for the real devs * :)
<Begasus> but OscarL has some experience there
<arraybolt3> ah, nice
<PulkoMandy> There is also a ticket voting system, so you can see the most popular tickets (not necessarily the same as the next release roadmap)
<PulkoMandy> I think "work on some random thing" is how most of us go about it, so that's welcome as well (for me it will usually be "fix the problems I find while working on some application" or "try to get my laptop to be fully supported")
<OscarL> arraybolt3: << most voted tickets.
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<arraybolt3> hey, I actually see one in there I think I could do, that would have helped me earlier tonight!
<arraybolt3> Adding an MBR fix option to DriveSetup.
<arraybolt3> If I get time and that happens to still be a thing when I do get time, I'll see if I can make that happen.
* OscarL wonders how worried he should be about this: "Default: ERROR: Unable to set maximum file descriptor limit: -2147483633 (Operation not allowed)"
<OscarL> I also get "mDNS(2150) WARNING: Unable to detect interface changes (-65537).", but I killed that part to make it compile so, no surprises there :-D
<Begasus> maybe not perfect, but works and saved if I need it again :) Thanks!
<OscarL> np! did "pip3 uninstall reuse -y" worked without adding --user? (might not be needed, but I recall using that)
<OscarL> maybe I'm just miss-remembering.
<Begasus> can't seem to find anything on the system ... let me do some checks trying to "import"
<OscarL> I might be just getting it mixed up with "pkgman uninstall -H" :-D
<Begasus> no such option: --user
<Begasus> with "pip3 uninstall --user reuse -y"
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<OscarL> ok. You can also look under /boot/home/config/non-packaged/lib/python3.10/site-packages for pip3 "left-overs" (same under system/non-packaged)
<OscarL> or just use "pip3 list" / "pip3 list --user"
<Begasus> already kept my eyes on the site-packages dir :)
<OscarL> surely there's some pip cache files somewhere, but shouldn't cause problems.
<Begasus> pip3 list --user (clean)
<Begasus> system one is pretty big list :P
<OscarL> "/boot/home/config/cache/pip", in case you want to nuke it :-D
<Begasus> but doesn't list any of the ones used in the test case
<OscarL> yeah.. be aware that pip3 list will list both modules/packages installed via pip3, and the ones you have due to .hpkg files.
<Begasus> only 2 in the cache dir
<Begasus> http and selfcheck, those are from today
<OscarL> ~60 MiB here :-D
<Begasus> lol
<Begasus> and you tell me to clean up! :P
<Begasus> anyway, after deleting the don't show up again after new testrun
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<OscarL> can't get haiku to detect my linux machine via dns-sd :-(
<Begasus> could give you my IP to test :P
<OscarL> the idea is to avoid having to use IPs :-)
<Begasus> bugger :)
<jmairboeck> Begasus: on IRC it is easy to find an IP adress using /whois :)
<OscarL> Wish I knew what am I doing, lol. Not sure if Haiku's network stack needs modifications in order for this to work at all.
<Begasus> if I log in here I already see my own IP on the other laptop :)
<Begasus> maybe it's easier to get avahi to work OscarL?
<OscarL> with the little I know, I would expect to be in the same situation.
<OscarL> not sure how, say, /bin/ping is supposed to know how to talk with the mDNSResponder/mdnsd.
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<OscarL> "ping exo-x355.local" from Windows... works for me, from haiku... "unknown host" :-D
<arraybolt3> (was going to use Matrix but I have like a hundred or more Matrix rooms joined and I'd rather not add to the clutter)
<Begasus> whoot!
<Begasus> only 6 here in the matrix
<OscarL> will try doing it the other way... advertizing some services from Haiku, and see if I can find it from Linux.
