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<coolcoder613> Hi zard
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<zdykstra> evening/morning, coolcoder613
* coolcoder613 waves
<coolcoder613> very early afternoon
<coolcoder613> ~12:30
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<Begasus> g'morning peeps
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<Begasus> still not there with openssl3
<Begasus> running clean anyboot image (64bit) ...
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<Begasus> biab
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<Begasus> setting PR for openssl3 as draft, when I see a green button with "squash and merge" I'm tempted to push it otherwise ;)
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<Begasus> 2 packages here that still use ICU66, too bad those are monsters to build :P (webkitgtk and qtwebengine)
<Begasus> if korli was online here (or in the other channel) it would reduce some noise at github :)
<Begasus> revbumped libevent for openssl3, doing a build for webkitgtk (updated deps on ICU and LLVM)
<Begasus> FAILED: JavaScriptCore-4.1.gir /sources/webkitgtk-2.40.0/build/JavaScriptCore-4.1.gir ... if it would tell me why it would be nice :P
<Begasus> nogo on webkitgtk, not going to start a build for qtwebengine for some time :)
<Begasus> heh: OpenSSL 1.1.x is EOL on 2023-09-11. Please upgrade immediately to >= OpenSSL 3.
<Begasus> we're running behind :)
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<aspizu> hi
<Begasus> hi aspizu
<aspizu> running Haiku on my HP Laptop
<aspizu> no other OS, just haiku, it boots directly into it
<aspizu> wifi works out of the box :)
<Begasus> nice :)
<Begasus> one with LAN cable here and one with external USB dongle atm
<aspizu> sad that chrome/firefox isn't ported
<Begasus> there is falkon
<Begasus> should fill most needs
<Begasus> or epiphany
<aspizu> can it run youtube, discord, whatsapp web
<Begasus> no issue with youtube in falkon here
<Begasus> don't know about the others
<aspizu> if yotube works, then discord should be fine. thank you
<Begasus> for youtube there is also qmplay2
<Begasus> be aware, installing falkon brings quite a lot of packages with it :)
<Begasus> I'm guessing it's the same for epiphany (not sure there)
<Begasus> time to get the dogs inside for their nap :)
<aspizu> have the entirety of 500 gb for it
<Begasus> biab
<Begasus> +1 :)
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<aspizu> i am installing falkon but it seems to be stuck
<aspizu> ah nevermind
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<aspizu> discord kinda works, but it crashes as soon as it renders a sticker
<Begasus> too bad, never use it so can't test that
<Begasus> broke plasmatube :P
<aspizu> how do I kill a window
<Begasus> you should see some bars in Deskbar (the menu) you can click there and go down the menu to kill the running process
<Begasus> 'threads and cpu usage"
<Begasus> there is also the "vulkan grip", but I always forget how to use that one :)
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<Begasus> k, re-installing curl (from depot) fixed WebPositive again
<aspizu> opening some folders from my USB makes tracker freeze
<Begasus> running beta or nightly? might be worth opening a ticket if there isn't one already?
<aspizu> its probably beta
<aspizu> okay im trying to install GIMP and it says something about libappstream and cairo
<Begasus> probably need to select an option to install
<Begasus> can you paste the output somewhere?
<Begasus> should be good :)
<Begasus> with cairo I know there are some conflicting packages
<aspizu> should I upgrade to nightly?
<Begasus> I don't know what the error is, I'm still on beta and can install GIMP
<Begasus> third party apps don't rely on beta vs nightly (they are build on beta anyway)
<zard> Testing ccache 4.6, which was marked as untested on all architectures
<zard> Got tired of ccache crashing :)
<Begasus> heh
<Begasus> and?
<Begasus> bugger, touchpad working again ...
<zard> Well, it's building fine...
<Begasus> probably a reason it was kept disabled :)
<zard> and now, to test it
<zard> ccache: error: Failed to create temporary file for ...: Invalid Argument
<zard> Trying to access the /run/user/0 directory :)
<Begasus> k, who put this .pki/nssdb in ~ ? :P
<Begasus> -> zard
<aspizu> it saying it will uninstall cairo
<Begasus> It's probably saying a bit more aspizu
<zard> thanks Begasus :)
<Begasus> you probably get a choice there
<Begasus> iirc I didn't push a change for curl on that WebPositive crash too back then :)
<aspizu> @Begasus
<Begasus> aspizu secelt 1?
<aspizu> then it says it will uninstall cairo
<aspizu> i choose 2 and now its installed but i cant open it
<Begasus> and?
<Begasus> it maybe install xcairo?