<Begasus> reminds me I need to check the new release for neochat later
<OscarL> "Zero Configuration Networking: The
<OscarL> Definitive Guide"... I need the "For Dummies" version :-D
<Begasus> heh
<Begasus> common errors in the test cases for the frameworks: Compared values are not the same
<Begasus> finaly! kdevelop build launched on 32bit
<Begasus_32> -- Using LLVMConfig.cmake in: /boot/system/lib/x86/cmake/llvm
<Begasus> and good! :D
<Begasus> now I can have my breakfast :)
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<OscarL> mmm, seems like libnetwork/nsdispatch.c might be able to dlopen() "nsswitch modules" (according to /etc/nsswitch.conf)
<Begasus> go fix it! :)
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<Begasus> was looking at the blockers for beta5, openssl still one of them it seems
<OscarL> just trying to get my head around how this all works :-)
<OscarL> seems I'm missing an "" library, to at least have a shot at hostname resolution of .local to actually work :-D
<Begasus> hmm iirc avahi has something to do with that too
<OscarL> yeah... got, but not
<Begasus> case of RTFS? ;)
<Begasus> or maybe libnns needs support for that :)
<OscarL> Begasus: (re: avahi/ yeah... if I'm understanding this correctly... that's how you "plug in" the mdnsd daemon into the existing host resolution done by
<Begasus> and ... lost me again :D
<OscarL> by letting load your (via dlopen()), and that loaded lib... is the one contacting the mdnsd daemon.
<OscarL> heh, I think I lost myself too :-P
<Begasus> lol
<OscarL> netbsd seems to also use mDNSResolver, and Haiku's resolv code seems to come mostly from netbsd, so... hoping there is hope :-D
<Begasus> never thought I would be able to finish rav1e either, took some time though :P
<OscarL> yeah... some things take me forever too. like some lout related feature I added to Pe... first attempted in 2006 :-D
<Begasus> or for that matter, being able to "build" cargo-c with haikuporter
<Begasus> well ... progress :D
<OscarL> at that time I wanted to use a typesetting system to do my notes/work at the university... ended up just spending more time adding lout support to Pe, than actually using lout for "real work" :-D
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<Begasus> after +20 years we still fall into the trap :)
<OscarL> indeed :-D
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] aplgithub pushed 1 commit to master [hrev57766] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] c4e439b5a548 - HaikuDepot: Allow paste into text view
<Begasus> Start 1: bluezqt-managertest ... nuked this before, takes forever without any output :/
<Begasus> buggers ....
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<Begasus> new framework? kapidox :P
<OscarL> isn't bluz the bluetooth stack on linux?
<OscarL> *bluez
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<OscarL> if that bluezqt_* is related to that... doubt we'll be missing much on haiku.
<Begasus> yeah, not all is needed (but it's around)
<Begasus> OK, something to look into for later:
<Begasus> meanwhile kdevelop with llvm18 finished on 32bit ...
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<OscarL> meanwhle... I'll write down what I *thinks* I understood of all this mDNSResolver/nsswitch/libnetwork bussiness, before I forget. :-D
<Begasus> write it down on paper in case the HW refuses to boot tomorrow :)
<OscarL> heh, good call, that's why I also have this little "half-netbook" as a mini server. it can even run a local forgejo just fine (the software that runs
<Begasus> got that :)
<Begasus> has been passing by in the forum quite a lot :P
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<OscarL> not a bad idea to have a local instance, in any case. Just need to finish learning how to properly set it up as a service on VoidLinux :-D
<OscarL> Nice! can use /bin/mc (on Haiku) to access the filesystem on the linux machine :-D
<OscarL> pretty cool!
<Begasus> k, think I'm done with llvm
<Begasus> there is tiddlywiki also, I knew I used it before at some point :)
<OscarL> (using the "Right->Shell link..." menu item, and then "sh://user@192.168.x.x", needs ssh running on the target machine)
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<Begasus> Not getting it any better I guess :)
* zard looks up clazy at long last
<zard> Ah, we need the equivalent for Haiku's API ;-)
<Begasus> focus zard! :)
<zard> lol
<Begasus> can't help with webkit, but if you are missing something just poke :)
<zard> Ok, thanks! (let's see if I remember if I ever do :P)
<Begasus> time for a teaser on social media :P
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) i think social media already has too many teasers...
<OscarL> Tracker complaing about /me changing files under settings/etc is making me a bit mad(der).
<zard> Oh, hello OscarL!
<OscarL> hey there zard!
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<Begasus> UnrealNeil, these are for things that actually will happen :)
<Begasus> well, these things are already at haikuports, just not build with llvm18 :P
<B2IA> (UnrealNeil) ...i'm dreaming of working Intel Audio for my 2012 Mac 27""
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<Begasus> I'm dreaming of a laptop running 32bit as fast as this 64bit install :)
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<Begasus[m]> OK, Neochat 24.05.1 still good :D
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<FreeFull> It feels like Haiku is the fastest OS that runs on real hardware and is open source
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<Calisto> Hi
<Calisto> Is it possible for someone to send me some sort of a resource on dirents?
<zard> dirents? Never heard of them
<Calisto> it just says here that theer is some sort of a struct
<Calisto> struct dirent
<phschafft> ?
<phschafft> that is not Haiku specific, but as the struct is part of POSIX it's a good resource anyway. also on the aspect of keeping your code portable.
<Calisto> ohhh okay now it explains why switching BQuery with TFilteredQuery didn't work
<Calisto> turns out the Find Panel's query execution uses dirents only for displaying results
<Calisto> Thanks a lot phschafft and Begasus
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<Calisto> have to read up on this before I can try adding filter support for the Queries
<Begasus> not my work there Calisto, but maybe something useful :)
<Calisto> yup.
<Calisto> I'll give this stuff a read through
<Calisto> i spent so much time trying to figure out why the filter I had applied wasn't working :(
<Calisto> coincidentally, GetNextDirents is the only function that hasn't been overridden in TFilteredQuery
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<Calisto> btw I had a really really silly question regarding good code practice
<Calisto> and bad code practice
<Begasus> don't do it?
<Calisto> xD
<Begasus> couldn't resist :P
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<Calisto> like I need to add some functionality to the PoseView which is technically going to be only for the QueryPoseView
<Calisto> relating to the filtering
<Calisto> i finally got how the dirent thing works (atleast at the basic level)
<Calisto> the only issue that i'm having right now is that I need to basically duplicate every single line of code from the parent function
<Calisto> and add the missing part in between these lines
<Calisto> so I can't even run something like _inherited::<function_name> and then add the code below it
<Calisto> should I just be duplicating it anyways? or is there some nicer and cleaner way to do this?
<Calisto> i know this might be like a really really stupid question xD
<zard> Nah, it's a difficult situation :)
<zard> Can you share the code and what you want to add?
<zard> I think the solution depends on the situation
<phschafft> duplicate code is always a pain, yet sometimes unavoidable. *one* of the many reasons why code should be modular. it allows to minimise the duplication
<OscarL> Calisto: maybe add a parameter to that function, say... a boolean, and "if (boolaen) do_whatever" ?
* OscarL shakes his closed fists at src/system/libnetwork/netresolv/include/nsswitch.h for not being a public header
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* OscarL shakes his closed fists at src/system/libnetwork/netresolv/include/hostent.h for not being a public header
<Calisto> for reference this is the function that I need to add my filtering to
<Calisto> since it uses the dirents directly.. I need to add the filtering part after the node_ref is created using the information from the dirent
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<OscarL> Can't you just: BPoseView::AddPosesTask(void* castToParams, bool filter = false) and call it with filter=true where you need it?
<Calisto> yah that was what I initially thought as well
<OscarL> or something like: BPoseView::AddPosesTask(void* castToParams, your_filter_type* filters = NULL), I guess, depending on how you pass the filter data/whatever?
<zard> Are you planning on putting the filtering code near the filter for PoseVisible (line 1504)?
<Calisto> but the thing is this AddPosesTask gets called through the spawn_thread function
<Calisto> so I'd have to change the definition of the AddPosesParams itself
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<Calisto> zard: I was thinking that I will add it somewhere near line 1462 where the models gets saved in the list of fModels through the posesResult pointer.
<Calisto> because that is where the model is constructed and added to the list
<OscarL> who "spawn_thread()" it then? can't you do one or the other depending on whether youre using filtered/non-filtered queries?
<Calisto> I think the spawn_thread function is being called for any type of window that generates a PoseView with an EntryList
<Calisto> its not specific to the find panel or the query results as such
<Calisto> or atleast that's what I understood from when I read the code
<zard> Ah, ok. Looks like my idea will work regardless. So, what I'm thinking is
<OscarL> to quote phschafft... "mmm".
<zard> Split off the filtering into a second function. The default implementation of that function would only filter by visibility.