<aspizu> now i cant get the prompt back
<aspizu> wait i restarted haikudepot
<Begasus> ps, you can use "pkgman" in Terminal also (I like it more then using HaikuDepot), but that's just me :)
<Begasus> can't help out much on gtk apps, they seem to be broken on my install
<aspizu> it worked thansk
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<Begasus> at least one with progress :)
<zard> First patch done :)
<zard> Time to address those hard links
<Begasus> those are a nono on Haiku anyway :)
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<aspizu> can you block ads on youtube on falkon?
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<Begasus> normaly they should be blocked already?
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<aspizu> nope
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<Begasus> no idea then ;)
<aspizu> my display brightness does not change
<Begasus> probably means you are using vesa of framebuffer
<Begasus> if there is no slider in Screens prefs the driver for your card isn't loaded (no expert here)
<aspizu> there is a slider but it does nothing
<Begasus> ow ..
<Begasus> works on the other laptop with Radeon*
<aspizu> integrated intel gpu
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<Begasus> maybe ask or search te forum?
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<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<botifico> [haikuports/haikuports] Begasus f1811b5 - kiconthemes, revbump, adjust mkspecs installation path (#10569)
<zard> k, ccache seems to be working
<aspizu> how do i build a qt application using qt creator?
<aspizu> there is no qmake
<zard> No expert there. Maybe noone here knows since we tend to not use qt
<nosycat> When I tried to learn Qt a while ago, the only answer I could find was "just use Qt Creator and do everything from inside it".
<zard> ccache still working. Didn't have any cache hits, so I still want to test that
<zard> After I've tested it for a while, I'll push the changes :)
<Begasus> aspizu, 32bit or 64bit, Qt5/Qt6?
<Begasus> pkgman search cmd:qmake
<aspizu> 64bit qt6
<Begasus> but that should be installed already if you have qt-creator installed
<Begasus> hmmm .. Qt6 binary is called cmd:qmake6
<Begasus> but you should be able to use the one from Qt5 also
<Begasus> fwiw, I mostly use KDevelop for cmake files, haven't checked there with qt projects :)
<aspizu> does Qt Quick not exist for Haiku?
<Begasus> libQt6Quick?
<aspizu> idk
<Begasus> Qt6 is split up in several parts, so you might be missing a devel package
<aspizu> how do i find a devel package
<Begasus> ~> pkgman search devel:libqt6quick
<Begasus> Status Name Description
<Begasus> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
<Begasus> S qt6_declarative_devel Classes for QML and JavaScript languages (development files)
<Begasus> S qt6_quick3d_devel C++ and QML APIs for easy inclusion of 3D graphics (development files)
<Begasus> it helps if you know what to look for ;)
<Begasus> think I need to reboot so touchpad doesn't work again, getting annoying :P
<aspizu> pkgman search qt6_*_devel
<aspizu> i cant do this
<Begasus> ~> pkgman search qt6 | grep devel
<Begasus> not perfect, but the list would be shorter :)
<Begasus> ~> pkgman search qt6_ | grep devel
<Begasus> rebuild python3.10 ...
<aspizu> qt creator keeps crashing
<Begasus> aspizu, can't you build just in Terminal, not a big fan of qt-creator myself
<Begasus> something like: qmake QT_INSTALL_PREFIX=/boot/home/destdir
<Begasus> Terminal beats them anyway
<aspizu> yea
<aspizu> should've scrolled down in the build instructions
<Begasus> ;)
<Begasus> who RTFM at all :D
<Begasus> I also mostly just launch and read afterwords
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<aspizu> thanks
<aspizu> managed to build it
<aspizu> but it crashes
<aspizu> author says it doesn't work with qt 6.7 (needs 6.6)
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<Begasus> what app did you try?
<aspizu> libscratchcpp
<aspizu> no helix port :(
<Begasus> comes with cmake script
<aspizu> wdym
* Begasus hates it when tgz don't include subprojects :/
<aspizu> i meant the helix editor
<nosycat> Isn't that written in Rust?
<aspizu> yea
<Begasus> ah!
<aspizu> no rust on haiku?
<Begasus> figures, a few hunderd crates ...
<Begasus> pkgman search cmd:cargo
<aspizu> no cargo
<aspizu> but rust_bin
<nosycat> It probably includes everything.
<Begasus> 323 crates ...
<Begasus> aspizu, rust_bin contains cmd:cargo ...
<aspizu> thanks
<Begasus> jikes: error[E0425]: cannot find value `SOCK_CLOEXEC` in crate `libc`
<Begasus> no luck there (think we tried it before)
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<aspizu> demoscene?
<aspizu> filip?
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<FreeFull> ?