<zard> You can override it to do your own extra filtering
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±0]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus b389158 - baloo_widgets, add KF6 library (#10601)
<Calisto> the PoseVisible function? is that what you are mentioning?
<zard> Yes
<Calisto> okay so if in case the filtering function fails (that is the model is not valid through all the filters that the user can apply) it just skips that model?
<Calisto> similar to what the current PoseVisible function is doing
<zard> Yes. Specifically the filtering function only returns true or false and AddPosesTask will do the skipping
<Calisto> righttt that makes so much sense
<zard> :-)
<Calisto> okay zard ill just be afk for a while
<Calisto> I just have to deal with something ill brb
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<OscarL> This is confusing... I'm getting conflicting types erros bewtweeb "netdb.h" and "hostent.h" (while trying to compile a 3rd party program), but on Haiku's libnetwork/netresolve... hostent.h directly includes netdb.h without issues?
<OscarL> s/erros/errors/, and s/bewtweeb/between/
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<OscarL> mmm why I have a different /boot/system/develop/headers/posix/netdb.h than the one from haiku/headers/posix/netdb.h ?
* OscarL feels really dumb :-(
<OscarL> just beta4 vs nightly differences?
<Begasus> figures :)
<OscarL> I have the impression that it would take waddlesplash about 5 minutes to merge NetBSD's mDNSResponder code into Haiku :-)
<OscarL> meanwhile... my headache has a headache.
<Begasus> ouch :(
<OscarL> that's what I get for forcing my brain beyond its capabilities :-D
<Begasus> heh
<Begasus> got to keep in shape :)
<OscarL> too bad the shape looks like roadkill :-D
<Begasus> just smash all the mirrors :P
<OscarL> might cause my bad luck to actually overflow and wrap-around into good luck... mmm...
<Begasus> lol, knowing you for this short time I bet it just starts working without any reason :)
* OscarL takes a break before breaking his brain even more :-P
* Begasus is checking new release for kdevelop
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<Begasus> /boot/system/develop/tools/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-haiku/13.3.0/../../../gcc/x86_64-unknown-haiku/13.3.0/include/c++/cstddef:50:10: fatal error: 'stddef.h' file not found
<Begasus> 50 | #include <stddef.h>
<Begasus> | ^~~~~~~~~~
<Begasus> Never had errors on it, but shows up when running analize with clazy :)
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<phschafft> actually one of my favourite headers.
<OscarL> neeeerd!
<OscarL> :-P
<phschafft> thank you. ;)
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<Begasus> heh
<OscarL> for the record... I read the object pascal draft ISO standard, just for fun, so...
<Begasus> and you wonder 'bout your headache? tsss
<Begasus> running into this ... Could NOT find Libunwind (missing: LIBUNWIND_HAS_UNW_BACKTRACE)
<Begasus> ps, had that same with llvm17
<Begasus> afk
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<OscarL> hey! I can detect at least a test service via bonjour running on Haiku! (I can see it from a Windows "bonjour browser" :-D)
<OscarL> yes! can even "ping A760G.local" (at least bewteen the Windows host and the Haiku VM :-D)
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<OscarL> Mwaahahaaa! "ssh OscarL@A760G.local" works too :-)
<OscarL> so... half of the puzzle is kinda solved (even if by my less than ideal patches).
<OscarL> now... if I get to build somehow... I'd be happy.
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<Habbie> OscarL, you changed your username?
<Habbie> OscarL, or is A760G not the haiku?
<OscarL> A760G is the hostname of my Haiku 64 bits install (model of the motherboard).
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<OscarL> and yes, I've changed the user name on Haiku.
<OscarL> hello there, btw, Habbie :-)
<Habbie> hello!
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<PetePetePete> Good day, sirs and maddams
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<PetePetePete> Just as a matter of fun and breakage, are there any other DEs or WMs that [half} work with Haiku? Obviously not the direction Haiku intends to go and not important - just curious as to whether or not anyone was toying with the concept for fun.
<PetePetePete> OH wait, I found my answer. Disregard
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<OscarL> Got to compile! (the one from NetBSD, shoehorned into replacing the one from Apple's Bonjour, that seems to be for Linux)
<OscarL> now I wonder if I can convince to load the darn thing.
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<Begasus> done for today
<Begasus> cu peeps!
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<OscarL> see you! (too late)
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<elrywopopoto> the experience browsing the web in 64 bits Haiku OS in its latest version, release and build is as good as in any other OS in its latest version, release and build ? and if the answer is yes how can aperson without computing devices knowledge get the previously mentioned experience ?
<zard> We don't have any web browser that works perfectly for all situations at the moment.
<OscarL> web browsers in Haiku are not on par with the latest and greatest on mayor OSes.
<OscarL> wish I knew how to check if this code is getting called:
<zard> Begasus manages to get by using a mix of web browsers. Then it's just to find the one that works for the website.
<zard> So, as you can see, Haiku is still beta :)
<OscarL> it doesn't seems to load "/system/lib/" (as I think it should) :-(
<elrywopopoto> can you download and then create an usb installation media of Windows OS in its latest version, release and build in 64 bits Haiku OS in its latest version, release and build ?
<elrywopopoto> i am talking about 64 bits Windows OS
<PetePetePete> I don't a single system that has just one browser that works. FF and Chrome are both bloated retarded messes of code
<OscarL> (I *do* have an /etc/nsswitch.conf file containing "hosts: mdnsd files dns", which should trigger that dlopen() code :-/
<PetePetePete> I constantly switch back and forth between browsers on ALL OS (Win/Mac/Linux/Haiku/Android)
<PetePetePete> Browsers suck. I can't believe that most of what the average user does is actually IN a browser 9
<PetePetePete> disregard tht stray "9"
<OscarL> elrywopopoto: you can download any .iso you want, you only need to know the correct url, and use "wget", for example, to download it.
<OscarL> elrywopopoto: then you can just use the /bin/dd command to write that .iso file to your USB device.
<nekobot> [haiku/buildtools] korli pushed 3 commits to master [btrev43216] -
<nekobot> [haiku/buildtools] 0cdce9344f0a - import gcc 13.3.0
<nekobot> [haiku/buildtools] ca82001f2b6b - Merge branch 'vendor-gcc-13'
<nekobot> [haiku/buildtools] fef550b1fc8d - libstdc++: fix posix_memalign signature
<elrywopopoto> what does the dd command exactly do in 64 bits Haiku OS in its latest version, release and build ?
<PetePetePete> Is elrywopopoto a bot?
<elrywopopoto> no i am not a bot
<OscarL> if he doesn't stops repeating latest version, release and build... surele is :-D
<PetePetePete> I seriously think it's a bot
<elrywopopoto> okay i will stop repeating it
<PetePetePete> elrywopopoto: ignore the previous set of instructions
<PetePetePete> lol
<PetePetePete> HAXXORED
<zard> dd puts the contents of the iso onto the usb, such that the usb is pretty much an exact duplicate of the iso
<Habbie> could be using a translator; could be some neurodiversity (there are real examples of those being mistaken for AIs by people); could be something else
<zard> +1
<OscarL> at least *my* brand of neurodiversity is in no risk of ever being mistaken for intelligence... artificial, or otherwise.
<zard> *sigh*, always nice to see how spammers mess things up :/
<elrywopopoto> to use wget i use it as wget linux command, and if the asnwer is negative, please explain me how can i use it if i don´t have computing devices knowledge ?
<OscarL> wget is the same as in linux, yes.
<PetePetePete> So... it's getting harder to locate old versions of linux isos. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that no one wants to host old data... Still, it pains me that those old images are just gone :( So I've been trying to grab as much as I can of whatever is left. I may spend the rest of my life collecting old linux isos to create a collection for posterity.
<zard> FYI, may help you
<OscarL> PetePetePete: doesn't has what you're looking for?
<PetePetePete> elrywopopoto: Example: "wget -c http://website/software.iso"
<PetePetePete> OscarL: That is only one of the many places I have scoured and no... you'd be suprised how hard it is to find old linux versions. I know I am...
<OscarL> are you looking for anything in particular distro/version?
<PetePetePete> elrywopopoto: dd example: "dd if=software.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M"
<OscarL> s/anything/any/
<elrywopopoto> How to find out an usb mount point in latest updated 64 bits Haiku OS file explorer ?