<nosycat> I don't understand either.
<Begasus> maybe strolling through the list in HaikuDepot? ;)
<Begasus> reboot
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<aspizu> nevermind i thought you are filip
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<aspizu> yay my compiler works on helix
<aspizu> haiku i meant
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<nosycat> What compiler is that? :)
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<aspizu> my prog lang
<aspizu> how do i add a folder to path :sob:
<nosycat> export PATH=$PATH:/my/new/folder
<aspizu> where do i put this
<nosycat> On the command line, for the current session.
<aspizu> no i want it to be persistent
<nosycat> And in ~/.bashrc so it stays.
<aspizu> wouldn't that not work for non login shells
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<nosycat> I can never remember which is which. Put it in ~/.profile too.
<nosycat> Wait, no, that one's for finger.
<Begasus> ~/config/settings/profile?
<Begasus> but not sure if "export ..." works there
<nosycat> Nope, look in `man bash`. It's ~/.bashrc for interactive shells.
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<nosycat> It works. That's how your path is normally set.
<aspizu> didnt work
<nosycat> What didn't?
<aspizu> setting the path
<aspizu> in bashrc
<nosycat> You have to restart bash for it to work.
<nosycat> That's why I also told you how to set it for this session.
<aspizu> i did
<nosycat> What file did you edit?
<aspizu> ~/.bashrc
<nosycat> Okay... can you double-check the absolute name of the file?
<nosycat> I.e. where exactly it is.
<nosycat> And were you able to set the path for this session?
<aspizu> yes that works
<Begasus> echo $PATH
<aspizu> .:/boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin:/boot/home/config/bin:/boot/system/non-packaged/bin:/bin:/boot/system/apps:/boot/system/preferences
<Begasus> default ones
<aspizu> #!/bin/bash
<aspizu> export PATH=$PATH:~/.cargo/bin
<nosycat> So that works when you enter it on the command line.
<aspizu> yea
<nosycat> But not when you put it in .bashrc.
<aspizu> bashrc isnt being executed
<nosycat> Where exactly is your .bashrc?
<aspizu> fixed it
<aspizu> modify PATH in ~/config/settings/profile, not ~/.bashrc
<nosycat> Aha.
<aspizu> in /boot/home/.bashrc
<nosycat> Right.
<aspizu> my compiler is
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<nosycat> Talk about things going full-circle.
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<aspizu> 54.5x91.5
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<aspizu> how to set falkon as default web browser
<aspizu> no webGL in browers on haiku?
<zard> Wouldn't be surprised if there isn't.
<nosycat> Haiku doesn't have hardware acceleration. It would have to run in software.
<zard> WebKitGTK's MiniBrowser may... (testing)
<aspizu> trying to run
<zard> No luck. It may have been compiled with ENABLE_WEBGL=ON, but it doesn't seem to work
<aspizu> i changed the file types text/html to falkcon but links open in web positive
<Begasus> falkon enabled as default browser in akregator :)
<Begasus> but that's as far as it goes :P
<Begasus> movie ended :)
<aspizu> saddons
<Begasus> becomming a long thread on openssl3 :)
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<Begasus> for now reverted to the default packages related in the PR
<Begasus> qmplay2 build broken :/
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<aspizu> is genio
<aspizu> coding
<zard> Yes
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<Begasus> think yt-dlp is broken here :/
<Begasus> not sure if it's related with playing around in openssl3
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<Begasus> still working in qemu image
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<aspizu> lmao
<Begasus> glad you're having fun :P
<aspizu> i made a window
<Begasus> f****** : *** failed to commit transaction: Failed to change the package activation in packagefs: Name in use
<Begasus> got about a hunderd(s) packages in use :/
<Begasus> bbl (I hope)
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<aspizu> genio IDE says AboutWindow.h not found
<aspizu> but the build works
<aspizu> i did use bear to generate compile_commands.json
<aspizu> ok im bored of haiku now
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<aspizu> can i shrink my be partition
<zard> If your virtual machine supports it, you can run fstrim and free space will be returned to the host OS
<aspizu> im on bare metal
<zard> Hmm, I doubt you can actually shrink/expand the partition once made :/
<aspizu> ill just reinstall haiku
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<aspizu> okay nvm ill just use haiku
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<aspizu> falkon stopped working
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<aspizu> can you make windows have shadows?
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<Begasus> serves me from going way to far off grid :)
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<aspizu> helix failed to build
<aspizu> from src
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<Begasus> no suprise there aspizu
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<Begasus> closing down here, cu peeps!
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<cocobean> Otter Browser works with WebGL 2.