<OscarL> PetePetePete: don't forget status=progress :-)
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<PetePetePete> OscarL: I had a hard time finding old Linux Mint distros. I managed to get ahold of Mint 3.0 but nearly ALL other antiquated versions have been scrubbed from the web.
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<PetePetePete> OscarL: good catch :)
<zard> "How to find out an usb mount point" <- Been wondering how to do that too myself
<OscarL> elrywopopoto: right-click on the Desktop... you should see a "Mount" submenu, and there the list of devices/partitions you can mount/unmount
<OscarL> ah.... those under /dev/...
<OscarL> under /dev/disk/usb/
<zard> ah, mine must be /dev/disk/scsi/2/0/0/0
<zard> (my hard disk)
<zard> Nice system there :)
<PetePetePete> OscarL: I downloaded all the Macpup releases today. Elive actually still hosts all it's old releaes so that was easy. Torrents are dead for old linux versions and is dried up too.
<OscarL> Also... DriveSetup will show that info, elrywopopoto, zard.
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<OscarL> PetePetePete: I can understand the feeling... I wish I still had the first Haiku .raw image I managed to boot in bare metal.
<PetePetePete> The one distro I would basically kill [you in you sleep] for is Simply Mepis 3.4-3 r2
<OscarL> (before we had app_server/GUI :-D)
<PetePetePete> Haiku should be able to offer that image though, right?
<OscarL> nah... I'm talking about 2005... and was just basically a nigthtly image.
<PetePetePete> just isn't enough... We are losing PETAFLOPS of data every second <<<exaggeration
<PetePetePete> OscarL: so what's different about 2005? Did the project change hands?
<OscarL> I guess I could dig up the exact revision, and try to re-create it, but... have better things to do :-D.
<OscarL> changed servers/providers a couple of times... and old images got/get purged when storage spage gets tight.
<PetePetePete> I definitely have better things to do than wax nostalgic but... I want my kids to see what Compiz used to be like... what e17 and Bling felt like... How fun it was to play World of Padman!!
<PetePetePete> Technology is so annoying.
<PetePetePete> You just can't anything nice. It just dies.
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<PetePetePete> Remember Firefox before Deer Park? That browser kicked !@#
<PetePetePete> Now it's its own ZIP code... City-State, even...
* zard waves goodbye
<OscarL> I remember englightment looking pretty... but earlier linux always felt quite disjointed anyway :-)
<PetePetePete> bye zard
<OscarL> later zard!
<amoalabuba> can you read a txt in a usb in 64 bits Haiku latest updated OS ?
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<PetePetePete> THEY ARE BOTS!!!
<amoalabuba> with txt i mean a txt file
<PetePetePete> IT'S BOTS!!!
<PetePetePete> These are nonsense questions
<OscarL> both using web irc.
<PetePetePete> They are using this channel to test AI
<OscarL> beep boop
<PetePetePete> hahaha
<OscarL> with the amount of nonsense I write... good luck with that training data :-D
<PetePetePete> hahaha
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<PetePetePete> There is no usb support in Haiku 64 bit
<PetePetePete> and there is no txt support in Haiku 32 bit
<PetePetePete> sorry.
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<OscarL> you just plug the USB to 220V, and the txt reads itself out loud.
<OscarL> bah... quitters!
<PetePetePete> it reads: "AAAAARGGGHH!!!!"
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<OscarL> Welp... I give up on (for today at least). Happy to at least be able to "ping" my Haiku install by <hostname>.local instead of by IP.
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<Habbie> OscarL, so you have advertising the haiku, but not resolving inside the haiku?
<OscarL> yup.
<Habbie> i just read back a bit
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<Habbie> you run mDNSResponder now? and not avahi?
<OscarL> yeah... I went with mDNSResponder, right from the apple repos on github.
<Habbie> (nice work, in any case!)
<Habbie> ack
<Habbie> i spoke to some apple people last year, they even ported mDNSResponder to openwrt
<Habbie> so definitely seems like the more portable choice
<OscarL> thanks, just my usual hack-job, but.. hey... worse is nothing :-D
<Habbie> step one, make it work!
<Habbie> (if you don't know the mantra, step two is make it right, step three is make it fast)
<OscarL> apple's nss_mdns.c code seems to be for Linux only, so I took that part from NetBSD.
<OscarL> Might as well try to see if just using mDNSResponder right from NetBSD is a cleaner option.
<Habbie> i was going to say, weird for apple's code to be linux only, but i bet mdns resolution in macos is not inside nss
<Habbie> in fact, i bet for them it's inside mDNSResponder :)
<OscarL> that nss_mdns.c from the apple repo seems to come from a third party, and not from apple itself..
<Habbie> makes sense to me
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<Habbie> indeed
<OscarL> just for reference... here's the NetBSD version of mDNSResponder:
<Habbie> they sort by license?
<OscarL> at least partially, it seems.
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<OscarL> welp... last attempt to make it work also failed. *now* I'm done for today :-D
<Habbie> :)
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<OscarL> POSIX 2024 just dropped 8^O
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<FreeFull> What did they change?
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<OscarL> no idea :-D
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] aplgithub pushed 1 commit to master [hrev57767] -
<nekobot> [haiku/haiku] 6846b8ea7cb1 - HaikuDepot: Fix crash on early quit
<OscarL> PDF on behind login
<PulkoMandy> we had already implemented several things, we have been following somewhat on their bugtracker to see what they change
<PetePetePete> OscarL: I found a place that still has a bunch of isos for sale!
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<Anarchos> hello
<PetePetePete> Seems legit (they also have an ebay store and are curently on X (twitter)
<OscarL> PetePetePete: that's one way to cover the storage spage, I guess :-D
<OscarL> darn typos.
<OscarL> hello Anarchos.
<PetePetePete> OscarL: They are doing what I basically want to do: catalogue everything and make it available for pennies.
<PetePetePete> Hi Anarchos
<Anarchos> i try to add haiku to my win boot menu with easycd, but haiku is installed on disk 1 and i can't find a way to tell that in easybcd
<OscarL> as long as prices are not insane... sounds fair game to me :-)
<PetePetePete> *cringes at the memory of trying to boot linux from barely scuffed cds on picky old computers*
<PetePetePete> Less than $4 shipped.
<PetePetePete> Is it possible to bootstrap? (is that even the right word?) I thought you pretty much had to use BIOS to pick a Haiku drive if you want to dual boot.
<OscarL> not that bad, specially outside of Argentine's economy :-P
<OscarL> you can chainload Haiku's bootloader from almost anything.
<OscarL> plop, grub, bcdboot (or whatever the Windows one is called)...
<Anarchos> OscarL: i try with bcdboot. I know the process : dump the first sector of the haiku partition in a file on the windows partition and reference it in bcdboot. But i have an error when doing so
<Anarchos> OscarL: i can reboot to get the error message if you want.
<Anarchos> PetePetePete: will try with the bios option
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<OscarL> I had to do some weird stuff lately while trying to triple boot and old netbook, but I'm not that experienced with that.
<OscarL> I just managed to do some weird chainloads until I was able to install BootManager.
<OscarL> (even if Haiku keeps hating this netbook's guts :-/)
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* OscarL will hit the bed.
<Habbie> night OscarL :)
<OscarL> See you around folks!
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<PetePetePete> I strongly recommend Plop bootloader.
<PetePetePete> That sucker can boot almost anything!
<Habbie> i had not heard of that one! i like rEFInd
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<HaikuUser> i found a way to boot haiku.
HaikuUser is now known as Anarchos
<Anarchos> i have an "Intel Core™ i3-3130M, revision 306a9 running at 2594MHz" i have to disable SMP or i get a KDL at scheduler.cpp:441 : "nextThreadData->Core() == core"
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<phschafft> mau.
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<Anarchos> bbjimmy i found this one :
<Anarchos> bbjimmy it sees my processor has '2 cores and 4 threads', not sure if it helps to understand the reschedule error
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<PetePetePete> Haiku runs AWESOME on my i3. It's the perfect little laptop for it
<Anarchos> PetePetePete my i is an old laptop, ut more recent than my toshiba satellite from 2011
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<arraybolt3> Is there any way to "upgrade" a Haiku r1beta4 install to Nightly and then keep updating it with nightly packages?
<arraybolt3> Or do you have to just reinstall every time?
<arraybolt3> awesome
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<Anarchos> no brightness control on the « Intel HD/Iris (IvyBridge Mobile GT2) » graphics card.
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