<aspizu> no way
<aspizu> gaming
<aspizu> on haiku
<FreeFull> I'd like hardware video decoding on haiku, but unless I go and write that myself, it'll probably never happen
<aspizu> it crashed
<aspizu> Unexpected keyword 'function'
<cocobean> Browser?
<aspizu> otter
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<cocobean> Possibly, the build transitions to the new OpenSSL3...
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<aspizu> scratch just makes it crash
<aspizu> how do i spoof the user agent in falkon?
<aspizu> we should make our own web
<aspizu> ditch http and js
<aspizu> why does telegram work on haiku
<aspizu> doesn't it use electron
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<aspizu> yay forkphorus works on gnome web
<aspizu> it works on falkon too
<scanty> what's forkphorus?
<aspizu> scratch runtime
<scanty> falkon has actually been pretty good to me.
<aspizu> yea
<aspizu> i feel like gnome web performs better but idk
<aspizu> what IDE/ code editor is good for haiku
<scanty> gnome web locks up my machine
<scanty> aspizu, i use Pe for editor, and terminal
<aspizu> LSP ?
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<scanty> i think there's a haiku ide, but i am not sure what it is called.
<aspizu> gonio or smth
<scanty> yeah, something like that.
<scanty> check haikudepot
<aspizu> i have it installted
<scanty> ah, okay.
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<aspizu> koder is a nice one
<scanty> i like to keep things smple.
<scanty> simple*
<aspizu> cool
<scanty> currently porting my nes emulator to haiku
<scanty> i have a lot of video code to rewrite, and i am not looking forward to it :\
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<aspizu> cool what is it written in?
<scanty> C++ and assembly
<aspizu> ooo inli?ne assembly
<scanty> nah, actually .asm files ;)
<aspizu> is it for crazy optimizations?
<scanty> well the blitters are in mmx
<scanty> but we are probably moving to avx
<aspizu> what is love?
<scanty> nothing too crazy
<aspizu> a) baby don't hurt me b) don't hurt me c) no more
<scanty> i might release a beta before we overhaul a bunch of code
<aspizu> oh my god the hell is youtube without adblock
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<aspizu> 60 seconds of ad to watch a 2 sec shitpost
<scanty> haha, that's youtube for you :)
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<KSPAtlas[m]> Yeah, sucks that people who still use chrome will basically lose adblock
<KSPAtlas[m]> How long until someone makes a mod that allows manifest v2 again
<aspizu> someone made it
<aspizu> its called firefox
<aspizu> im sorry
<scanty> i can deal with falkon for now, it suits most my needs, but i what i really need is a mail client
<KSPAtlas[m]> aspizu: True, but apparently some sites don't like it in the day and age
<aspizu> doesn't Haiku have a mail client?
<aspizu> you can spoof your user-agent to fix that
<KSPAtlas[m]> aspizu: It has the built in one
<KSPAtlas[m]> I've managed to set it up to receive mail
<aspizu> too bad, proton mail doesn't give you IMTP for free
<scanty> well, there's the built in one, which sucks in my opinion
<KSPAtlas[m]> aspizu: True
<scanty> then there's beam which can't delete e-mails properly
<KSPAtlas[m]> aspizu: I actually switched email hosts for free imtp lol
<scanty> then there's claws-mail which is all f-ed up
<aspizu> i want to but i don't dislike protonmail
<scanty> and trojita which can't do outbound,
<scanty> so my hands are tied until KMail works.
<aspizu> what does it take you make your own mail provider
<KSPAtlas[m]> I personally use disroot for my mail
<KSPAtlas[m]> They give nice and easy SMTP and imap
<aspizu> ohh let me try it
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<aspizu> whats the downsides to changing your email address
<scanty> telling everyone who matters that you changed it?
<KSPAtlas[m]> aspizu: Changing it everywhere
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<scanty> peer got you!
<aspizu> haiku just crashed
<scanty> the whole OS, or just vision>?
<aspizu> whole os
<scanty> nice
<scanty> did you get the KDL experience?
<aspizu> KDL?
<scanty> kernel debugging land
<scanty> if you got there, you would know.
<aspizu> signed-up for disroot
<aspizu> quake dropdown terminal?
<scanty> you'd get half a white screen and it would say "Welcome To Kernel Debugging Land" and you'd get a prompt and a register dump
<aspizu> i did get a quake dropdown terminal but was able to get back to gui
<aspizu> once
<scanty> gotcha.
<scanty> anyways, going for dinner, be back later probably.
<aspizu> if i were to move from protonmail to disroot, would it send mails from proton to disroot
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<aspizu> i should get a custom domain for my email
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